This page contains partial information about the early residents of DeWitt, NY--a suburb of Syracuse.  It is a supplement to a much more detailed registry of those who lived in DeWitt during the post-War period, or roughly from 1940 to 1960.  The reader looking for information about residents of this era is encouraged to begin research at the main DeWitt Registry site.  It contains an alphabetical listing and updated details on more than four thousand people. 

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The Lyndon Registry--a similar directory featuring updated information about several thousand residents of the nearby Lyndon area is now available online.  Also, a Fayetteville Registry, is now being compiled.

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Edward Hutchison

Charlotte B. Alesen lived at 211 Haddonfield Dr. in 1955.  She was born about 1910.

Ben M. Alvord lived at 104 Dunlap Rd., having purchased the home from the builder, Vito Fiscoe, in 1956.  Mr. Alvord worked for the Firestone Tire and Rubber Co.

Walter Baker lived at 102 Wellington Rd. in 1940.

Ella Barber lived at 201 Wellington Rd. in 1930.

William T. Bell and his wife lived at 112 York Rd. by 1950.

Dr. David Binkley and his wife lived on Pebble Hill Rd. before moving in November, 1949 to Elmhurst, IL, where Dr. Binkley was a professor at the University of Illinois medical school.

J. H. Brown lived at 41 Wexford Rd.--having purchased the home in 1955.  Mr. Brown managed the J.C. Penney store in Shoppingtown, DeWitt.

Paul R. Brown moved from 105 Ambergate Rd. in 1939.  His mother, Victoria Meeks, of Brooklyn, died 12-6-1931, after being struck by a car two days before, crossing Genesee St., near Thompson Rd.

Ralph H. Brown and Cecelia Cole Brown lived on Jamesville Rd. by 1952.  Mrs. Brown, who was born in Syracuse, died on 7-28-1952.  They had:  David Ralph Brown, and Cecelia Ann Theresa Brown.

Anna L. Bunce lived at 108 York Rd. by 1942.

John Burkhart and Katherine Burkhart lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  He worked at the Continental Can Co.  They had three daughters.

E. L. Byrne and his wife lived at 205 Wellington Rd. in 1934.

Robert Byrne and Elizabeth Byrne lived at 305 Butternut Dr. in 1956.  Mr. Byrne was born in 1927.

LeRoy B. Chubb and Hazel Chubb lived at 102 Addison Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Chubb was a salesman for The O. K. Tool Co.

Charles F. Clark lived at 209 Butternut Dr. by 1956.

Mrs. Elizabeth Clark lived at 109 Warwick Rd. by 1942.

Harold H. Clark lived at 207 Warwick Rd. until 1941.

Eunice Cole lived on Genesee St. by 1943.  She is believed to have been Eunice Risley Cole, mother of five children, the widow of Frank Delos Cole, and to have died on 5-24-1946.

Donn R. Court and his wife lived at 202 Cornwall Dr. in 1935.  About 1939, the family moved to Pittsburgh, PA.  They had:  Roberta Court, LeAnn Court, and Ralph Court.

Robert C. Cowan lived at 229 Wellington Rd. before moving to Piercefield, NY in 1952.

John Cullen lived on Genesee St. by 1943.  Mr. Cullen was an instructor at the Pebble Hill school.

Douglas Cummings was living at 10 Pickwick Rd. by 1959.

Charles W. Davidson and his wife lived at 121 Dewittshire Rd. before moving to Miami Shores, FL, in 1952.  He was a manager for the Metropolitan Insurance Co.

Walter Davies lived at 304 Cornwall Dr. by 1955.

Ernest K. Dimock lived at 226 Wellington Rd. in 1935.

Mrs. Jessie E. Donahue lived at 302 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1942.

Frank J. Dorsey and Marguerite Dorsey lived at 209 Haddonfield Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Dorsey worked as a structural engineer with the Portland Cement Co.  They had:  Catherine Dorsey.

Elizabeth S. Driscoll lived at 203 Ambergate Rd. in 1932.

Robert E. Emery and Shirley B. Emery lived at 33 Pickwick Rd.  He sold building materials for the Vermont Marble Co.  They had a daughter, Linda Emery.

Charles Ettinger and Caroline Ettinger lived at 4302 Genesee St. by 1943.  Mr. Ettinger was with the J. F. White Engineering Co.  They had:  Charles Ettinger, Jr.

