With the thought that future family historians and genealogists might find information about the former residents of the Edwards and Ely  tract in Lyndon, NY, of interest, and with an understanding that there is a limited, and diminishing, time frame beyond which the data is unlikely to be preserved, I decided to make an effort to compile and post the information that is currently available. 

This neighborhood, which is sometimes called Lyndonlea, was, for about a century, partly the property of the Edwards family.   Descendants of this pioneer family lived in Lyndon for more than 160 years.  Since this family played a major role in the history of the community, the reader interested in the development of Lyndon will find some historical data at the Edwards' family entry below.  The street that bears their name was once the Edwards' family corn field.  Ely Dr. derives it name from Charles P. Ely, and his wife, Sarah Ely.  Their farm home was on Genesee St. just east of the Edwards' home and what came to be known as Edwards Dr.  About 1942, which was several years after the Elys retired from farming, they subdivided their property and sold off lots, much as their neighbor, Ernest Edwards had done.  Mr. Ely planted fir trees in front of each lot as they were sold, and the street that divided the lots, Ely Dr., was constructed roughly parallel to Edwards Dr.

What follows is an alphabetical listing of more than 170 families that resided on Ely Dr. and Edwards Dr. during the 1940's and 1950's--the period when the property was acquired from the Edwards and Ely families and the new homes were built and first occupied.  This information has been gathered from old newspaper accounts, village directories, alumni records, and from personal recollections.  While an effort has been made to verify the accuracy of what is related here, very often the record is incomplete or contradictory and confirmation is not possible.  Therefore, the information here should be considered as tentative, or suggestive, but certainly not definitive.  Anyone who can suggest changes, corrections, additions, or provide any "clues" to the present whereabouts of those listed below is urged to do so, by clicking here to send email.

Most of the children in this tract attended the nearby old Lyndon school.  You can now view old class photos online.


Harold S. Adcook and Rachel Mack Adcook lived at 49 Ely Dr., having moved there in 1959 from East Syracuse.  Mr. Adcook was a 1924 graduate of the Syracuse University law school, and maintained a law office in the State Tower building in Syracuse for more than a half century.  Mr. Adcook also served as the village attorney and police court justice for the village of East Syracuse.  Mrs. Adcook, a native of Marathon, NY, died 5-4-1975.  Judge Adcook subsequently wed Virginia Robinson.  He died on 6-29-1992, at age 89.  Harold and Rachel Adcook had a daughter, Nancy Adcook Bigsby, born about 1945, who attended Bucknell University, and lives in Vail, CO.

John J. Albright, Jr. and Dorothy Parsons Albright lived at 143 Edwards Dr. before 1956.  He was a native of Buffalo and graduated from Harvard in 1920.  He was a senior executive with the Niagara Mohawk Corp.  Mr. Albright died at home on 5-14-1956, and Mrs. Albright, who later moved to James St. in Syracuse, died 9-29-1981.  They had four children:  Dorothy Dube, who graduated from Smith College in 1949, married Arthur H. Dube, MD, was a tennis champion, and died 2-27-1972, Susan Albright who wed Harold P. Hawley, and lived in Sebastien, FL, John J. Albright, who graduated from Harvard in 1946, wed Mary C. Michelson, was corporate director of purchasing for the Church and Dwight Corp., and died in Princeton, NJ, on 6-15-1997, and Arthur P. Albright, who wed Lucia Martin, worked as the general manager of Bardeens, Inc., and lives in Fayetteville.

John C. Alexander and Marion Alexander lived 12 Ely Dr. by 1951.  He was a sales engineer with the Hughes Aircraft Co.  They had two children:  Ronald Alexander, and Cheryl Alexander.

Armand U. Aquilino and Clee Ryan Aquilino lived at 301 Edwards Dr. by 1956.  A native of Italy, Mr. Aquilino came to the United States in 1913.  He graduated from Syracuse University's medical school in 1925 and served in the US army during WWII.  He returned to practice and teach dermatology.  Dr. Aquilino subsequently married Angeline "Ann" Lombard.  She was a native of Syracuse and was her husband's office manager for 45 years.  Dr. Aquilino died 1-28-1987 and Ann Aquilino died 9-12-2001.  Dr. Aquilino and Clee Aquilino had a daughter, Clee Maurine Aquilino who wed James R. Ace on 6-11-1955, and lives now in MA.

Sherman L. Ayers and Dorothy Bowen Ayers lived at 225 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  Mr. Ayers was born about 1908 and was an administrative assistant at the Niagara Mohawk Corp.  Mrs. Ayers worked for the IRS.  Both were very active in Masonic affairs.  Following retirement the couple moved to South Colton, NY, where Mrs. Ayers died on 11-9-1996, at the age of 87.

Raymond Baker lived at 10 Ely Dr., having purchased the home in 1957.

Edward J. Bartoszek and Frances Bartoszek lived at the corner of Edwards Dr. and E. Genesee St. by 1953.  He was a chemist for the Solvay Process company.  The couple had a son, Edward Bartoszek.

Howard A. Bayer and Remigia "Mege" Bogensperger Bayer lived at 6 Ely Dr. by 1950.   A native of Philadelphia, PA, Mr. Bayer lived in Blackwood Terrace, NJ, before moving to the Syracuse area in 1931.  He retired in 1976, after several years as the owner of Bayer Tooling Service.  Mr. Bayer earlier worked 20 years at the Lamson Corp. and five years at the Precision Castings Co.  He attended Syracuse University and Pratt Institute in Philadelphia.  Mrs. Bayer was born 10-22-1912, and was a graduate of City Normal School.  She received her master's in education from Syracuse University, and taught for more than 20 years in the Jamesville-DeWitt school district, including classes in the Lyndon schools.  Mr. Bayer died 4-5-1990, and Mrs. Bayer died 10-29-2005, at age 93.  They had three children:  Dr. Peter F. Bayer, born 4-13-1939, who married Martha Clark, a fellow Syracuse University graduate, and is an orthodontist in Fort Walton Beach, FL, Nancy Bayer Shablak, who graduated from SUNY Cortland and Syracuse University, wed Dr. Scott L. Shablak, and was a teacher living in Fayetteville, before her death on 1-14-2006, and Linda Bayer Glasgo, born 4-6-1946, who lives in Norwich, VT.

Fred Benedict lived at 8 Ely Dr. in 1957.  He was a tournament bridge player of some note.

Irving Berger and Gertrude Wolfson Berger lived at 25 Ely Dr. by 1955.  He was a jeweler.  The couple later moved to West Palm Beach, FL.

Walter B. Booth and Helene Ruoff Booth lived at 321 Edwards Dr., having moved there from Schenectady in about 1958.  Mr. Booth, a native of Delta, MI,  joined the General Electric Corp. in 1926 following graduation from North Dakota State College.  He served in various positions with the company, including being general manager of the Pittsfield, MA, naval ordanance division, and came to Syracuse to be employee relations manager of the defense systems department.  In 1962, the Booths moved to Daytona Beach, FL, where he served as manager of employee relations and plant facilities for the Apollo Support Department.  He assumed responsibility for the recruitment of 4,000 engineers and 2,500 support personnel at GE facilities at Daytona Beach, Huntsville, AL, and the Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, FL.  He retired from GE in 1967.  Mr. Booth died 6-5-1992, in Daytona Beach, and Mrs. Booth died there on 6-16-1993.  Following their deaths, the Booths left an endowment of $2.7 million to his alma mater to fund scholarship and development programs.

John C. Bortz and Marjorie Fish Bortz lived at  318 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Bortz was born in 1919, and served in the Army Air Corps during WWII.  He was the business manager for the Jamesville DeWitt school district--and had the distinction of being the first employee hired by the newly formed district. Their children:  John Bortz and Amy Bortz.

John J. Bowen and Marguerite Lockhart Bowen moved to 19 Ely Dr. in 1957.  He was a native of Brooklyn and graduated from Pratt Institute in 1935 with a degree in industrial engineering.  He began with GE in New York City as a mail boy in 1927, and, except for duty in the Army Air Corps during WWII, he served the company for a half-century.  He retired in Liverpool as a sales engineer.  Mr. Bowen was residing in Fayetteville at his death on 9-8-1977.  They had a son, Robert L. Bowen.

John J. Brann and Lillian Finch Brann lived at 2 Edwards Dr.  He was born 12-20-1900, and worked as a tile setter. The couple later moved to Englewood, FL.  Mr. Brann was residing there when he died on 5-23-1976.  They had:  James Brann, Robert Brann, Charles Conley Brann, Robert  Keith Brann, Constance Brann Winchell of  North Syracuse, Lucille Brann Pagano of Churchville, NY, Jayne Zampino of Pittsford, NY, and Sharon Mateo of Venice, FL.

Jack C. Buckland and Herthel Tracy Buckland lived at 400 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  A native of Utica, Mr. Buckland
was educated in Syracuse public schools, graduating from Nottingham High School.  He received his B.S. degree
from Syracuse University and his law degree from the university's law college in 1939.  He was a veteran of WWII.  As a young man, Mr. Buckland was a radio vocalist singing as the "Gypsy Man," and as a member of Roy's Gang on WFBL and WSYR radio in the 1930's.  In later years he was an accomplished amateur organist.  Mr. Buckland maintained a law practice at 4508 E. Genesee St. in DeWitt, and also was an independent insurance agent.  Mrs. Buckland assisted him in his law office.  Mr. Buckland was very active in civic causes, particularly the Rotary Club.  He was also an original organizer of the DeWitt public library, and a room in that facility is now named in his honor.  Mr. Buckland died 7-1-1970, at age 56, and Mrs. Buckland still resides on Edwards Dr.

Donald F. Buechner and Barbara Northrup Buechner lived at 134 Edwards Dr. until 1951, when they moved to Cincinnati.  Mrs. Buechner was born in Syracuse and earned a degree in social work from Vassar College.  Mr. Buechner was a banker who began his career as a messenger with the First Trust & Deposit Co. of Syracuse and retired as a senior vice president at a bank in Fort Wayne, IN.  The couple returned to the Cincinnati area following retirement.  Both died there, Mr. Buechner on 5-15-1992, and Mrs. Buechner on 5-19-1999.  They had:  M. Northrup Buechner, who is now an economics professor at St. Johns University in NYC, Donald F. Buechner, Jr., born 4-21-1943, Bruce L. Buechner, of Columbus, OH, and Robert Buechner, born 10-29-1947, who is an attorney in Cincinnati.

Douglas T. Cagwin and Nancy May Tyler Cagwin lived at 18 Ely Dr. by 1948.  Mrs. Cagwin was born 6-6-1922, in Philadelphia, PA.  Her maternal grandfather, Charles Haddon, was a founder of the Victor Talking Machine Company, which was later sold to RCA.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Cagwin graduated from Syracuse University,  He finished in 1941 with a BS in engineering, and in 1943, Mrs. Cagwin earned a BA in biochemistry.  The Cagwins were married the next year, and moved a few years later to Ely Dr., where they lived for more than 55 years.  Mr. Cagwin was a field underwriter for the Home Insurance Co. of New York, and, later a trust officer for the Merchants Bank.  Mrs. Cagwin died 10-29-2004, and Mr. Cagwin lives now at The Nottingham complex in Jamesville.  Their children:  Lee T. Cagwin, born 1-4-1946, who wed Jane Sanford, works as a real estate appraiser, and lives in Fayetteville, Bruce D. Cagwin, born 7-19-1948, who married Janice Parky, owns a plumbing business and lives in North Truro, MA, Anne Cagwin, born 8-16-1950, who married Gunnar Hagstrom, works as an attorney and resides in Yarmouth, ME, and Gail Cagwin, born 8-28-1955, who wed Rick Meyer and lives in Saranac Lake, NY.

