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Harrison Van Aken, Jr., and Albina Osipowich Van Aken lived at 123 Dewittshire Rd. by the mid 1950's.  Mr. Van Aken was born December 20, 1912, in Sterling, KS, but was raised in Lyons, KS.  He attended Kansas State University before graduating with a degree in finance from Brown University.  As a seventeen-year-old high school student in Worcester, MA, the future Mrs. Van Aken earned headlines around the world for her swimming performance in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics where she set a new world record and won two gold medals.  When she returned home she was greeted by a crowd of thousands at a parade in her honor, and she went to Pembroke (Brown University) thanks to Worcester residents who raised $4,000 in scholarship money.  She met her husband at Brown, where he was on the basketball team.  Beginning his career as a banker in Chicago, Mr. Van Aken later worked for GE, starting as a traveling auditor and concluding as vice president of overseas operations.  During this period the family lived in various locations including New York, Virginia and Arizona.  Mr. Van Aken was also president of the Hallicrafter Corporation, and vice president of Northrop Aviation.  Albina Van Aken died in 1965, at age 54, and Mr. Van Aken married R. Gayl Williams on 7-16-1975.  The second Mrs. Van Aken had two sons by a previous marriage:  Richard Price of Bloomingdale, IL, and, the late David Price.  Mr. and Mrs. Van Aken were living in Mesa, AZ, at his death on 11-24-2006, at age 93.  Harrison and Albina Van Aken had two children;  Harrison Van Aken, III, who died in December, 1963, and David Van Aken, of Jacksonville, IL.

Everett H. Van Alstyne and Maude Hemens Van Alstyne lived at 200 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Van Alstyne was a native of Adams, NY.  He was a district manager for the Oscar Mayer Co., before retiring in 1952, after 25 years of service.  The Van Alstynes had moved to Cashin Dr. in Fayetteville when Mr. Van Alstyne died at home on 1-7-1958.  Mrs. Van Alstyne was residing in Pittsburgh when she died on 4-25-1973, at age 92. The couple had two sons:  Everett H. Van Alstyne, Jr., who was born on 6-26-1907, was vice president and director of operations for the Signal Finance Corp., moved to FL, from Yarmouth Port, MA, in 1977, and died in Largo, on 9-13-2002, at age 95, and Lawrence A. Van Alstyne, who was born in Sackets Harbor, NY, on 2-3-1901, graduated from Syracuse University and coached its ski team, wed Mary Kelley, was host of the Sportsman's Roundtable on WSYR radio, worked as district sales manager for the Murray Co., and died on 4-18-1998, at age 97, while residing in Fayetteville.

Clarence C. Van Blarcum and Ellen Stone Van Blarcum lived at 206 Pelham Rd. by 1942, having lived earlier on Buckingham Ave. in Syracuse.  They moved to Scarsdale, NY, by 1947.  Mr. Van Blarcum was born 9-19-1898, in OH, and Mrs. Van Blarcum was born on 2-5-1902.  The couple wed about 1924.  Mr. Van Blarcum was manager of the liquor department at the McKesson and Robbins Co.  The couple retired to Boynton Beach, FL, where Mrs. Van Blarcum died on 2-2-1984, and Mr. Van Blarcum died 17 days later.  They had:  Alice Van Blarcum, who was born in 1926, wed Rudolph Robert Sattler about 1947, worked for AT & T in NYC, was very active in church, service, and patriotic organizations, and lived in Bethesda, MD, at her death on 5-27-1988, Virginia Van Blarcum Lamborn, who lived in New Canaan, CT,  and James C. Van Blarcum, of Pineville, NC.

Willem Jan Van Der Grinten and Gisela Van Der Grinten lived at 205 Newfield Rd. by 1955.  Dr. Van Der Grinten was born about 1908, and joined the General Electric Co. in 1940.  He came to CNY to work as a physicist in their electronics lab.  Mrs. Van Der Grinten was born about 1915, and was, like her husband, a native of Holland.  They had:  Hedwig (Helwig) Van Der Grinten, who was born in Holland in 1940, graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy and earned a master's in ocean engineering from the University of Washington, and is a boat captain living in Sugar Land, TX, and Dirk Van Der Grinten, who lives in Atlanta.

Archibald W. Van Gorden and Marian C. Van Gorden lived at 207 Landsdowne Rd. by 1950, having lived earlier at 210 Ridgewood Dr. in Syracuse.  Mr. Van Gorden was born on 10-21-1895, in PA, and was with the Pomeroy real estate firm.  Mrs. Van Gorden was born on 3-27-1898, and the couple wed about 1919. They retired to FL, and Mrs. Van Gorden died there in August, 1978, and Mr. Van Gorden died 1-8-1986.

Beatrice Hazel Van Scoy lived at 221 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  Miss Van Scoy was born on 4-15-1924, and was a native of Lysander, NY.  She was a live in maid at the home of J. Thomas Robey.  She later married Charles William Metcalfe, and a Mr. Siegel. 

Oscar L. Van Valkenburgh and Ruth Hunt Van Valkenburgh lived at 113 Dewittshire Rd. by 1937.  A native of Truxton, NY, Mr. Van Valkenburgh was a 1911 graduate of Syracuse University.  Mrs. Van Valkenburgh was a native of Binghamton and came to the Syracuse area in 1907.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1916 and later served as president of the Alumni Club.  She also served on the board of directors for the Elmcrest Children's Center.  Mrs. Van Valkenburgh's mother, Amelia Hunt Newing, the widow of Arthur F. Newing, lived with the Van Valkenburghs during the 1940's and 1950's.  Mrs. Newing, was born about 1875, and worked as a cafeteria manager. She died on 1-13-1960.  Mr. Van Valkenburgh was the chief chemist at the Crucible steel mill in Syracuse.  He retired in 1956 after 45 years of service.  For 39 years, Mr. Van Valkenburgh was the treasurer of the First United Methodist Church, and, like his wife, was very active in the American Rose Society.  He lived in Dewittshire until his death on 1-10-1981, at age 90.  Mrs. Van Valkenburgh moved to The Nottingham complex in Jamesville in 1989, and died there, at age 97, on 5-5-1991.

Reginald O. Verrette and Caroline Salensky Verrette lived at 207 Haddonfield Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Verrette was born 12-23-1903.  He  was a cabinet maker and carpentry contractor.  Mrs. Verrette was a native of Syracuse and was born 1-30-1905.  She retired from the Prosperity Co., manufacturers of commercial laundry equipment.  The couple moved to FL , and Mr. Verrette died on 2-4-1988, in St. Cloud.  Mrs. Verrette lived 15 years in Florida, but died in Syracuse on 10-25-1994.