Mrs. Lewis Fox lived at 201 Wellington Rd. in 1935.

Floyd Gates lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  Mr. Gates was a retired farmer.

Stephen Geer and Mrs. Geer moved to 12 Pickwick Rd. in 1959.  Mr. Geer was a newscaster for WHEN radio and TV, and later had a career as an ABC network reporter.  Their children:  William "Billy" Geer, Cathy Geer, and Michael Geer.

Lawrence D. Glenn and Vera L. Glenn lived at 110 Dewittshire Rd. by 1943.  He was the assistant general foreman for the General Electric Co.

William H. Grant of 207 Ambergate Rd. died in April, 1933.

Harvey C. Griffith, Jr., and wife lived at 131 Downing Rd., having moved from Scotia, NY, after purchasing the home new in 1955 from Fiore Brothers builders.

Thomas Gunn and Agnes Gunn lived on DeWitt Court by 1942.  Mr. Gunn was a salesman for Little, Brown, and Co.--a publishing firm.

Garrett Hagen and Lavina Hagen lived at 207 Cornwall Dr. by 1943.  Mr. Hagen was an attorney.  Their children:  Garrett Hagen, Jr., Eleanor Hagen, and Mary Patricia Hagen.

Theresa Hagen lived at 101 Pelham Rd. by 1942.  Mrs. Hagen was a live-in maid for the Richard W. Marcellus family.

Edward P. Hartford and Norma Hartford lived at 6 Paddock Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Hartford was the district manager for Swift and Co.  Their children:  Cheryl Hartford, William Hartford, and Deborah Hartford.

Edward R. Herrick and Clara Herrick lived on Genesee St. by 1943.  Lt. Herrick was an officer in the US Army.

Mrs. Fred Hersey (Clara C. Hersey) lived at 213 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.

June Hoerle purchased the home at 110 Pelham Rd. in July, 1940. 

Theodore G. Hughes and Katherine Hughes lived at 101 Haddonfield Dr. by 1953, and moved away by 1955.  Mr. Hughes worked for the Carrier Corp.  They had:  David Hughes, and Dale Hughes.

Mrs. Ernest Hurst lived at 111 Charing Rd. by 1942. 

Arthur E. Jacob lived at 20 Wexford Rd. by 1959.

Gary Monroe James lived at 208 Sherwood Dr. until 1-1-1951, when he moved to Burlingame, CA.

Lillian Kammerling lived on York Rd. by 1942.

Gerard Keane and Harriet Keane lived at 316 Haddonfield Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Keane was an engineer for the Carrier Corp.  Their children:  Dorothy Keane, and Philip Keane.

Carl R. Kessler and Edna K. Kessler lived at 106 Pelham Rd. by 1942.

Richard M. Lake lived at 2 Wexford Rd. but sold the home in 1953 to the Downing family and moved to CA.  He lived previously in Syracuse.

Kenneth Lannin was living at 21 Wexford Rd. by 1959.  He was an executive with the Western Electric Corp.

Jennie Lauterbach lived at 302 Corwall Dr. by 1942.

Howard T. Lewis and Jane Lewis lived at 318 Jamesville Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Lewis was a professor of business administration at Syracuse University.  They had:  Jeffrey Lewis, and Pamela Lewis.

John P. Livingston and his wife lived at 211 Wellington Rd.  In 1952 they moved to Kingston, PA.

Lena Luxen lived at 201 Haddonfield Dr. by 1942.  Mrs. Luxen moved to MD by 1954.

Mrs. E. H. Mackey lived at 211 Wellington Rd. by 1942. 

Robert Magargee and Beverly Magargee lived on Wexford Rd. in the late 1950's.  He worked for the J. C. Penney Co.  It is believed that they live now in PA.

Charles Marrian lived at 127 Dewittshire Rd. in 1934.

George F. Martin lived at 200 Wellington Rd. in 1933.  He was a collector of Indian relics.

Daniel W. Mason, Sr., and Helena Mason lived at 225 Pelham Rd. by 1942.  Their children:  Daniel  Mason, Jr., and Sylvia Mason.  It is believed that the Masons moved to NC.

Raymond L. McDonald lived at 7 Morton Rd. by 1943.  Mr. McDonald was in the insurance business.

Fred K. McKenzie lived at 305 Butternut Dr. by 1958.

Elizabeth A. McNeil was living at 305 Butternut Dr. by 1955.

