The community of Lyndon is located between DeWitt and Fayetteville, NY.   It was a sleepy, rural, area until about 80 years ago when the eastward growth of Syracuse gradually began changing Lyndon into a middle and upper class suburban neighborhood.  Road improvements, particularly the widening and extension of Erie Boulevard to its intersection with East Genesee St. in DeWitt, meant that the commute time from downtown Syracuse to Lyndon decreased, making the area more attractive for residential development.  Soon working farms were sold to real estate developers who subdivided them into home sites.  About this same time, the building of two golf courses, including one with a country club, and the development of various small commercial enterprises (motels, gas stations, a diner, etc.) along Genesee St. brought further changes to Lyndon's rustic character.

In most neighborhoods, during this era, the public school was the focus of community activity.  So it was in Lyndon, where the two room brick school built in 1875 served the education needs of generations of children and also served as a meeting place for their parents.  Although the building has not been used as a school for over 50 years it still stands just west of the intersection of Genesee St. and Highbridge Rd.  I have published the names of students, and photographs of many of the last classes at this old school.  Click here to view them

For a number of years I have maintained an online alumni directory for Jamesville-DeWitt school.  It provides current information about members of the first ten classes (1955 to 1964).  In the course of compiling this data, I have consulted old newspapers, directories, yearbooks, government records, and various other sources.  In locating my former classmates, I have come across information about their families and others who resided in DeWitt and Lyndon during the mid-1940's and 1950's.  This post-War era roughly coincided with a period of rapid change when Lyndon was undergoing the transition from a rural to a suburban community.  Many of the newcomers to Lyndon were typical of other upwardly mobile suburbanites across the country in that they moved frequently in the course of pursuing their careers.  With the thought that future family historians and genealogists might find this information of interest, and with an understanding that there is a limited, and diminishing, time frame beyond which the data is unlikely to be preserved, I decided to make an effort to compile and post the information that is currently available.   Those interested will find this information about other neighborhood residents by visiting:   The Edwards Tract, DewittshireDeWitt Acres, and  Lyndon Trailer Park

Although the terms are little used today, the neighborhood around the intersection of Maple Dr. and Genesee St. in Lyndon, was once referred to as, "DeWitt Park," or the, "Genesee Highlands."  The reference to "highlands" was appropriate because this neighborhood sits on the first high ground east of where Butternut Creek cuts across Genesee St.  The first published references to this area occurred about 80 years ago, but most of the homes built there were constructed about 60 years ago--probably in response to the post-War housing shortage.

What follows is an alphabetical listing of more than 220 families that resided in DeWitt Park during the 15 to 20 year period from the War era to about 1960.  The boundaries of this neighborhood are somewhat arbitrary but, for purposes of this project, the streets included are:  Miles Ave., Dewey Ave., Kittell Rd. (which was initially called Kittell Blvd.), Olympia Dr., Hobson Ave., and the first two blocks of Maple Drive.  While I have made an effort to confirm the information presented here, it often happens that the records are incomplete or even contradictory.  Thus this data should be considered as tentative and suggestive, but not definitive.  I hope that anyone who can suggest changes, corrections, or additions will contact me by email.

PLEASE NOTE:  In early 2008, a directory of all early residents of Lyndon was completed.  The people, (listed here), who lived in DeWitt Park, have been included--often with considerably more detail--on this new Lyndon Registry web site.   A similar directory for the residents of DeWitt is also now available.

Edward C. Alberts and Theresa "Terry" Fuda Alberts lived at 202 Miles Ave. by 1960.  He was a foreman at the Alpha Portland Cement Co. plant in Jamesville.  They reside now in Canastota.

John A. Almanzi and Martha Ianuzzi Almanzi lived at 218 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  He was born 6-21-1926, and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  Mr. Almanzi was self-employed with Paul Almanzi & Son Painting & Decorating for more than 40 years.  He died 1-26-1995, and Mrs. Almanzi still resides in Lyndon.  They had: Anthony J. Almanzi, of DeWitt, and Joanne Almanzi, who was born about 1962, and lives in East Syracuse.

Albert Anderson and Hazel Anderson lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942.  He was a machinist at the Dairylea Co.  They had a son, Richard Anderson.

James A. Anderson and Florence Anderson lived at 202 Miles Ave. by 1953.  He was the superintendent of the Alpha Portland Cement Co. facility in Jamesville. 

Alice Armacost lived at 103 Hobson Ave. by 1960.   Mrs. Armacost was born 6-1-1900, in Cincinnati, and moved to the Syracuse area in 1954.  She was an administrative assistant at The Daily Orange--a Syracuse University publication--and she also worked for the University as a secretary.  She was living on Spring St. in Fayetteville before entering a nursing home, where she died on 1-19-1986.  Her daughter:  Alice Jarrold, of Mt. Dora, FL.

Daniel E. Axe and Hazel Chapman Axe lived at 102 Dewey Ave. by 1953.  He was a design engineer.  They later moved to 112 Homewood Dr. in Fayetteville.  Mrs. Axe was born 12-1-1904, and was a life resident of the Syracuse area. She died 1-26-1980.  They had:  Daniel Scott Axe, who wed Louise Gordon, and died in Las Vegas on 5-27-1977, at age 38.

George W. Badger and Catherine McLaughlin Badger lived at 213 Maple Dr. by 1953.  He was a salesman for the DuPont chemical company.  He was born 5-30-1910, and died in Lockport on 1-29-1996.  Mrs. Badger had a son, George B. Johnson, from a previous marriage.

Julian B. Barrett and Mary Barnes Barrett lived on Kittell Rd. by 1942.  He was born 12-23-1894, and was a native of Baltimore, MD.  Mr. Barrett attended Columbia University and was a veteran of the  Mexican border conflict and both world wars.  He was discharged from  the Army as a major.  While in Lyndon he worked as a life insurance salesman with the Union Mutual Ins. Co., but retired in 1960, after several years with the Allied Chemical Corp.  A native of Syracuse, Mrs. Barrett  was a graduate of Miss Beard's School in East Orange, NJ. She retired in 1944 as society editor of the Syracuse Post-Standard.  The couple moved to Skaneateles in 1951, where he died on 8-2-1983, and she died 6-21-1984.  They had two sons.

Oliver F. Barrett, Jr., and Frances Bailey Barrett lived at 109 Maple Dr. by about 1955, having moved there from 504 Walnut St. in Fayetteville.  He was the district manager for the Cummins Engine Co.  They had:  Elizabeth Barrett, Susan Barrett, James Barrett, and Robert Barrett.

J. Edward Barry and Mary Eloise Gaylord Barry lived at 119 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  He was born in Syracuse, and was a graduate of St. Anthony's high school and Syracuse University.  Mr. Barry served with the US Navy during WWII.  The couple wed on 12-26-1950.  Mr. Barry was employed with US Gypsum of Syracuse, and then was a salesman with Davis-Fetch Acoustical Corp., where he retired in 1991.  Mrs. Barry was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  She graduated from Nottingham high school and Syracuse Secretarial School.  When first married, she was a secretary to the county auditor.  Mrs. Barry retired in 1983 as manager of Coleman's Floral Shop in Shoppingtown, DeWitt.  The couple moved to 308 Haddonfield Dr. in DeWitt  by 1967.  Mrs. Barry died on 2-5-1987, and Mr. Barry died 6-6-2005.  They had:  Catherine A. Barry, who wed Steven "Rick" Fedrizzi, and lived in Syracuse, Mary Pat "Tish" Barry, who married William Hathaway, of Syracuse, and Robert Barry, who wed Marianne Barry, and lived in Cazenovia;

Benjamin H. Bedford and Victoria C. Bedford lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942.  Mr. Bedford was born 4-21-1891.  He was a native of Alexandria, Ontario, Canada, and an army veteran of World War I.  He lived in the Syracuse area 60 years, and owned and operated a restaurant in DeWitt.  By 1954, the couple was living at 1615 S. Salina St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Bedford died in Syracuse on 12-31-1983, at age 92.

Ernest L. Beebe and Cynthia Bissell vonVechten Beebe lived at 207 Maple Dr. by 1942.  The couple were married on 5-30-1907.  Born in Boylston, NY, Mr. Beebe lived in the Fayetteville area 50 years.  He was a self-employed electrical contractor and had also been employed by Irving Solomon, Inc., before retiring in 1963.  Mrs. Beebe was born 10-22-1891, in New London, CT, and resided in the Fayetteville area 42 years.  She died in Lyndon on 11-15-76.  Mr. Beebe died 12-18-72, at age 88.  They had:  Ernest "Larry" Beebe, Jr., who was a graduate of Syracuse University, wed Carri Beebe, was an industrial engineer for the Playtex Corp., and  lived in Lake Worth, FL, before his death on 11-1-1971, Margaret A. Beebe, who was a secretary for the J. C. Ryan Co., and George Robert Beebe who lived in Morrisville.

Gaylord W. Belding and Florence Barnett Belding lived on Dewey Ave. Ext. by 1942.  Mr. Belding was an inspector at the L. C. Smith Typewriter Co.  He was born 3-7-1886, and died 7-5-1972, when he fell from a tree in his backyard in Lyndon.  Mrs. Belding was born 8-11-1886, and died in Lyndon on 12-27-1971.  They had:  Gaylord Belding (see below).

Gaylord W. Belding, Jr., and Hilda Belding lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  He was a supervisor for the Continental Can Co.  He died 2-16-60 in a car accident while living in Baltimore.

