More old photos from Ethel, Attala County, MS
The top photo is of a car load of unidentified young people from Ethel, circa World War I.

The next row shows my great uncle, Walter Warren, on the left.  In the middle photo, taken about 1930, my grandmother, Ida Virginia White Clifton is shown with three children--from left to right, Dee Taylor Massey, Emmett Clifton, Jr., and Chlorene Clifton.  Emmett and Chlorene were two of her 11 children.  The photo on the right is identified only as "Brother and Mrs. Herrington"--a Baptist preacher in Ethel during the mid-1950's.

The second row shows my grandfather, Emmett Clifton, Sr., at about the time of his marriage in 1910 to Ida Virginia White.  On the right, two of the couple's daughters, Mary and Alla Hunter  Clifton are shown in front of the family home on Old Route 12 in Ethel, circa late 1940's.

The bottom row shows, left, Patty White, and, right, Esther Riley.  Both photos are circa 1900.

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Edward Hutchison
Madison, MS
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