Nathaniel Meager lived at 129 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was a salesman for the Netherland Dairy.

William O. Meyer lived at 110 Dewittshire Rd. in 1931.

Edward L. Miller lived at 10 Pickwick Rd. by 1951.

Marian E. Mishoe lived at 205 Pelham Rd. by 1943.  Mrs. Mishoe was a bookkeeper for the Quaker Oats Co.  She had:  Mary Dona Mishoe.

James H. Moore and Beverly Moore lived on Dunlap Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Moore was the general manager of the Vacuum Metals Corp.  They had:  Carol Ann Moore, Judy Moore, and Richard Moore.

Kathleen B. Moore lived at 4709 Genesee St. by 1955.  Mrs. Moore was a registered nurse.  She had:  Karen Moore.

Nathan T. Moore and Mabel Moore lived at 110 Dewittshire Rd. before moving away in 1953.  They had two sons, John Moore and David Moore.

Frances Mosier lived at 100 Landsdowne Rd. by 1942.  Miss Mosier was a live in maid for the John Ware family.

Harry C. Nelsen and Margaret Nelsen lived at 102 Pelham Rd., and moved in 1953.  Mr. Nelsen was the sales manager of the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Corp. 

Carroll A. Nelson and Vernan Clapp Nelson lived at 42 Lyndon Rd. before moving to 102 Downing Rd. in 1942.   He was a general contractor, and was involved in civilian defense work.

Clarence E. Nichols and his wife (nee McLaury), lived at 7 Pebble Hill Rd., South, by 1950.

John R. Osborne and Kathleen Osborne lived at 116 Grenfell Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Osborne was an accounting supervisor at the General Electric Co.  They had:  Cheryl Osborne.

Ruth A. Palmer lived at 2 Rowley Rd. by 1943, and later lived on Jamesville Rd.  Miss Palmer was a buyer for Dey Brothers & Co.

James S. Parker and Mary Parker lived at 309 Ambergate Rd.  Mr. Parker worked at the NAPA auto parts warehouse in Syracuse.  They moved to Fayetteville, and, in 1962, to Catawba Island, OH.

Mrs. Henry Parry (nee Hutchcraft) lived at 125 Ambergate Rd. in 1933.

Robert D. Peters and Catherine S. Peters lived at 204 Wellington Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Peters was the office manager for the National Cash Register Co.  Their children:  Robert Peters, and Betty Joan Peters.

Mrs. Flora Pierce lived at 107 Pelham Rd. by 1942.

Clarence A. Rasmussen and Mary F. Rasmussen lived at 229 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Rasmussen was an engineer for the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Corp.  They had a son, Robert Rasmussen.

Mrs. Etta Rassner (Rossner) lived on Genesee St. by 1942.

Frederick Redding purchased a newly built home at 201 Ambergate Rd. in 1932.

George Reed and Teresa Reed lived at 201 Landsdowne Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Reed was a manufacturer's agent.

David Whitcomb Riley, his wife and son, George Riley, lived on Ambergate Rd. in 1935.

Thomas J. Robertshaw and his wife lived at 106 York Rd. by about 1954, and then at 106 Wellington Rd. until 1956.  They lived previously in Boston.  They had:  Jeffery Robertshaw.

Alden G. Robinson and Roselyn Robinson lived at 4615 Genesee St. by 1953.  Mr. Robinson was an accountant.

Paul J. Roddy and Leonore Roddy lived at 202 Cornwall Dr. by 1940.  Mr. Roddy was a salesman for the Nicholson File Co.  They had a son and a daughter.

Russell E. Rolfe and his wife lived at 300 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1946.

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Russell, the widow of Alexander Russell, lived at 205 Butternut Dr. by 1954.

Rosemary Sasser lived at 200 Cornwall Dr. by 1955.  Mrs. Sasser was a waitress at Bob Casey's Inn.  She had:  India Sasser, who was born about 1941, and Myrna Jean Sasser.

Frank H. Saunders and Bertha Saunders lived at 202 Cornwall Dr. by 1945.  Mr. Saunders was a jeweler with the H. J. Howe Co. before opening a shop in the lobby of the University Building.

Donald L. Savage lived at 104 Wellington Rd. in 1935.

Herbert H. Scherer and Mary Scherer lived at 324 Landsdowne Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Scherer was a salesman.  Their children:  Roslyn L. Scherer, Barbara Scherer, and Steve Scherer.

