Lyndon Trailer Park is located on NYS Highway 92, also known as Highbridge Road, in the Syracuse suburb of Lyndon, NY.  It is about three miles east of the Syracuse city line and about two miles west of Fayetteville. The Park is surrounded on three sides by the Lyndon Golf Course.

The Park came into being about 1946, no doubt as a consequence of the post-World War II housing shortage.  Very little new housing was built during the War, and at its conclusion large numbers of returning veterans created a classic economic imbalance of supply and demand.  One solution to the problem was for land owners to convert idle land to sites where trailers could be parked.  This could be done relatively quickly and with only a modest investment.  John and Hazel Neider lived in a home on Highbridge Rd. and decided to use the approximately three acre site behind their home for such a development.  In this way, Lyndon Trailer Park came into existence.

At the time the Park opened, a narrow horseshoe shaped lane went in front of one row of trailers, looped around and came back in front of a second row of trailers.  A small grassy area was thus created between the two lanes and two rows of facing trailers.  Beside functioning as a play area for the children, this median was also the site of a small concrete bunker that served as a bathroom and shower for many residents.  Click here to see photos showing the Park as it then appeared.

During this era, trailers were meant to be hauled by ordinary automobiles, and as a result they were only eight feet wide and seldom more than 30 feet long.  Today, of course, trailers are often 60 feet long.  This trend toward longer and larger trailers resulted in changes to the original layout of the Park.  Today, the grassy median has disappeared, and only a small paved lane separates the two rows of trailers.  

Another change has occurred in the terms used to describe the Park.  When it was initially constructed, many people, and most newspaper accounts, referred to it as, "the Lyndon Trailer Camp."  Gradually, it became, "the Lyndon Trailer Court," and then, "the Lyndon Trailer Park." In the same way, trailers have come to be called, "mobile homes," or, "manufactured homes," and trailer parks now are often called, "mobile home parks."

During the post-War period it was common for construction workers to move about in search of employment.  Even though my father worked for the same company for nearly 20 years, he was in the construction field and my family moved often.  In fact, by the time I was six we had lived in more than ten places.  As my brother, John, and I reached school age, my parents sensed an obligation to settle down somewhere so that we could have a stable school experience.  As a result, in January of 1947, we found ourselves moving into the Lyndon Trailer Park, so that my father could work in Syracuse, and my brother and I could attend school regularly.  We lived in the Park until 1952 when we moved to a newly constructed home on Wexford Rd. in DeWitt Acres--a sub-division in nearby DeWitt.  My father worked in the Syracuse area for 14 years and my brother and I were fortunate enough to go from first grade through graduation in the Jamesville-DeWitt school district.

Even though I was only six when we moved to Lyndon, and just 11 when we left, I have many pleasant memories of our wonderful neighbors in the Park.  Amazingly enough, I am yet in contact with more than a dozen people that I first came to know when we were neighbors, all those years ago, in Lyndon.  I have always considered myself greatly blessed to have grown up where and when I did--among such decent, caring, neighbors.   As a small payment on a very great debt to them, I decided to honor my old friends by creating a registry of those of us who were early residents of the Park.  

What follows, then, is an alphabetical listing of about 80 families who lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park during its first 15 years, or, roughly the period from 1945 to 1960.  To create this registry, I have called upon old newspaper articles, town directories, alumni records, and personal recollections.  Often the records are incomplete--or even contradictory--so this information should be considered tentative, or suggestive, but not definitive.  Anyone who can suggest additions or corrections can do so by just clicking here to send email to the compiler, Edward R. Hutchison, of Madison, MS.

PLEASE NOTE:  In early 2008, a directory of all early  residents of Lyndon was completed.  The people listed here, who lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park, have been included--often with considerably more detail--in the new Lyndon Registryweb site.  Similar directories for the residents of DeWitt and for the residents of Fayetteville are also now available.   Information about the early students at the nearby Jamesville-DeWitt High School, (1955-1964), can also be viewed online.


Harold F. "Bud" Allan and Dorothy Woodford Allan lived in the Park soon after their marriage in 1954.  Mrs. Allan was born in NYC on 8-9-1935.  Mr. Allan was a native of Ontario Province, Canada.   He earned a degree in electrical engineering from Syracuse University in 1950.  Mr. Allan worked as an engineer for the General Electric Corp. and was an avid chess player.  The couple later moved to Lenox, MA, where they divorced in 1971.  Dorothy Woodford then married Edwin Joseph Allen, who was a professor at the University of Florida.  He died in 1988, and Mrs. Allen now resides in Tampa.  Mr. Allan is now married to Jeanne E. Allan and still lives in Lenox.  Harold and Dorothy Allan had:  Cathy Ann Allan, who was born 12-26-1955, married Donald O. White on 3-12-1983, and lives in Lutz, FL, Deborah Susan Allan, who was born 10-26-1956, married Ronald Joseph Marc Robichaud, on 5-21-1975, in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, and is thought to be residing in Grand-Sault, New Brunswick, Elizabeth Lynn Allan, who was born 4-11-1960, and married Robert Flynn in Auburn, AL, on 12-8-1995, Robert Francis Allan, who was born 9-30-1961, married Sharon Ann Stone on 4-28-1984, and lives now in Raleigh, NC, and Barbara Martha Allan, who was born 9-26-1962, married Jonathan Patrick Bridges on 4-15-1989, and lives in Evansville, IN.

John Allen and Nina Walker Allen lived in the Park by the early 1950's.  Mr. Allen was probably born about 1880 in Germany.  He worked as a railroad switch tender.  Mrs. Allen was probably born in June, 1881.  The couple lived in Syracuse and Clay, NY, before moving to the Park.

Joel Aronson and Catherine Gonseth Aronson lived in the Park by 1960.  He was the assistant manager of a Daws drug store in the Northern Lights shopping center in North Syracuse.  They had a son, Peter Aronson.

Duane Kenneth Ash and Ann Burth Ash lived in the Park in 1946, having been among the first to live in the Park following its opening.  Mr. Ash was born on 1-9-1919, and Mrs. Ash was born about 1922.  Mr. Ash was a student at Syracuse University at the time the family lived in Lyndon, and they moved to Married Student Housing, off Colvin St., in Syracuse, when it opened.  He graduated in 1950.  Mr. Ash lived in the Central Square area of NY, and was a career educator and guidance counselor.  He died on 8-8-2006, while residing in Alpharetta, GA.  At some point the couple divorced and Mrs. Ash wed Robert MacVeety. They live now in Fort Pierce, FL.  Mr. and Mrs. Ash had:  William A. Ash, who was born in 1944, served in the USAF, wed Luana Mary Dattler on 6-4-1966, retired after 27 years as a much decorated captain in the Syracuse fire department, and died 9-22-2000, Deborah Ash Walsh, who lives in Ithaca, NY, Kenneth Ash, a businessman who resides in Alpharetta, and Carlton Ash, who lives in Newnan, GA, and is an aviation mechanic.