Francis A. Verrillo and Mary Verrillo lived at 108 Dewittshire Rd. by 1953.  He was a sales representative for the M.J. Kelly Supply Corp.  They had two children:  Francis Paul Verrillo, who wed Sue Carol Kaplan in 1976, teaches math, and lives in Arnold, MD, and Lenore Verrillo, who attended the Chamberlain School of Retailing in Boston, and married Mark R. Bailey, of DeWitt.

Sherwood Newton Vessey and Helaine Vessey lived at 11 Pebble Hill Rd., North, by 1955, having lived earlier at 850 Salt Springs Rd. in Syracuse, and in Fayetteville.  Mr. Vessey was born on 6-30-1897, in Ohio, and was a sales engineer with the Syracuse Supply Co.  Mrs. Vessey was born in IL on 8-21-1904, and the couple wed about 1928.  They later moved to Vero Beach, FL, and lived there at Mr. Vessey's death on 9-16-1972, and her death on 7-31-1980.  They had:  Robert A. Vessey, who was born about 1929, graduated from Lycoming College in 1957, wed a Miss Adair, and lived in Columbus, OH, and Sherwood Vessey, Jr., who was born 8-22-1930, married (in November, 1966) and divorced Margaret Vessey (on 9-3-1976), and died on 4-20-1983, while residing in Vero Beach.

Walter S. Voll and Genevieve Catherine Morrissey Voll lived at 112 Grenfell Rd. by 1955, having lived earlier in Syracuse, at 1318 Bellevue Ave. and at 545 Velasko Rd.  Mr. Voll ran an ice cream plant, and later was a dairy equipment salesman.  He died on 1-11-1961.  Mrs. Voll was born on 4-10-1895, and the couple wed about 1920.  She moved to Providence, RI, about 1981, and died in RI, on 10-22-1991.  They had:  Eugene T. Voll, who graduated from Providence College, wed Nondas Hurst on 12-27-1958, and lived in Providence, Rev. Walter Urban Voll, OP, who was born in 1922, ordained a priest on 6-9-1949, and became a theology professor in Washington, DC, Genevieve Voll Rafferty, who was born in 1926, and lived in Niantic, CT, and Kevin J. Voll, who was born about 1930, and lived in Wainsley, NC.

Charles R. Vorgang and Evelyn Kullman Vorgang lived at 21 Pickwick Rd. in the late 1950's.  About 1973, they moved to Fairfield, CT, where they still reside.  They had a son, Charles Vorgang, Jr., who died on 3-29-1975, at age 16, following a motorcycle accident, and a daughter, Regina Vorgang, who wed Scott Miles and lives in Ventura, CA, where she designs and creates hand woven rugs.

Norman Wade and Mabelle A. Wade lived on Genesee St. by 1943.  Mr. Wade was born 4-2-1888, and was a native of Ferris Point, Canada, coming to America in 1914.  He worked as a laborer at St. John's School while living in DeWitt, and retired from the Mizpah Hotel in downtown Syracuse.  The couple was residing at 416 W. Castle St. at his death on 7-16-1966.  They had a daughter who wed George Donnelly, and lived in Tully, NY. 

Dean W. Wadsworth and Virginia McCaulley Wadsworth lived on DeWitt Court by 1942, and moved to East Syracuse about 1951.  Mr. Wadsworth was born on 9-15-1908, and was a clerk at the Red and White grocery store, and later was a salesman with the Paul DeLima Coffee Co.  Mrs. Wadsworth was born in Syracuse on 11-15-1917, and retired in 1982 after 26 years as a bridal consultant for E.W. Edwards and the Addis Co. department stores.  They were living at 24 Grover St. in East Syracuse, at his death on 6-28-1986.  Mrs. Wadsworth died on 6-18-2001.  Their children:  Doreen Wadsworth Miles, who lived in Rochester, and Marlene Wadsworth MeKendrich Schroeder, who lived in Wharton, NJ.

Carl L. Walcott and Kathleen Brady Walcott were living at 33 Pickwick Rd. by 1958.  Mr. Walcott was born in 1923, and served in WWII.  He worked as a sales representative.  By 1967 the couple was living in East Syracuse.  Mrs. Walcott, who was a native of Malone, NY, died on 4-16-1972.  They had: Karleen Walcott and Carmine Walcott.

David P. Walker and Betty Walker lived at 112 Addison Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Walker was born on 6-23-1911, and was a native of Jackson, TN.  He attended Union University, and served in WWII.  Mr. Walker was the vice president of the Rich Plan of CNY, and, with his brother, Charles D. Walker, was the original co-owner of the DeWitt Car Wash on Erie Blvd.  Later he specialized in commercial development with the Onondaga Real Estate Co.  Mr. Walker died on 12-9-1986, while residing in Smithfield, NY.  They had:  Ida Diane Walker, who lived in Philadelphia.

Joseph W. Wall and Gertrude Dailey Wall lived at 140 Jamesville Rd. by 1951.  Mr. Wall was born 9-15-1914, and was a native of Amboy, NY.  He served in WWII, and was the manager of the Grange League Federation service store.  The GLF had become Agway by Mr. Wall's retirement in 1975, after 39 years of service.  The couple then moved to Ellington, FL, and Mr. Wall died there on 9-10-1990.  Mrs. Wall moved to CO, in 2000, and died 7-19-2007, in Wheat Ridge.  Their children:  William R. Wall, who wed Marge Wall, and lives in Denver, and John J. Wall, who married Sue Wall, and lives in Lakewood, CO.

Fremont S. Wallace and Ruth P. Wallace lived at 123 Butternut Dr. by 1942.  He was vice-president of Syracuse Supply Co., and retired in 1957 after 35 years of service to the firm.  Mr. Wallace was a native of Chaumont, NY, but had been in the Syracuse area for 45 years at his death on 3-22-1971.  He was 69.  Mrs. Wallace, a native of Laraysville, NY, died 9-20-1994, at age 90.  At her death she had been a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Syracuse for 62 years.  The couple had:  Marget Wallace, who wed Lauren T. Barnett, a graduate of St. Lawrence University, and lives in Amsterdam, NY, and Lyle S. Wallace, who was born on 6-4-1924, was a prisoner of war in WWII, graduated from Syracuse University in 1952, worked as an insurance adjustor, and lived in DeWitt at his death on 11-17-1984.

Warren Richard Wallace and Virginia K. Wallace lived at 210 Wellington Rd. by 1942, and later lived at 105 Kittell Rd. in Lyndon. They married in 1921, and Mr. Wallace was a stock and bond broker with offices in the State Tower building in Syracuse.  Mrs. Wallace died 1-20-1952.  Miss Fannie Gilbert worked for the family as a live-in domestic by 1960.