Herbert L. Carlson and Doris Tuttle Carlson lived at 321 Edwards Dr. by 1953.  They moved from this home to 121 Butternut Dr., in DeWitt Acres, in July, 1955.  Mrs. Carlson was a native of McConnellsville, NY.  Mr. Carlson was a manufacturer's representative for the Frank S. Harden furniture firm.  The couple had:  Peter Carlson, and Mary Ellen Carlson.

Paul F. Cerio lived at 8 Ely Dr. in 1964 when he graduated from LeMoyne College with a science degree.

Mrs. John Chapman lived at 65 Ely Dr. by 1960.

Elizabeth Conway lived at 317 Edwards Dr.  Born in Portland, ME, she received a teaching certificate in physical education from the Posse School in Boston and taught in Penn Yan and Phoenix, NY.  Mrs. Conway was a major in the Red Cross Motor Corps during WWII.  She moved to Lyndon in 1952.  Mrs. Conway was the widow of Daniel H. Conway, who was the mayor of Oswego, NY, during the 1920's.  He died in Oswego on 9-15-1935. She died 6-11-1995, at age 98.  Her children:  John H. Wood of Manlius, Spencer Wood of Reston, VA,  William B. Conway of Roswell, GA, and Nancy Emerick of Vero Beach, FL.

Francis Patrick Corcoran and Winifred Young Corcoran lived at 41 Ely Dr.  They purchased a home built by the Alabrandi firm and moved there in 1952 from 220 Orchard Rd. in Westvale, NY.  Dr. Corcoran was born in 1902, and was a dentist, having graduated from dental school at the University of Buffalo in 1924.  He maintained offices on E. Fayette St. for many years.  The couple moved to the Taunton area before Mrs. Corcoran died on 11-23-1978. They had a son, Dr. Thomas F. Corcoran, who graduated from the school of dentistry at McGill University in Montreal, and lived in North Syracuse.

William C. Cornell and Joan Norem Cornell lived at 6 Ely Dr. by 1955.  He was the district representative for the Frank G. Hough Co.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Cornell graduated from Syracuse University.  The couple later moved to West Palm Beach, FL, where Mrs. Cornell yet resides.  Their children:  Anna Cornell Newman, Susan Cornell, William Allison Cornell, Patricia Cornell, and Joan McCaffrey.

James S. Crawford and Virginia Richardson Crawford lived at 307 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Crawford was born in Texas, and graduated from Slocum High School.  He was an Army Air Forces veteran of World War II.  Mr. Crawford began as a salesman and eventually became the advertising sales manager for WSYR-TV.  He later opened his own agency, Crawford Advertising, Inc.  Mr. Crawford died 2-5-1999, in New Port Richey, FL.  They had: Jeffrey M. Crawford, of Tully, and Steven R. Crawford, of LaFayette, NY.

Ralph Sheldon Crear, Jr., and Barbara Lee Crear lived at 133 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  Both were graduates of Syracuse University.  Mr. Crear served in the Army Air Forces in World War II.  He worked for Dey Brothers department store for 34 years and was a divisional merchandise manager when they lived on Edwards Dr.  The couple later moved to Santa Monica, CA, where Mr. Crear died on 10-23-1997, and Mrs. Crear yet resides. They had three children:  Donna Dellaportas, born 2-1-1944, of Santa Monica, Victoria Alexander, born 4-14-1945, who lived in Spencerport, NY, and Steven Crear, who lived in Pacific Palisades, CA.

Joseph F. Cummiskey and Grace Haley Cummiskey lived at 350 Edwards Dr. until late 1955 when they moved to 416 Allen St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Cummiskey was a native of Ogdensburg.  He was a graduate of St. Bonaventure University where he excelled in athletics.  He began his career as a newspaper reporter in Buffalo but got involved in radio news and sports reporting.  He came to Syracuse in 1951 to be the news and sports director for WAGE (later to become WHEN) radio.  Mr. Cummiskey died at the family's summer camp on the St. Lawrence River near Ogdensburg on 9-3-1960.  Mrs. Cummiskey was a native of Bolivar, NY and was living in Manlius at her death on 3-15-1990.  They had Joseph J. Cummiskey, born 12-17-1944, who lives in Jamesville, Sally Cummiskey, a 1956 graduate of LeMoyne College who married Thomas J. Phillips, and died 2-13-1998, Marijane Cummiskey, born 7-1-1936, who married Michael Wheeler Milmoe on 6-25-1960, and lives in Canastota, NY, and Aileen Cummiskey, born 8-17-1933, who wed Ferdinand L. Picardi, and lives in Fayetteville.

Harry W. Davies and Helen Heath Davies lived at 57 Ely Dr.  Mr. Davies was born in White Plains, NY, on 10-30-1896, and attended the Pace Institute.  He began as a messenger at a bank in White Plains and at his death was the chairman of the board and CEO of the Marine Midland Bank in Syracuse.  During his business career he was a CPA and headed the Hurdman and Cranstoun firm of public accountants, and was also a vice-president of the L. C. Smith typewriter company.  Mr. Davies was active in a host of civic and charitable affairs, including the Chamber of Commerce, Community Chest and the YMCA.  He died at age 60, on 12-5-1956, while in NYC on banking business.  Mrs. Davies moved to Ft. Lauderdale in 1957.  Their children:  Robert S. Davies, who served in the USN, graduated in 1951 from the Syracuse University school of architecture, married Janice H. Davies, and is a legal administrator in Simpsonville, SC, and Ruth Davies, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1942, married Edward G. Mack, and resided in Toronto at her death.

Leslie Arthur Dickinson and Elizabeth Willix Dickinson lived at 145 Edwards Dr. by 1953.  He was employed at the Smith & Caffrey firm as a structural engineer.  Mr. Dickinson died on 5-30-1973.  A native of Alexandria Bay, Mrs. Dickinson lived 67 years in the Syracuse area.  She was a 1925 graduate of the Potsdam Normal School and retired after 37 years as a teacher in Albion, Chazy, and Syracuse school districts.  She died 11-1-1995.  Forrest T. Dickinson, who was, presumably, the father of Leslie Dickinson, lived with the couple by 1960.  He died at age 97 in May, 1969.

Courtney F. Dolan and Patricia Hemmer Dolan lived at 30 Ely Dr. by 1953.  Born in Syracuse, Mrs. Dolan was a 1942 graduate of Powelson Business Institute.  Her family lived in Ivanhoe Manor, a landmark home that used to stand on Genesee St. in Lyndon, just east of the valley where I-481 now intersects Genesee St.  Mr. Dolan was a research and development engineer for the New Process Gear Corp.  Mrs. Dolan managed the Hemmer Motel in Old Forge, NY for ten years beginning in 1954.  She died 8-23-2000 in Syracuse.  Their children:  Patricia Dolan Barrett, of Syracuse, Richard C. Dolan, of Liverpool, and James P. Dolan, of Manlius.

William J. During, Sr., and Myrtle Swin During lived at 219 Edwards by 1953.  Mr. During was a native of Ogden, UT, and moved to the Syracuse area in 1923.  Mr. During began working in Ogden in a railroad shop for six cents an hour.  He took night and extension classes to become a mechanical engineer.  He was a veteran flier having had civilian pilot training before World War II.  He enlisting in the Marine Corps during the war and flew Corsair fighters in the Pacific.  Mr. During was inducted into The Rice Foundation Society in January, 1956.  He was a founder and president of Precision Die Castings Co. in Fayetteville.  Mr. During died on 8-22-1958.  Mr. During was married previously to Irma A. During of Ogden.  She moved from the Syracuse area to San Diego, CA, in 1947, and died there on 9-14-1964.  Following Mr. During's death, Myrtle During, a native of Kentucky, moved to Florida and died at Bal Harbour on 5-25-1997.  She was 88.  The children of William and Irma During:  William J. During, Jr., (see below), who lived in CT at his death in June, 1969, and Virginia During, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1943, married John M. Caster of Jamesville, and died 3-13-1998.

William J. During, Jr. and Mary Jane Shephard During lived at 8 Ely Dr. by 1953, and moved to 2 Lynacres Blvd. by 1960.  Mr. During was a Marine pilot in Okinawa during WWII, and flew 38 missions in a Corsair.  Mrs. During was originally from Watertwon, NY.  Mr. During was the vice president of the DeWitt Manufacturing Co.  The couple later moved to Westport, CT, where Mr. During died in June, 1969. Mrs. During resides now in Hudson, FL.  Their children:  William During, III, who married and divorced Marlene L. During, earned an MS degree from Syracuse University in 1972, and lives in Norwalk, CT,  Christine "Tina" During Kafka, who lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Kathleen During  Fell, who lives in 108 Mile, British Columbia, and John During, who died in December, 1971, of complications resulting from a car accident.

Frederick J. Durkin and Joanne Bourke Durkin lived at 222 Edwards Dr. by 1960, having moved from 229 Ambergate Rd. in DeWitt.  He was a native of Troy, NY, but lived most of his life in the Syracuse area.  Mr. Durkin served in WWII and then graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1948.  He was a senior executive with Iroquois Truck Rental, Inc.  Mrs. Durkin was a life resident of CNY and graduated from Syracuse University in 1948. Mrs. Durkin died on 11-10-1980, at the age of 56.  Mr. Durkin subsequently wed  Mary Rita Casey.  She was active in community affairs, including the Corinthian Club, Everson Museum and Syracuse Stage auxiliary. The second Mrs. Durkin was the widow of Jack McCarthy, who had been president of the J. & F. B. Garrett Paper Co.  Mary Durkin died at age 63, on 4-15-1987, while vacationing in FL.  Mr. Durkin had moved to The Nottingham in Jamesville prior to his death on 3-21-2007.  He and Joanne Durkin had a daughter, Lisa Durkin Armstrong, who was born in 1955, graduated from Stoneleigh-Burnham College, and lives in Las Vegas.