George E. "Bud" Beers and Geraldine "Kathy" Beers lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by the early 1950's.  He was a student at Syracuse University.  Mr. Beers resided in San Jose, CA, at his death in 1972.

Edward C. Benjamin and Doris Allen Benjamin lived at the Park by the early 1950's, having lived earlier at 501 Tompkins St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Benjamin was born about 1882, and Mrs. Benjamin was born about 1886.  They married about 1912.  She was a native of Toronto, Canada, and their children were born there.  Mr. Benjamin worked as an electrician for the NYC railroad.  Mrs. Benjamin was very active in her Rebekah Lodge and was a member of the First English Lutheran Church.  She died in the Park on 1-15-1960, The couple had:  Harry A. Benjamin, who resided most of his life in the Syracuse area, served in WWII, retired in 1975 as a communication technician after 30 years with General Electric, and died on 10-21-1996, Frank O. Benjamin, who was a USA Air Corp veteran of WWII, married Mabel M. Benjamin, retired as an advertising executive at Carrier in 1991, and was a resident of Chittenango for 57 years at his death on 6-1-2004, Irene Benjamin, who wed Edward M. Flavin, and after his death, William C. Kelly, was a piano teacher and died on 12-15-1999, Isobel Benjamin, who wed George Edward Naumann, and operated DeWitt Business Service prior to her death on 7-2-1987, Edward Benjamin, Jr., of Phoenix, NY, who wed Margaret C. Maroney, worked as a heating and air conditioning salesman, and died 5-19-1986, and Robert M. Benjamin, who married Marianna Barber, worked as an accountant, and died 9-27-1985. 

Daniel N. Benson and Martha "Maryanne" Smith Benson lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mr. Benson was born on 1-3-1908, and was an electrician for the Krause and Heil Co.  Mrs. Benson, who was born on 11-25-1906, was a secretary for the electrical workers union.  In 1973, the couple moved to FL, and lived in Tavares when Mr. Benson died on 8-20-1990, and Mrs. Benson died on 4-9-2005.  She was 98.

John Bernadelli and Mae Fink Bernadelli lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mr. Bernadelli was a warehouseman for the Unit Parts Co. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Bernadelli was an x-ray technician.  It is thought that the couple wed about 1947.

John A. Bonney and Ethyl La Veck Bonney lived in the Park by 1960.  He was a combat engineer during WWII and entered France on D-Day.  While living in Lyndon, Mr. Bonney worked as a carpenter for construction companies.  Mr. Bonney was a native of  Pulaski, NY, and resided there most of his life.  The couple was living there at his death on 6-22-1973.  Mrs. Bonney was born in Verona, NY, but grew-up near Orwell, NY.  She was married previously to Harold Finister, and, after Mr. Bonney's death, she married Wells DeGraw in 1975.  She died 5-31-1977.  The Bonneys had a son, William D. Bonney, who lived in Webster, NY.

John Jerome Borzner and Anne Mary Hamm Borzner lived at the Park in 1952, and at 321 McLennan Ave. in Fayetteville by 1954.  A native of Syracuse, Mr. Borzner was born 8-2-1926, and was a USN veteran of WWII.  Mrs. Borzner was born 3-12-1927, and worked for the NY Telephone Co.  They also lived in Huntsville, AL, before moving to Edgewater, FL, in 1973.  Mr. Borzner retired after 33 years with General Electric Co., and previously served as a New York State trooper.  Mr. Borzner died 12-12-1994, in Daytona Beach, FL, and Mrs. Borzner died 8-30-1995.  They had:  John T. Borzner of Margate, FL, who was born about 1951, Tim J. Borzner, who was born about 1952 and lives now in Portland, OR,  Anne Borzner Baker, of West Linn, OR, and Mary S. Borzner of Orlando. 

Herman C. Bower and Emma Clark Bower lived in the Park by 1960.  Mrs. Bower was born in Johnsburgh, PA, and grew-up in Avis, PA.  She was a sales clerk and he worked as a machinist.  The couple moved to Albany, where Mrs. Bower died on 4-15-1998.  Mr. Bower predeceased her.  They had:  Richard Lee Bower, who married Jane Bower, and lives in Loudonville, NY,  and the late Mack C. Bower.

Howard N. Boyd and Martha Boyd lived in the Park by the early 1950's.  Mr. Boyd was a native of AL and a graduate of Auburn University.  He worked as a pharmacist.  They had:  Edward Boyd, who is a retired civil engineer living in Memphis, TN, and Donald Boyd, who earned his doctorate at Harvard University, wed Joanne Boyd, and lives in Indianapolis where he teaches and does research at a branch of Purdue University.  See a recent photo.

Alexander S. Calvin and Alice Walker Calvin lived in the Park by 1951.  Mr. Calvin was a salesman for the Oberdorfer Foundries, and Pomeroy Real Estate.  The couple probably lives in Greensboro, NC.  They had a son, Alexander Calvin.

Donald Carlon and Bette Swanson Carlon lived in the Park in the early 1950's.  Mrs. Carlon was from Fargo, ND, and Mr. Carlon was from Beaver, PA.  While living in the Park, the Carlons were the part-time janitors for the two small schools in Lyndon.  Mrs. Carlon also worked as an x-ray technician while Mr. Carlon attended medical school at Syracuse University.  Following his graduation, the couple moved to Fargo, where Dr. Carlon did his internship.  He then did his residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  He is now retired from his radiology practice and the couple still reside in Rochester.  They had:  Dr. Jane C. Carlon, who was born about 1952, and is now a radiologist at the Mayo Clinic,  Ann Carlon, who earned a master's degree in photojournalism from the University of Minnesota, was wed to the late Keith Pelton, and is the executive director of the convention and visitors bureau in Eagan, MN, and Todd Carlon, who is a medical administrator, and lives in Scottsdale, AZ.

Roger J. Clark and Jacqueline J. Clark lived at the Park by 1960.  He was a forestry student at Syracuse University and earned his master's in 1962.  Mrs. Clark taught elementary school in Fayetteville, while they lived in the park.  The couple reside now in East Aurora, NY, where Mr. Clark is an environmental consultant.

James Connors and Eva Connors lived in the Park in the early 1950's.  He was a carpenter and built his family a home north of Syracuse.