Davis D. Wallbridge and Esther Barrington Wallbridge lived at 204 Dewittshire Rd. by 1940.  Mr. Wallbridge was born on 3-13-1894 in Bellevelle, Ontario, and attended Guelph College.  Mrs. Wallbridge was born on 5-29-1895.  Mr. Wallbridge owned his own contracting and paving firm, Davis Wallbridge, Inc., and also served as the head of the Moses-DeWitt school board.  The family had moved to Fayetteville when Mr. Wallbridge died on 2-24-1972.  Mrs. Wallbridge moved to FL in 1978, and died on 1-10-1989, while residing in Dunedin.  They had five children:  Charlotte Isabel Wallbridge, who wed Floyd L. Freeman, of Kent, CT, on 7-27-1940, and died in Denver on 9-25-2005, Davis Symes Wallbridge, who attended Clarkson University, and lived in Fayetteville, G. Douglas Wallbridge, who lived in Pompey, Mary Norma Wallbridge Balestra Steffien, who lived in Palm Harbor, FL, and Thomas Donald Wallbridge, a Syracuse University graduate, who was a manager for the Beneficial Finance Corp. before his death on 7-9-1998.

John R. Ware and Kathryn L. Ware lived at 100 Landsdowne Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Ware was a salesman for the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.  They had:  David Ware, Richard Ware, and Judith Ware.

David C. Waters and Martha Burden Waters lived on Genesee St. by 1942, at 26 Pickwick Rd., and on Jamesville Rd.  Mr. Waters was a native of Fabius.  He had a building and contracting business and in his later years he farmed.  Mrs. Waters was a 1921 graduate of Syracuse University.  The couple moved from DeWitt to Homer, NY, in 1956, and later lived in Gettysburg, PA.  Mr. Waters’ brother, Moses M. Waters, of Lyndon, was a former DeWitt town official who became a real estate salesman for Clark Real Estate Co. and sold many homes in DeWitt Acres.  David Waters died 5-14-1972, in Gettysburg, and Mrs. Waters is believed to have died in Pennsylvania in July, 1985.  The couple had: Emily Ann Waters, who studied nursing at Pembroke College in RI, wed Donald Fortnum and has lived in Gettysburg since 1965.

Levi Orson Waters and Mary Isabelle "Mayme" McGraw Waters lived at 4615 Genesee St. by 1942.  He was a farmer and builder.  Mr. Waters was born in Fabius, NY, on 10-13-1887.  Mrs. Waters was born in Truxton, NY, on 12-20-1887, and the couple wed about 1909.  Mr. Waters died on 1-29-1947.  Mrs. Waters was residing in Watertown at her death on 5-4-1966.  Their children:  Lucy Waters, who was born about 1922, was a stenographer for a medical office, wed James Frederick Sprague about 1952, and lived in Watertown, Arlene A. Waters, who was born about 1916, Curtis D. Waters, who was born 5-8-1918, served during WWII, married Anna Helena Tolan Waters, lived at 200 Miles Ave in Lyndon, and died on 1-26-1996, Robert O. Waters, who was born about 1913, wed Muriel Zahale Waters, lived at 116 Maple Dr. in Lyndon, had an insurance agency, and died on 9-6-1980, and George M. Waters, who was born in 1926, was a veteran of WWII, attended LeMoyne College, wed Barbara J. Waters, was a masonry contractor and active in the Fayetteville Fire Department, and lived in Fayetteville at his death on 2-18-1997.

John J. Watkins and Edna Garman Watkins lived at 106 Wellington Rd. by 1943.  He was an auditor with the Marine Midland Trust Co. and, later, the manager of the Manlius office of the Syracuse Trust Co.  Mrs. Watkins, a native of PA, died on 11-21-1955.

Earle W. Watson and Hallie Rathbun Watson lived at 202 Jamesville Rd. by 1943, having lived earlier at 913 Comstock Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Watson was born about 1887, and was a native of Tecumseh, MI. He was the district manager of the local National Casket Co. office, and retired about 1958, after 37 years with the firm.  Mr. Watson died 11-18-1963.  Mrs. Watson was born about 1892, and the couple wed about 1910.  She died 9-20-1971.  Their children:  Margret Watson, who was born about 1912, married C. Henry Weaver, and lived in New Hartford, NY, Donald E. Watson, who was born about 1914, married Elizabeth Sartorius on 6-10-1939, operated a Pontiac dealership in Clinton, and lived in New Hartford at his death on 8-3-1979, Dexter Edward Watson, who was born about 1917, earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for his service as a pilot during WWII, wed Virginia Auld Watson, resided in Skaneateles, operated the Advanced Finishing Co., and died in FL on 3-28-2006, and Earle Watson, Jr., who was born about 1924, wed Helen Ann Meagher, was a salesman for the Casket firm, and lived at 211 Revere Rd.

Ronald J. Watson and Kathleen Wheeler Watson lived at 105 Fiordon Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Watson was born in Binghamton on 4-26-1911.  He was a graduate of St. Lawrence University, and served in WWII.  Mr. Watson was an agent for the Allstate Insurance Co. until his retirement in 1973.  He died on 9-5-2004.  Mrs. Watson was born in Dimock, PA, on 6-5-1909, and moved to DeWitt in 1950.  She retired from Sears, Roebuck and Co., and died on 5-12-1998.

Thomas G. Watson and Eudora Ann Shattuck Watson lived at 306 Jamesville Rd. by 1953, and later lived at 4869 Pembroke Dr. in Manlius.  Mr. Watson was a real estate broker.  They had:  Brigid Day Watson, who was born about 1950, married Michael Mayer, and lives in CNY, Catherine Watson, Anna Marie Watson, who married James K. Staples on 3-27-1971, worked at the Addis Co., and lived in Fayetteville, Thomas G. Watson, III, and Eudora A. Watson, who was born about 1956, and attended St. Bonaventure.

Donald E. Watts and Isabella Niven Watts lived at 206 Cornwall Dr. by 1950.  Mr. Watts was born on 1-17-1903, and was a native of Gardener, IA, and an electical engineering graduate of Iowa State University, in 1926.  He was a pioneer amateur ham radio operator, and in 1921 received one of the first licenses issued in Iowa.  Mr. Watts moved to CNY in 1945, and was an engineer at the General Electric Co.  He retired in 1967, and died on 9-10-1976.  Mrs. Watts was a native of Schenectady, and was born 8-3-1907.  She died on 6-29-1989.  They had:  David N. Watts, who attended Union College, and lived in Fayetteville.