Ernest C. Edwards and Emily Kate Youell Edwards lived in a farm house at the corner of Edwards Dr. and E. Genesee St., known as 1 Edwards Dr., during the period when Lyndonlea was being developed.  The old home, built in 1866 by Hiram Edwards, the father of Ernest, was erected on 90 acres of land that had been in the Edwards family since 1839.  Hiram was an abolitionist who was elected county sheriff, and there are tales suggesting that the previous Edwards' home and property had been a stop on the underground railroad.  In 1875, the Edwards family erected the old brick school that still stands just east of Edwards Dr. The name for Lyndon at that time was, "The Huddle."  This seemed an inappropriate name for the new school and a committee was appointed to accept suggestions for a name for both the school and the community.  Eventually the name Lyndon--which had been suggested by Hiram's daughter, Alice Edwards--was selected and has endured.  Ernest Edwards married Emily Kate Youell, a native of Brighton, MA, on 4-19-1899 and took over the home and land of his father, Hiram.  The newlyweds were to live the remainder of their lives--more than a half century--in the family home.  In his early years, Mr. Edwards was a farmer and operated a dairy route, being among the first to sell and deliver milk in glass bottles.  In later years, Mr. Edwards, assisted by his wife, was in the real estate and insurance business.  Starting about 1940, they sold the corn fields behind their home and the property was eventually subdivided into building lots for about 70 homes.  Mr. Edwards died 10-25-1953, and Mrs. Edwards died 3-22-1954.  Ernest and Emily Kate Edwards had four children:  Mildred C. Whitcombe, who resided in Binghamton until her death in December, 1979, Helen M. Edwards, a life resident of Lyndon, who died 7-4-1975, H. Jerome Edwards, who wed Katharine Adams, worked as an engineer at General Motors, and lived in Syracuse before moving to Bedford, MA four years prior to his death, at age 94, on 3-3-1999, and Ruth Edwards, who married Willard T. "Robin" Wilcox.  Mrs. Wilcox was the last surviving member of her family and the last to live in the house built by her grandfather, Hiram Edwards.  Except for 28 years, spent mostly in Manlius, Mrs. Wilcox lived the remainder of her life in the family home--the home she was born in.  Mr. Wilcox was a railroad worker in the East Syracuse rail yards until his death in 1945.  Mrs. Wilcox lived to be 99, dying on 11-20-2000. 

Sheldon Harvey Ehrenpreis and Barbara Joan Goodman Ehrenpreis lived at 60 Ely Dr. by 1960.  Mrs. Ehrenpreis was a native of Scranton, PA, where her father was the general manager of a newspaper.  Mr. Ehrenpreis was a graduate of Syracuse University and also earned a master's in business and public administration from Cornell.  The couple was married in 1950 and lived in Rochester and Scranton before moving to Lyndon.  In 1983, Mr. Ehrenpreis succeeded his late father, Harry Ehrenspreis, as the owner of Ehrenpreis Shoes, Inc., a retail chain selling women's shoes.  The family later moved back to the Scranton area.  They had: Scott Ehrenpreis and Michael Ehrenpreis.

Charles P. Ely and Sarah E. Ely lived at the corner of Genesee St. and Ely Dr.  Both were natives of Binghamton and moved to Lyndon about 1920.  They retired from farming in the 1930's and about 1942 they began selling off building lots behind their home.  The lots were along both sides of a street that came to be named Ely Dr.  It was Mr. Ely's custom to plant fir trees in front of the lots as they were sold, and many of these trees are still in evidence.  Mr. Ely died on 12-22-1959,and Mrs. Ely died on 4-24-1976, at age 82.

Henry C. Estabrook and Janet Ash Estabrook lived on Ely Dr., having moved there from Hartford, CT in 1946.  Mr. Estabrook graduated from Hamilton College and Cornell law school before serving in the USN during WWII.  Mrs. Estabrook graduated from Dana Hill School and Pine Manor Junior College, in Wellesley, MA.  The couple later moved from Lyndon to Fulton, NY, where Mr. Estabrook was the president of the Sealright-Oswego Falls Corp.  They retired to Hilton Head, SC and Mrs. Estabrook died in Anderson, SC on 1-28-1995.  Mr. Estabrook lives now in Evans, GA.  They had three daughters, Susan A. Estabrook, who wed Robert Rodormer on 6-6-1964, and lives now in Fayetteville, Carolyn E. Frye, of Norwich, VT, and Ellen E. Stilp, born 5-20-1959, and living in Aiken, SC.

Armando "Art" Falso and Donata "Letty" DeRubis Falso lived at 111 Edwards Dr. by 1953.  A native of Italy, Mr. Falso lived in the Syracuse area for many years. The couple wed in 1930.  Mr. Falso, with his brothers, Adolph and Frank Falso, founded Falso Heating & Sheet Metal Co. in 1932, and, In 1951, he established Falso Industries.  Mr. Falso died on 8-27-1997, and Mrs. Falso resides now in Bradenton, FL.  Their children:  Phillip A. Falso, who moved to Bradenton, in 1997, and is wed to Kathy Falso, Carmella Falso, who wed Samuel Iorio, and lived in Fayetteville, and Dolores M. Falso, who lives in Syracuse.  In 1960, Serafino DeRubis, presumably a member of Mrs. Falso's family, lived with the Falso family.

Frank Farsaci and Ida DeMartino Farsaci lived at 22 Ely Dr. by 1953.  He was born in 1911, and was a native of East Syracuse.  He operated a Sunoco gas station and later worked as a fireman and locomotive engineer with the New York Central railroad until his retirement in 1974.  Mr. Farsaci died 11-9-1992, at the couple's winter home in  Boynton Beach, FL.  Mrs. Farsaci was a native of Syracuse and died 10-25-2003.  They had a son, R. Nicholas Farsaci, of Tulsa, OK, who died in 1994.

Richard D. Flah and Margaret Minton Flah lived at 303 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  Both graduated from Syracuse University. Mr. Flah was the assistant merchandising manager for the family owned Flah's department store.  The couple later moved to Palm Beach Gardens, FL. where Mr. Flah has been engaged in the real estate business.  They had: Cynthia Flah, Richard Flah, and Jonathan Flah.

Lionel Raymond Fleischer and Phyllis Stern Fleischer lived at 150 Edwards Dr. by 1960, having moved there from Euclid Dr. in Fayetteville.  Both were born in Syracuse.  Mr. Fleischer was the owner of Fleischer's, a women's apparel shop on S. Salina St.  Mrs. Fleischer had the distinction of being the first female stock broker in Syracuse.  The couple divorced about 1974, and Mr. Fleischer lives now in Liverpool.  Mrs. Fleischer then married Carlyle Adair Edelstein, the owner of Edelstein Optical Co.  Mr. Edelstein died 7-7-1987, and Mrs. Edelstein lives now in Manlius.  Lionel and Phyllis Fleischer have three children:  Mitchell Fleischer, who owns an insurance agency, and lives in Richmond, VT, David Fleischer, of Boston, and Barry Joseph Fleischer, who wed Whitely Anne Frost on 9-10-2005, and also lives in  Boston.  David and Barry Fleischer operate an environmental company involved with energy and water conservation.

Donald Ellery Folley and Ethel Irene Barrow Folley lived at 317 Edwards Dr. by 1953.  Mrs. Folley was from Fulton, NY, and moved with her family to Syracuse about 1930.  A native of Rochester, Mr. Folley was born in 1916, and resided most of his life in the Syracuse area.   He was an Army veteran in World War II, receiving the Bronze Star and Purple Heart three times while serving with the Ninth Infantry Division in Europe and North Africa.  He retired in 1981 as a ceramics engineer with the Syracuse China Corp.  The Folleys were living in N. Syracuse prior to his death on 10-12-1992.  Mrs. Folley died 5-10-2005.  They had two children:  Gadrian "Gay" Dawn Folley, of Aurora, CO, and Gary Edwin Folley, born 1-27-1949, of Perry Hall, MD.

Abbott Folsom and Dorothy Marcy Matten Folsom lived at 23 Ely Dr. by 1960.  Mr. Folsom was born in WI on 6-25-1902, and was a 1923 graduate of Syracuse University.  Mrs. Folsom was born in PA, about 1901, and the couple wed on 5-20-1923.  Mr. Folsom was a supervisor in the service department of the Carrier Corp.  He retired from Carrier in 1967, and died in Tunkhannock, PA, in December, 1977.  It is believed that Mrs. Folsom died in FL, on 1-10-2000.

Charles H. Foster and Marian Churchill Foster lived at 5 Ely Dr. by 1953.  He was the proprietor of C. H. Foster, Inc., a firm which sold overhead doors.  Mrs. Foster was a native of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  She assisted her husband in his business until his death in 1970.  She later worked as a bookkeeper for the Jim Brown travel agency.  Mrs. Foster died 9-15-1993.

Walter J. Fountaine and Mildred Lyons Fountaine lived on Edwards Dr. by 1960.  He was in the paper business.  It is believed that he was a native of NYC, who was born 2-27-1900, and died 10-24-1988, in New Port Richey, FL.

Charles M. Freeman and Marjorie Messer Freeman lived at 137 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  Both were 1943 graduates of Syracuse University.  He was a sales representative for IBM.  The couple was living in Chappaqua, NY at the time of Mrs. Freeman's death on 10-31-1982.  Mr. Freeman lives now in Brookfield, CT.  They had:  Meredith Freeman, Todd D. Freeman, who was born about 1959, graduated from Syracuse University in 1993, and is a teacher living now in Manlius, and Paul D. Freeman, born about 1951.

Paul G. Giers and Marie White Giers lived at 16 Ely Dr., having purchased the home in 1954.  Mr. Giers was a native of Bonn, Germany.  Mrs. Giers was born in Liverpool, and attended the Central City Business Institute (CCBI)  He was a public accountant before becoming Vega Industries' comptroller in 1945.  Mr. Giers became vice president and treasurer of the company before retiring in 1969.  He organized the Syracuse Chess Club in 1932 and in 1949 he was elected president of the US Chess Federation.  Mr. Giers also wrote a chess column in the Syracuse newspaper for many years.  The couple moved to Ft. Lauderdale following retirement and Mr. Giers died there on 10-14-1987.  Mrs. Giers returned to the Syracuse area following Mr. Giers' death.  She died 10-9-1998.  Their children:  Paul J. Giers, born 4-8-1930, of Orlando, FL, Ann Foltrauer, born about 1934, of Hempstead, NC, Jean Foster of Syracuse, and Lucille Dillon, who graduated magna cum laude in 1954 as a piano major at Syracuse University, and resided in Syracuse at her death on 1-2-1998.

Frank B. Goldberg and Beverly Cotton Goldberg lived at 52 Ely Dr. by 1960.  He was associated with M. Goldberg & Son, a family owned furniture business started in the early 1900's by Mr. Goldberg's grandfather.  They had Joan Goldberg, and Andrew Goldberg.

Louis -A. Grandinetti and Phyllis Dewey Grandinetti lived at 64 Ely Dr.  Mr. Grandinetti was a native of Patchogue on Long Island.  Mrs. Grandinetti was born 3-15-1925.  He owned and operated D. Grandinetti Manufacturing Co., a housewares business in Syracuse, with his brother, Edward Grandinetti.  He also was the manager of E.C. Stearns, a power lawn mower company in Syracuse that his brother owned.  He was a self-employed manufacturer until his retirement in 1980.  Mrs. Grandinetti died in Phoenix on 2-10-1990.  At his death on 7-28-1998, Mr. Grandinetti was living part of the year at 301 Sycamore Terrace, DeWitt, and in Phoenix, AZ.  Their children:  Robert L. Grandinetti of Fayetteville, and Virginia Grandinetti Mackie of Seattle, who was born 2-27-1953.

Laurence A. Gravin and Ginger Dreyfus Gravin lived at 330 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  Mrs. Gravin was a musician and sang professionally.  Mr. Gravin was the president of Hamilton Fashions in Eastwood.  At some point the couple divorced and Mrs. Gravin wed Herbert E. Karren.  She lives now in NYC.  Mr. Gravin lives now in Sobieski, WI.