Olaf Danielson and Maisie Loosemore Danielson lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mr. Danielson was a designer at the Carrier Corp., and Mrs. Danielson was a payroll clerk at Spence Cleaners.

Donald G. Day and Shirley Horton Day lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1960, and moved to the Phoenix, NY, area about 1962.  He was born 8-26-1931, and was a native of Syracuse.  He worked as a mechanic, and later a foreman, with the Niagara-Mohawk Power Co., until his retirement in 1978.  Mr. Day died on 9-14-1992, in Fulton, NY.  They had:  Donald Kenneth Day, and John W. Day, both of Pennellville, NY.

John Raymond Deschambault and Marie Yolande Deschambault lived in the Park until about 1954 when they moved to 51 Wexford Rd. in DeWitt Acres.  Mr. Deschambault was a draftsman for the Sargent, Webster, Crenshaw and Folley architectural firm.  Mrs. Deschambault was the manager of the Knit-Nook store and later worked for the Lincoln Bank.  They live now in Ocala, FL.  They have: Danielle Deschambault-Duffy, who is retired from the practice of law and lives in Chicago, and Francine Deschambault, who is believed to be a physician residing in Washington state.

Donald D. Devitt and Constance Murphy Devitt lived in the Park by the early 1950's.  Mr. Devitt retired after 23 years as a NYS Trooper and became a claims supervisor for the Utica Mutual Insurance Co.  The family moved to Ravena, NY, and Mr. Devitt spent 13 years as the attendance officer for the local school district.  Mr. Devitt died in Ravena, at age 81, on 8-3-1982.  Mrs. Devitt is believed to be residing in Saratoga Springs, NY.  They had:  Barbara Devitt Truesdale, who lived in Buffalo, NY, and Albert Frederick Devitt, of Vista, CA.

Bob Diehl and Phyllis Diehl lived at the Park by the early 1950's.  They later lived in Chittenango.  He died and she re-wed and moved from the area.

Marshall Emm and M. Marjorie Emm lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1949.  Mr. Emm was born 11-24-1914, and was a native of Syracuse.  He enlisted in the Army on 11-14-1940, and served during WWII.  Mr. Emm was a graduate of Wheaton College, and earned a master's in history from Syracuse University in 1949.  The family lived in Las Cruces, NM, and Alexandria, VA, before moving back to CNY.  Mr. Emm worked for the United States Department of Education.  Mrs. Emm was born on 5-14-1920, and died in December, 1985, in Las Cruces, and Mr. Emm died on 12-9-1995, while residing in Clinton, NY.  They had:  Marshall G. Emm, who was born about 1949, graduated from Syracuse University, married Wendy Emm, is the CEO of Milestone Technologies, and lives in Aurora, CO, Margaret Jean Emm, who lived in Utica, NY, and Sister Uriela Emm, of Australia.

Richard Walter Fiola and Jeannlne Clement Fiola lived in the Park by 1957, having lived earlier at 826 Park Ave. in Syracuse.  They were married 8-25-1956.  Mr. Fiola worked for the Railway Express Co., and Mrs. Fiola worked for the Maryland Casualty Co.  The couple divorced in FL on 6-10-1971, and Mr. Fiola wed Margaret H. Fiola on 1-7-1972.  They live now in Chiefland, FL.  The former Mrs. Fiola married Richard D. Storer and they reside in Pinellas Park, FL.  Richard and Jeannine Fiola had a son, Richard J. Fiola, born in 1957, who lives in St. Petersburg, FL, and is in the computer software field.

Duane Fitts and Janice Fitts lived at the Park in the early 1950's.  Mr. Fitts was a native of Kent, OH, and enlisted in the USN in 1943 at age 17.  He served in the South Pacific.   While in Lyndon, Mr. Fitts sold school rings for the Balfour Co.  The couple split their time now between Kent and a  summer home in Lake Sunapee, NH.  Their children:  Bryan Fitts, Lori Fitts, and Holly Fitts.   See photo.

Jack E. Gallant and Ruth Avery Gallant moved to the Park in 1956 from the Great Lakes Naval Base in IL.  Both had lived earlier in Michigan.  He was born 7-30-1931 and worked for the Syracuse Transit Co. and, later, for the Greyhound Bus Co.  The family moved to Chittenango in 1965.  Mr. Gallant died on 12-7-1993 in Deland, FL.  Mrs. Gallant was born on 10-18-1934, and died 9-25-2002 in Dallas, TX.  They had:  Michael T. "Tim" Gallant, who earned a degree in aerospace engineering from Syracuse University in 1981, wed Suzanne Gallant, and works for Cummins Inc., in Columbus, IN, Glen Gallant, who was born 6-5-1957, lives in Houston TX, and  works for Atlas-Bradford Inc., Jill Gallant, who was born 9-7-1958, lives in Fort Worth, TX, and works for the legal firm of Mark Steward & Co., and Helen Gallant ,who resides in Plano TX.

William R. Gallinger and Elaine Gallinger lived at the Park by 1955.  He was a member of the USAF.

Elston D. Gaurin and Pauline Hinman Gaurin lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  He was an engineer for the Brown-Lite-Chapin Corp.  Mr. Gaurin is thought to have been from Massena, and to have attended Colgate University following WWII service.  They had:  Elston Gaurin, William Gaurin, and Catherine Gaurin.

Edward W. Gilmore and Mary "May" McAvoy Gilmore lived in the Park by the early 1950's.  While living in Lyndon he was a medical student at the Syracuse University school of medicine.  Upon graduation, in 1954, Dr. Gilmore went into practice in the Binghamton area and then in Meshoppen, PA.  Later the family moved to the Miami area and they now reside in Orlando.  They had:  Robert Gilmore, and Ronald Gilmore.

Clive D. Goodwin, Jr., and Mary Lou Hartley Goodwin lived at the Park in the early 1950's.  Mr. Goodwin was a flight instructor at the Canastota airport, worked at GE, and also managed a Texaco station on Route 20 during this period.  Mrs. Goodwin also worked for GE.  Late in 1955, the family moved to Seneca Knolls in Baldwinsville.  Later the couple moved to Youngsville, NC, where they yet reside.  Mr. Goodwin still has a pilot's license and is active in the Civil Air Patrol.  They had one son, Clive "Tink" Goodwin, III, who is now retired and living on Great Exuma Island in the Central Bahamas.

Robert F. Hadden and Hildegard Finger Hadden lived in the Park by 1960.  He was in the USAF.