George D. Benedict and Charlotte Jewell Benedict lived at 118 Dewey Ave. by 1953.  Mr. Benedict was a native of Delphi, NY.  His mother, Ella Louise Webster Benedict, lived with the couple.  She was the widow of Burdette G. Benedict, who died 7-25-1936.  She was born near Pompey and had lived in the Fayetteville area all her life.  Mrs. Ella Benedict died 8-26-1956, at age 90.  George Benedict operated a boat livery service, and later sold real estate for the Clark Real Estate Co., retiring in 1954.  Mr. Benedict died 7-28-1956,  at the family's summer home in Henderson, NY.  Charlotte Benedict died 10-17-1957.  They had:  Verne Benedict, who was born in Fayetteville, owned Benedict Feed Service in Manlius, was a school bus driver and postal carrier, moved to Lakeland, FL, in 1982, and died 8-8-1991.

Arthur E. Bernhoft and Gladys Cole Bernhoft lived at 105 Dewey Ave. by 1949.  Mr. Bernhoft was born 3-13-1896. He was a salesman for the Dietrich Supply Co., and, at retirement, the Erb Supply Co. of Rochester.  He died in Lyndon on 9-21-1966.  Mrs. Bernhoft was born 4-14-1902.  She worked many years at the Hill Haven Nursing Home as a practical nurse.  She had lived in FL before her death in Poughkeepsie on 10-2-1975.  They had:  Marilyn Bernhoft Carlyle, of AL,  Marian Bernhoft, who earned degrees from Houghton College, Syracuse University, and the University of Florida, married J. Robert Morse, was a teacher and lived in Poughkeepsie, Dr. Robert A. Bernhoft, who wed Betty J. Bernhoft, received a doctorate in education from Syracuse University, and lives in Queensbury, NY, and Donald Bernhoft, who wed Carol Downey on 11-24-1956, earned a master's in education from Syracuse University, and lives in Hudson Falls, NY.

Carl B. Bjork lived at 203 Hobson Ave. until 1958.  He was a physical education teacher and football coach at Jamesville-DeWitt high school.  Mr. Bjork grew up in the hamlet of Buellville, near Manlius.  He was married to Rita Quadrini of Jamesville, and he lives now in Manlius.

Edward L. Bohanan and Loretta Bohanan lived at 112 Dewey Ave. by 1942.  He was a native of Pulaski, NY, and worked as a machinist for the Continental Can Co. and, later, for the O. D. Blanchard Co.  He was born 7-13-1904 and died in Jamesville on 12-28-1993.  Mrs. Bohanan died in 1955, and Mr. Bohanan wed Mary F. Bohanan, a native of Newfoundland, Canada.  The second Mrs. Bohanan died 9-4-1988.  Edward and Loretta Bohanan had:  Alice Mae Bohanan Davis, who was born about 1939, and lives now in West Monroe, NY.

Russell S. Bowerman and Lois Packard Bowerman lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  He was a salesman for the Oliver Farm Equipment Co.  Mr. Bowerman was born 7-19-1906, and died in Macedon, NY, on 6-23-1993.  Mrs. Bowerman was born 12-21-1910, and was from Macedon, NY.  She died on 11-14-2005, at age 94.

Ann Brack lived at 103 Hobson Ave. by 1960.  She was a secretary for the Peter Kiewit Construction Co.

Francis J. Brang and Ruth Thomas Brang lived at 533 Maple Dr.  Mr. Brang was born 9-5-1912.  He was a manufacturing engineer and planner with the General Electric Co.  In 1961, the family opened a lawn and garden business near the intersection of Maple Dr. and Genesee St.  Mr. Brang died in Lyndon on 9-6-1977. Mrs. Brang was born 4-20-1916, and died in Lyndon on 1-9-2005.  Both were life residents of the Syracuse area.  Their children:  Francis "Joe" Brang, who graduated from Syracuse University, wed Diana Casciano, and is a retired business executive in Dandridge, TN, Gerald Brang, who is active in the family business, and lives in N. Syracuse, Donald Brang, who lives in Fayetteville, and David G. Brang, who resided in Mercersburg, PA, at his death on 10-26-2001.

Howard J. Brennan and Kathryn Owens Brennan lived on Kittell Rd. by the early 1950's.  Mr. Brennan was born 7-12-1903, and was a foreman with the J. D. Taylor Construction Co. for 20 years before retiring in 1972.  He was a native of Syracuse, and he resided there and in Old Forge, NY.  He lived on N. Terry Rd. in Syracuse at his death on 7-27-1974. Mrs. Brennan was born 4-18-1905, and worked as a bridal consultant for the C. E. Chappell department store.  She died in Syracuse on 7-14-1984. They had a son, Thomas C. Brennan.

Raymond S. Bright and Gladys DeCaire Bright lived on Maple Dr. by 1949.  He was an attorney and managed the claims department of the Hartford Accident and Indemnity Co.  Mr. Bright died 8-4-1957 from injuries incurred when he was swept over the dam at the Jamesville Reservoir.  Mrs. Bright later wed a Mr. Farrington. She was a native of Fulton and lived in Fayetteville and Florida.  She subsequently lived in Manlius for 16 years before her death on 12-27-1996, at age 90.  Mr. and Mrs. Bright had:  Sally Bright, who married Robert Shepard of Fayetteville, and John B. Bright, who lives in Fayetteville (see below).

John B. Bright and Alice Sarno Bright lived on Maple Dr. by 1960.  Later they lived at 200 Kittell Rd.   Mr. Bright worked as a technician for the General Electric Co.  They had:  Andrew Bright, and Amy Bright.

Donald E. Brown and Dorothy Thurston Brown lived on Olympia Dr. by 1942.  They later moved to 122 Dewey Ave.  He was a locker room manager at the Onondaga Golf and Country Club.  Mr. Brown died 8-4-1956.

Franklyn T. Brown and Ina Brown lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942.  He was a salesman for the Onondaga Auto Supply Co. and, later, for the Baldwin-Hall Co.  They moved to Tully by the mid 1950's.

George E. Brown and Catherine Brown lived at 101 Maple Dr. by 1953.  He was the manager of Andy Buff's Trading Post, an outdoor supply store, and later became a builder.

Stanley Buckhout and Thelma Buckhout lived on Miles Ave. by 1942.  He worked at Syracuse University. 

Andrew E. Buff and Ruth Prentiss Buff lived on Maple Dr. by 1942, and moved to Skaneateles in 1951.  Born in Syracuse on 2-20-1910, Mr. Buff graduated from Christian Brothers Academy and Niagara University.  He briefly worked for the Syracuse parks department, and then was a buyer for the J. F. Buff Hides and Furs Co.  Later he owned and operated Andy Buff's Trading Post at 1516 Erie Blvd., East.  Mr. Buff died 8-3-2000, in his Skaneateles home, where Mrs. Buff still resides. They had:  Shirley Buff McNay of Ruidoso, NM, Jude Buff Walton of Clayville, NY,  James Andrew Buff, born about 1938, Donald Buff, and Thomas Buff, all of whom live in Skaneateles.

Clara L. Burdick lived on Genesee St. by 1942.

Edward A. Burdick lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  He was a farmer.

Anne I. Burger lived on Miles Ave. Extension by 1960.  She was a real estate agent, and amateur stage actress.

Peter F. Burgess and Myrtle Minikheim Burgess lived at 225 Miles Ave. by 1940.  Mr. Burgess probably died 1-24-1973, at age 63.  A native of Schenectady, he lived in the Syracuse area 40 years, and was a sanitation worker.  They had:  a daughter who wed Patrick Cottrell, and a son, Richard F. Burgess.

Earl D. Bush and Edith Crandall Bush lived at 100 Miles Ave. by 1942.   A native of Lincklaen, Mr. Bush, was born 12-13-1895 and lived in DeWitt 61 years before moving to Ithaca in 1982.  He was a former DeWitt town councilman.  Mr. Bush retired after working as an assistant manager with the Prudential Ins. Co.  He died in Ithaca on 9-30-85.  Mrs. Bush was born  4-14-1903, in Truxton.  She was a former teacher, and died 1-6-1992, in Ithaca.  Her brother, Norman W. Crandall, lived nearby (see below).

Harold W. Bushorr and Frances Grentzer Bushorr lived at 105 Hobson Ave. by 1953.  He was born in Syracuse, and was a salesman and office manager at Eastern Chemicals, Inc.  He served the company for 40 years before his retirement in 1990.  Mr. Bushorr subsequently wed Jean Loretz Bushorr.  They were living on Stolp Ave. in Syracuse when the second Mrs. Bushorr died on 9-19-1997.  He died on 2-12-2000, in Zephyrhills, FL.  Harold and Frances Bushorr had:  Robert T. Bushorr, of Palmer, MA, and Terry D. Bushorr of Belchertown, MA.

Levi C. Cady and Phyllis Disenger Cady lived at 217 Kittell Rd. by 1958.  He was born 4-11-1922,  and worked as a commercial artist.  Mr. Cady died 3-17-2003 in Orlando, where Mrs. Cady still resides. 

Irene Schwarz Case, the widow of Dr. George B. Case, lived at 200 Kittell Rd. in 1953, having moved there from 231 Ambergate Rd. in DeWitt. She had four children:  Eleanor Case, who wed Fred Taylor of Cazenovia, Jane V. Case, who died on 8-11-52, at age 33, George B. Case, a former USAF officer, who lives in Bakersfield, CA, and Richard H. Case.