Robert M. Weaver and Ruth W. Weaver lived at 212 Haddonfield Dr., having purchased the home new in September, 1941, from the builder, William S. Kelly. They moved from 316 Wellesley Rd. in Syracuse. Mr.Weaver was a sales engineer for the Hungerford and Terry Co. of Clayton, NJ, which was involved with water purification products.  They had:  Richard Weaver, Robert Weaver, and Ruth Weaver.

Fred L. Weegar and Pearl Gagnon Weegar lived at 200 Jamesville Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Weegar was born in Felts Mills, NY, on 7-27-1890.  He joined a predecessor to Niagara-Mohawk in Watertown in 1919, and was transferred to Syracuse in 1932.  He retired from the utility in 1960, as the divisional right-of-way supervisor.  Mr. Weegar died 12-13-1977.  A native of Watertown, Mrs. Weegar was born on 3-31-1906, and moved to Florida in 1979.  She died on 6-10-1996, in Sun City Center.  They had:  Robert F. Weegar.

Harrison A. Weight and Adelaide O'Connor Weight lived at 220 Ambergate Rd.  Mr. Weight was born 4-12-1911, in Huntingdon, PA, and came to the Syracuse area about 1950.  He was the operator of a coffee shop in the Kemper Building.  Mrs. Weight was born 5-14-1908, and died on 10-12-1977.  Mr. Weight died on 2-6-1980.  Their children:  Ann Louise Weight Coleman Doty, of Nashua, NH, Robert H. Weight, who was born about 1939, graduated from the US Air Force Academy, wed Nancy Kay Terrell, a schoolmate at Jamesville-DeWitt, teaches online business courses for the University of Phoenix, and lives in Denver, and Richard F. Weight, a business consultant, also residing in Denver.

Joseph Stanley Weir and Lillian Anthony Weir lived at 221 Wellington Rd.  by 1942.  He was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA, on 12-14-1883.  Mr. Weir was an appraiser and later worked as a salesman for the Mack Truck Co. and other motor companies.  He died on 9-10-1945.  The couple had two daughters, Helen Weir, who was born on 12-2-1912, graduated from Syracuse University, where she was head cheerleader, in 1934,  wed Irving A. Olp of NYC on 4-3-1937, was an administrator at the University, and lived in Cortland for 24 years prior to her death on 8-1-1994, and Ruth "Ducie" Weir, who wed Kingsley F. Horton on 10-2-1937, and lived in South Yarmouth, MA.

John J. Welch and Elvy DiBiase Welch lived at 201 Ethridge Rd.  They lived in Brookline, MA, and NYC, before moving to the Syracuse area in 1956.  Mr. Welch was self-employed and Mrs. Welch worked at a local nursing home.  She died 7-4-1995, at age 80, and he died 8-1-1996.  They had three children, Janice Ann Welch, who married Fayette W. Severance of Gloucester, MA, on 12-19-1967, Robert M. Welch, and John Welch, Jr., who died 10-7-1977, at age 21. 

Raymond R. Wells and Helen L. Wells lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  Until July, 1946, when their name was legally changed, they and their children were known by the surname of Pozzo.  Mr. Wells was the manager of the Dollar Dry Cleaners.  Their children:  Ronald Albert Wells, Gale Barbara Wells, Linda Jane Wells, and Nancy Rae Wells.

Robert K. Welter and Natalie Lawton Welter lived at 103 Wellington Rd.  Mr. Welter was born in Syracuse on 12-18-1919, and earned a degree in management from Syracuse University in 1942.  He served in WWII.  Later Mr. Welter was the president of the family-owned Welter-Price funeral home, and president of the New York State Funeral Directors Association.  Mrs. Welter was born 4-7-1921, also in Syracuse.  Her father, Clarence A. Lawton, a manufacturer's representative, resided with the family prior to his death on 1-13-1963.  The couple moved to central FL in 1989, and were living in Eustis, when Mrs. Welter died on 7-20-2001, and Mr. Welter died on 8-20-2007.  They had:  Robert Welter, Jr., who lives in Port Orange FL, William L. Welter, who lives in Clermont, FL, and Priscilla Welter Petricca, who lives in Richmond, MA.

Charles Franklin Wentworth and Sarah Margaret Keough Wentworth lived at 202 Orvilton Dr. by 1942.   Mr. Wentworth was a native of Cortland, NY, and was born on 2-15-1901.  He graduated in 1924 from the Syracuse University College of Business Administration.  Mr. Wentworth was with the Internal Revenue Service before joining the Globe Insurance Co.  He then was assistant manager of the Massachusetts Bonding and Insurance Co. and, later, was appointed manager.  Mrs. Wentworth was born 8-23-1899.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1923, and was a junior high school teacher.  The couple wed 7-19-1934.  Mr. Wentworth retired in 1961, and the couple resided in Boca Raton, FL, at his death on 1-26-1991, and her death on 2-9-1994.  They had:  Charles Wentworth, Jr., who lived in Milford, OH.

Alden A. "Bud" West and Elizabeth Sweet West lived at 117 Paddock Dr. by 1957.  Maj. West was born about 1921.  He was a pilot during WWII and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with four oak leaf clusters.  He was a 1944 graduate of MIT, and the sales manager for defense programs for a division of General Electric.  They were from MA, and probably resided later in Hayes, VA, and St. Augustine, FL.  They had a daughter born in September, 1958.

Clayton Gould Wheeler and Helen Louise Lauridson Wheeler lived at 221 Ambergate Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Wheeler was born 6-16-1907.  He was from Hancock, NY, and graduated from RPI.  The couple wed on 12-31-1932.  Mr. Wheeler was a purchasing executive for GE and retired with 25 years of service.  He died on 3-29-1980, at age 72.  They had:  Carol Lou Wheeler, who attended Cornell University, and wed Peter W. Perine, and Judith Gould, who married William R. Manning in DeWitt Community Church on 12-20-1958.  Mr. Manning died on 8-18-1993, and Mrs. Manning lives now in Winter Park, FL.

Paul T. Wheeler and Clydine Palmer Wheeler lived at 110 Hobson Ave. in Lyndon by 1955, and by 1957 they lived at 600 Maple Dr.  Still later they moved to 10 Drovers Lane in DeWitt Acres.  Mr. Wheeler was the chief blaster at the Solvay Process. Co.  Mrs. Wheeler, who was born on 10-12-1921, later married James Alexander Robb, a native of Scotland, who was born 7-23-1915.  The Robbs moved to FL about 1979.  Both died in North Port, FL:  Mr. Robb on 8-22-2000, at age 85, and Clydine Wheeler Robb on 3-18-2002.  Paul and Clydine Wheeler had:  Paul H. Wheeler of Parkton, MD, who was born in June, 1953, and a daughter born in October, 1957.  See the entry for James Robb.