Charles E. Henson and Opal Ezell Henson lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1960, and by the next year they were living in Nevel's Trailer Park in Kirkville.  Mr. Henson was a staff sergeant in the USAF.  Mrs. Henson died in SC on 11-5-2001, and Mr. Henson resides now in FL.  They had:  Charles Henson, who lives in VA, and Paul Henson and Robert "Bobby" Henson, who both live in FL.     

James A. Hogue and Bernice McGill Hogue lived in the Park by 1960.  Mrs. Hogue worked in the cafeteria at Jamesville-DeWitt high school, where Mr. Hogue taught shop.  In 1977, Dr. Hogue earned a doctorate in educational administration from Syracuse University.  The Hogues split their time now between Hermon, NY, and Leesburg, FL.  They have:  Howard Hogue, and Mary Jane Hogue.  See recent photos.

John A. Huckabee, Sr., and Emily Orr Huckabee lived in the Park by the early 1950's.  He was born in Bennettsville, SC, and worked as a carpenter.  Mr. Huckabee also served as an ordained Jehovah's Witness minister for 58 years.  Mrs. Huckabee was born in Syracuse and lived in the area most of her life.  Mr. Huckabee died on 7-29-2001, at age 93, ending a marriage of 72 years.  Mrs. Huckabee was 90 when she died 8-11-2002.  They had:  Peggy Huckabee Johnson, of Spring HIll, FL, John Huckabee, Jr., of Syracuse, and Ronald I. Huckabee, of Jamesville.

Devens Hurd and Pearl Carpenter Hurd lived in the Park until moving to Baldwinsville about 1948.  Mr. Hurd was a native of Bloomfield, VT.  Mrs. Hurd was a native of Syracuse and once worked in the deli department at the Kresge's store in downtown Syracuse.  Mr. Hurd was an equipment operator for the D. W. Winkelman Co. for 35 years.  They later moved to DeRuyter and spent their winters in Zephyrhills, FL.  Mr. Hurd died on 8-27-1993, and Mrs. Hurd died on 8-4-2000.  Mrs. Hurd was married previously to Edward P. Jones and they had:  Lillie Mae Ladd, who lived in Warners before her death on 3-30-1978, at age 40, and Jean Whalen, of DeRuyter.

Clarence Edward Hutchison and Vivian Clifton Hutchison moved to the Park on January 31, 1948.  They were natives of Mississippi, where Mr. Hutchison began doing construction work.  He started as a water bearer and at his retirement was a superintendent.  While living in CNY, Mr. Hutchison was the repair shop foreman for the D. W. Winkelman Co.  Mr. Hutchison's widowed mother, Mamie Johnson Hutchison lived with the family.  She was known to many as "Nana" Hutchison, and babysat for many of the children in the Park. The Hutchisons moved to 33 Wexford Rd. in DeWitt in 1953, and to nearby 15 Pickwick Rd. in 1955.  In 1961, the family returned to Mississippi, where Mamie Hutchison died on 4-8-1968, Vivian Hutchison died on 2-16-1997, and Mr. Hutchison died on 4-8-2006, at age 92. The couple had two sons:  Edward Ross Hutchison, who wed Jean Marie King, of Syracuse, on 8-19-1961, has been a legislator, professor, and psychotherapist, and lives now in Madison, MS, and John Melton Hutchison, who married Susan Elizabeth Beach, and retired as a banking executive in Tallahassee, FL.  See a recent photo.

Herbert Jasper "Bud" Irion and Charlotte Epps Irion lived in the Park, beginning in 1949.  Mr. Irion was originally from Darien, CT, and spent his teen years in Westfield, NJ.  He was a USA veteran of WWII, having served in Europe.  Mrs. Irion was also from Westfield, and graduated from Colby Junior College in New London, NH.  The couple wed 1-17-48, and soon moved to the Syracuse area so that Mr. Irion could attend college on the GI Bill.  While in Lyndon, Mr. Irion worked at various part-time positions including a job at the W. T. Grants department store where he was a bill collector.  Following Mr. Irion's graduation from Syracuse University with a master's in business administration, the couple moved back to Westfield and he worked for the NY Port Authority and, later, was involved in real estate.   In 1972, the Irions purchased a grain business and moved to North Ferrisburg, VT.  While living there, Mr. Irion became very active in teaching and counseling with prisoners.  The Irions subsequently retired to Sterling, VA, where Mr. Irion died on 7-10-2005, and Mrs. Irion died on 8-3-2007.  They had:  Susan J. Irion, an attorney in Chicago, Barbara Irion, who wed Will Sawyer, and lives in Ankara, Turkey, where he is a computer science professor, Margaret "Meg" Irion, a former physical therapist, who wed Craig Brown, a computer consultant, and lives in Sterling, and Robert "Rob" Irion, who graduated from MIT, and is an award winning science writer and teacher living in Santa Cruz, CA.  See a recent photo.

William R. Johnson and Nina Jean Martin Johnson lived at the Park by 1955.  Mr. Johnson was a student at Syracuse University and earned a master's in education in 1955.

Richard Keeler and Pauline Polacek Keeler lived in the Park by 1953.  Mrs. Keeler was a native of Spafford, NY, and died at home on 10-16-1953.

Richard M. Kelly lived at the Park by 1960.  He was an engineering assistant at the General Electric. Corp.

Joseph J. Kerniski and Helen Ann Bates Kerniski lived at the Park by 1960.  He worked for the New Process Gear Corp. as a material handler. The Kerniskis later moved to Baldwinsville.  Mrs. Kerniski, a graduate of Empire State College, has been active in a project designed to help the families of prisoners.  They had:  John Kerniski, who wed Cheryl Marie Brown, about 1987, Susan  Kerniski, who married Bruce Allen, and Jane Kerniski.

Thomas J. Kerr, IV, and Donna L. Kerr lived in the Park by 1960.  Mrs. Kerr taught at the elementary school in Fayetteville while Mr. Kerr attended the Maxwell Graduate School at Syracuse University, earning his doctorate in 1965.  Dr. Kerr became a history professor at Kendall College in Chicago, and later served as president of the institution.  The Kerrs live in retirement in Westerville, OH.

Elwyn W. "Ock" Lanning and Barbara Smith Lanning became the owner-operators of the Park in the late 1950's.  Mr. Lanning also worked for the Carrier Corp., retiring in 1972, and Mrs. Lanning was a teacher in Liverpool.  Mrs. Lanning was born in Walloston, MA, but moved to Liverpool in 1916, and lived most of her life there.  Mr. Lanning died on 11-4-1985.  Mrs. Lanning then married Howard H. Hurst, Sr., and died on 2-9-2005.  Mr. and Mrs. Lanning had:  Stuart W. Lanning, who earned a master's in music from Syracuse University in 1965, and is a professional musician in Manvel, TX, and Jean Lanning, who wed Paul Lewis, and lives in South Salem, NY.