Milton L. Seckel and Erma Seckel lived at 210 Haddonfield Dr. by 1943.  Mr. Seckel was a metallurgical engineer for the Wheelock Lovejoy Co. 

Duane F. Semon and his wife lived at 103 Butternut Dr. by 1956.  He was an executive with the General Electric Co.

Philip T. Seymour, and Jeanne R. Seymour.  Info deleted at the request of a family member.

Mrs. Frank Sherman lived at 301 Cornwall Dr. by 1943.

Bruce Smith lived at 401 Landsdowne Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Smith was the janitor at the Moses DeWitt school.

Howard K. Smith lived at 300 Dewittshire Rd., South, having purchased the home in 1958.

Mrs. Nellie C. Smith lived at 106 Dunham Rd. by 1942. 

Peter F. Smith and his wife lived at 4 Morton Rd. by 1958.  They had:  Linda Smith, and George Smith.

Robert Smith and Dorothy Barhyte Smith lived at 207 Ambergate Rd. by 1957.

Lucy Stewart lived at 4250 Genesee St. by 1942.  Ms. Stewart was a live-in cook for the Byrne family.

Ruth Stoddard lived at 101 Cornwall Dr. by 1942.  Mrs. Stoddard was a hairdresser.  She had a son and a daughter.

James E. Sullivan and Norma Sullivan lived at 112 Orvilton Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Sullivan worked as a superintendent with the General Electric Co.  They had:  Barbara Sullivan.

Francis G. Sweeney moved to 218 Jamesville Rd. in 1955.

Warojana Tantraporn and his wife lived at 111 Butternut Dr., having purchased the home in October, 1959.  They moved to DeWitt Acres from Oswego St. in Liverpool.

James D. Taylor and his wife lived at 221 Ambergate Rd. in 1938.

Thomas E. Turner lived at 104 Downing Rd. by 1953, and moved to 510 Bradford Parkway in Syracuse by 1954.  Dr. Turner was a physician, specializing in oncology.

John E. Van Vranken lived in Dewittshire in 1932.

Barney Volenski and Ada Volenski lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  He was a barber at Rothschild's barber shop in Syracuse.

Alexander C. Walker lived at 111 Lynbrook Circle before moving to Watertown in 1951.  Mr. Walker was a district manager for the Atlantic Oil Co., having joined the company in 1932 as a tanker driver.

Charles R. Walker and Helen Walker lived at 412 Brampton Dr. by 1955.  He was a supt. for GE.

Walter J. Warren and Florence Warren lived at 8 Paddock Dr. by 1953.  He worked for the Carrier Corp.  They had a daughter who wed William B. Verrall, and lived in Crawfordsville, IN, by 1953.

C. I. Waterman lived at 321 Landsdowne Rd. by 1943.

David E. Waters lived at 101 Wellington Rd. in 1933.

Charles R. Watson and Mabel A. Watson were living at 41 Wexford Rd. by 1958.

William Welch lived at 4250 Genesee St. by 1942.  Mr. Welch was a live-in worker for the family of R. L. Byrne.

Charles J. Wells and Maxine Wells lived 4709 Genesee St. by 1953.  Mr. Wells was a chef at the Hotel Syracuse.  He was probably born on 4-18-1907, and died on 11-8-1992.

Mrs. Anna Westcott lived at 301 Haddonfield Dr. by 1943.

George J. White and Doris M. Cornaire White lived at 1 Wexford Rd.  He worked as a salesman.  They had a son born in January, 1954.

Edna V. Wilkinson lived at 113 Cornwall Dr. by 1942.

Ken Williams lived on Butternut Dr. by 1942.

Lloyd T. Williams lived at 108 Ambergate Rd. in 1932.

Robert L. Williams and Jean Williams lived on Genesee St. by 1953.  He was a driver for the Coleman Brothers Co.  They had:  Robert Williams, and Linda Williams.

George Wincoop (Wyncoop) lived near Andrews Rd. by about 1945.

Margaret Winder lived at 215 Wellington Rd. by 1943.

Theo F. Wolfe lived at 4 Drovers Lane by 1956.  Ms. Wolfe is believed to have been an x-ray technician at Syracuse Memorial Hospital.

William W. Wood and Betty Aschman Wood lived at 112 York Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Wood was the manager of the NY Telephone Co.  They had:  William Wood, and Judy Wood.

Jacob Yaegle and his wife lived at 110 Dewittshire Rd. by 1940.

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