Edward S. Green and Joan Feder Green lived at 39 Ely Dr. in 1958.  Mr. Green was born in Syracuse and graduated from Syracuse University in 1947.  He served as an officer in the USAF from 1952 to 1954.  Mr. Green then became a CPA and studied law, graduating from SU's law school in 1960.  He has been an accountant and lawyer with the Rudolph and Green firm, and is now a senior investment advisor with the firm of Green & Seifter.  Mr. Green has been the chairman of the board for the Syracuse Symphony and has been active in many other charitable and civic causes.  Mr. and Mrs. Green live now in Cazenovia.  Their children:  Jill A. Green, William Green, and Nancy M. Green.

Hilbert I. "Hersh" Greene and Gertrude Stahler Greene lived at 36 Ely Dr. by 1960. He was born 4-27-1918 and was a 1939 graduate of Syracuse University and a 1942 graduate of the School of Law, where he graduated first in his class.  Mr. Greene enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1942 and served as a combat pilot in Italy during World War II.  He received the Distinguished Flying Cross and five air medals.  Following the War, Mr. Greene practiced law and became a partner in the firm of Greene, Hershdorfer and Sharpe.  He served as president of the Onondaga County Bar Association.  As an avid amateur photographer, Mr. Greene had his works exhibited at the Everson Museum.  He died 6-18-2005, at age 87, and Mrs. Greene still resides on Ely Dr.  They had four children:  Andrew Greene, born 11-16-1959, Debra Greene Quinn, Lauren Greene Cohen, and Lisa Greene.

Edward F. Hannon and Elsie Newkirk Hannon lived at 104 Edwards Dr. beginning about 1954.  They previously lived at 117 Ambergate Rd., in DeWitt, having purchased that home in June, 1940.  Mr. Hannon was an engineer with the Precision Castings Co.  Mrs. Hannon was a native of Canastota and a teacher.  Mr. Hannon died in 1962, and Mrs. Hannon died 1-19-1981, at age 72.

John H. Harris and Beatrice Hammonds Harris lived at 102 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  She was a medical secretary at the SUNY College of Medicine.  He was a staff manager for the Prudential Insurance Co.  A native of Newcombe, TN, Mrs. Harris lived 50 years in Syracuse before moving to Asheville, NC in 1974, and died there on 9-20-1993, at age 90.  They had:  Jean Harris, who lived with her parent’s following a divorce and was killed  in a car accident about 1965, at age 39, and Joan Virginia Harris, who wed Ralph G. Jaeggli in 1951, and lived on Ely Dr. (see below).

Richard F. Harrison and Arlene L. Harrison lived at 150 Edwards Dr. by 1953.  He was an executive vice-president for the First Trust & Deposit Co. until his retirement about 1954.  Mrs. Harrison, a native of Herkimer County, NY, died in Syracuse on 8-3-1985, at age 92.  They had:  Gloria Harrison Morningstar, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1946, wed Edward E. Morningstar, and lived in Texas at the time of her death in February, 1986, and Carol Harrison.

Donald C. Hayes and Dorothy "Dolly" Hayes lived at 225 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  He was a real estate agent with the Clark realty firm and a musician.  The couple moved to Florida about 1958,and Mr. Hayes died in Pompano Beach on 7-20-1983.

John C. Hayes and Evelyn Auger Hayes lived at 16 Ely Dr. by the early 1960's.  Both were natives of Utica, NY.  Mrs. Hayes was a graduate of Skidmore College.  Mr. Hayes was awarded the Bronze Star for gallantry during WWII.  He retired in 1981 as vice-president of the General Crushed Stone Co,, after 34 years of service.  Mr. and Mrs. Hayes later moved to Easton, PA, where she died on 12-24-1981, and he died on 9-17-1986.  They had a son, John C. Hayes, Jr., born about 1946, and two daughters, Evelyn Hayes Frederick, who was born about 1949, graduated from Syracuse University in 1972 and lives in Syracuse, and Mary Ann Hayes of Silver Springs, MD.

Ralph S. Hayes and Thelma Eckler Hayes lived at 6 Ely Dr. by 1946.  Mr. Hayes served as a captain in the USA Transport Corps in World War I and was a civilian ordanance executive In World War II.  After the war he was vice president of the C. C. Bradley Co. in Syracuse.  Mr. Hayes also was associated with the Lehigh Foundry, in Easton, PA, and by 1951 the couple resided in Lancaster, PA.  They moved to Rochester in 1955 and were living there at Mr. Hayes' death on 5-29-1957.  Their children: Barbara Hayes Talamo, who wed William Arthur Thorpe on 12-10-1949, and lived in Philadelphia, Ralph S. Hayes, Jr., who married a Miss Rogers, was an engineering executive with the Onondaga Pottery Co., and lived on Cornwall Dr., in DeWitt, and Mrs. Walter Prize, of Lexington, VA.

George N. Hemmer and Irene E. Hemmer lived at 43 Ely Dr. by 1952.  He graduated from medical school at Syracuse University and was a physician in Syracuse for 55 years.  He died 6-13-1965, at age 79.  Mrs. Hemmer died 6-20-1991, at age 92.  From a previous marriage to a Miss Place, who died before 1949, Dr. Hemmer had:  Dr. Charles A. Hemmer, a physician in Philadelphia, and Ruth Hemmer, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1937, married Francis T. Costello, and lives in Fayetteville.

Edwin W. Henne and Mary Ruth Smith Hier Henne lived at 29 Ely Dr.  He was born 11-18-1893, and was a native of Ann Arbor, MI, and a graduate of the University of Michigan.  Mr. Henne joined the Farmers and Traders Life Insurance Co. in 1923 and rose through the ranks to become president.  Mr. Henne and his first wife, Naomi M. Henne, lived at 115 Dewittshire Rd. in DeWitt before her death in November, 1947.  Mary Ruth Henne died 2-8-1966, and Mr. Henne died on 4-10-1969.  Mr. Henne and Naomi Henne had two sons, Richard Edwin Henne, who attended the University of Michigan, and lives now in Birmingham, MI, and Frank W. Delano, who lived in McLean, VA. prior to his death on 10-17-1996.

Paul T. Henson and Annie Mae Chapman  Henson lived at 216 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  He operated Henson Motors, a Lincoln Mercury dealership on E. Genesee St. in Syracuse.  

Ralph C. Herman and Dorothea Buck Herman lived at 109 Edwards Dr., having moved there in 1951 from Mt. Lebanon, PA.  He was a store manager for the S. S. Kresge Corp.

Joseph K. Hill and Jean Lichty Hill lived at 19 Ely Dr. by 1954.  He was a medical professor at the NYS College of Medicine.  They sold the home in 1957 and moved to NYC.  Their children:  Laurinda Hill, and Joseph Hill, Jr.

Edward Karl Hogestyn and Flora Sherman Hogestyn lived at 37 Ely Dr., having moved there in 1950 from Rochester.  He was born 8-17-1898.  Mr. Hogestyn worked for the Kodak Co. in Rochester before moving to CNY, where he worked at the Alling and Cory paper company until his retirement in December, 1963.  The couple then moved to Florida.  They had a daughter, Carol Hogestyn.

Leonard J. Holcomb lived at 9 Ely Dr. by 1955.  He was a watchman.

Melvin C. Holm and Beatrice Fritcher Holm lived briefly at 150 Edwards Dr. before moving to Marvelle Rd. in Lyndon.  About 1953, the original family name of Aspholm was changed to Holm.  The family then lived on Lansdowne Rd. in DeWitt, but soon moved to Lyndon.  Mr. Holm began with the Carrier Corp. as a bookkeeper in New Jersey and rose through the ranks to become chairman of the board.  Under his leadership the decisions were made to build the MONY towers in downtown Syracuse and to help fund what is now known as the Carrier Dome.  Mr. Holm also served as the head of the board of trustees at Syracuse University and was active in numerous civic affairs.  Mrs. Holm, too, was active in church and civic causes.  She was instrumental in establishing the Suburban Thrift Shop at DeWitt Community Church which still endures.  Mrs. Holm's mother, Nellie Fritcher, a native of Stockbridge, NY, lived many years in Minoa, but by 1960 she was living with the Holm family in Lyndon.  She died 10-24-1975, at age 92.  Mr. Holm died on 7-10-1991, and Mrs. Holm died less than a month later on 8-7-1991.  Their children:  Melvin C. Holm, Jr., who was a retired attorney, living in South Fort Myers, FL, at his death on 12-31-2002, and Joyce Holm Calver, who operates a private investigation firm in Fayetteville.

William C. Homer, Sr., and Ruth Thompson Homer lived at 40 Ely Dr. by 1953.  He was the general manager of the Barnes and Cone Co. The couple later moved to Marvelle Rd. in Lyndon.  Mr. Homer died in Naples, FL, on 3-1-1973.  They had three children:  William Homer, Jr., born 11-21-1952, Polly Ann Homer, and Cynthia Louise Homer.

Harold I. Howell and Loraine Price Howell lived at 57 Ely Dr. by 1958.  He was an engineer for the Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.

Joseph J. Humiston and Anne M. Humiston lived on Edwards Dr. by 1942.  He worked in Liverpool as a salesman.

George S. Husson and Patricia Harrison Husson lived at 122 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  He was a native of Charleston, WV, and a graduate of Yale and the Long Island College of Medicine.  He was on the staff of the NYS Medical College specializing in pediatric cardiology.  Dr. Husson died on 2-22-1976, at age 58.  Mrs. Husson was also a physician, having graduated from Johns Hopkins University.  She had a pediatric practice in Lyndon for a few years--above the office of the rental cottages that were across Genesee St. from Edwards Dr.  She then worked at the Syracuse Neighborhood Health Center for many years before moving to Cape Cod.  She died in MA on 9-10-2004.  Their children:  Sally E. Husson, who lives in CO, Robert N. Husson, born 11-27-1952, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, living now in the Boston area, and Brenda G. Husson, born 10-30-1954, and residing in New York City.

Willis A. Ingalls and Agnes Schultz Ingalls lived at 129 Edwards Dr. by 1953.  He was born 10-14-1873, in Farnham, Quebec, Canada and was the former president of the Thompson Brothers Co., manufacturers of knitting machinery.  He died 11-29-58.  The couple had two daughters:  Mary Ingalls, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1937, wed Eugene E. Cragg and lived in Moorestown, NJ, and in California, where she died in May, 1979, and Helen Ingalls, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1936, wed Harry Traynor, lived briefly at 137 Edwards Dr., and died 4-28-1991 while residing in Lexington, KY.  (See the Traynor entry below.)

Hans Rudolph Jaeggli and Georgiana Thomas Jaeggli lived at 9 Ely Dr. in 1950.  Before living in Lyndon, they lived at 120 Dewittshire Rd., in DeWitt, having arrived there by 1943.  Mr. Jaeggli was born 10-7-1891, and graduated from the Stevens Institute of Technology.  He was national service manager for the Carrier Corp. for 12 years before leaving in 1946 to open his own firm, Mechanical Service Corp., to install and service appliances.  The couple lived in Fayetteville when Mr. Jaeggli died in June, 1969.  Mrs. Jaeggli was born 8-30-1891, and died in Asheville, NC, in November, 1976.  The couple had two children:  Marilyn Jaeggli, who studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and Ralph Gilchrist Jaeggli, (see below).