Aldie E. LaPointe and KAlyce "Alice" LaPointe lived in the Park by the late 1940's.  Mr. LaPointe was a native of the Province of Quebec, Canada.  He worked for the D. W. Winkelman Co. as a bulldozer operator and repair shop foreman.  Mr. LaPointe retired in 1978 after more than 30 years with the company.  After residing in the Park, the family moved to E. Syracuse, Southwood, and, in the early 1950's, to Warners, NY.  Mrs. LaPointe died on 1-19-1979, and Mr. LaPointe later moved to Appalachian, NY, where he died at his daughter's home on 8-21-1990. They had:  Denis E. LaPointe, who wed Patricia Thompson and lives in Baldwinsville, Eileen LaPointe Steller, who lives in Knoxville, TN, Noel LaPointe, who is a minister of the Church of God, and an accomplished artist, and John K. LaPointe, who wed Kimberly Brownell on 7-7-1988, and lives in Warners. 

Archie A. LaPointe and Inez Peterson LaPointe lived in the Park by 1947.  He was a native of Norton Mills, VT.  Mr. LaPointe was the equipment superintendent for the D. W. Winkelman Co. for 35 years before his retirement in 1976.  After Lyndon, the  family lived at 400 Walnut St. in Fayetteville, and in Skaneateles and Auburn.  The couple divorced and Mr. LaPointe subsequently wed Lynda Miller.  Mrs. Inez LaPointe died in Fayetteville on 11-21-1973.  Mr. LaPointe died at home in Auburn on 9-8-1981.  Archie and Inez LaPointe had:  Valerie LaPointe, who wed Thomas P. Kinsella, and resided in Fayetteville before her death, at age 32, on 9-16-1973, and Kristopher L. LaPointe, who wed Carla LaPointe and lives near Skaneateles.

Walter O. Lipfert and Artelissa Tice Lipfert lived in the Park by the late 1950's.  Mr. Lipfert graduated from Syracuse University in 1953 with a master's in education.  That same year he began teaching in the Skytop facility for the Jamesville-DeWitt school district.  In the fall of 1954, the new J-D high school opened and Mr. Lipfert was among the original faculty members.  Later, he returned to graduate school and earned certification as a school psychologist.  Mrs. Lipfert was a technician.  At some point the couple divorced and Mrs. Lipfert was living in Groton, NY, at her death on 12-25-1988.  Mr. Lipfert married Kathleen Mulvaney Bothwell, and they resided in Auburn.  The second Mrs. Lipfert is a native of Moravia, NY, and is a pastoral minister at St. Mary's Church in Auburn.  Mr. Lipfert died on 7-2-2008.  Walter and Artelissa Lipfert had three children:  Artelissa Lipfert, Laura Lipfert, and Lawrence Lipfert.

Arthur F. Londrey and Mary VanDusen Londrey lived in the Park by 1951, and later moved to Syracuse.  Mr. Londrey served in WWI, and worked for the Lennox Furnace Co.  Mrs. Londrey worked at DeWitt Cleaners, and retired from the Carrier Corp.  The couple lived in North Syracuse when Mr. Londrey died, at age 63, on 11-15-1957.  Mrs. Londrey died on 12-26-1998, at age 93.

Mrs. Grace McEathron lived in the Park by 1960.

Lewis Bryant McGlohon and Mary Pendergraft McGlohon lived in the Park by 1955.  Mr. McGlohon was born in Ayden, NC, on 8-7-1925.  Mrs. McGlohon was from Eureka Springs, AR.  The couple was wed on 10-7-1951. He was a career USAF pilot, having joined the Army Air Corps in 1943.  After completing pilot training, he remained on active military duty for 30 years during which he flew numerous types of aircraft for more than 6,000 flying hours.  While stationed in Tampa, he attended college at night and graduated from Florida Southern College in 1963.  After retiring from the military, Mr. McGlohon worked from 1974 to 1987, as a safety inspector and consultant for the NC Department of Labor.  Mrs. McGlohon died on 7-7-2002, and Mr. McGlohon died 1-24-2007 in Greenville, NC.  The couple adopted and raised three children:  Michael Bryant McGlohon of Black Mountain, NC, Kimberly Diane McGlohon and Nancy Kathryn Corbett, both of Winterville, NC.

John McKenna lived in the Park by 1960.  He worked as a soil tester for the NY state government.

Edward Mangan and his wife moved to the Park shortly after their marriage in 1946.  On 9-15-1946 the interior of their home was destroyed by fire. 

David N. Mardon and Frances Rivoli Mardon lived at the Park by 1960.  While in Lyndon he worked as a lab assistant and she was a receptionist.  Mr. Mardon earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Buffalo and, in 1968, received his doctorate from Syracuse University.  He now lives in Richmond, KY, and is a biology professor at Eastern Kentucky University.

Frederick J. Martin and Frances VanValkenburg Martin lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951, having lived earlier at 134 Hasbrook St., in Syracuse.  He was a home builder and when the Martins left the park it was to move into a home at 100 Hunt Dr. in Fayetteville that Mr. Martin had just completed.  By 1961, they had moved to a new development just east of Fayetteville.  Mrs. Martin was born about 1912, and grew up in Syracuse.  The couple were married about 1932. They had: Sherman Frederick Martin, who was born 5-6-1933, graduated from the Academy of Aviation, wed Marilyn Margaret Tobin on 6-12-1954, was an engineer for the North American Aviation Corp., and was living in East Northport, NY, at his death on 10-12-2002, and Wayne Martin, who was born about 1945. 

Stanley G. Millard and Doris Colby Millard lived in the Park by the early 1950's.  He worked as a guard for the Crucible Steel Co.

Lester E. Miller and Margaret Boyle Miller lived at the Park by 1951.  Mr. Miller was born about 1896, and was a china designer for the Miller Liner Co.

John D. Milligan and Phyllis Zimmerman Milligan lived in the Park in the early 1950's.  Mr. Milligan was a printer for the Voss Litho Co.  They had a son, Thomas Milligan, who was born about 1948.

Robert A. Minsterman and Evelyn Berthod Minsterman lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mr. Minsterman was born in Elmira, NY, on 10-15-1922, and served in WWII.  He was a circuit analyst and engineer at General Electric for 39 years.  Mrs. Minsterman was born about 1922, and the couple wed about 1942.  She also worked at GE.  The family lived in Cicero, NY, when Mr. Minsterman died on 4-12-2002.  They had:  David Minsterman, a computer scientist who earned an MS degree from Syracuse University, and lives in LaFayette, NY.