Alvern H. Chrisler and Hazel Paul Chrisler lived at 117 Dewey Ave. by 1954.  He was born 1-7-1918.  Mr. Chrisler was a native of Auburn and had resided in the DeWitt area for 40 years.  He was a chauffeur for the Fred Reals Co., Inc., and retired in 1980 after 18 years with the DeWitt Highway Department.  At some point, the couple divorced and Mr. Chrisler, by 1967, married Naomi Butler Chrisler.  He died on 12-20-1983.  Hazel Paul Chrisler, who was probably born 9-6-1906, died on 1-30-2001, in Dayton, OH.  Mr. Chrisler's mother, Violet K. Chrisler, lived with her son's family.  She was born 5-13-1888, in Detroit, and lived 45 years in Auburn and in the Syracuse area 26 years before her death on 4-12-1980.  Alvern and Hazel Chrisler had a daughter, Jennifer Chrisler.

Harriett Clare lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942.

Everson Cole and Helen Cole lived at 105 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  He was born 10-10-1877, and was retired before his death in September, 1966.

Henry L. Coleman, Jr., and Barbara Coleman lived on Maple Dr. by 1954.  He was a salesman for the Cornell & Underhill firm.  They had:  Patricia Coleman, Barbara Coleman, and Mary Coleman.

Morris E. Cool and Harriet Burns Cool lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942, and later moved to 203 Miles Ave.  Mr. Cool was born 10-9-1890, and was a native of Syracuse  He was a draftsman in the engineering department of the Prosperity Co. and worked for the company 35 years before retiring in 1959.  Mr. Cool died in Deerfield Beach, FL, on 3-15-1966.  Mrs. Cool was born in Syracuse on 6-23-1893, and died on 9-29-75, while living in Liverpool.

George Cowell moved from 214 Kittell Rd. in 1952.

Norman W. Crandall lived at 219 Hobson Ave. by 1953.  He was born in Truxton and graduated from Columbia University.  He was a teacher in Kings Park, Long Island, before moving to Lyndon and becoming a cost accountant for the Carrier Corp.  Mr. Crandall was living at 218 Thompson Ave., Fayetteville, at his death on 11-18-80.  His sister, Edith Bush, lived nearby (see above).

William Marshall Crull and Olga Tingwell Crull lived at 108 Maple Dr. by 1942.  Mr. Crull was born 2-19-1886, in  Warren, PA.  He was the owner and manager of the Sturdy Dog Food Co., which he founded in 1930.  Mr. Crull was prominent in the breeding of English setter dogs and in the breeding of harness horses--many of whom raced at Vernon Downs.  Mr. Crull also built, owned, and operated the DeWitt Colonial Motel.  He died on 5-12-1976, in Auburn.  He was 90.  They had a daughter who married William A. Walton, and lived in Skaneateles.

Robert C. Dady and Anna Marie Dady lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  He was born in Pompey on 12-27-1913.  He retired in 1971 after 34 years with New Process Gear as a mechanic and supervisor.  Mrs. Dady was born in Syracuse on 10-17-1905.  She was a founder, and former member of the board of directors, of the Central New York Humane Association.  The family subsequently moved to 305 Revere Rd. in DeWitt.  Mrs. Dady died in Syracuse on 1-2-1992, and Mr. Dady died on 9-19-2001, while residing at The Nottingham in Jamesville.

Louis W. Day and Gertrude M. Day lived at 214 Hobson Ave. by 1942.  He was the general foreman for the tool and die shop at the Precision Castings Co. in Fayetteville.  Mrs. Day was born in Hamilton and lived in the Lyndon area for 22 years before her death on 12-24-58.  Mrs. Day had a son, Victor Joncas, from a previous marriage. Mr. Joncas and his wife, Hope Havill Joncas, lived with the Days.  (See the Joncas entry below.)

Richard G. Delaney and Lois Evans Delaney lived at 108 Hobson Ave. by 1959.  He was born on 12-19-1925 in Ogdensburg, but lived most of his life in the Syracuse area.  Mr. Delaney graduated from Syracuse University in 1951, and worked as an agent for the Nationwide Insurance Co.  Later, he was an underwriter for the USF&G Insurance Co.  Mr. Delaney was living in Syracuse at his death on 7-14-2002.  Mrs. Delaney resides now in Syracuse.  They had:  Cara Delaney Kirkby, of Syracuse, Mary Beth Delaney Crook, of Clay, Shannon M. Delaney Holbrook, of Omaha, NE, and Kevin D. Delaney, of Syracuse.

Robert J. Delatour and Mary Madden Delatour lived at 104 Kittell Rd. by 1958.  He was the office manager for the Royal Globe Insurance Co.  They had:  Robert Delatour, David Delatour, and Nancy Delatour, who was born 7-8-58.

Donald B. Derby and Rosamond Fahey Derby lived at 207 Kittell Rd. by 1942.  By 1949, the family had moved to 205 Rugby Rd. in Syracuse.  Mr. Derby was born in Syracuse, the son of a furniture merchant, and was a 1918 graduate of Syracuse University.  Upon graduation, he went to work in a West Virginia sawmill.  Then he served in the USN.  After discharge, he worked as a lumber salesman until 1922 when he founded the Eastwood Coal and Lumber Co.  Mr. Derby became chairman of the board of the US Finishing Co., in Norwich, CT in 1947.  He retired from his own Syracuse business in 1950, and moved to Norwich in 1952.  At some point, the Derbys divorced and Mr. Derby wed Grace Derby.  He was living in Coronado, CA, at his death on
4-29-1974.  Mrs. Rosamond Derby was born on 11-29-1901, and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  In 1922, she was elected the first, "Miss Syracuse."  She worked for the Internal Revenue Service and the City of Syracuse Department of Finance.  Mrs. Derby also worked at Wells & Coverly from 1960 until joining the Helmer's clothing store in 1970.  She died on 5-13-1993, in Syracuse, at age 91.  Donald and Rosamond Derby had a son, Robert C. Derby, who was a graduate of Hill Preparatory School and Wesleyan University, a USN veteran of WWII, and lived 30 years in NYC while a stockbroker, before returning to Syracuse where he died on 11-24-1986.

Arnold A. Dettor and Marian J. Dettor lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942.  Mr. Dettor was born in Syracuse on 5-5-1909.  He graduated from Central high school, attended Syracuse University and graduated from the Brooklyn Law School.  He was an attorney with the Hancock, Dorr, Ryan, and Shove firm, before opening a private law practice.  Mrs. Dettor was a Baldwinsville native. She worked as a secretary for GMAC and Brinks Security.  By 1954, the couple had moved to 305 Barrington Rd. in Syracuse and were residing there at Mrs. Dettor's death on 4-16-1992, and Mr. Dettor's death on 8-29-1999.  They had:  Judith Dettor Farranto, of DeWitt, Lynne Dettor McCormick, of Old Forge, and Edward A. Dettor, of Warren, VT.

Donald F. Dew and Elizabeth Joy Stoller Dew lived at 103 Hobson Ave. by 1953.  Mrs. Dew was born 2-12-1927, in Milwaukee.  She attended Downer Seminary and Northwestern University--where she met and married Mr. Dew on 10-29-1949.  Mr. Dew was in the USN during WWII and graduated from Northwestern in 1948.  He started with the Diemolding Corp.--a Canastota firm founded by his father in 1920--as a plant engineer in 1951, and rose through the company ranks, becoming general manager in 1960, and president and chairman of the board in 1965.  He retired in 1990.  Mrs. Dew died 8-9-2006, at the couple's summer home in the Adirondacks. .  They had:  Donald H. Dew, who wed Sarah Judson in 1973, is Diemolding's current president and CEO, and lives in Oneida, and Thomas Dew.

James E. Dietshe and Margaret "Margo" Sturgess Dietshe lived at 219 Hobson Ave. by 1953.  He was born in Ridgefield Park, NJ, and graduated from the Manlius Military Academy, and, in 1943, from Cornell University. He was the parts manager for the William Thorn Co. for more than 15 years.  Mr. Dietshe was living in E. Syracuse at his death on 4-29-1971, at age 50.  Mrs. Dietshe was born in Catskill, NY, and was also a Cornell graduate. She worked for the Carrier Corp. for 20 years.  Mrs. Dietshe had lived in the DeWitt-Fayetteville area for over 50 years, at her death on 8-17-2006.

Ann M. Dietz lived at 216 Hobson Ave. by 1960.  She was a supervisor in the mortgage dept. of the Marine Midland Bank and active in the American Institute of Banking.

Richard D. Dodge and Lucille Dodge lived on Hobson Ave. by 1942.  Born in Leicester, Mr. Dodge was a graduate of Cornell University.  While in Lyndon, he was an adjustor for the CIT Financial Corp.  Later he was the president of Dygert-Stone Inc., in Rochester, and also worked at the General Electric Co., in Syracuse.  At some point the couple lived in Elbridge where Mr. Dodge served for a period as mayor.  They later moved to Melbourne, FL, where Mr. Dodge died on 10-21-1999.  Mrs. Dodge predeceased her husband.  They had:  Richard Dodge, Jr., who died before 1999, and Nancy Dodge, of Gilbert, S.C..

Thomas Donigan and Florence Hughes Donigan lived at 205 Dewey Ave. by 1954.  They previously lived on Hamilton St. in Syracuse.  He was a messenger for the Marine Midland bank before retiring in the late 1950's.

Thomas V. DonVito and Emily Toscano DonVito lived at 204 Dewey Ave. by 1953.  Both were natives of the north side of Syracuse and married on 9-28-1946.  He was a graduate of the New York State College of Forestry at Syracuse University and was employed as a chemist by Muench-Kreuzer Candle Co.  Later he became a spectographer for the Precision Castings Co.  The couple later moved to 204 Highland St., in Syracuse.  Mrs. DonVito was born 11-19-1923, and was a life resident of Syracuse, where she died on 11-10-1978.