Ralph G. Jaeggli and Joan Virginia Harris Jaeggli lived at 9 Ely Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Jaeggli graduated from Fayetteville high school in 1943 and was soon inducted into the service.  Following the war he graduated from Syracuse University in 1949, and the couple wed on 6-9-1951.  Mrs. Jaeggli was a native of Lyndon.  He worked as a sales engineer for his father's firm, Mechanical Service Corp.  The family later moved to 100 Cooper Lane in DeWitt, then to Sky High Road in Tully, in 1965, and then on to Asheville, NC, in 1975.  Mrs. Jaeggli died in Asheville in December, 1982, at age 51.  Mr. Jaeggli remarried in 1984, and died on 10-29-2006, in Wilmington, NC, at the age of 81.  The children of Ralph and Joan Jaeggli:  John Randolph Jaeggli, who was born 6-4-1952, wed in 1982, and is a professor of Biblical studies at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, Alice Adele Jaeggli, who wed in July, 1976, and resides in Wilmington, NC,  Lynne Jaeggli, who was wed in August, 1975,and is a research consultant residing in Atlanta, GA, Janet Jaeggli, who was married in 1977, and lives in Wilmington, NC, and Judith Jaeggli, who was wed in 2003, is an administrative assistant, and resides in Roanoke, VA. 

Orlie D. Johnson and Helen Conners Johnson lived at 35 Ely Dr., moving there about 1958.  Mrs. Johnson was a native of Syracuse and lived in the area most of her life.  She worked at the Onondaga County Board of Elections for 17 years before retiring in 1969.  Mr. Johnson, a native of Oswego, was a stock broker for more than 50 years.  He was with the George D. B. Bonright Co. and, at his death, with the E. F. Hutton firm.  Mr. Johnson died on 5-17-1974, and Mrs. Johnson died 11-18-1984. Their son, Orlie T. Johnson, was born about 1940, and lives in Camillus.

Samuel Johnson and Mable Roth Johnson lived at 27 Ely Dr. by 1955.  He was the state representative for the Union Underwear Co., and later a distributor for Stromberg-Carlson auto radios.  They had:  A. Barry Johnson, who earned a degree in electrical engineering from Syracuse University, wed Diana Kay of Scarsdale, NY, and lived in Brookline, MA, Joan Johnson, and Barbara Johnson.

Warren G. Johnson and Dorothy Eleanor Johnson lived at 33 Ely Dr. by 1953.  He was a payroll supervisor for the General Electric Co.  By 1980, the couple had separated and Mr. Johnson was living in Nyack, NY.  They had a daughter, Debra K. Johnson, and a son, Stewart L. Johnson, born 2-4-1958, who wed Nancy E. Laub.

James J. Kelley and Ella Caffrey Kelley lived at 141 Edwards Dr. by 1953.  He was a 1934 graduate of Syracuse University and a life ham radio operator.  He began his career in 1927 at station 2BAZ and retired in 1977 at station K8BB.  During World War II Mr. Kelley was in the signal corps in the Pacific theater and achieved the rank of captain.  He was the chief engineer for WFBL radio, before and following army service during the war.  The family later moved to Ohio where he worked as a field engineer for RCA.  Mr. Kelley died in Cleveland on 3-10-1997.  They had:  Patricia Kelley, of MN, and James J. Kelley, Jr., of SC.

Robert J. Kelly and Helen Gordon Kelly lived at 34 Ely Dr. in 1957.  A native of New York City, Mr. Kelly moved to the Syracuse area in 1956.  He retired in 1990 as co-owner of Audio-Visual Systems Inc. of Syracuse, which he co-founded in 1968.  Mr. Kelly died 4-14-93.  They had two daughters, Lynne Kelly, born 2-7-1957, and Chris Kelly, who lives in Fayetteville.

Cecil T. Kingsley and Barbara Kingsley lived at 2 Ely Dr. before 1955.  He was a sales representative for the General Electric Co.  They moved to a newly built house at 204 Ambergate Rd. in DeWitt in 1955.  Their children:  Barbara Kingsley and Robert Kingsley.

Gerald F. LaBarge and Margaret G. LaBarge lived at 304 Edwards Dr. by 1953.  He was a native of Massena, NY, and was the president of LaBarge Brothers, Inc., a pipeline contracting firm which he and his brother, Orville J. LaBarge, founded in 1947.  The family was living in Manlius when Mr. LaBarge died on 2-1-1970.  Their children:  Linda LaBarge, who wed Robert B. Talbert, David LaBarge, Patricia LaBarge, Thomas LaBarge, Robert LaBarge, and Jeffrey LaBarge.

Stanford Landell, Sr., and Elizabeth U. Landell lived at 65 Ely Dr. by 1955.  He was an engineer with the Brown-Lipe-Chapin division of General Motors. and later was a senior executive. The couple moved to Bloomfield Hills, MI, in February, 1962.  Mr. Landell retired from GM there in 1966, after 30 years of service.  Following retirement, the couple moved to Downingtown, PA, where Mr. Landell died in April, 1982, at the age of 75, and Mrs. Landell died on 12-30-1992, at 86. They had a son, Stanford Landell, Jr., who was born 1-7-1938, served in the USAF, wed Linda Joslin of Bossier City, LA in 1967, and died in NJ on 7-4-2004.

Edgar Lane and Ruth Ritter Lane lived at 305 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  He was a self-employed builder.  They had:  Richard Lane, Elizabeth Lane, and Susan Lane.

Edward F. Leonard and Estelle W. Leonard lived at 42 Ely Dr. by 1953.  He operated Leonard's Belmont restaurant.  They had a son, Jay Edward Leonard.

George F. Lindemer and Altamae Reimers Lindemer lived at 144 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  Mrs. Lindemer attended the Arnold College of Physical Education, in New Haven, CT., and taught physical education in Syracuse schools for a short time.  Mr. Lindemer was born in Syracuse and was a 1913 graduate of Columbia University School of Optometry.  He was a veteran of World War I, serving in the Naval Aviation Service.  Mr. Lindemer operated the Lindemer Optical and Photographic store in Syracuse for 50 years until he retired in 1966.  Mrs. Lindemer died on 10-4-1970 and Mr. Lindemer died 8-10-1985, at age 92.  They had two sons:  Lawrence B. Lindemer, born 8-21-1921, of Stockbridge, MI, and George R. Lindemer, a 1946 graduate of Cornell University, of DeWitt.

Charles H. Litty and Anne Morin Litty lived at 10 Ely Dr. by 1960.  Mr. Litty graduated from Notre Dame and took a job in Buenos Aires with the Singer Sewing Machine Co.  While there he met and married Anne Mae Morrin, who was from Omaha, NB.  Mrs. Litty was a graduate of Arnold College of Physical Education at New Haven, CT.  While in Lyndon, Mr. Litty worked at Bristol Laboratories.  The couple had moved to Daytona Beach, FL, when Mr. Litty died on 10-12-1981.  It is believed that Mrs. Litty died in FL on 7-22-1992.  They had:  Stephen Litty, Jonathan Litty, and Christine Litty.

Beryl Edward Livingston and Helen Millis Livingston lived at 7 Ely Dr. by 1953.  He was an executive with the Carrier Corp. and she was a teacher at Manlius Elementary School.  Mr. Livingston died 3-13-1958.

John F. Lynch and Mary Louise Harrigan Lynch lived at 32 Ely Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Lynch grew up on Syracuse's North Side.  He graduated from Christian Brothers Academy in 1930, when the Catholic school was at State and Willow streets in downtown Syracuse.  He played basketball at CBA on a team that won three championships and later became the school's youngest basketball coach at age 21.  Mr. Lynch was the manager of the commercial real estate department for the Eagan Real Estate firm, and was involved in the development of many major real estate enterprises including Shoppingtown in DeWitt.  At age 75, he started his own property management and leasing company, The John Lynch Co., which he sold in 1990.  In 1997, Mr. Lynch was inducted into the Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame.  The couple had moved to Woodchuck Hill Rd. prior to Mrs. Lynch's death there on 12-4-1996.  Mrs. Lynch was a lifetime resident of the Syracuse area and was very active in civic and cultural affairs.  Mr. Lynch died 6-23-2005, while visiting his son in in Houston.  He was 94.  Their children:  J. Terrence Lynch, of Houston, and Joy Lynch Yahwak, born 2-28-1952, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1976, married Michael Yahwak, and lives in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Ray C. Malvin and Alice Wetherill Malvin lived at 42 Ely Dr. by about 1953.  A native of Cleveland, WI, Mr. Malvin served in WWI and received a degree in mechanical and electrical engineering in 1921 from the Armour Institute of Technology, in Chicago.  Mrs. Malvin was a native of New York City, and was a special education teacher for 27 years in the Chicago school system.  During the period from 1942 to 1955, Mr. Malvin served as vice president and general plant manager with the Fitzgibbons Boiler Co. and as general manager of the Auburn plant of U.S. Hoffman Industries.  He retired in 1961 as vice president of Houdaille Industries.  Mr. Malvin died 1-9-1987, at age 89, and Mrs. Malvin died 6-11-1987.

Stanley F. Manister and Helen D. Manister lived at 14 Ely Dr.  They moved to Lyndon from Silver Springs, MD, about 1950.  He was the district manager for Hiram Walker, Inc., having joined the company in 1946.  She died in Boulder, CO, on 1-20-1998, and he died there on 5-16-2001, at age 87.

John Bernard McDonald and Helen Louise Meager McDonald lived at 34 Ely Dr. in 1950.  He was an engine dispatcher for the NYC railroad and she was a former home economics teacher in Cortland and Herkimer, NY.  She died 6-3-1983,
and he died in Latham, NY, on 10-18-1984.  They had:  John B. McDonald, Jr., who lived in Kinderhook, NY, Michael T. McDonald, and Kevin C. McDonald, who both lived in Loudonville, NY,  Kathleen A. Lorenz, who lived in Holland, and Mary Helen McDonald, born in 1947, and Theresa McDonald Joslin, born 5-16-1956, both living in Latham, NY.

Clark H. McKee and Marion Brautigam McKee lived at the corner of Ely Dr. and E. Genesee St. by 1960.  He was born in Smithsville, OH, in October, 1897.  He was a sales representative for Lutz & Schramm.  In 1961, the McKees moved to Eagle Bay Park, NY, and were living there when Mr. McKee died on 4-4-1979. They had two daughters:  Kathryn McKee, of Eagle Bay Park, and Susan McKee, who married George Lane of Palm Springs, CA.  Mrs. McKee had a daughter, Barbara Paul, who lived at Weirsdale, FL, from a previous marriage.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Gerard McKee purchased the home at 321 Edwards Dr. in July, 1955.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1913, and was a resident of Syracuse most of his life.  Mr. McKee was associated with Brown-Lipe-Chapin as a metallurgist.  He later was employed for 25 years by the Republic Steel Co.  He died on 6-2-1972.  They had a son, William G. McKee, Jr.,, of Camillus, and a daughter, Suzanne McKee of DeWitt.

Thomas G. Meachem and Ethel Meachem lived on Edwards Dr. by 1942.  He worked in Syracuse as a salesman.

William M. Meehan and Cora Jane Quinn Meehan lived at the corner of Edwards Dr. and Genesee St. by 1960.  He was a native of Buckland, MA, and came to the Syracuse area in 1923.  Mr. Meehan established the William M. Meehan and Sons Co., which was engaged in industrial sales as manufacturers representatives.  He died 12-11-1960, and she died 6-29-1966.  They had four children:  William F. Meehan, who worked in the family business, and died 6-27-1984, Helen Meehan, who married Edward F. Allen, and lived in Rochester, Cappy Meehan who married Robert G. O'Hara, and lived in Merritt Island, FL, and Robert S. Meehan, who lived in MA.