Alfred E. Mounteney and Madeline Billings Mounteney lived in the Park by 1960.  She was a cafeteria worker and he was a truck driver.

Alfred C. Mulligan and Alice Mulligan lived in the Park by 1960.  He was an industrial engineer for the NYC railroad.

Samuel Rowland Murray and Virginia Aldrich "Ginny" Murray lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1948. Mr. Murray was born 12-29-1924. He was a student at Syracuse University, and graduated in 1951, with a degree in engineering. The couple wed in 1945. They moved from Sidney, NY, to FL in 1958. Mr. Murray retired after 20 years with the Honeywell Co. as a mechanical engineer. He was an avid woodcarver, and a veteran of the Army Air Corps during WWII. Mr. Murray lived in St. Petersburg, FL, at his death on 12-10-2006. They had: Stephanie Murray, who lives in Havana, FL, Cynthia Murray, who wed Thomas Keup, a native of WI, and lives in Deland, FL, and Jennifer Murray Daniels, who lives in Tallahassee.

Samuel Murray lived in the Park about 1947.

Charles Neff and Eileen Ash Neff lived in the Park about 1947.  Mr. Neff was a serviceman and moved when he was transferred overseas.

Alice Brown Neider, known to most as "Aunt Alice," lived in a small apartment adjacent to the Park's laundry and mail room.  She is believed to have been John Neider's widowed aunt.

John G. Neider and Hazel Belding Neider lived on Highbridge Rd. and were the owners and operators of the Park until the late 1950's.  Mr. Neider was a native of Syracuse.  He was the welfare officer for the Town of DeWitt and later was in the maintenance department of the Onondaga County courthouse.  Born in Fayetteville, Mrs. Neider lived all her life in the Syracuse area.  She worked 25 years with the E.W Edwards Co. before retiring in 1956.  Following retirement the Neiders moved to 338 Hillview Ave., in Syracuse.  Mr. Neider died 3-25-1985, and Mrs. Neider died 8-20-1985.  Both were 93 at their deaths and had been married 75 years.  Their daughter, Jessica Neider married William Ross.  (See the Ross entry below.)

George Peter Newton and Grace Labuz Newton lived in the Park by 1951.  Mr. Newton was a heating engineer with the Sargent, Webster, Crenshaw, and Folley architectural firm.  The couple moved to Fayetteville about 1955.  Mrs. Newton, a native of Utica, died 11-20-1972.  They had:  Rebecca Ann Newton, who lived in Oakland, CA, George Newton, Jr., who was born 10-2-1951, and wed Laurie Elizabeth Crossman about 1978, and Andrew P. Newton.

Carroll M. Norton and Ethel Yates Norton lived in the Park by 1960.  He worked for the General Electric Co.

George F. O'Neill and Elizabeth St. Amour O'Neill lived in the Park by 1960.  He was the branch manager for the Stromberg division of the General Time Corp.  Mrs. O'Neill was a bookkeeper.  The couple had:  Rickie O'Neill and Randy O'Neill.

Clyde Ott and Jessie Wager Ott lived in the Park by the late 1940's.  He was a sales manager for the Sears, Roebuck Co.  They were among the first in the Park to purchase a television set, and many youngsters in the Park saw their first television show at their home.  The Otts suffered a major fire in the early 1950's and their trailer was a total loss.  The Otts subsequently retired to FL, where Mr. Ott died on 3-9-1995, at age 95.

Jim Paisley and June Paisley lived in the Park by the early 1950's.  He sold x-ray equipment.

Ira J. "Lutz" Peets and Marion Scott Peets lived in the Park by the early 1950's.  They were natives of northern NY.  Mr. Peets was an arc welder for the Carrier Corp.  They had, Susan Peets, who was born about 1948, and Joanne Peets, who was born in August, 1952.

Louis "Frenchy" Perreault and Vizinalda "Dot" Peloquin Perreault lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1947.  They were natives of Quebec Province, Canada.  Mr. Perreault was born in Chersty, QP, on 3-6-1902, and was an equipment mechanic for 30 years for the D. W. Winkelman Construction Co.  During WWII, he worked for the company at various defense-related construction sites in the South before moving to the Syracuse area about 1947, where he worked in their main repair shop on Greenway Ave. in Syracuse.  After they left the Park in about 1954, the Perreaults moved to the Baldwinsville area.  They lived at 7493 Surbrook Rd. at Mr. Perreault's death on 5-8-1978.  Mrs. Perreault was born on 2-11-1906, and after her husband's death, she returned to Canada and lived near Montreal.  She died on 7-15-1998.  Mrs. Perreault's maiden name may have been Pelokuin.

Donald E. Peterson lived in the Park by the late 1940's.  He was a native of Elmhurst, IL, and studied forestry at Syracuse University, where he graduated in 1950.  He is married to Martha L. Peterson, and lives in Wilmington, NY.

William S. "Pete" Peterson and Marjorie Martin Peterson moved to the Park in 1949, from CT.  Mr. Peterson was born in Island Pond, VT, on 6-10-1920.  Mrs. Peterson was also a native of New England, and the couple met when both attended high school in N. Stratford, NH.  Mr. Peterson was in the USA's Corps of Engineers during WWII.  He celebrated his 24th birthday (6-10-1944) by landing in Normandiy.  The Petersons were married in November, 1945, following his army discharge.  Mr. Peterson worked as a painter and an equipment mechanic for the D. W. Winkelman Construction Co. and the family came to the Syracuse area as a result of his work.  About 1950, the family moved to Chittenango.  Mr. Peterson died on 5-10-1978, of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease.)  He was 57.  Mrs. Peterson taught in the business department of Chittenango High School for many years, and she still resides at 206 Tobin Dr. in Chittenango.  The couple had:  Heidi Peterson DeMaso,  who was born in December, 1947, and is a teacher living in Cortland, NY, Gloria Lynn Peterson, who wed Stuart Grasmeyer, and died in Sydney, Australia, on 7-29-2005, Alan M. Peterson, who was born about 1959 and lives in Chittenango, and Russell Peterson, who was born about 1955 and works for Bristol Labs in Princeton, NJ.

George F. Popp, Jr., and Mary Myers Popp lived in the Park by 1951.  Mr. Popp was a salesman for Swift & Co.

Donald Porter and Margaret Ferstler Porter lived in the Park by 1951.  Mr. Porter was a meat cutter for the P. & C. grocery chain, and later became the manager of the company's Manlius store.  Mrs. Porter was a secretary at Crouse-Hinds.