Charles H. Dougherty and Edith Burton Dougherty lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  Mr. Dougherty was born about 1886.  He was a building contractor.  He had been married previously to Ruth Bush Dougherty, who died 12-9-1923, at age 29.  Mr. Dougherty died 8-15-60.   Charles and Ruth Dougherty had:  Wilson H. Dougherty, who was born in 1914, wed Marie E. Dougherty, was a plumber and lived on Maple Dr. before his death on 11-23-1973, Helen A. Dougherty, who died 8-22-1930, at age 16, in a car accident, and Charles Dougherty.

Mary Anna Dowd lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  Mrs. Dowd was born about 1866.  She was a retired teacher, and the widow of John Dowd.  She died on 7-9-1942.

C. H. Dyce and Katherine Dyce lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  He was a salesman for the David J. Bruce Co.

Walter R, Eddy and Bobbee Judd Eddy lived at 201 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  He was a technical recruiter for the General Electric Co.  They had:  Terry Lee Eddy, Tracy Lou Eddy, and Judd Eddy.

William J. Elliott lived on Miles Ave.  He was retired, and died 4-30-1942.  He had:  William Elliott, Jr., who died 8-29-1938, at age 49.

William H. Ellithorpe and Mary Hyatt Ellithorpe lived at 213 Kittell Rd. by 1942.  He was born 2-29-1908, and was a shipping clerk for the Land O' Lakes Butter Co.  By the early 1940's, Mr. Ellithorpe owned and operated a liquor store in DeWitt.  He retired from the liquor business in 1972, and died in Lyndon on 1-20-78.  They had:  William Ellithorpe, Jr., born about 1938, and Charles Ellithorpe. who was born about 1944, and is a physician in Davidson, NC.

Ordway G. Emmons and Barbara Emmons lived on Hobson Ave. by 1953.  He was the office manager for the Suburban Gas Co., and, later, he was the general auditor for the Mid-State Telephone Co.  He was born 10-23-1915, and died 9-28-1991.  They had, Barbara Anne Emmons, and Allie Lee Emmons.

Lucy H. Eno lived at 219 Hobson Ave. by 1954.  She is believed to have been the widow of Ralph G. Eno, who died 10-17-1937, at age 57.

Anthony P. Ferrito and Judith Woodworth Ferrito lived at 102 Olympia Ave. by 1960.  He was a construction worker, and a mail carrier for the Fayetteville Post Office.  They had:  Patricia Ferrito, Anthony Ferrito, II, and Mark Ferrito.

James R. FitzGerald and Margaret A. FitzGerald lived at 201 Miles Ave. by 1942.  He was a lawyer with offices in the State Tower building in Syracuse.

Benjamin Franklin and Pauline Ranieri Franklin lived at 214 Kittell Rd. by 1952., having moved from Albany.  He was the district manager for the International Harvester Co.  The couple moved to several other locations, including Jackson, MS, and Roanoke, VA, before retiring to NC.  They had:  Mary Elizabeth Franklin Barnes, who lives in Roanoke, and Maureen Franklin, of Smyrna, GA.

Edward W. Friedlander and Mary Owen Friedlander lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  He was born 7-11-1904, in New Haven, CT, and graduated from Arnold College.  Mr. Friedlander taught in the New Haven school system and then moved to Syracuse.  He retired from the Syracuse school district in 1973, after being honored for 50 years of service.  Mr. Friedlander  first taught at Porter School, Central High School, and Roosevelt Jr. High School, and from 1950 to 1973 he was at Charles Andrews School.  Mrs. Friedlander was born in Syracuse on 2-12-1912.  She worked 23 years for the General Electric Co. as a secretary.  Mr. Friedlander died 6-21-1991, and Mrs. Friedlander died on 1-17-1997.  They had a daughter, Susan Friedlander Hopkins, of Napa, CA. 

Leonard Scott Fulmer and Grace Morrison Fulmer lived on Maple Dr. by 1943.  He was born 8-21-1893, and was a 1915 engineering graduate of Syracuse University.   In 1923, Mr. Fulmer was a co-founder of a drug company that evolved into Bristol Laboratories.  At his retirement in 1949 he was a vice-president of Bristol.  Mrs. Fulmer was a native of Staten Island, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1921.  She was an elementary school teacher on Staten Island before returning to CNY.  Mr. Fulmer died at home in Lyndon on 5-1-1967.  Mrs. Fulmer lived in Lyndon from 1943 until moving to Delray Beach, FL, in 1973.  She died 10-15-1995 at The Nottingham, in Jamesville, at age 95.  They had:  Paul H. Fulmer, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1948, and lived in Wyomissing, PA, Nancy Belle Fulmer, who attended Mt. Holyoke College, wed James F. Marquardt, and resided in Skaneateles, and Susan Fulmer, who wed John Ritchie, and lived in Watertown, CT.

Louis Gale and Charlotte Gale lived at 123 Miles Ave. by 1954.  He was born 10-21-1906, and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  He was a self-employed cattle dealer and retired in 1975 as a salesman with the Woodcraft Home Improvement Co.  He died 1-2-1984.  They had: Dr. Stephen Bruce Gale, of Williamsville, NY,  and Robert Paul Gale, of Pensacola, FL.

Henry L. Galson and Gertrude Galson lived at 106 Kittell Rd. by 1945.  He was a self-employed consulting engineer. who was a pioneer designer of self-contained air-conditioning equipment.  They had:  Allen E. Galson, who wed Nirelle Galson, and lives in DeWitt, and  Edgar Leon Galson, who was born in 1926, married Eva C. Galson, and lives in Syracuse.  Both sons are involved in Galson Consulting, a Syracuse-based environmental consulting, engineering, and laboratory firm which was founded in 1970.

James T. Galuppi and Elizabeth Steimer Galuppi lived at 105 Maple Dr. by the mid 1950's.  He was born 1-2-1911, and worked as restaurant manager.  He died in Ft. Lauderdale in September, 1986.  Mrs. Galuppi was born 11-18-1915, and died in Pompano Beach, FL, on 2-15-2002.  They had: James Galuppi, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Marcia Galuppi, and Patrick Galuppi.

Susan Georger lived on Kittell Rd. at her death on 3-7-1936.  She was the widow of John Georger.  The couple had a son, Walter Georger (see below).

Walter Joseph Georger and Frances Leavery Georger lived at 100 Kittell Rd.  Mr. Georger was born 12-28-1891, and was one of the first members of Troop D, of the New York State Police.  While living in Lyndon, he was a salesman for the Hercules Cement Co. of Philadelphia.  He later opened the Saddlery Co. and the Jon Wal Saddlery Shop, which was located In the 800 block of North Salina St.  Mr. Georger, for many years, was identified with the annual horse show at the fairgrounds and in various horse and riding activities throughout CNY.  Frances Georger died on 5-10-1942.  On 5-4-1946, Mr. Georger wed Florence Haist, the widow of Foster A. Haist, in Tonawanda, NY.   He died in Lyndon on 4-15-1976.  By his earlier marriage,  Mr. Georger had:  Col. John Francis Georger, a USA officer, who wed Mildred Virginia Racey of Winchester, VA, on 4-15-50, and lived in W. Simsbury, CT, and Walter Georger, Jr., who graduated from Staunton Military Academy and LeMoyne College, lived in Lyndon, and worked for RCA at his death on 11-17-1964.

LeRoy Grand lived at 105 Maple Dr. until 1952.

Donald Allen Graves and Joyce Wellner Graves lived at 118 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  He was born on 10-2-1924, in Carbondale, PA, and was a USA veteran during WWII, serving in the Philippines, New Guinea and Japan.  He worked in the security department at the Carrier Corp. and retired in 1984 after 32 years of service. Mr. and Mrs. Graves moved to Winter Haven, FL in the mid 1980's.  Mr. Graves died 7-28-2003, and Mrs. Graves still resides in FL.  They had:  Sharon Graves Hellmich, of Louisville, KY, and Diane Graves Kelly, of DeWitt.

John A. Greacen and Louise Martineau Greacen lived at 201 Kittell Rd.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1951 with an engineering degree.  The couple wed on 2-9-1952.  Mr. Greacen worked as an engineer for the Carrier Corp.  The couple live now in Cazenovia.  They had:  John Greacen, Nena Greacen, Neal Greacen, Claudia Greacen, Lydia Greacen, and Matthew Greacen. 

Edward S. Gronau and Jeanne Lionals Gronau lived at 205 Kittell Rd. by about 1945.  Mrs. Gronau was a native of Montreal, Canada.  Born 2-14-1892, in Allegheny, PA, Mr. Gronau attended New York University.  He lived in Montreal for 25 years before moving to Lyndon in 1945.  During World War II, Mr. Gronau held the rank of major in the Royal Canadian Air Force.  He was the vice president for industrial relations for the Precision Castings Co.  Mr. Gronau died 6-21-1966, and Mrs. Gronau died 7-8-1969.

Elmer J. Haines and Alice Oberlin Haines lived at 217 Kittell Rd. by 1953.  He was born 9-20-1908, and was a  native of Minerva, OH.  Mr. Haines was a manufacturer's representative and founder of the Haines Sales Corp. of East Syracuse.  He was a charter member, elder, historian and chairman of the board of the Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church, in DeWitt.  The family had moved to 15 Pebble Hill Rd., North, in DeWitt, before Mr. Haines died on 7-11-1971.  Mrs. Haines was born 3-10-1911, and died on 1-25-1986. They had:  Jerry L. Haines, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1955, and lives in Fayetteville, and John E. Haines.