Mary Maud White lived on Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1941, having lived earlier on Westcott St. in Syracuse.  She was a 1901 graduate of Syracuse University and worked as the cafeteria director for the Crouse Hinds Co.  Miss White died about 1942.

Walter T. White and Sara A. White lived at 306 Cornwall Dr. by 1942.  Mr. White was born about 1904, and studied restaurant management at Cornell University.  He was the owner of Walter White's Tavern, which was next to the Orville Barbeque at 4432 Genesee St.  He acquired this property, which had been known as Bob Casey's Inn, in 1965.  Mr. White owned various other restaurants in CNY, and, in 1946, purchased a small hotel in Cazenovia.  He was the general manager of the International Hockey League's Syracuse Stars beginning in 1936.  Mr. White also served as manager of the Coliseum at the New York State Fairgrounds.  On 2-7-1979, the DeWitt restaurant burned down. About 100 firefighters responded, but their task was complicated by near-zero temperatures.  Five firefighters were injured, and the landmark building that dated back to 1807 was completely destroyed.  Mr. White died on 3-6-1979, about a month following the fire, and Mrs. White died on 3-28-1979.  They had:  Dr. John P. White, who was born in 1937, was an economist with The Rand Corp., a private research institute in Santa Monica, CA, served as deputy secretary of defense in the Clinton administration, and resided in McLean, VA, and, his twin, Richard E. White, who resided in Fayetteville, and Thomas W. White, who also graduated from Cornell, wed Dorothy Keane, (see the listing for Gerard Keane), assisted his father in the operation of the family restaurants, and lived in Cazenovia.

Curtiss G. Whitely and Sara "Sally" Harpending Whitely lived at 103 Jamesville Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Whiteley was born about 1915, and was a tool maker for the Beaver Tool and Die Works, and later for Thermold Plastics, Inc.  Mrs. Whiteley was born in Dundee, NY, on 7-28-1919, and was a legal secretary and court reporter. The couple divorced, and Mrs. Whiteley married Harold Oeder.  She died on 7-2-1974.  Following the divorce, Mr. Whiteley married Dorothy Riale.  (See the entry above for Harold and Sara Oeder.)  Mr. Whiteley lived on Tuscarora Rd. in Chittenango at his death on 9-20-1974.  He had:  Theresa Whiteley, who lived in Chittenango, Jay Whiteley, who lived in Chittenango, Curtiss "Chip" Whiteley, who was born about 1943, and lived in DeWitt, Sara Whiteley Kemp, who was born in July, 1952, and lived in New Orleans, and Jill Whiteley, who lived in Chittenango.

Alfred George Whittaker and Charlotte Winchell Whittaker lived at 111 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  They were wed  5-25-1940, and lived on Buckingham Ave. in Syracuse, before moving to DeWitt.  Mrs. Whittaker was from Cortland, NY, and graduated from Wellesley College in 1938.  Mr. Whittaker grew up in Ohio and earned a degree in fine arts from Syracuse University in 1933.  He owned and operated the Whittaker Art Service.  The couple had one son:  Alfred Winchell Whittaker.

Garrett C. Wilcox and Beatrice Hatch Wilcox lived at 8 Wexford Rd.  The couple wed in 1946 and lived in New Jersey before moving to DeWitt in 1950.  He was a sales rep for the William E. Wright and Sons, Co.  She was a native of Ripley, NY, and was a cafeteria cook at Moses-DeWitt school for five years before teaching nursery school for 18 years.  Mr. Wilcox died 10-24-1986, and Mrs. Wilcox died 3-3-2004.  They had two children, Susan Angela Wilcox, who wed Francis A. Frigon on 4-12-1969, and lives now in Fayetteville, and Paul Wilcox, who lives in NYC.

George I. Wilcox and Gladys Priscilla Caiger Wilcox lived at 102 Halton Rd. in Syracuse by 1949, at 34 Lynacres Blvd. in Lyndon, by 1953, at 8 Pebble Hill Rd., South, by about 1954, and at 5 Lyndon Rd., in Lyndon by 1960.  Mr. Wilcox  was the owner of the Wilcox Paper Co., a firm he founded in 1927.  Mrs. Wilcox, a native of Jamaica Plain, MA, was born on 11-28-1905, and earned an associate degree from Syracuse University in 1959.  The couple moved to DelRay Beach, FL, in 1971.  Mr. Wilcox died on 1-6-1983, and Mrs. Wilcox died on 5-25-1992.

William W. Wilcox and Sarah Cummings Wilcox lived at 303 Landsdowne Rd. by 1942, and moved to Liverpool about 1950.  Mr. Wilcox was born in Garrison-on-Hudson, NY, on 2-5-1900.  He was the son of a Methodist minister, and graduated from Brown University in 1921.  Mr. Wilcox was a champion cross country runner while in college and remained physically fit into old age.  For 15 years, Mr. Wilcox worked for several newspapers across the country, but spent the last 34 years of his career with the Syracuse Herald-Journal.  He was a copy editor for 19 years and makeup editor for 15 years, before his retirment in 1972.  Mrs. Wilcox was a native of Preble, NY, and was born about 1915.  She graduated from Cortland Normal School (teachers college) and taught for the Vernon, Verona, and Sherill school district.  She died on 10-11-1966.  Mr. Wilcox died 6-27-1990, at age 90.  They had:  Jeanne Marie Wilcox Brown and Wendy Wilcox, who wed James Hildmann, both of Liverpool.

Gordon E. Wiley, and his family lived at 114 Cornwall Dr. for about six months in 1952, after buying the home from R. W. Ferrell.  Mr. Wiley was appointed superintendent of supplies for the New York Telephone Company, causing him to relocate to DeWitt from Sydney, NY.   He was then transferrred to Albany.  Mr. and Mrs. Wiley had five children.

Franklin C. Wilks and M. Alma Wilks lived at 105 Pelham Rd. by 1942, having resided previously in Montgomery, AL, in Binghamton, and at 142 Wolcott St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Wilks was born about 1889, in PA, and was a salesman with the Pillsbury Flour Co.  Mrs. Wilks was born about 1899, and was a native of AL.  The couple wed about 1921.  They had:  Sally B. Wilks, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1955, wed Lt. Thomas L. Talbott, a member of the USAF, on 5-28-1955, and lives in Cos Cob, CT.