Frederick W. "Fritz" Prill and Marjorie "Ginger" Smith Prill lived in the Park.  Mrs. Prill lived with her parents, Maynard and Sara Smith, in the Park prior to her marriage in 1952.  She and Mr. Prill then acquired their own trailer.  Mr. Prill was a lifetime resident of the Syracuse area and served with the USN in 1948.  He worked in the drug and grocery field, and Mrs. Prill was an office worker.  Mr. Prill was very active in the Ski Patrol and served 33 years with the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Department, where he was a captain in the rescue unit.  He died 1-5-1998, and Mrs. Prill still resides in the Park--where she has lived for about 60 years.

William F. Ross and Jessica Neider Ross managed the Park for her parents, John and Hazel Neider.  Both families lived in an older home on Highbridge Rd.--adjacent to the entrance to the Park.  Mr. Ross worked for the Pitney-Bowes Co.  The family moved to the Miami area, where Mrs. Ross died on 10-8-1992, and Mr. Ross died on 9-26-2004.  They had: Gary W. Ross, born about 1939, who died about 1985 in FL, of leukemia, and Linda Ross Huther, born about 1945, who lives now in Reston, VA.

Arnold E. Sandness and Loretta Fascia Sandness lived in the Park by 1951.  A native of Norwich, Mr. Sandness was born 1-4-1912, and resided most of his life in or near Syracuse.  He retired after 42 years as a grinder with the Rollway Bearing Co.  Mr. Sandness was the first president of Local 798 of the United Auto Workers Union, and was residing in Syracuse at his death on 4-12-1993.  Mrs. Sandness was a native of Niagara Falls, NY, but lived most of her life in the Syracuse area before moving to Watertown.  She was living there at the time of her death on 4-13-2001.  Their children:  Janet Sandness Krafft, who lives in Watertown, Lynne Sandness Shafty, of Syracuse, and Arne Olaf Sandness, who wed Christine Panelati in December, 1988, lives in Solvay, works as an engineer, and is a noted collector of science fiction books.

Douglas Lee Sandness lived with his parents, Olaf Sandness and Mayme Lewis Sandness, in the Park by 1951.  He was born in Syracuse on 3-4-1922, and wed Elsa Van Friedeberg.  While living in the Park, Mr. Sandness worked at the L. C. Smith typewriter company.  Mrs. Sandness was married previously to Jacob Strodel, of Syracuse, and had seven children.  She was from Munich, Germany, and came to Syracuse in 1942.  Mrs. Sandness was an accomplished sculptress, painter, and designer.  Her most ambitious undertaking was a 350-pound bust of President John F. Kennedy, which is now a part of the permanent collection at the Kennedy Library in Cambridge, MA.  The bust took seven months to complete.  The Sandness family later lived in Syracuse where Mr. Sandness was a trash collector for the city's DPW.  Mrs. Elsa Sandness died on 2-14-1982, and Mr. Sandness died on 4-24-2002, at age 80.  

Marion Sandness lived with her brother, Douglas Sandness, and her parents, Olaf and Mayme Sandness, in the Park by 1951.  Miss Sandness was a secretary for the A. H. Pond Co.  Later she wed a Mr. Wood, and lives now in Stuart, FL.  Two other members of her extended family, Paul Arnold Farnett, born about 1934, and his sister, Sandra Farnett, who was born about 1939, and married Raymond M. Shewchuk, also lived with the Sandness family by 1952.

Olaf Sandness and Mayme Lewis Sandness lived in the Park by 1951.  Mr. Sandness was a foreman and, later, an elevator operator for the L. C. Smith Co. typewriter company.  They had:  Arnold Sandness, Marion Sandness Wood, and Douglas Lee Sandness.  (See their children's entries.)  

Mrs. Roy Schumacher lived in the Park in November, 1946.

Mrs. Claire Scott lived in the Park by 1957.  She worked as a clerk.  Her son, Philip Scott, was a graduate of Solvay High School, and entered the fulltime public ministry of Jehovah's Witnesses in 1954, and graduated from the Watchtower Bible School of Gilead in 1957.

Leonard W. Scott and Patricia Henophy Scott lived in the Park by the early 1950's.  Mr. Scott was a welder at the Carrier Corp.  They had a daughter, Cynthia Scott Culkin, who was born in October, 1951, and lives in Baldwinsville, NY.

James E. Sheets and Janet Sheets lived at the Park by 1960.  He was an electrician.  They had a daughter, Lauretta Sheets.

Barney J. "B. J." Smith and Kathleen Estlack "Kay" Smith lived in the Park by 1951.  Mr. Smith was born on 9-23-1911, and was the chief power engineer for the Carrier Corp., and at Syracuse University.  The couple later moved to the Jamesville area where they operated The Old Pine Snack Bar on Jamesville Rd.  They also lived for a period in El Cajon, CA, where they ran Barney's Cafe.  The Smiths resided in Matthews, NC, when Mr. Smith died on 10-25-1978.  Mrs. Smith was born in West Farmington, OH, on 3-3-1909, and resided in Syracuse at her death on 1-2-2000.  They had:  Nancy Smith Craghead, who lived in Madison, OH.  Mrs. Smith had been married previously and had: Richard C. Stocker, who lived in Clay, NY.

Donald H. Smith and Frances Morgan Smith lived in the Park by 1950.  Mr. Smith attended the Central City Business Institute, (CCBI), in Syracuse.  They had a daughter born on 2-10-1952.

Maynard W. Smith and Sara McEathron Smith lived in the Park by about 1950.  He was an egg salesman and later a real estate broker and she was a nurse.  They had a daughter, Marjorie "Ginger" Smith, who married Frederick Prill, and also lived in the Park.  (See the Prill listing above.)

Robert D. Smith and Sonya Earley Smith lived at the Park by 1960.  He worked as a truck driver.

Leo F. Snook and Jeanne Fay Snook lived at the Park by 1951.  Mr. Snook was born on 2-27-1925, and was an assembly line worker at the Crouse Hinds Co.  Mrs. Snook was born on 4-18-1922, and the couple wed about 1943.  She worked at Bristol Labs and Rothchild's drug store.  Mrs. Snook died 4-21-2000, and Mr. Snook resides in Sebastien, FL. They had:  Lynn Snook Kohut, who lived in East Syracuse, and James Snook, who lived in Liverpool.

Michael Stawis and Mary Jane Elsaser Stawis lived in the Park in the mid 1950's, and moved to Eureka Dr. in Manlius about January, 1957.  Mr. Stawis was a production foreman at the Carrier Corp. and Mrs. Stawis was a music teacher at Fayetteville-Manlius school.  They had a daughter, Rhonna Lee Stawis, who was born in July, 1956.