William McBrown Hall and Claramae "Mac" Vates Mackey Hall lived at 101 Kittell Rd. by 1953.  Born in Topeka, KS, he was a graduate of Oakwood School, Swarthmore College, and Cornell University.  Mr. Hall retired in 1975 after 22 years as the comptroller and treasurer of the Lipe Rollway Corp.  Mrs. Hall died in 1974, and Mr. Hall subsequently wed the former Harriet Buffum Schenck.  The second Mrs. Hall died in 1995.  Mr. Hall died, at age 87, on 11-3-2000, while residing at The Nottingham complex in Jamesville.  William and Claramae Hall had:  John Lawrence Hall, of HI, William M. Hall, of IL, Donald R. Hall, and Thomas A. Hall, both of CT.

Calvin D. Hamilton and Olive Hares Hamilton lived at 103 Dewey Ave. by 1942.  A native of Erieville, Mr. Hamilton was born 8-19-1900 and lived in DeWitt 55 years.  He owned and operated an Amoco gas station at the corner of James and Townsend Sts. in Syracuse.  He later worked as a salesman for the Mitchell-Bradford Chemical Co.  He was elected Town of DeWitt Supervisor, and served 14 years in that capacity before being elected Onondaga County Clerk.  Mr. Hamilton died 11-3-86 in Lyndon.  Mrs. Hamilton, was born in Weedsport on 9-7-1902, but lived more than 80 years in Lyndon, where she died on 10-3-1989. They had:  Ann Hamilton DuPree and Susan Hamilton Patten, who both reside in the Lyndon area.

Frank Hamilton and Ruth Woodworth Hamilton lived at 204 Miles Ave. by 1942.  Mr. Hamilton was a native of South Onondaga, NY.  He was a greenskeeper at the Onondaga Country Club.  Later Mr. Hamilton was the water superintendent for the Lyndon Water District for 25 years before retiring in 1955.  Mrs. Hamilton was an office clerk for the Town of DeWitt.  He died 10-1-1958, and she died 12-22-1975.  

William J. Hamilton lived at 110 Dewey Ave. by 1942.  He was the manager of the Lyndon Golf Course.  His brother, Frank Hamilton, lived nearby, (see above).

Edgar M. Hamlin and Marion Baigrie Hamlin lived at 118 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  He was born 10-8-1905, and was a native of Elbridge.  Mrs. Hamlin was born 11-27-1907, and was a buyer for the Lincoln store.  He retired in 1968 as a buyer with the purchasing department of Carrier Corp.  The couple had moved to Ft. Lauderdale when Mrs. Hamlin died in December, 1977.  Mr. Hamlin died on 3-21-1994, in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  He was 98. 

Agnes McKee Hand, the widow of James Hand, lived on Miles Ave. by 1942. She was a life resident of the DeWitt area.  She died 2-17-1959, at age 91.  Her children:  Homer Hand, of Solvay, who wed Julia Sullivan Hand, and died 9-25-1934, at age 35, a daughter who married Charles Leahner, and lived in Buffalo, Charles Hand, who died on 3-20-1939, Joseph Hand, George Hand, who wed Edna B. Hand, and died 10-10-1956, Albert Hand, who married Margaret Tighe Hand, and Walter Hand, who lived near his mother (see below).

Walter J. Hand and Lila Haas Hand lived at 202 Dewey Ave. by 1942.  He was born on 9-10-1906 and was a life resident of the area.  Mr. Hand was a machinist and a foundry machine operator with the Precision Casting Co. from 1925 until his retirement in 1969.  He died 7-10-1981, in Lyndon.  Mrs. Hand was born in Chittenango on 12-26-1907.  She was a cafeteria worker at Moses DeWitt Elementary School, and died 6-17-1998 in Hazlet, NJ. .  They had one son, Douglas Lester Hand, who, with his wife, lived with his parents.  Douglas Hand died 6-21-1994, in Monmouth, NJ.  A native of Chittenango, Mr. Hand resided most of his life in Fayetteville before moving to Monmouth about 1971.  He retired in 1988 as a purchasing agent from Fort Monmouth.  Mr. Hand was a graduate of Fayetteville-Manlius high school.  His wife, Patricia Hand, died in 1990.  Mr. Hand was an Army veteran of the Korean War, and an amateur radio operator.

Stephen Hargas and LaVerne Millner Hargas lived at 120 Dewey Ave. by 1954.  He was born 11-2-1918 in NYC, but was a resident of the Syracuse area beginning in 1948.  Mr. Hargas was a stationary engineer for the Onondaga Hotel and was also the chief engineer for the 21st Air Defense Squadron at Sage Utilities on Hancock Field from 1961 until 1983.  He died 4-23-1993.  Mrs. Hargas was born 3-25-1920 and also worked at the Onondaga Hotel.  She died on 11-26-1978.  His mother, Suzanna Hargas, who was born 1-6-1893, lived with the family until her death in November, 1971.  The couple had: Stephanie Ann Hargas Fehr, and  Stephen Hargas, both of Fayetteville.

David S. Hathaway and Winifred Terrill Hathaway lived on Maple Dr. by 1953.  He was probably born 4-15-1926. The family later moved to Montgomery Rd. in Lyndon.  He was a mechanic for the Solvay Process Co. in Jamesville, and died 7-27-2003, while living in Chiefland, FL.  Mrs. Hathaway lives now in DeRuyter.  They had: Diane Marie Hathaway, Deborah Hathaway, Denise Hathaway, Donita Hathaway, and David Hathaway.

Edward Healey and Althea Healey lived at 106 Dewey Ave. by 1957.  He worked in NYC for the transit authority, and, after retiring to Lyndon, he worked as a doorman at Kallet's Shoppingtown Theatre in DeWitt.

Leslie J. Hemens and Mary Denney Hemens lived at 209 Kittell Rd. by 1952.  Mr. Hemens was born 11-17-1916.  He was a 1942 graduate of Hartwick College, and served in World War II as a first lieutenant in the USA.  Mr. Hemens was eastern New York sales representative for Rockwell International in their power tool division for 17 years.  He died on 4-6-1977, in Manlius.  Mrs. Hemens was born in Enosburg, VT, and resided in CNY since about 1952.  Mrs. Hemens was graduated from Oneonta State College and was a former elementary school teacher in the East-Syracuse-Minoa school district, Watertown school district, and the Draper School in Schenectady.  She also was employed at the alumni and development office of the Manlius Military school.  Mrs. Hemens died on 11-17-1977.  They had a son, Denney C. Hemens, who lives in Ukiah, CA.

Alfred J. Hemmer and Alice Fowler Hemmer lived on Genesee St. by 1928, in a home known as Ivanhoe Manor.  The home was a landmark that stood on the east bank of the highlands above the valley where Butternut Creek crosses Genesee St.  Mr. Hemmer was born about 1893, and first married in 1917.  From his earlier marriage Mr. Hemmer had Helen Patricia Hemmer, who was born about 1920, graduated from Powelson Business Institute in 1942, married Courtney F. Dolan, operated a motel in Old Forge, NY, until 1964, and died 8-23-2000.  Mr. Hemmer and Miss Fowler wed in 1928.  He worked as a dairy broker, and died about 1944, leaving Alice Hemmer to care for their eight children.  Mrs. Hemmer was born in Baldwinsville, about 1907, and came to Lyndon at the time of their marriage.  Alice Hemmer died on 12-21-1959.  She and Mr. Hemmer had:  Ferdinand John Hemmer, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1954, is the president of an engineering firm, and lives in Crownsville, MD, Dolores Hemmer, who wed William W. Kernan, Anthony K. Hemmer, who was born about 1938, taught at Jamesville-DeWitt school, and lives now in Toronto, John A. Hemmer, who was born about 1940, and is a systems engineer for the SUNY Health Science Center in Syracuse, Veronica "Ronnie" Hemmer Frontera, who was born about 1941, and resides in Kingston, NY, Richard B. Hemmer, who was born about 1942, and Maria T. Hemmer, who was born about 1943.

Ina Hewitt lived on Miles Ave. Extension by 1942.  She was born 9-6-1898 and died in FL in September, 1987.

Fred C. Hicks and Wava Chapman Hicks lived at 208 Maple Dr. by 1942.  He worked as a machinist at the Precision Castings Co. in Fayetteville.  She was born 8-13-1904,  She had a program on WSYR radio in 1932,  and in the early 1950's she was a director for the local Nobility Club.  Mrs. Hicks died 3-7-2001 in IL, at age 96.  They had:  Arthur C. Hicks, who retired in 1981 after 44 years with Accurate Die Casting Co., and died 2-10-1987, Elizabeth L. Hicks, who was a sales clerk for the W. T. Grant department store in Syracuse, Wava Margaret Hicks Watkins, of Syracuse, Robert Hicks, Kenneth Willard Hicks, of Pulaski, Howard Hicks, of Charleston, SC, Beverly Hicks, who wed Walter R. Travers, and lived in Syracuse, Nancy Hicks DeGulio, who was a secretary at Syracuse University's medical school, and lived in Marietta, and Fred Hicks, Jr., who retired in 1978 after 37 years with Lipe-Rollway, and died 2-7-1988.

Grace L. Hodge lived at 107 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  She later moved to 316 Churchill Ln. in Fayetteville.  Miss Hodge was a native of Jersey City, NJ, but resided most of her life in the Syracuse area. She was a graduate of Crouse-Irving Hospital School of Nursing and later became an instructor there.  Miss Hodge retired in 1960 as an investment counselor after 35 years with First Trust & Deposit Co., and died 2-23-1987, at age 93.  