Edward J. Willett and Ruth Shea Willett lived at 107 Butternut Dr. by 1948.  He was the vice-president of the Dietrich Supply Co. and was lay leader of the Willett Memorial Church--a Wesleyan Methodist church in Eastwood named for his father, Rev. John S. Willett, who had been the church's pastor for many years.  Mr. Willett was active in many evangelical causes and charities, including the Rescue Mission, and, in 1953, he headed a committee which sponsored the Rev. Billy Graham's crusade at the War Memorial in Syracuse.  Mrs. Willett was a 1941 summa cum laude graduate of Houghton College--a religious school near Rochester.  She was the daughter of Rev. Adam J. Shea, and the sister of world-famous gospel singer, George Beverly Shea.  After leaving DeWitt Acres, the Willetts lived on Randall Rd., and in Houghton, Syracuse, and Gainsville, GA, where Mr. Willett died on 3-10-2004.  The couple had four children:  Daniel S. Willett, who wed Karen Mikesell, was an executive at Syracuse University, and resided in Fayetteville at his death on 9-21-1989, Dr. Thomas L. Willett, who was a missionary associated with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Durango, Mexico, and lives now in Tucson, Christine Willett Greenwald, who lives in Findley Lake, NY, and Holly Willett Gillette, who was a graduate of Houghton College, wed Rev. John Gillette, and died on 6-1-1997, at 41.

Chester A. Williams and Bessie Lynt Williams lived at 214 Ambergate Rd., by 1953, having lived earlier in Yonkers, where they shared a home with his parents.  Mr. Williams was born about 1894, and was a sales executive with Dromedary, Hill Brothers, Inc.  Mrs. Williams was born about 1893, and they wed about 1912.  The couple returned to Yonkers and were residing at 222 N. Broadway at Mrs. Williams death on 4-11-1959.  They had two sons:  Chester A. Williams, Jr., who was born about 1915, and Irving W. Williams, who was born in 1927.

Daniel Cullinam Williams and E. Jean Sherwood Williams lived at 110 Charing Rd. by 1943.  They later lived on Rugby Rd. in Syracuse and in Fayetteville.  Mr. Williams was born in Oswego on 5-26-1910, and graduated from Notre Dame University and Cornell Law School.  He worked for the Mutual Life Insurance Co., and was a lawyer with the firm of McElroy, Hust, and Coulter.  Mr. Williams was also a labor arbitrator, the head of the LeMoyne College business department, and a professor at Cornell University.  Mr. Williams died on 5-6-2000.  Mrs. Williams was born about 1915, and lives in Fayetteville.  Their children:  Jean Williams Peters, of Evanston, IL, Daniel S. Williams, who lived in Barton, VT, Mary Anne Williams Sanders, of Marietta, GA, James N. Williams, of Fayetteville, George D. Williams, of Cazenovia, John P. Williams, of Syracuse, and Andrew T. Williams, who lived in Louisville, CO.

Leslie Willard Williams and Ethel Dorothea Bruns Williams lived at 202 Newfield Dr., having purchased the home new in 1940, from the builder, Harold Davenport.  The family was living at 112 Lincoln Park Dr. in Syracuse, when they paid $11,500 for the new four bedroom, two fireplace, two bath home on a lot that is 67 by 130 ft.  Mr. Williams, a native of Rushford, NY, was born about 1905, and attended Alfred University.  He worked as a supervisor for the Easy Washer Co.  Mrs. Williams was a 1921 graduate of Syracuse University and was a music teacher in Syracuse. The couple wed on 8-9-1932.  Mrs. Williams' mother, Minnie H. Bruns, lived with the family.  She was the widow of  William H. Bruns, an accountant.  Mrs. Williams' uncle, Dempster J. Slack, also lived with the family. Mr. Slack worked 25 years at the E. W. Edwards department store, and died on 8-23-1953.  Mrs. Williams died on 11-4-1976, and Mr. Williams, who retired in 1961, died on 6-21-1983.  They had:  Willard Bruns Williams, who was born in 1935, wed Corinne Farnett, worked in the credit dept. of Key Bank, left DeWitt in 1959, and lives near Camillus.

Wilbur C. "Bud" Williams and Loveda Williams lived at 26 Pickwick Rd.  He was born on 1-21-1908, in Richmond, IN, and worked as a wholesale appliance salesman.  Mrs. Williams was born in Seymour, IN, in 1917.  Mr. Williams died in July, 1972, in St. Petersburg, FL.  They had three children:  Jeffrey “Chips” Williams, who is involved in radio advertising sales and lives in Hacienda Hts., CA, Mary Beth Williams, a former insurance agent, now living in Orlando, and Charles Ronald "Ron" Williamswho graduated from the University of Florida in 1970, manages the Arizona Insurance Council, and lives in Phoenix, AZ.

George Robert Willis and Nina Carle Willis lived at 308 Cornwall Dr. by 1942.  He was a salesman for the G. R. Willis Co., a hearing aid firm.  Mrs. Willis was born in Saugerties, NY, about 1897, came to  DeWitt about 1930, and died on 4-1-1981.  Mr. Willis was a life resident of CNY, and died on 11-2-1986, at age 89.

George N. Wilson and Marjorie Burroughs Wilson lived at 36 Pickwick Rd.  Mr. Wilson was a native of Battleboro, VT, and previously lived in Skaneateles, NY, and Syracuse.  He was a driver and instructor for the Greyhound Bus Corp.  Mrs. Wilson is a graduate of the Baypath Institute in MA, and was a secretary at Agway, Inc.  Mr. Wilson died 1-24-1983, and Mrs. Wilson still lives in DeWitt.  Their son, George Wilson, Jr., known as "Charlie," wed Patricia Jean Byrne of Auburn in 1976.  He lives in Minoa, and has been a criminology instructor at Onondaga Community College.

Lloyd Marshall Withers and Laura Irene Whitford Withers lived at 107 Dewittshire Rd. following their marriage in Syracuse on 6-7-1930.  They both held undergraduate degrees from Syracuse University.  Mr. Withers also graduated from the University's law school in 1928, and practiced in Syracuse.  Mrs. Withers was the founder and first president of the Women's Association of DeWitt Community Church.  The couple had a summer home on Wellesley Island in the Thousand Islands for many years and lived in Manlius at his death on 3-14-1975, and her death on 6-5-1979.  They had two children:  Marilyn Withers Thomas, who lives on Wellesley Island, and John Marshall Withers, who lives in Syracuse.

