What follows are fragments of information about some early residents of the Dewittshire neighborhood in DeWitt, NY. Anyone who can add to this information, or provide a "clue" to people listed below, is urged to contact the compiler

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A. W. Adriance and Elizabeth Adriance lived at 125 Ambergate Rd. in the early 1940's.  He was a salesman for the Walker Co., Inc.,

Walter Baker lived at 102 Wellington Rd. in 1940.

Ella Barber lived at 201 Wellington Rd. in 1930.

Paul R. Brown moved from 105 Ambergate Rd. in 1939.   His mother, Victoria Meeks, of Brooklyn, died 12-6-1931.  She was struck by a car two days earlier while crossing Genesee St., near Thompson Rd., in DeWitt.

E. L. Byrne and his wife lived at 205 Wellington Rd. in 1934.

Mrs. Elizabeth Clark lived at 109 Warwick Rd. by 1942.

Harold H. Clark lived at 207 Warwick Rd. until 1941

Robert C. Cowan lived at 229 Wellington Rd. before moving to Piercefield, NY in 1952.

Charles W. Davidson and his wife lived at 121 Dewittshire Rd. before moving to Miami Shores, FL in 1952.  He was a manager for the Metropolitan Insurance Co.

Ernest K. Dimock lived at 226 Wellington Rd. in 1935.

Mrs. Jessie E. Donahue lived at 302 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1942.

Elizabeth S. Driscoll lived at 203 Ambergate Rd. in 1932.

John R. Foley and his wife (nee Lewis) lived at 205 Dewittshire Rd., South.  They purchased the home in 1955, and moved there from 104 Roney Ln. in Syracuse.  They previously lived in Peoria, IL.

Mrs. Lewis Fox lived at 201 Wellington Rd. in 1935.

Lawrence D. Glenn and Vera L. Glenn lived at 110 Dewittshire Rd. by 1943. He was the assistant general foreman for the General Electric Co.

William H. Grant of 207 Ambergate Rd. died in April, 1933.

Mrs. Fred Hersey (Clara C.) lived at 213 Ambergate Rd. by 1942.

John P. Livingston and his wife lived at 211 Wellington Rd.  In 1952 they moved to Kingston, PA.

Charles Marrian lived at 127 Dewittshire Rd. in 1934.

George F. Martin lived at 200 Wellington Rd. in 1933.  He was a collector of Indian relics.

Nathaniel Meager lived at 129 Dewittshire Rd. by 1942.  He was a dairy salesman for the Netherland Dairy.

William O. Meyer lived at 110 Dewittshire Rd. in 1931.

Mrs. Henry Parry (nee Hutchcraft) lived at 125 Ambergate Rd. in 1933.

Frederick Redding purchased a newly built home at 201 Ambergate Rd. in 1932.

David Whitcomb Riley, his wife and son, George, lived on Ambergate Rd. in 1935.

Russell E. Rolfe and his wife lived at 300 Dewittshire Rd., South, by 1946.

Donald L. Savage lived at 104 Wellington Rd. in 1935

Howard K. Smith lived at 300 Dewittshire Rd., South, having purchased the home in 1958.

Robert Smith and Dorothy Barhyte Smith lived at 207 Ambergate Rd. by 1957.

Jack Sutherland lived at 105 Ambergate Rd., having purchased the home in December, 1939.

James D. Taylor and his wife lived at 221 Ambergate Rd. in 1938.

John E. Van Vranken lived in Dewittshire in 1932.

Warren R. Wallace lived at 210 Wellington in 1930.

David E. Waters lived at 101 Wellington Rd. in 1933.

Lloyd T. Williams lived at 108 Ambergate Rd. in 1932.

Margaret Winder lived at 215 Wellington Rd. by 1943.

Jacob Yaegle and his wife lived at 110 Dewittshire Rd. by 1940

This house at 117 Dewittshire Rd., shown in 1952, is typical of the homes in Dewittshire.

(photo courtesy of John Hafer)