Joseph Hotchkiss and Vera Hotchkiss lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  He was a salesman for the American Plumbing Co.

Darwin F. "Bud" Houseman and Barbara Terry Houseman lived at 102 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  He was born about 1928. The family later moved to Chittenango where Mr. Houseman worked as a salesman, and was elected mayor of the village.  He now runs Auntie Em's Place restaurant in Chittenango.  They had: Darwin Houseman, Jr., and Claude Houseman.

Mrs. Harry Howlett lived at 114 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  Her husband had been in the used car business in Syracuse.

Richard M. Humpleby lived on Hobson Ave. Ext. by 1960.  He was an insurance broker, and now lives in Jamesville.

Anna Cahill Hunt lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  She was the widow of Clarence F. Hunt, a dairy farmer, who died on 3-17-1937.

Richard Morse Jackson and Rose Hart Jackson lived at the corner of Dewey Ave. and Genesee St. by 1954, and operated the DeWitt Park Grocery at that location.  Mrs. Jackson was a native of Utica, but lived many years in Fayetteville. She served in the Women's Army Corps during World War II, and  died 11-28-1988, while living on Highbridge St. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Jackson was an Army veteran of World War II.  He retired in 1981, after 33 years at New York Telephone.  Mr. Jackson died in La Follette, TN, on 7-27-1999.  They had:  Theodore Jackson, who lived in San Diego, Sandra Jackson Epoch, of E. Syracuse, Ramona Jackson Fikes, of Syracuse, Judith Jackson Helton, of La Follette, and Scott Jackson, who lived in Bolivia.

William A. Jackson and Lucinda "Cindy" Strasenburgh Jackson lived at 203 Hobson Ave., having purchased the home in 1958.  She was a music teacher at Jamesville-DeWitt high school, and he was a salesman for the Syracuse Industrial Sales Co.  She is now a symphony violinist living in Loudonville, NY.

Arthur W. Jenkins and Margaret Jenkins lived on Kittell Rd. by 1942.  He was an engineer for the New York Telephone Co.  He probably graduated from Syracuse University in 1932 and is thought to have died in Largo FL, on 8-3-1982.  They had a daughter.

Philip G. Johnston and Virginia Dawn Van Antwerp Johnston lived at 101 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  He earned an engineering degree from Syracuse University in 1949.  Mrs. Johnston was born in Oneida on 5-23-1929.  She was also a graduate of Syracuse University, having earned a degree in education in 1950.  Mr. Johnston was an engineer for General Electric.  Mrs. Johnston died 11-26-2005.  They had:  Carol A. Johnston, of Brookings, SD, LInda Johnston McKeon, who wed David McKeon, of Camillus, and Philip K. Johnston, who wed Elizabeth Johnston, of Syracuse. 

Victor E. Joncas and Hope Havill Joncas, lived with the Day family at 214 Hobson Ave.  Mr. Joncas was Mrs. Day's son from a previous marriage.  Mrs. Joncas was a life resident of  the Fayetteville area and retired in 1985 as a computer operator for the Accurate Die Castings Co., in Fayetteville.  She died at age 78 on 8-19-2003.  Mr. Joncas worked at the Sanderson plant of the Crucible Steel Co.  They had:  Mark L. Joncas, of Alexandria, VA.

Leslie H. Judd, Jr., and Merle Buckhout Judd lived on Hobson Ave. following their marriage about 1938.  They later lived at 532 Maple Dr., in the home once owned by his parents Leslie H. Judd and Eva L. Judd  and  where he was born on 2-19-1914.  He served in WWII as a glider pilot and participated in the invasion of Holland and the Rhine crossing.  Mr. Judd also served in the Air Force Reserve before retiring in 1974, with the rank of Lt. Col.  He worked for the Atlantic Refining Co., before the War and later was a customer service representative for Colonial, Eastern, Mohawk and Allegheny airlines.  He died in DeWitt on 3-13-1993.  They had:  Linda Diane Judd Barber, who was born in April, 1944, and lived in Jamesville, and Bruce A. Judd, who wed LuAn T. Jones, resided in Vernon, was a mechanic for Haun Welding Supply, and died 12-9-2002.

Howard S. Kaslin and Bessie B. Kaslin lived on Kittell Rd. by 1942.  He was the manager of the Onondaga Skeet Club.  He was born 7-11-1907, and died in Van Nuys, CA, in February, 1977.  Mrs. Kaslin was born 11-4-1908, and died in Kirkland, WA, on 11-1-2003. They had a daughter.

John H. Keene and Gladys Keene lived on Kittell Rd. by 1942.  He was a partner in Nephew and Keene, a painting contracting firm, and owned Barney's Paint Headquarters.  They had a daughter, and two sons, John Keene, and Donald Keene.

Joseph H. Keene and Minnie Valenski Keene lived on Kittell Rd. by 1942.  He was a native of Syracuse and resided in Sarasota, FL, for three years prior to his death there on 7-16-1964.  They had a son, John H. Keene, (see above).

Jerry Kennedy and Leta Kennedy lived at 216 Hobson Ave. by 1954.  He was an insurance broker. 

Canby Kerr and Virginia Sawyer Kerr lived at 200 Miles Ave. by 1954.  He was born 7-12-1913.  Mr. Kerr was a life resident of the Syracuse area, and was an Army Air Corps veteran of World War II.  He retired in 1974 as a supervisor with Syracuse China Corp.  Mr. Kerr later operated the Base Camp Store in Shoppingtown for seven years.  Mr. Kerr was a scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 106, DeWitt, and was a former president of the DeWitt Library board.  Mr. Kerr died in 2-2-1987.  They had:  Peter C. Kerr, of Buffalo, Antonette Kerr Bowman, of DeWitt, David S. Kerr, of Reading, MA, and James C. Kerr, of East Syracuse.

Charles H. Knowland and Aneva Bowes Knowland lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  He was born 8-4-1905.  Mr. Knowland was a teller for the Lincoln National Bank, and retired in 1973 as an accountant with the state of New York.  He died 4-7-1994 in Syracuse.  Mrs. Knowland was born 12-24-1907, in Seneca Falls.  She graduated from Central City Business Institute and Syracuse University.  She retired in 1973 after 20 years as a registered nurse and died on 11-1-2002.  They had:  Kathleen A. Knowland, of Fayetteville, and Charles F. Knowland, of Rochester.

Herman F. Konig and Edith Pilvelait Konig lived at 101 Kittell Rd., in 1952.  He was born 8-28-1907, and was a native of Bridgeport, CT.   Mr. Konig was a senior executive with the General Electric Corp.  Mrs. Konig was also from Bridgeport.  She died in Utica on 12-21-1955.  Mr. Konig died in April, 1966.  They had:  Lawrence Konig, and Karen Konig.

Edward C. Koolakian and Genevieve "Jennie" Mento Koolakian lived at 207 Kittell Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Koolakian was born 8-4-1909, in Syracuse.  He was a partner in Koolakian men's store and tailors, located on E. Genesee St. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Koolakian was born 10-10-1912, and worked for several years as a teacher's aide at Jamesville-DeWitt school.  She died 8-13-1985.  Mr. Koolakian retired in 1953 as a warrant officer from the Army after 24 years and received the Bronze Star.  He later retired as co-owner of the men's shop after 75 years.  Mr. Koolakian died on 11-6-2002.  They had:  Edward Koolakian, Jr., who works in the family business, and lives in Liverpool, and Dianne Koolakian, who lives in East Syracuse.

Bernard J. Lawler and Irene Yeomans Lawler lived on Hobson Ave. by 1942.  He was born 6-23-1906, and was a graduate of the University of Buffalo school of pharmacy.  Mr. Lawler was a druggist and operated Lawler's Drug Store at 4506 E. Genesee St. in DeWitt.  By the early 1950's the family had moved to 306 Haddonfield Rd. in DeWitt.  Mr. Lawler died on 12-21-65, and Mrs. Lawler is believed to have died 3-15-1999, in Pinellas Park, FL.  They had:  Bernard Lawler, Jr., who wed Jeanne Marie Abajian, and was an attorney residing in Fayetteville before his death on 7-14-1998, Kathryn Lowenberg of Fayetteville, Martha Grevelding of Jamesville, and Michael Lawler, who died in Durango, CO, on 9-19-88.

William B. Lawrence and Margaret Crissman Lawrence lived at 204 Maple Dr. by the mid 1950's.  He was the president of Cummins Diesel Co.  They had:  Crissman Lawrence, who graduated from Colgate University, and was a former USAF pilot and mortgage banker prior to his death in Scottsdale, AZ, on 10-5-2004,  Walter Lawrence, born 10-18-1943, and died  2-1990,  and Susan Lawrence.

Oscar Frederick Legler and Hazel Legler lived at 102 Dewey Ave. by 1942.  He had previously married Catherine Irene Chapin in 1920.  He was a constable and deputy sheriff.

Leonard Leveen and Ada Ellen Knock Leveen lived at 106 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  He was a CPA and worked as an estate planner and insurance broker.  She was a professional singer.  They divorced and she wed a Mr. Roelke and lives in Carson City NV.  Mr. Leveen married Zayne Leveen, who was a graduate of St. Joseph's nursing school.  She died on 7-20-2004, and Mr. Leveen lives now in Boca Raton, FL.  Leonard and Ada Leveen had:  Steven Leveen, who earned a doctorate in sociology at Cornell University, wed Lori Granger, owns Levenger, a catalog company specializing in upscale products for readers and writers, and lives in Delray Beach, FL, Joll Leveen Greene, of Freeport, ME, and Karen Leveen Bahnsen of Palm City, FL.