Paul G. Witte and Lois Wilkinson Witte lived at 113 Cornwall Dr. by 1939.  Mr. Witte worked as a representative of the Standard Register Co., and then a methods engineer and office manager for the Easy Washer Co.  He later worked for the Miner Construction Co.  Mr. Witte was also the justice of the peace, and chairman of the board of trustees at DeWitt Community Church.  He lived in DeWitt for more than 30 years before moving to Boynton Beach, FL, in 1968.  Mrs. Witte was born on 7-21-1900, and the couple wed about 1925.  Mrs. Witte died in FL, on 4-14-1975.  Mr. Witte later wed Bertha Witte, and lived in Lantana, FL, at his death on 1-14-1995, at age 95.  Paul and Lois Witte had: Barbara Witte Charlton, who married Harry Charlton, and lived in Clifton Park, NY.

Irving John Woese and Lydia Wottneben Woese lived at 300 Dewittshire Rd. by 1943.  They shared a home with their daughter's family.  (See the entry for Andrew and Bernice Stohrer.)  Mr. Woese was born 1-2-1881, and was a mortgage clerk with the Syracuse Savings Bank and First Trust & Deposit Co.  The couple wed about 1904, and lived at 625 Park St., and 148 East Lafayette Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Woese died on 6-16-1964, and Mrs. Woese died on 9-17-1975.  They had:  Bernice Woese Stohrer.

Frederick L. Wohlfarth and Victoria R. Wohlfarth lived at 306 Hampshire Dr. by 1953, and later lived at 331 Berkeley Ct. in Liverpool, and in Baldwinsville.  Mr. Wohlfarth was the installation manager for the Lamson Corp., but retired as a health inspector for the State.  He died on 11-5-1979, following an auto accident on the NYS Thruway near Kingston, NY.  Mrs. Wohlfarth was in the fatal accident but recovered and later resided on Snowdale Dr. in Baldwinsville.  She was a housekeeping supervisor for 10 years at Crouse Hospital.  Like her husband, she was a native of Washington, DC.  Mrs. Wohlfarth died on 7-22-1995.  Their children:  Ann Wohlfarth, who wed Paul Herloski, and lived in Baldwinsville, and William F. Wohlfarth, who wed Ida Rheome about 1985, and was living in Mattydale at his death on 6-3-2005, at 68.

Donald C. Wood and Frances Dregge Wood lived at 215 Wellington Rd. following their marriage on 11-23-1934.  They also lived at 1014 James St., and 212 Dorchester Ave. in Syracuse, before moving to 7 Morton Rd. by 1952.  Mr. Wood was born about 1907, and was the vice president of the Paragon Supply Co.  Mrs. Wood was a native of Grand Rapids, MI, and was born about 1907.  She was wed previously to Clifford C. Thornquist, and they had:  Camilla Dregge Wood, who was born about 1928, graduated from Maryland College for Women, wed Edward J. Elford on 3-28-1955, and lived in Sioux City, IA.

Leslie Brent Wood and Edna Richardson Wood lived at 205 Landsdowne Rd. by 1955, having wed on 8-10-1952.  Mr. Wood was born 1-12-1899, and was the branch manager of the local office of the USF & G Insurance Co., from 1951 to 1958.  After 40 years of service with the firm, he retired in Baltimore in 1964, as vice-president.  The Woods returned to CNY, and the couple split their time between 38 Ponderosa Dr. in Syracuse and Stuart, FL.  Mr. Wood died in Syracuse on 7-9-1981.  Mr. Wood was married previously and had:  Brent Kingsley Wood, who wed Janet Bland, was a lawyer, and lived in Rutland, VT.  Mrs. Wood had been married and divorced from Gerald F. Strickland, by whom she had:  Richard G. Strickland, who lived in Canandaigua, NY, Wendell D. Strickland, who lived in Camillus, and Jean Strickland Powell, of Elia Island, FL.   

Horace D. Woodcock and Grace M. Woodcock lived at 201 Ambergate Rd. by 1942. He was a CPA with the Forrest E. Ferguson firm.  They shared their home with Willard N. Woodcock, a sexton at DeWitt Community Church, and his wife, Minnie Woodcock. 

Fred E. Woods and Doris E. Woods lived at 50 Wexford Rd.  He was a native of Watertown, NY, and was a real estate broker.  They moved to Fayetteville in 1958, and Mr. Woods later served on the village board of trustees.  He died on 7-13-2004.  They had two children, Patricia Ann Woods, who wed Robert S. Morris, of Philadelphia, and Michael Woods.

Claude B. Woodworth and Edna Ives Woodworth lived at 102 Alwyn Rd. by 1951, having lived earlier at 140 Buckingham Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Woodworth was born in Kirkville, NY, on 11-1-1893, and began a banking career in Adams, NY, in 1912.   At his retirement in 1964, he was a senior vice president at the First Trust bank.  Following retirement the couple moved to Tuscon, AZ, where Mr. Woodworth died less than two weeks later, on 11-13-1964.  Mrs. Woodworth, who was born 5-1-1888, died there on 8-23-1975.  They wed about 1914, and had:  Col. Charlotte Ives Woodworth, who was born in Adams, NY, on 1-20-1917, was a 1938 graduate of Syracuse University, became the deputy commander of the WAC's training center at Ft. McClelland, AL, was active in Republican politics, and died in Tucson on 7-6-1991.  Col. Woodworth was employed with the Attica School District as a teacher until January, 1943, when she volunteered to join the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, where she was the first female promoted to full colonel on the competitive selection basis.

Woodrow L. "Woody" Woodworth and Helen Ramsey Woodworth lived at 101 Ambergate Rd.  They moved there in March, 1955, from 243 Forest Hill Dr., in Syracuse.  Mr. Woodworth was a native of Protection, NY and resided in nearby Buffalo before moving to Syracuse about 1938.  Mr. Woodworth was in sales with the Texaco Corp. for 40 years.  He was a past president of the Eastwood Lions Club.  Mrs. Woodworth was a native of Buffalo, and graduated from the State University of NY at Buffalo.  She retired in 1978 from Marine Midland Bank.  Mr. and Mrs. Woodworth were living on Southfield Dr. in Fayetteville at the time of his death on 10-4-1973.  Mrs. Woodworth remained in Fayetteville until she moved to Falls Church, VA, in 1992.  She died in Virginia on 6-17-1993.  The couple had a son, Ramsey Lloyd "Bing" Woodworth, who graduated from Brown University and the Syracuse University law school, wed Diane E. McMillion, and is an attorney residing in Falls Church.

Fay C. Woodruff and Doris Peterson Woodruff lived on Lynbrook Circle by 1943, and moved from there to 306 Jamesville Rd. in June, 1946.  Mr. Woodruff was born on 7-3-1908, and was a serviceman for the Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter Co.  By 1952, the family had moved to VT, and Mr. Woodruff died in Poultney, in June, 1974.  They had a daughter born in January, 1947.