John R. Meyering and Gloria Yorton Meyering lived at 325 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1948.  He was born in 1918, and grew up in the Rochester area.  Mr. Meyering was an instructor at the State College of Forestry where he earned a master's degree.  The family subsequently moved to Riverside, CT.  They had:  John Meyering, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1976, wed Christine Hapsari, and is the president of an architectural firm in Alexandria, VA, Christopher P. Meyering, and Patricia J. Meyering.

Edward J. Michel and Charlotte Derfus Michel lived at 17 Ely Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Michel was a native of Meadville, PA, and attended Allegheny College and Georgetown University.  He was the executive director of the Dale Carnegie program, and later worked for the U.S. Secret Service.  Both died in Meadville--Mr. Michel on 11-3-1977, and Mrs. Michel, at age 88, on 12-1-1993.

Arthur S. Miller lived at 56 Ely Dr. until selling the house in 1957.  He was the sales manager for the Syracuse China Co.

Marshall E. Minich and Hildred Brohaugh Minich lived at 134 Edwards Dr., having moved there from Genesee Hills in DeWitt on 1-29-1951.  He was an accountant with the General Electric Co.  The family moved to Fresno, CA about 1960, and Mr. Minich became a professor at Fresno State University.  Mrs. Minich was an accomplished symphony violinist. Their children:  George M. Minich, who wed Irene Bullinger in June, 1969, earned a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin, and is now retired from the World Bank and residing in McLean, VA, Mary Minich, and John Minich.

John K. Mitchell and Claire Grossman Mitchell lived at 100 Edwards Dr. by 1953.  He was an engineering designer for the Niagara-Mohawk Power Corp.  Mrs. Mitchell was a life resident of the Syracuse area, and worked for 10 years as a secretary for the Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church.  Mrs. Mitchell died 10-7-1970.  Their children:  Carol E. Mitchell, Terry Mitchell, and Suzanne Mitchell Wicks, of North Syracuse.

James J. Moore and Mildred McCay Moore lived at 14 Ely Dr. by 1955.  He was the manager of the local office of the Indemnity Insurance Co. of North America,  They had a daughter, Joan Moore.

Charles Muhlenforth and Bessie Mae Organ Muhlenforth lived at 24 Ely Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Muhlenforth was a native of New York City, and lived in DeRuyter, NY, for seven years before moving to the Fayetteville area, where he operated a Sunoco gas station.   Mrs. Muhlenforth was a native of Marlow, OK and lived in the Fayetteville area for 15 years prior to her death on 4-14-1953.  Mr. Muhlenforth subsequently wed Edith Harris Muhlenforth, who worked at the Merchants Bank in Fayetteville.  He died 9-29-1976.

Walter John "Jack" Nodine and Cecelia Yodakis Nodine lived at 30 Ely Dr. by 1960.  Mrs. Nodine was a native of Yonkers, NY.  Mr. Nodine was born in 1919, and was a native of Linden, NJ, and a veteran of WWII.  He was a sales representative for the California Oil Corp.  The couple had moved to Lymekiln Rd. in Lyndon at the time of Mrs. Nodine's death on 10-27-1978. Mr. Nodine later married Mary Beth Nodine.  At some point Mr. Nodine moved to Greensboro, NC, where, it is believed the second Mrs. Nodine died in 1991, and he died on 3-28-2001.  Walter and Cecilia Nodine had:  Douglas Nodine, who lives in Greensboro, and Nancy "Nodi" Nodine Sudol, of Williston, VT.

William G. O'Brien and Alice Richardson O'Brien lived at 45 Ely Dr. by 1960, having lived earlier on Lyndon Rd.  Mr. O'Brien was a life long resident of the Syracuse area and a 1938 graduate of Syracuse University's law school.  He worked for 30 years as the local claims manager and counsel to the Royal Globe Insurance Co.  In 1966, Mr. O'Brien opened an office in Fayetteville for a private law practice.  Mrs. O'Brien's father, Junius E. Richardson lived with the O'Brien family before his death on 10-6-1963.  Mrs. O'Brien died in 1982, and Mr. O'Brien later wed Dorothy VanDyke O'Brien.  Mr. O'Brien died 5-7-1984.  William and Alice O'Brien had:  Sharon O'Brien Allen, who earned degrees in law and library science, and lives now in Reston, VA, William E. O'Brien, who lives in Fayetteville, and Terry R. O'Brien, who was a court official living in Syracuse at his death on 3-19-1991.

Henry F. Olszewski and Ruth Thompson Olszewski lived at 323 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  He was a native of CNY and was born in 1915.  He worked as a salesman for the Syracuse Liquor Co.  At some point, the family changed its name to Olsen.  The couple had two daughters, Barbara Olsen, and Pamela Olsen.

James Orlando and Phyllis Falso Orlando lived at 60 Ely Dr., following their marriage on 6-28-1951.  He was the manager of Thor Metal Products Inc.  They had: Donna Lee Orlando and David Orlando.

James P. Owens and Ernestine Harris Owens lived at 56 Ely Dr., having purchased the home in 1957 when they moved from Birmingham, MI.  They later moved to Bradford Pkwy. in Syracuse after selling the home on Ely Dr. in September, 1963.  Mr. Owens was the regional office manager for the Sun Oil Co. 

William G. Peacher and Sarah Moore Peacher lived at 54 Ely Dr. by 1955. Mrs. Peacher was  born in Ayden, NC, and was a graduate of Kings Daughters School of Nursing in Virginia.  Born in New Brunswick, ME, Mr. Peacher moved to Syracuse in 1918, graduated from Syracuse University in 1935, and the College of Chinese Acupuncture in 1973. He received two master's degrees, a medical degree and a doctorate from SU.  He practiced neurosurgery in Syracuse from 1946 to 1978, and in Riverside, CA, from 1978 until retiring in 1998.  In the 1970's, the couple divorced and Dr. Peacher remarried.  Sarah Peacher moved to her native North Carolina where she died in Greenville at age 80 on 7-14-2001. She had lived in the Fayetteville area from 1945 to 1983.  Like Dr. Peacher, she was a veteran of Army service during WWII.  Dr. Peacher died in Riverside on 5-19-2002, at age 87.  William and Sarah Peacher had four daughters:  Lynne Goetting of Downingtown, PA, her twin, Gayle Bartlett, both born 6-25-1946, of Woodridge, IL, Sarah Yafchak of Bouckville, NY,  and Alison Coon, born about 1958, of Highland Village, TX.  By his second wife, Dr. Peacher had a daughter, Jacqueline Peacher, of Riverside, CA.

Theodore Perl and Jean Krauss Perl lived at 58 Ely Dr. by 1955.  He was born c. 1916 and she was born c. 1925.  He graduated from Syracuse University's medical school in 1941 and was a physician with an office in the Medical Arts Building in Syracuse, where he practiced radiology.  Dr. Perl died on 2-25-1982.  They had:  Joseph Lee Perl, born 3-11-1952, Robin Ellen Perl, born 7-20-1954, who is an artist living in Brooklyn, and Elizabeth Perl.

Willard Arthur Phillips and Lillian Helinger Phillips lived at 55 Ely Dr., having moved there from 267 Brattle Rd., Syracuse, about 1960.  Mr. Phillips was the founder of the General Super Plating Co.  He died in 1974, and Mrs. Phillips died on 8-28-1992, at age 90.  They had Mary Louise Phillips, who graduated from Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart, wed Carl Jacob Steigerwald, II, on 8-19-1961, and lived in Newtown Square, PA, and Catherine Anne Phillips, who wed Edward M. O'Donnell, Jr., was a teacher, and resides in Syracuse.

Edward F. Pope and Ruth Pope lived on Edwards Dr. by 1942.  He was an executive with the Carrier Corp. and, in the late 1950's, was transferred to Toronto to help lead the company's Canadian operations.  In the 1960's they retired to Vero Beach, FL, and were living there at their deaths.  They had a daughter, Susan Pope, who was born about 1939, and is married and living now in the Midwest.

Dudley K. Post and Marguerite Post lived at 217 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  He was the president of D. K. Post and Co., an electrical company.  Mr. Post was one of the organizers of the U.S. Power Squadron in Syracuse and taught navigation classes.  He also was an organizer of a reserve unit of the Coast Guard, and in 1941 he was commissioned a captain of the 8th Naval District.  In his later years, Mr. Post devoted a great deal of time to his pet project, Camp Goodwill, a summer camp in Chittenango for handicapped children.  The couple moved to California a few years before Mr. Post's death on 3-2-1988, in Escondido. 

Charles A. Randall and Mary Louise Lentz Randall lived at 310 Edwards Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Randall was born in Syracuse and was an electrician for the Fischback & Moore firm before opening his own electrical contracting company in 1953.  Mrs. Randall died in 1982 and Mr. Randall later wed Jane Randall.  He lived in Pompey before moving to Florida where he died at North Palm Beach on 4-24-2000.  He was 93. The children of Charles and Mary Randall:  Joan Randall O'Keefe, who lives in Northbrook, IL, Robert "Buck" Randall, who was a NYS Trooper and the police chief in DeWitt before his death on 4-7-2003, and C. Jefferson Randall, who lives in Washington, DC.

Earle W. Rearwin and Evelyn Blood Rearwin lived at 6 Ely Dr. by 1952.  He was the plant engineer for the Precision Castings Co.  They had a daughter, Gayle Rearwin, born 9-18-1952, who lives now in Trinity, NC.

W. Homer Reeve and Jean Reeve lived at 55 Ely Dr. in 1953.  He was the president of the Easy Washer Machine Corp. Their son:  Homer Reeve, Jr., lived in Cincinnati.

Herbert Reigelman moved to Ely Dr. in 1957.  He lived previously in the Skyline Apts. on James St., in Syracuse.  In 1952, he left Montgomery Ward & Co. as a vice president, to come to Syracuse and accept a position as marketing manager for a division of General Electric. 

Edward William Reinheimer and Olga Schlosser Reinheimer lived at 26 Ely Dr., having purchased the home new in 1950.  Mr. Reinheimer was born 5-17-1898, and grew up in the Syracuse area.  He worked for the Cherry-Burrell Corp.  Mrs. Reinheimer was a native of Syracuse, and died 1-19-1992, at age 91.  The couple had a son:  Warren Edward Reinheimer, who was an engineer for GE and lived in DeWitt before his death on 9-23-1996.

Bertha M. Richards lived at 51 Ely Dr. by 1955.

Julius B. Richmond and Rhee Chidekel Richmond lived at 50 Ely Dr., having moved there in 1953.  Dr. Richmond was born 9-26-1016, in Chicago.  He received his collegiate and medical education at the University of Illinois, having earned his MD degree in 1939.  During WWII, he served as a flight surgeon in the Army Air Corps.  Dr. Richmond came to the Upstate Medical Center as chairman of the department of pediatrics in 1953, and  became the dean of the faculty in 1967.  For a period in the early 1960's, Dr. Richmond took a leave of absence and was an official of the Office of Economic Opportunity, serving under Sargent Shriver.  In 1971, Dr. Richmond accepted a professorship at Harvard University.  Once again, Dr. Richmond took a leave of absence from teaching and was the Surgeon General of the United States from 1977 to 1981.  He then returned to Harvard and resumed teaching before retiring in 1988.  They had three sons:  Barry Richmond, who is a medical researcher for the National Institute of Mental Health and lives in Bethesda, MD, Charles Richmond, who lives in Indianapolis, and Dale Richmond.

