Washington-Irving School, Madison Street, Syracuse, NY

The Adult Basic Education program established at Washington-Irving School in 1965 was an early local response to President Johnson's declaration of a war on poverty.  The goal of the program was to offer basic education and high school equivalency classes to disadvantaged adults in the Syracuse metro area.  In all, I worked as a teacher and counselor at Washington-Irving for more than ten years.

Despite moving to Jackson, MS, in 1983, I have maintained contact with a few of my former colleagues on the staff at the ABC Center.  Others, though, have become "lost" over the intervening 20 years, and this web site represents an effort to permit me and others with an interest in the school to become re-acquainted with those who were involved in the early years of this program.  What follows is a listing--culled solely from my imperfect memory--of former staff members.  If any of those listed--or a friend or relative--should come across this page, I hope they will contact me.
Edward Hutchison
  Madison, MS

Mary Moody
Dorothy Cowsert
Ralph Mingolelli
Jean Bowen
Mary Downes
Bob Warner
June Tassini
Patricia Waelder
Thomas Clift
Sven Borei
Frank Erwin
Sonny Persad
Lewis Webster
Jean McCuen
Manny Breland
Rose Soll
Rose Sadowsky
William Jacques
Fred Brockway
Adam "Pete" Boatwright
Joe Gangemi
Vincent Morris
Robert Di Rubbo
Mary Jo Kelly
Robert Whaley
Florence Carmen
Alberta Smith
Elizabeth Cummings
Donna Upton
Teddie Lou Porter
Connie Timberlake
Jeanette Richardson
Lollie Mazzochi
Amelia Clark
Herman Seals
Vernon Steensland
Milton Fields
Alice Sistrunk King
Kathy O'Neal
Eunice Randle
Alex Stern
Carol Furbeck
Sarah Sherrill
Herb and Enid Okun
Pete and Cyndi Bostwick
Tricia Sumner
Harriet Cornell
Marie Barnett
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