Eugene W. Stuart and Carol Jones Stuart lived at the Park by 1960.  He was a student at Syracuse University and she worked as a secretary to Samuel H. Green.

Hugh W. Taylor and Christine Cobb Taylor lived on Genesee St. by 1942, and at the Park by 1951.  Mr. Taylor was born about 1917, in Fenton, NY.  He was a machinist and tool maker for the Continental Can Co., the General Electric, and, at his retirement, for the Crouse-Hinds Co.  The couple married about 1941.  They were residing in North Syracuse at Mr. Taylor's death on 8-24-2007.  They had:  Lynn Taylor, who wed Mary Beth Taylor, and Nancy Taylor, who married Shane Wolven.

Raymond R. Tedford and Dolores MacMillan Tedford lived at the Park by 1960.  She worked for the Syracuse China Corp. and he was a spray painter for the Easy Washer Co.

I. Frederick Trew and Helen Eye Trew lived at the Park in the early 1950's.  Mr. Trew was from the vicinity of Charlotte, NC.  He received  an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and, while in the park, earned a master's degree from Syracuse University.  Mrs. Trew earned a master's degree from the University of Virginia, and taught elementary students for 38 years. Throughout her life, she was a generous supporter of third world missions.  Mr. Trew worked as a forester.  The couple were residing in Earlysville, NC, at Mr. Trew's death on 12-2-1995, and Mrs. Trew's death on 9-8-2002.  They had a daughter, Rev. April Trew, an Episcopal vicar, who married Rev. D. Richard Greenwood, and lives in Richmond, VA.

Raymond W. Truax and June Casey Truax moved to the Park about 1950.  They lived previously at another trailer park in Lyndon.  This smaller park was located on East Genesee St.--on the eastern bank of the low land which forms the boundary between Lyndon and DeWitt.  Mr. Truax was born on 8-21-1916, and was a native of PA.  He worked as an electrician for the Carrier Corp. for 30 years before his retirement in 1981.  He was also an accomplished carpenter and, in his spare time while living in the Park, Mr. Truax built his family a new home on Andrews Rd. in DeWitt.  The couple moved to Pompey in 1985, and were living there at Mr. Truax's death on 4-10-2005.  Mrs. Truax was born about 1919, and died on 10-3-2008.  They had:  Raymond Gary Truax, who was born about 1939, wed Janet Vincent, worked for Carrier Corp., and lives now in Phoenix, NY,  William Ernest Truax,who married Norma Truax, is an executive vice-president of Kaydon, Inc., a manufacturing firm, and lives in Danville, IL, and Terry R. Truax, who wed Debbie Truax, and lives in Pompey.

Leonard L. Vincelette and Theresa Palmer Vincelette lived in the Park following their marriage on 5-3-1952.  Mrs. Vincelette was a native of Clayton, NY, and was a graduate of the Wallace Secretarial School, in Ogdensburg. She worked as a stenographer at the Crouse-Hinds Co.  Mr. Vincelette was a graduate of Fort Covington High School and attended Clarkson College in Potsdam.  After serving with the USAF, he worked as a production expediter for Crouse-Hinds.  By 1955, he was working as a lithographer and printer for Voss Litho Co.  The family later moved to Chittenango, where Mrs. Vincelette served as the village clerk, beginning in 1980,  Mr. Vincelette died and Mrs. Vincelette still resides in Chittenango.  The couple had:  Keith Vincelette, who was born 6-29-1953, and lives in Canastota, Richard Vincelette, of Cranbury, NJ, and Cheri Vincelette, who lives in Naples, FL. 

Charles M. Walsh and  Kathryn MacDonald Walsh lived at the Park by 1960.  She was a sales clerk and he sold roofing and siding.

Robert Williams and Dottie Williams lived in the Park by the early 1950's.

Dana W. Wilson and Eula Walrad Wilson lived in the Park by 1951, and in Canastota by 1955.  Mr. Wilson was a landscape gardener, at the Butternut Creek Nursery.  The couple separated and Mrs. Wilson lived in Sanford, NC.  They had Scott Andrew Wilson, who studied chemistry at Campbell University in NC.

Leonard R. Wilson and Ida Wells Wilson lived at the Park by 1960.  She worked in a curtain factory and he was a carpenter.

William A. Witt and Dorothy Clark Witt lived in the Park by 1951.  Mr. Witt was a student at Syracuse University, and graduated in 1952.  Mrs. Witt was a lithographer and artist for the Salina Press Co.  Mr. Witt lives now in Mineola, NY.  One reference indicates that Mr. Witt may have married Carla Renz, a fellow student at SU.

Kenneth L. Woodcock and Janice Crowe Woodcock lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mr. Woodcock was born on 1-9-1922, and was a student at the NYS College of Forestry at Syracuse University.  The couple lived in Wallingford, CT, at Mr. Woodcock's death on 10-15-2006.  They had:  Mark K. Woodcock, and Scott J. Woodcock. 

Karl C. Woodman and Eleanor Klatka Woodman lived at the Park by 1960.  He was a teacher for the Syracuse school district.  They had a daughter, Janet Woodman. 

John Yuhas and Babette Elaine Meyer Yuhas lived in the Park shortly after their marriage on 11-11-1950.  Mr. Yuhas was born on 3-25-1927, and served in the Merchant Marines during WWII.  He graduated from Syracuse University and Albany State Teachers College, and taught math and science at Solvay High School.  He and Mrs. Yuhas also operated their own real estate brokerage aftter moving to Marcellus, NY.  Mr. Yuhas died on 6-9-2000.  They had:  John Yuhas, Jr., who was born about 1952, was an attorney, and died on 7-1-2010, Karen Yuhas, who lives in Pittsburgh, PA, Ben Yuhas, who wed Jana Carey, and lives in Baltimore, MD, and Ann Yuhas, who lives in Marcellus. 

Robert F. Zimmerman and Evelyn Jaquiery Zimmerman lived in the Park before 1948.  By 1960 they had moved to 327 McLennan Blvd. in Fayetteville.  Mrs. Zimmerman was a teller at the Merchants Bank in Fayetteville.  Mr. Zimmerman was a science teacher at Jamesville-DeWitt High School when the school first opened in September, 1954.  By 1965, Mr. Zimmerman had been appointed principal at Fabius High School.  In 1973, he earned a doctorate in education from Syracuse University.  Dr. Zimmerman is now married to Lana Shearer Zimmerman and lives in Nassau, NY.  Robert and Evelyn Zimmerman had a son, Fred Zimmerman.

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