David N. Rogers and Eleanor Richards Rogers lived at 51 Ely Dr. by 1955.  He was a manufacturer's representative with the R. W. Mitscher Co.  Their children:  Edward Rogers, Neal Rogers, and Richard Rogers.

Seymour W. Rudolph and Rosalind Millinger Rudolph lived at 21 Ely Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Rudolph attended Syracuse University and was a 1939 graduate of the University of Michigan.  He also attended Harvard University School of Law, and served during WWII.  Mr. Rudolph was a principal in Rudolph's Jewelers, and later became a financial consultant with Shearson, Lehman Brothers.  The couple moved to Pompey prior to Mr. Rudolph's death on 4-21-1987.  Their children: Alan Rudolph, of Syracuse, Andrea Rudolph, who lives in Rochester, and Ellen Rudolph, of New York City.

Eloise Holden Russell lived at 325 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  She was the widow of George Alexander Russell who had been head of the music department at Princeton University.  Mrs. Russell was a native of Syracuse but lived for 30 years in NYC before returning to the Syracuse area in the 1950's.  She died at home on Edwards Dr. on 10-13-1984, at the age of 99.

Marshall H. Savage and Shirley Garratt Savage lived on Edwards Dr., having purchased their lot in 1940.  In the mid 1950's they moved to 44 Lynacres Blvd. in Lyndon.  Mr. Savage was a graduate of Syracuse University and served in the USN during WWII.  He was the owner of the Francis Hendricks Co., a photographic supply company in Syracuse.  Mrs. Savage earned an undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in 1938 and a master's in education there in 1946.  Mr. Savage died on 10-25-1961, at age 44.  Mrs. Savage is now 90 and still works part-time at the Hendricks firm with her daughter Ellen.  Their children:  Garratt M. Savage, who lives in Fayetteville, James "Jay" Savage, Ellen Savage, and Shirley June Savage.

Clinton Sayres and Helen Sayres lived at 222 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  He was a manufacturer's representative.  Their children:  William Sayres, and Mary Sayres.

Alexander Schultz and Genevieve "Gerrie" Osterdale Schultz lived at 315 Edwards Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Schultz was a manufacturer's representative, and later opened the Casual Country shop in Shoppingtown, DeWitt, which Mrs. Schultz co-managed.  They had two sons, Christopher Schultz, and Paul Geoffrey Schultz.

Irving W. Schwartz and Sheila Schiff Schwartz lived at 47 Ely Dr. by 1960.  Mrs. Schwartz was born in Brooklyn on 8-17-1927.  She came to Syracuse University from Woodmere, Long Island, and was a 1947 graduate with a degree in psychology.  The Schwartz's were married in 1948.  Mrs. Schwartz was very involved in athletics and cultural affairs while living in the Syracuse area.  Mr. Schwartz was also a graduate of Syracuse University, finishing in 1941.  He served in WWII as a Marine Corps officer.  Mr. Schwartz worked as a general insurance agent.  The couple later lived in Cazenovia before moving to the Charlotte, NC, area.  Mrs. Schwartz died in Charlotte on 6-8-2005.  They had:  Suellen Schwartz Carman, who wed Peter Carman, and lives in Wilson, WY, and Sally Schwartz Lang, who married J. David Lang, and lives in Mansfield, Ontario, Canada.

Robert W. Secor and Elaine Molyneaux Secor lived at 37 Ely Dr. by 1966.  They were wed in June, 1955.  Mrs. Secor was a graduate of Syracuse University.  Mr. Secor was a native of NJ, and graduated from Syracuse University's school of architecture in 1955.  He was an architect with the King and King firm.  The family later moved to Cazenovia.  The couple had: Stephen Secor, and Sandra Secor Costello.

George N. Sherboneau and Ildah Gunning Sherboneau lived at 312 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  They also lived part of the year in a cabin on Otisco Lake.  Mr. Sherboneau was a native of Gananoque, Ontario, Canada.  Mrs. Sherboneau, too, was a Canadian by birth, having been a native of New Brunswick.  While living in Lyndon Mr. Sherboneau was a manufacturers representative.  Later he worked for Strathmore Paints in Syracuse, retiring in 1975.  The couple moved to Liverpool about 1977.  Mr. Sherboneau died in a Minoa nursing home on 12-2-1991, at age 89, and Mrs. Sherboneau died on 10-23-1993, at age 98.  They had a daughter, Joyce Sherboneau Burson, who wed H. S. Burson, and lives in Jacksonville, FL.

Lee King Simon and Jeanne White Simon lived at 302 Edwards Dr. by 1957.  He was born in NYC on 6-12-1930, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1950.  Mr. Simon also graduated from Columbia University and was an officer in the USA before becoming a stock broker.  Later he was in the electronics field.  Mr. Simon was residing in Wilmington, NC at his death on 7-1-2006.  It is thought that Mrs. Simon lives now in Naples, FL.  They had:  Deborah Jeanne Simon, Linda Simon Riggsbee, and Barbara Simon Page.

Irving I. Smith and Vera Donaghy Smith lived at 63 Ely Dr. by 1953.  He was the founder and president of a prominent wholesale liquor distributorship, S & K Wine and Liquor Corporation.  Mr. Smith started his career as one of the first five employees of Seagram Distilleries immediately after the end of prohibition.  He started in the mailroom and worked his way up to upstate New York sales manager.  During World War II, Mr. Smith served with distinction in the U.S. Army in Germany, Belgium and France.  He left Seagrams in 1951 in order to establish his own business.  While employed at Seagram's he met and married his first wife, Vera Donaghy Smith, who died in 1973.  In 1975, Mr. Smith married Barbara Roberts Smith,  They subsequently moved to Boca Raton, FL where Mr. Smith died on 10-15-2006, at age 89.  The children of Irving and Vera Smith:  Leslie Smith Needham, born 10-31-1942, and living now in Larchmont, NY, and James B. Smith. 

Morey Parker Snell and Vera Coon Snell lived at 35 Ely Dr., having moved there from the Genesee Hills section of DeWitt in 1952.  He was a native of Syracuse and was born 9-29-1899.  He worked as a foreman with the Easy Washer Machine Corp.

John Van Duyn Southworth and Martha Collins Southworth lived at 6 Ely Dr.  Mr. Southworth was born in Syracuse on 6-5-1904.  Mr. Southworth graduated from Harvard and earned his MA from Columbia.  He was a teacher for a few years but soon turned to writing.  He was a prolific author, writing radio scripts for the "Cavalcade of America" series and movie scripts for  Encyclopedia Britannica films.  He also produced 30 books of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry dealing with history and naval affairs.  He collaborated with his mother, Gertrude Van Duyn Southworth, in some of the earlier books.  Mr. Southworth was the creator of the United Nations motto, "That Man May Solve Their Problems With Their Minds."  Mrs. Southworth was born in Brooklyn in 1907.  She graduated from Kent Place School, in Summit, N.J., and attended Wellesley College.  Mrs. Southworth died 1-7-1968.  On 12-21-1968, Mr. Southworth married  Alice Keegan Barber, the widow of Lyman Wescott Barber.  She was the recently retired editor of the women's department of the Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper.  Mrs. Southworth was killed, and Mr. Southworth seriously injured, in an automobile accident on 8-31-1973.  The accident was caused by a drunken driver who less than two weeks earlier had pleaded guilty to two other charges of driving while intoxicated.  The circumstances concerning the incident prompted much publicity and was partly responsible for changes in the law dealing with intoxicated drivers.  Mr. Southworth moved to Tampa, FL by 1976 but later returned to central NY.  He became a patient at the Van Duyn Home and Hospital on Onondaga Hill--a facility named for his grandfather, Dr. John Van Duyn--and died there 2-16-1986.  The children of J. V. D. and Martha Southworth:  John V. D. Southworth, Jr., who graduated from the US Naval Academy, was an engineer at the Carrier Corp., and lived in Cazenovia until his death on 9-16-1999, Edward Franklin Southworth, II, who resided in Las Cruces, NM, at his death on 12-6-1995, and Joan Southworth, who wed Warren A. Sedlacek, and lives in Deerfield IL.

Arthur M. Speers and Lillian Holzer Speers lived at 38 Ely Dr. by 1953.  He was a partner in the Barlow advertising agency.  Mr. Speers died 12-18-1969.  They had a son, Gary Speers, who was a construction executive in Clearwater, FL at his death on 12-15-2006.

Anthony V. Stabile and Edna Mae Levie Stabile lived at 303 Edwards Dr., having been the first to occupy the home.  Mrs. Stabile was born 6-8-1918, and was a native of Long Island.  Mr. Stabile was born 10-26-1904, and was raised in Syracuse.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1928.  He later attended medical school and served in WWII.  After the War, Dr. Stabile was a psychiatrist at the VA hospital in Syracuse until his retirement.  He died in February, 1976, and Mrs. Stabile died in March, 1977.  They had two sons, Wayne A. Stabile, born 9-10-1951, and living in the Miami area, and Richard Stabile.

Margaret R. Stewart lived at 31 Ely Dr. by 1960.  She was the widow of Dr. Samuel Stewart.  She died on 1-15-1972.    Mrs. Stewart shared her home with her nephew, Carl Kelly, and his daughter Doris.  He was born about 1920, and worked in the export division of the Porter-Cable Corp.  His daughter, Doris Kelly, worked at the NYS Motor Vehicle Bureau.  Mrs. Stewart had a daughter who married Albert Harris and lived in Cincinnati.

Thomas J. Stirton and Eleanor L. Stirton lived at 350  Edwards Dr., having moved to the home in late 1955, from Chicago.  The couple later returned to IL and resided in Barrington.  It is thought that Mr. Stirton died 10-25-1989, in IL, and that Mrs. Stirton now lives in West Palm Beach, FL.  They had four daughters:  Sheila Stirton Gillam, who was married to Christopher Giouhlameti (later Gillam) and lives now in the Washington, DC, area, Linda Stirton Vermillion, who graduated from Upsala College, wed Gordon Vermillion on 8-21-1965, and resides in Kinston, NC, and twins, Diane Stirton and Barbara Stirton.

Sayles E. Stone and Hazel Cramer Stone lived at 2 Ely Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Stone was an Army officer during WWI.  He attended Morrisville State College and lived most of his life in the Syracuse area.  Mr. Stone was co-founder (in 1929) and owner of Stone Brothers Pattern and Model Co., at 400 W. Taylor St., Syracuse.  He died 5-16-1992, at age 97.

Henry G. Strong and Mary F. Strong lived at 133 Edwards Dr. by the early 1950's.  He was an executive with the Carrier Corp.  Mr. Strong was also an amateur magician and entertained kids in the neighborhood with his sleight of hand tricks.  They retired to the west coast of Florida.

Walter I. Strong and Vera Slack Strong lived at 141 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  He was born 8-23-1917 in Brookline, MA.   In 1941 he graduated from Clarkson with a degree in civil engineering.  Mr. Strong was a veteran of WWII and he and Mrs. Strong wed on 9-5-1942, at Ft. Bragg, NC.  He stayed active in the USA reserve and rose to the rank of colonel.  While in Lyndon, Mr. Strong worked as an engineer for the General Electric Corp.  He died 12-28-2004, in Northfield, VT. Their children:  Kenneth Strong, Carol Strong, Dana Strong, and Janet Strong.

