The following people have in common that once-upon-a-time they lived or visited in Syracuse or central New York.  Beyond that they are all friends of ours that we have lost contact with over the years since we moved to the South in 1983.  If they, or anyone who might know them, should find this message, we would very much appreciate being contacted. 

Tom King--worked for Smith-Corona in DeWitt and later moved to NJ
Andrew Haynes--police consultant who was originally from SC
Becky Lewis Kinsey--Syracuse University art student from Garden City
Claudia Smith--lived on Syracuse's east side before moving to CA
Wanda Huffman--attended grad school at SU during the early 1970's
Rosalie Raps--attended Nottingham HS, probably in the class of 1960
Margo Berwald--graduated from Onondaga Valley Academy c.1960
Rev. Branson and Betty Thurston--attended graduate school at SU
Beverly Hancock--once lived on F-M Road in Manlius
Audrey Lee--from Clarksdale, MS, visited CNY in the mid-1950's
Susan Peets--attended elementary school in Lyndon circa 1950
Dorothy Carter--worked for Blue Cross and lived in Elbridge
Jeanette Patsos Ackley--worked for the Kallet Shoppingtown Theatre
Gary and Sandy Sittler--hockey player from Ontario, Canada
Stanley and Helen Burzynski--acct. and usher at the War Memorial
Dave Lorenz--worked at the old Prosperity factory on Midler Ave.
Don Anderson--lived in DeWitt and was at Jamesville-DeWitt in 1959
Ron Huckabee--lived in Lyndon and att. J-D, probably class of 1961
Violet Flansburg--originally from Utica and lived in Syracuse circa 1970
Eula Tunnicliff--Education Dir. at DeWitt Community Church c. 1960
William Burns--salesman for Swift Meat Co., lived in Cicero in the 60's
Karla Ungewitter--worked for First Trust Bank in the mid-1960's
Jane Constable--lived in Watertown, married and moved West
Norman Gold--lived in Alpine Village apartments in DeWitt in the 1970's
Frank Roger Sharp--former librarian for the Syracuse newspapers
Rev. Edward and Donna Upton--from MS, attended grad school at SU

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Ed Kelley--formerly worked for First Trust bank and now lives in SC
Ron Denka--former magician, still living and working in CNY
Jim Nibe--former classmate at Jamesville-DeWitt now living in NC
Mike Smith--player for the old Syracuse Blazers, still living in CNY
Yves Belanger--hockey player from Baie Comeau, Quebec
Wayne Robinson--former Sheriff's Deputy, now living in Florida
Dick Gross--from Rochester and Liverpool, now living in SC
Marcia Squadrito--lived in Liverpool and ran a theater boxoffice agency
Peter Stein--managed the downtown Daws Drug Store in the mid-1950's
Mary Allen--pianist who attended Fayetteville-Manlius, class of  1960
Mark Meier--lived in DeWitt and attended Mohawk Valley Tech
Sally Siegel Garr--an art teacher who lived in Chittenango and Fulton
Marilyn Vail--lived in DeWitt and attended Jamesville-DeWitt HS
Rosalie Raps--attended Nottingham HS, probably in the class of 1960
Virginia Walker--from TN, a civilian employee of the USAF
Cynthia Francis--lived on Maple Street and attended Syracuse Univ.
Terry Moran--St. Lawrence grad who also played for the Blazers
Terry Marshall--Blazers hockey player from Brandon, Manitoba

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