James O. Lounsbury and Mary Stepneski Lounsbury lived at 223 Maple Dr. by 1953, and, later at 412 Maple Dr.  Mr. Lounsbury was born 12-8-1913.  He was the owner and operator of the Lounsbury Construction Co. Inc., for 37 years.  He built homes in the Fayetteville, Manlius, and DeWitt areas.  A native of Elmira, Mr. Lounsbury resided in the Syracuse area most of his life.  He died 11-27-1981.  Mrs. Lounsbury, was also from Elmira, but lived in the Syracuse area from 1944 until her death on 8-8-1997, at her home in Pompey.  They had:  Marilyn J. Lounsbury, of Pompey, and Sonya Lounsbury Ramsey, who is a part-time bus driver for the Fabius-Pompey schools, and lives in Jamesville. 

Joseph A. Luczyski and Kathleen Dunn Luczyski lived at 107 Dewey Ave. by the mid 1940's.  Mr. Luczyski was a native of Syracuse, and worked as a carpenter.  Mrs. Luczyski was a cook at the Pebble Hill school.  He retired as a custodian from the East Syracuse-Minoa School District, and died 10-5-1992.  Mrs. Luczyski died on 11-8-2008.  They had:  Kathleen Yockell of North Syracuse, Daniel M. Luczyski, of Manlius, Richard A. Luczyski, of Pasadena, CA, and Joseph E. Luczyski, of Lyndon.

Frank C. McClintock and Clara Eckert McClintock lived at 103 Kittell Rd. by 1953.  Mr. McClintock was born 2-14-1900 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, and resided in Syracuse for 55 years.  Mr. McClintock was the doorman
for the Onondaga Hotel for over 30 years until its closing.  He retired in 1970 as a time keeper for the county parks and recreation department.  He died on 12-9-1982.  Mrs. McClintock was born 1-20-1901 and was a life resident of the area.  She worked for Bache & Co., a stock brokerage firm.  She died 10-30-1991.

Herbert J. McElroy and Anna Wright McElroy lived at 115 Hobson Ave. by the early 1950's.  He was born in Nedrow on 11-7-1911.  Mr. McElroy was a sales representative for 40 years, a corporate secretary of the Bentley Settle Co., in Syracuse, and a sales representative for the Cicero Wire and Rod Co.  He was a co-founder of Troop 106 Lyndon BSA.  The couple moved to Skaneateles about 1979, and Mr. McElroy died on 8-16-2000.  They had:  Charles P. McElroy, who lives in Skaneateles, and James R. McElroy, of Wappingers Falls, NY.

Harrison P. "Frank" McKenna lived at 117 Maple Dr. by 1960.  He was born 11-15-1923, in Syracuse, and served in WWII.  Mr. McKenna worked for the General Electric Co. 20 years.  He died 11-27-1998.  He lived in his parent's home  (see below).

Helena Harrison McKenna lived at 117 Maple by 1960.  She was born about 1887, and was from the Cortland area, although she lived in the Syracuse area more than 70 years.  Mrs. McKenna was a 1913 graduate of St. Joseph's Hospital school of nursing and was a registered nurse.  She served in the Army Nursing Corps during WWI.  Mrs. McKenna died 4-7-1984, at age 96.  She had: John T. McKenna, of Fayetteville, and Harrison P. McKenna, who lived on Maple Dr.

Robert F. McLean and Patricia Hart Nann McLean lived at 120 Dewey Ave. by 1953.  Mrs. McLean was a life resident of Syracuse, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1946.  She retired from the University in 1995, following 25 years of service as an administrative assistant.  Mrs. McLean died 9-2-2005, while residing in Syracuse.  Mr. McLean was an agent for the Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. and was a bartender.  He was an Army veteran of World War II.  They had:  Andrew K. McLean, who died in 1998,  Anna C. McLean Jackson, of Syracuse, Patricia McLean Radford,  Robert F. McLean, Jr., of Syracuse, who wed Patricia McLean, Sheron McLean Burrows, who wed William Burrows, of Baldwinsville, and Casey M. McLean, who married Donna McLean, and lived in Syracuse.

Dorothy Malcolm lived at 219 Hobson Ave. by 1960.  She worked for the Unity Mutual Life Ins. Co.

C. Basil Maniotes and Elizabeth Woodfin Maniotes lived at 219 Hobson Ave. by 1960.  He was an architect with the Sargent, Webster, Crenshaw, and Folley firm.

Howard J. Martin and Eleanor Greeley Martin lived at 212 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  He was a salesman.  They had:   Susan Martin, Carol Martin, and Peter Martin.

Morris Mayers and Josephine Mayers lived at 207 Kittell Rd. by 1952.  A native of New York City, Mr. Mayers
lived in the Syracuse area for 60 years.  He served in the Army in World War I.  Mr. Mayers retired in 1965 as a
sales representative with Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.  He had moved to 109 Ardsley Dr., in DeWitt, before his death on 4-3-1983.  They had a daughter who wed J. Edward Barry, and lived nearby (see above).

Charles J. Miller and Anna Miller lived on Kittell Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Miller was a tool designer and inspector for the H. H. Franklin Co., and the Prosperity Co. He retired in 1961.  The family moved to 3318 S. Salina St. and then to 218 Idlewood Blvd., Baldwinsville,, where the couple was living at his death on 10-17-1967.  They had:  Doris Miller Van Wie, who married Wilson Van Wie, worked for the NYS Supreme Court Clerk's office, was a member of the Syracuse Women's Bowling Association Hall of Fame, and lived in Baldwinsville at her death on 1-9-1996, and Anita Miller Mischler, of CA, (see below).

James H. Miller and Hazel Aileen Eldridge Miller lived at 104 Hobson Ave. by 1953.  He worked at the Easy Washer Co., and, later, at the Colonial Motel.  They had a son, Randolph Miller.

William F. Minckler and Charlotte Clark Minckler lived at 103 Hobson Ave. by 1951.  The couple soon moved to 105 Butternut Dr. and then to 15 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Minckler was the head of Clarmin Construction Co. and oversaw the building of over 300 homes in the Syracuse area.  He died at age 31 on 6-18-1952 as a result of an automobile accident three days earlier.   On 9-25-1954, Mrs. Minckler wed Kaj Schonemann, a native of Denmark who worked in NYC for Swiss Airlines. They divorced and Mrs. Minckler later married F. Allan Pardee, Jr., and, in 1960, moved to Cazenovia.  She died at age 56 on 12-4-1979.  Mr. Pardee is also deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Minckler had:  Charlotte Helen Minckler and Carol Corey Minckler.

Harold Mischler and Anita Miller Mischler moved from 203 Kittell Rd. in November, 1947.  He was born 11-12-1898, and the couple wed in July, 1939.  They moved to Temple City, CA, where Mr. Mischler died in February, 1986. Mrs. Mischler was the daughter of Charles and Anna Miller and may be still be residing in Arcadia, CA, (see above).

Fred J. Mitchell and Maude Mitchell lived at 114 Dewey Ave. by 1953.   He was a serviceman for Sears, Roebuck & Co.

George E. Mitchell and Mary Mitchell lived at 108 Hobson Ave. by 1953.  He owned the Mitchell Printing Co.

William E. Montgomery and Elsie Nellis Montgomery lived at 201 Hobson Ave. by 1942.  He was a carpenter.  Mr. Mitchell died on 12-21-1959.

Alfred V. Moore and Anthnet Niedzielski Moore lived on Dewey Ave. Extension by 1954.  They lived previously in N. Syracuse.  He was a salesman for the Reagan Realty Co. and, later, a contractor. They had:  Richard Moore, Kathleen Moore, Mary Ann Moore, Melissa A. Moore, who wed James R. Moreth in 1987, and Bernard Moore.

James S. Moore and Phyllis Church Moore lived at 228 Maple Dr. by 1960.  He was a manufacturer's agent. Suydam Moore, the widow of Norris B. Moore, lived with the family.  James and Phyllis Moore had:  Alan Moore, Donald Moore, and Nancy Moore.

Carl G. Moritz and Marian Ivison Moritz lived at 114 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  He was born 5-1-1908, and was a native of Cleveland.  Mr. 'Moritz resided most of his life in the Syracuse area and was the owner and operator of Ontario Motor Lines, and, later, the Motor Rail Transport Co.  He died 5-9-1985.  Mrs. Moritz was born 6-18-1906. She worked for the First Trust and Deposit Co, a local bank, where she was the head clerk, and for NY Telephone Co.  Mrs. Moritz died on 3-4-2003, at age 96.

Lester Moshier and Isabell Jones Moshier lived on Hobson Ave. by 1953.  He was born 8-18-1915, and was a toolmaker at the Precision Castings Co.  Mr. Moshier died on 11-13-1992, while living in the Rochester area.

James H. Muller and Hazel Burnham Muller lived at 104 Hobson Ave by 1952.  Mrs. Muller was born about 1893 and was a native of Millbridge, ME.  She came to CNY about 1951, and died 4-26-1969 in Lyndon.  They had:  Dorothy Muller Kelley, who lived in Machias, ME, Randolph J. Muller, born about 1928, of Fayetteville, and James A. Burnham, Mrs. Muller's son from a previous marriage, who lived in E. Lansing, MI.

Elizabeth Nephew lived on Kittell Rd. by 1942.

Victor F. Nicholson and Kathryn Irene Shetler Nicholson lived at 201 Maple Dr. by 1953.  He was a partner in Pendol Sales, Inc. and died in 1984.  They wed about 1948.  Born in Buffalo on 1-19-1919, she was a graduate of Bryant & Stratton school in that city.  Mrs. Nicholson worked as a secretary for Agway in DeWitt.  She died on 9-17-1998.