Leon E. Sutton and Ruth Crawford Farrington Sutton bought a newly constructed home at 53 Ely Dr. in 1953.  The home was built by Harry Lane.  The Suttons were wed on 9-24-1918.  Mr. Sutton was a native of Corning, NY, and earned a bachelor's degree from Syracuse University in 1917, and their MD degree two years later.  Dr. Sutton specialized in plastic surgery and taught at the Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse.  He also spent five years in China teaching nursing procedures. The couple left Ely Dr. in 1957, and moved to 403 Sycamore Terrace in DeWitt.  Mrs. Sutton died 11-3-1969.  Dr. Sutton had moved to Cranberry Lake, NY, when he died in a car accident on 1-19-1982.  Their children:  Richard W. Sutton, who lived in Baltimore, MD, Mrs. George Reynolds of Cranberry Lake, and Mrs. Chester Henshaw of Palm Bay, FL.

George F. Swartz and Laura  Ebensperger Swartz lived at 28 Ely Dr., having arrived on Halloween Night, 1951.  Mr. Swartz was a 1925 graduate of Colgate University, thus establishing a family tradition, as both his sons also graduated from Colgate--George in 1956, and Robert in 1961.  Before arriving in Lyndon, the family lived in Basking Ridge, NJ, where Mr. Swartz was a senior marketing executive and Assistant to the President of Textron, Inc.  He worked in the Empire State Building in New York City for ten years.  While living in Lyndon, Mr. Swartz was vice-president of the Barlow advertising firm and later the vice-president of the Conlin, Labs, and Beebe advertising agency.  He was also active in Syracuse community organizations including executive positions with charitable fund raising drives and was the president of the American Marketing Association of Central New York.  Mrs. Swartz was the credit manager for Wells and Coverly, an upscale Syracuse store.  Mr. Swartz died 4-5-1988 in NJ.  Their children:  George Swartz, Jr., who wed Joanne Marie Vella, who was also a resident of Ely Dr., (see the Vella listing below), and Robert Swartz, who is a Defense Department official, and lives in Reston, VA.  

Donald L. Tiffany and Marie-Louise Chase Tiffany lived at 59 Ely Dr. in 1952.  He was a 1943 graduate of Colgate and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  He was a vice president and a financial consultant with Smith Barney Co. He began his career with Cyrus Eaton Co. in Cleveland, Ohio, and joined Loeb Rhoades Co. in 1948. That company later became Smith Barney Co.  Mrs. Tiffany grew-up at Highfields, her family's estate on Highbridge Rd., between Lyndon and Manlius, and the couple lived there after leaving Ely Dr. She was a graduate of the Goodyear Burlingame School of Syracuse and the Madeira School, Fairfax, VA.  She attended The Geneva College for Women in Geneva, Switzerland.  They were married 3-8-1952.  Mr. Tiffany died 1-11-1996, and Mrs. Tiffany died 7-25-2005.

Harry S. Traynor and Helen Ingalls Traynor lived at 137 Edwards Dr. by 1953.  He was a sales engineer for the Remington Corp. and by 1958 the family had relocated to the Washington, DC, area.  They had:  Martha Traynor and Harry Traynor, Jr.  Helen Traynor's family also lived on Edwards Dr. (See the Ingalls entry above).

Horace E. Tryon and Brantley Karrh Tryon lived at 20 Ely Dr. by 1953.  Mrs. Tryon was a native of Birmingham, AL.  Mr. Tryon was a 1934 graduate of the University of Alabama.  He was an accounting executive with the Greyhound Bus Co. from 1934 to 1951.  While living on Ely Dr. he was a supervisor in the personnel accounting department at the General Electric Co.  Mr. Tryon retired from GE in 1968 as the head of the payroll department.  Mrs. Tryon's widowed mother, Nettie Karrh, a native of Munroeville, AL, lived with the Tryons for 12 years prior to her death on 2-11-1964.  The couple later split their time between Tequesta, FL and a summer home on Oneida Lake.  Mrs. Tryon died 9-8-1973 at their summer home.  The following year, Mr. Tryon wed Gloria Mae Turtelot.  They resided in FL, where he died on 11-10-1988.

Fred A. Tuck and Alice Tuck lived at 143 Edwards Dr., having moved there from 115 Hampshire Rd. in DeWitt in September, 1953.  He was a graduate of Bethany College and came to the Syracuse area in 1946 as a store manager for Sears, Roebuck, and Co.  In February, 1955, he was transferred to Bangor, ME.  The couple later lived in Ventura County, CA, where Mrs. Tuck died  in February, 1981, and Mr. Tuck died about three months later.  Their children:  Robert Tuck, and Marcia Tuck, who was born about 1938.

T. Stewart Varey and Muriel Hale Varey lived at 10 Ely Dr. by 1955.  They moved from the home in 1957, and returned to the Baldwinsville area.  He was the Assistant Secretary of the National Grange Fire Insurance Co.  Mrs. Varey was from New Sharon, ME.  She was a graduate of Peter Brent Brigham Hospital, Boston, and was a former nurse at City Hospital in Syracuse.  Mrs. Varey died 6-17-1970, and the following year, Mr. Varey wed Marcia B. Dieter. Stewart and Muriel Varey had a daughter, Carolyn Jane Varey, who attended Wheaton College.

Samuel R. Vella and Ida Lamanna Vella lived at 49 Ely Dr., having purchased the home in May, 1953.  They had lived previously in Elmira.  They lived on Ely Dr. until November, 1959.  Mr. Vella was born c. 1913, and was a manager for the Electrolux Corp.  It is believed that the Vellas retired to the Miami area, and that she died there in February, 1977, and he died in June, 1983.  Their children:  Philip Vella, and Joanne Marie Vella, who wed George Swartz, Jr. (see the Swartz listing above).

Thomas R. Venditti and Ethel Hliwa Venditti lived at 327  Edwards Dr. by 1960.  Mr. Venditti was a life resident of the
Syracuse area.  The couple wed on 9-7-1941, and were living on Maple Dr. in Lyndon by 1942,  He served in the US Navy and the Marine Corps during WWII.  Mr. Venditti was the operator of a grill at 737 Butternut St. in Syracuse.  Then he was a self-employed builder and a master craftsman for 50 years.  The family later moved to Manlius where Mr. Venditti died on 8-12-1997, and Mrs. Venditti yet resides.  They had:  Thomas Venditti, Jr., who wed Chen Venditti, and lives in St. Petersburg, FL, Richard W. Venditti, who married Martha Venditti, and lives in Fabius, Bradley J. Venditti, who wed Heather Venditti, and lives in Georgetown, NY, Laurie Ann Venditti, of Manlius, James G. Venditti, who wed Virginia Sterritt Venditti, and resided in Boulder, CO, before his death in an auto accident on 10-23-1976, and Kimberly S. Venditti, of Manlius.    

Meyer Voit and Anna Fine Voit lived at 28 Ely Dr.  They sold the home due to illness in 1951.  Mr. Voit was an auctioneer and president of the Charm House Furniture Galleries in DeWitt.  He died 1-21-1959, and Mrs. Voit died 11-30-1983, at age 97.  They had twin daughters:  Ruth Voit, who wed attorney Eugene H. Klein, and lived in Syracuse, and Thelma Voit, who wed Nat Bronson, and lived in West Palm Beach, FL.

Marton E. Ward and Jane Elizabeth Murphy Ward lived at 47 Ely Dr. by 1955.  Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Mr. Ward was a 1939 magna cum laude graduate of Cornell University.  He worked 12 years at the Grain League Federation in Ithaca and Oneida, NY.  He then spent 22 years with the Carrier Corp., first in Tyler, Texas, and later in Syracuse, where he was national sales manager for the Transicold division.  Mr. Ward was the developer and builder of the prototype for the first upright freezers.  He retired in 1975.  The family moved to Liverpool in 1966.  Mrs. Ward, a native of West Rush, NY, died on 6-17-1997.  Mr. Ward died on 5-25-1998, at the age of 85.  They had:  Michael M. Ward, of Wappingers Falls, NY, and Terry Ward Morris, of Essex Junction, VT.

Daniel D. Wart and Mildred Pilchen Wart lived at 306 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  Both were natives of Watertown, NY.  He was a partner in the Service Machine and Tool Co. on Burnet Ave. in Syracuse.  The couple later moved to the Largo, FL, area and Mr. Wart  died in FL on 8-16-1970.   Mrs. Wart returned to CNY where she died 10-16-1991.  They had a son, Harold D. Wart, who married Kathleen Reed, worked in his father's business, and lived in Fayetteville.

Thomas F. Watson and Celeste Watson lived at 19 Ely Dr. by 1953.

Chester J. Williams and Louise Williams lived at 10 Ely Dr. in 1955.  He was a service manager for the Syracuse Supply Co.  They had a son, Chester Williams, Jr., who lived in Chittenango, NY.

Irene W. Willworth lived at 16 Ely Dr., having moved there about 1950.  She sold the home in 1954.

Alan H. Wilson and Leona Horowitz Wilson lived at 66 Ely Dr. in 1954.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1947 and was the president of Henry's Jewelers, a firm begun by his father, Henry J. Wilson.  They had:  Karen Wilson and Robert Wilson.

Melvin Gerald "Jerry" Wilson and Margaret "Mimi" Ryder Wilson lived at 2 Ely Dr. by 1952, having lived previously on Genesee St.  Mrs. Wilson was a native of Delphi Falls, NY, and lived in the Fayetteville area most of her life.  She was an avid antique collector and restorer.  Mr. Wilson was a native of Burlington, VT.  He was the sales manager for the Syracuse Supply Co., and retired in 1967 after many years with the company.  He was an antique car enthusiast.  Mr. Wilson died on 11-30-1986, and Mrs. Wilson died on 6-24-1991.  They had two daughters: Sally Wilson James, of Vestal, NY, and Suzanne Wilson, who wed Frederick Lee Hutwelker, Jr., on 12-15-1951, and lives in Fayetteville.

C. A. Yeaton and Helen Eddy Yeaton lived at 137 Edwards Dr. by 1960, having lived earlier on Byron Rd. in Fayetteville. He was the branch manager for Alcoa.  They had a daughter, Judith Yeaton, who wed George R. Crook in 1955, and lived in NYC.

John C. York and Betty Davis York lived at 350 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  He was a native of Scott Township, PA, and a graduate of Penn State.  He also earned a master's degree from the University of Massachusetts.  Mr. York was the general manager of the Eastern Milk Producers Cooperative until he resigned in 1977, after 30 years of service.  He subsequently lived in Ithaca, NY, and was living in Waverly, PA at his death on 3-14-1996.  They had:  Patricia York Beck, of Ithaca, John York, Jr., of Potomac, MD, Barbara York Orr, of Fairfax, VA, and James D. York, of Allentown, PA.

Albert E. Young and Josephine Dalton Young lived at 228 Edwards Dr. by 1953  He was the owner of the George Young Insurance Agency, Inc., on Butternut St. in Syracuse.  Mr. and Mrs. Young now live in Naples, FL.  They have two sons, Robert "Chip" Young, who wed Karen Sennett, of DeWitt, and Peter Young.
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