Arnold E. Woonton and Agnes MacDonald Woonton lived at 203 Landsdowne Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Woonton was born in Canada on 4-1-1898, and served in the Canadian Army in WWI.  He was the secretary treasurer of the New Process Gear Co.  Mrs. Woonton was born in Goderich, Ontario, on 11-14-1896, and was a graduate of the Goderich Collegiate Institute.  She lived in London, Ontario, and Detroit, before moving to DeWitt in 1935.  Mr. Woonton retired in 1957, and the couple moved to Wilmington, DE, in 1961.  Mr. Woonton died in March, 1976.  Mrs. Woonton then lived in Allentown, PA, before moving to Auburn in 1983.  She died there on 11-1-1991, at age 95.  They had:  Norman E. Woonton, who was born on 3-9-1923, earned a master's degree from Cornell University, wed Dorothy Taylor, and after her death, Janet A. Woonton, was director of manufacturing and industrial sales at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and lived in Skaneateles at his death on 8-21-1998, and Beverly Woonton who married James F. Dempsey, and lived in Allentown at her death about 1989.

Charles Wesley Worden and Patricia Dougall Worden lived at 39 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Worden was a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area and very active in educational and civic affairs.  He worked as the sales manager for the Trimax Co.  The couple was living on Maple Dr. in Lyndon at Mr. Worden’s death on 10-1-1987.  Mrs. Worden later married Carleton F. Masten and they still live in Fayetteville.  The Wordens had three sons,  David C. Worden, Mark S. Worden, and Andrew D. Worden.  David wed Kathy Whitney and they live in Pompey.  He works for Carrier Corp. and she is an emergency room nurse.  Mark married Mary Byrnes, and they live in Ashburn, VA, where he works as a program manager for Lockheed Martin.  Andrew married Donna Quick and lives in DeWitt, where he is the town's deputy code enforcement officer.

Harold H. Worth and Irene G. Worth lived at 319 Landsdowne Rd. by 1950.  Mr. Worth was a consulting engineer and Mrs. Worth was a lecturer in the Home Economics department at Syracuse University.

John Frederick Wulfetange, Jr., and Georgia Brown Wulfetange lived at 116 Grenfell Rd. by 1950, and later lived at 4247 Genesee St., and 129 Fiordon Rd.  The family lived earlier in Fayetteville.  Mr. Wulfetange was born 9-23-1902, in Pittsburgh, and was a 1924 graduate of Penn State University.  He was a manufacturer's representative, selling industrial electrical equipment.  Mr. Wulfetange died on 6-30-1969.  Mrs. Wulfetange was born on 2-25-1904, in Pittsburgh, and died 1-24-1971.  They had:  Christine Brown Wulfetange, who attended Syracuse University, wed Lt. Elliott Robinson Marsh, (USAF) on 1-3-1955, and lives in Endicott, NY.

Ruth Marie Yorton lived at 105 Newfield Rd. by 1942, where she was a live-in maid for the Haberle family.  Miss Yorton was probably born on 7-23-1925, and married Andrew J. Welch, Jr., who was born about 1923, and died in an auto accident in Liverpool on 4-13-1947.  She is then believed to have wed Bernard Herbert Pickard on 1-21-1949, and to have died on 11-1-1986, while residing at 215 Ontario Ave. in Syracuse.  She and Mr. Pickard had:  Brian Pickard, who lived in Solvay, Alan Pickard, and Janalyn Pickard Petrocci, who was born in March, 1954, and lived in Fayetteville.

Bennet Botsford Young, Jr., and Ann Young lived at 6 Paddock Dr., having moved there from New Canaan, CT, in the summer of 1952.  Mr. Young was born about 1926, and was a salesman for the Owens-Corning Fiberglass Co.  Mrs. Young was born about 1928, and was a graduate of Smith College.  The family moved to the Chicago area in October, 1954, and are believed residing now in Lake Forest.  They had:  Tripp Young.

Henry A. Zahn lived at 202 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  He was a foreman for the Oberlander Press Co. and later worked for the Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper.  Mr. Zahn was an active professional musician and a 60 year member of the local typographical union.  He died in Syracuse on 4-1-1964, at age 81.

Albert  (Aloysius) J. Zelesnik and Marie Ferraro Zelesnik lived at 206 Windsor Rd., purchasing the home in August, 1957, and moving from IL.  Mr. Zelesnik was born in Joliet, IL, on 3-13-1913, and was a superintendent with the Consolidated Gas Co.  Mrs. Zelesnik was a native of Herrin, IL, and a graduate of Metropolitan Business College in Joliet.  She died on 3-25-1970, and Mr. Zlesnik wed Sophia Marino.  He died on 4-10-1985, in Boynton Beach, FL.  A. J. and Marie Zelesnik had:  John B. Zelesnik, who lived in Clay, NY, and Gerald L. Zelesnik, who lived in Jamesville.  Mr. Zelesnik's brother also lived in DeWitt, (see the entry below).

Francis "Butts" Zelesnik and Frances Mutz Zelesnik lived at 410 Brampton Rd.  Mr. Zelesnik was born on 8-3-1915, and was a native of Joliet, IL.  The family came to DeWitt in 1951, and moved to Manlius about 1969.  Mr. Zelesnik retired in 1980 as vice-president of Consolidated Gas Co.  Mrs. Zelesnik was born on 8-9-1919, and died in FL in November, 1983.  Mr. Zelesnik died 11-6-1996.  They had:  Susan Zelesnik McKay, who lived in Wampsville, NY, Jackie Zelesnik Wallace, who lived in Hackettstown, NJ, and Zara Wynne Zelesnik Kirkwood, who lived in Manlius.  (See the entry above.) 

Joseph A. Zimmerman and Catherine Diel Zimmerman lived at 411 Brampton Rd. by 1957.  Mr. Zimmerman was born on 2-21-1898, grew up on Syracuse's West Side, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1922.  He operated the Kirk Hotel and later was a liquor salesman for the Flickinger Co.  Mr. Zimmerman retired in 1969, and died 11-5-1992, at age 94.  Mrs. Zimmerman was born 4-29-1900, and the couple wed in 1925.  She was a graduate of Crouse-Irving Hospital's School of Nursing, and worked as a surgical nurse.  She died on 4-18-1992.  They had:  Joseph F. Zimmerman, who married Brenda Gillon, served in WWII, was an FBI agent, lived in Wilmington, NC, and died 11-7-1990, and Charles Diel "Chick" Zimmerman, who was an all-East quarterback at Syracuse University, wed Mary Ann Dussing, and lives in Liverpool.

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