Herbert W. Nickerson and Barbara Nickerson lived on Kittell Rd. by 1942.  He was a salesman for the Fellons Gear Shaper Co. of Springfield, VT.

Harold George Nixon and Lois Nixon lived at 215 Hobson Ave. by 1953.  He was born 9-14-1928 and worked as a quality control engineer for the Carrier Corp.  They lived in Hammondsport, NY at his death on 2-1-2007.   They had:   Onalee Nixon Barton, Harold G. Nixon, Jr., Jacquelyn Nixon,  Patricia Nixon Werner,  Cindy Nixon O'Neil, Debbie Nixon Babinicz, and Laurie Nixon Guild.

Dennis E. Nolan and Jeannine LeRoy Nolan lived at 122 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  She was a teacher at Moses-DeWitt school in DeWitt.  He was a design draftsman for the Carrier Corp.  They had:  Angela Nolan.

Charles A. North and Rose Reals North lived at 219 Maple Dr. by 1942.  He was a die caster for the Precision Castings Co.  Mr. North died 7-2-1935.  Mrs. North was born 8-5-1884, and was a life long resident of the Fayetteville area.  She died in Lyndon on 5-9-1971.  Her brother, Fred Reals, lived nearby, (see below).

George E. Novas and Caroline Novas lived at 105 Maple Dr., having moved there in May, 1952.  He was born 4-1-1907, in Poland.  Mrs. Novas was born 5-21-1914.  Mr. Novas retired in 1972 after 30 years as the owner of Square Electric Motor Repair Co.  Mr. and Mrs. Novas lived several years in Syracuse before moving to Florida in 1972.  Mr. Novas died 2-9-1989, in Syracuse, and Mrs. Novas died in FL in January, 1990.  She had a daughter by a previous marriage:  Mary Jane Novas Smith, of Altamonte Springs, FL.    

George E. Paetow and Clare Gurzny Paetow lived at 201 Dewey Ave. by 1942.  Mr. Paetow was born 1-6-1892.  He was a salesman for the Pennsylvania Refining Co. and later worked at the Wide Waters Supply Co.  He was a pilot in the National Guard  and died in Baldwinsville on 4-27-1970.  Mrs. Paetow was born 7-16-1893, and died in Ft. Lauderdale, in April, 1982.  They had:  G. Edward Paetow, Jr., who was born in 1925, was a pilot during WWII, and lived in Fayetteville, and Avon Paetow Cross, a nurse, who wed Burton Cross of Baldwinsville.   

Walter Page lived at 221 Maple Dr. by 1953.  He was born in Switzerland on 12-6-1880.  He was a descendant of what were called, "the original five families."  This was a reference to the five families originally imported from Switzerland to the Fulton area many years ago to begin the production of Nestle chocolate products.  He worked as a milk consultant, and lived in Cazenovia.  Mr. Page died in January, 1971.

George H. Parkhurst and Clara Green Parkhurst lived at 209 Maple Dr. by 1953.  He was retired.

John M. Parslow and Flora Goodfellow Parslow lived at 104 Dewey Ave. by 1942.  Mr. Parslow was widely known in sport circles and was the manager of the Jefferson Bowling Academy.  He died on 8-23-1952, at age 67.  Mrs. Parslow was born 2-7-1887, and died in March, 1983, in Jamesville.  Miss Marion Amy Parslow lived with the couple.  She was a school tax collector.  Miss Parslow, was a native of New Woodstock, and moved  to the Lyndon area as a young girl.  For many years she aided her father, Joseph T. Parslow, in collecting tolls at a toll gate which stood near the site of the former John Milton motel in Lyndon.  After the toll gate was abolished, the house was moved to its present site on Dewey Avenue.  Joseph Parslow died 7-20-1913.  Miss Parslow lived in the family home until her death, at age 87, on 2-10-1962.  John and Flora Parslow had:  Robert Parslow, who lived in Manlius, and Eileen Parslow Sehnert, who lived nearby, (see below).

Charles C. Paul and Hannah Reals Paul lived at 221 Hobson Ave. by 1942.  He was born 12-26-1913.  He worked for the McMillan Book Co. and later was a foreman for the Reals Construction Co., which was owned by his father-in-law, Fred J. Reals.  She was born 6-6-1917, and died in Lyndon on 10-1-1994.  She was a life resident of the Fayetteville area.  Mrs. Paul retired in 1976 from Jamesville-DeWitt Schools as a bus driver. She played spoons for the Eddie Fagan All American Banjo Band.  He died on 2-7-81 in Clermont, FL.  They had:  James F. Paul, a blacksmith and welder at the Carrier Corp., of Lyndon, George L. Paul, of Clay, NY, and Nancy I. Paul, of Lyndon.

Carroll D. Paulson and Lillian Mooney Paulson lived at 209 Kittell by 1946.  He was born 7-2-1899, and was a native of Kalamazoo, MI.  He was a sales representative for the Master-Kraft Co., and, at his retirement in 1963, for the Shaw-Walker Co.  The couple moved in 1935 from Bellevue Ave. in Syracuse to Haddonfield Dr. in DeWitt, and by 1955 they were living on Meadowbrook Dr. in Syracuse.  In 1964 they moved to FL, where Mr. Paulson died on 6-15-1964.  Mrs. Paulson, who was a native of Auburn, returned to CNY, where she died on 11-4-1982. 

Aaron Bradford Pekins and Ella Buher Pekins lived on Hobson Ave. by 1942.  Mr. Pekins was a mail carrier working from the Syracuse post office.  He was born on 5-19-1909, and served in the USN.  Mrs. Pekins was born 5-30-1910, in Adams, MA, and moved to Albany as a young girl.  She lived in Albany most of her life.  Mrs. Pekins was employed as a waitress at the Sturbridge Village restaurant in MA.  During World War II, she was employed by General Electric as an assembly worker.  It was probably during this period that the couple lived in Lyndon, and they are believed to have divorced about this time.  She returned to the Albany area, and died there on 1-9-1994.  Mr. Pekins worked in Syracuse for the Hiram Walker Co.  He married Elva Rose Pekins, and retired to Jacksonville, FL, where he died on 10-22-1979.  Elva Pekins died in February, 1986.  Aaron and Ella Pekins had:  Richard F. Pekins, of Albany.  Aaron and Elva Pekins had:  Thomas Pekins, of Orlando, and John Pekins, of Tallahassee.

E. Ross Perkins and Clara Hernden Perkins lived on Kittell Rd. by 1953.  He was retired, and died in July, 1953.

Edson Q. Perkins and Bernice "Bunny" Jack Perkins lived at 202 Hobson Ave. by 1960.  Mr. Perkins was born 10-29-1921,  in Syracuse, and spent most of his life in upstate New York.  He joined the Marines after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and served in the Pacific Theatre in the Solomon Islands campaign.  Mr. Perkins was wounded at Guadalcanal and again at New Britain.  After the war he attended Paul Smith College in the New York Adirondacks. The couple wed in 1950, and Mr. Perkins worked for the Nationwide Insurance Company as a claims examiner.  After 33 years with Nationwide he retired to Orlando in 1984, where he died on 10-16-2006. Mrs. Perkins, a native of Corning, NY, was born on 1-24-1928, and was very active in Christian education programs.  She died in Orlando on 11-24-1984.  Mr. Perkins was married to Janice Maraghy Hughs from 1987 to 1993.  Edson and Bernice Perkins had:  Deborah Perkins Barbour, who lived in Chittenango, Jennifer Perkins Faulk, who lived in Bakersfield, CA, and Gretchen Perkins-Cochrane, of Liverpool.

Lewis Clark Pike and Ruth Colburn Pike lived at 206 Maple Dr. by 1960.  He was a native of Greece, NY, and was born 1-9-1903.  He attended Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, before coming to the Syracuse area where he resided for many years. before retiring to Zephyrhills, FL.  In Lyndon he worked as a salesman for the Onondaga Dairy Supply Co. and as sales and service supervisor for the Wyandotte Chemical Corp.  Mrs. Pike is believed to have died about 1979 in FL.  Mr. Pike later wed Jean Pike.  He died in FL on 8-19-1992.   Jean Pike is believed to have died 8-12-2001.  Lewis and Ruth Pike had:  Roberta Wheeler of Elizabethton, TN.

Francis Albert Porter and Isabel Harkness Porter lived at 223 Maple Dr. by 1960.  He was born in 1901 and was a superintendent for the Ross Smelting Co.  The couple later moved to Orleans County, NY, where he died on 12-15-1981, and she died 2-27-1985.

Leslie Potter and Helen Potter lived at 121 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  He was a caretaker.

Ferdinand Ransom and Addie Brown Ransom lived at 209 Kittell Rd. by 1954.  Mrs. Ransom was a native of Cranbury, NJ.  Mr. Ransom was born in Chazy, NY, on 2-24-1892, and served in the army during WWI.  He was a central office supervisor for  the NY Telephone Co. in NYC for 41 years, before moving to Lyndon about 1953.
Mrs. Ransom died  3-2-1962.  Mr. Ransom died 1-12-1969.  They had:  Benjamin P. Ransom, who was a graduate of RPI, wed Shirley Kidder, a pianist, in 1956, was an engineer for General Electric, and lived in Holland Patent, NY.

Roy Rasmussen lived on Dewey Ave. by 1951.

Anna F. Reals lived at 215 Hobson Ave. by 1960.  She was the widow of Clarence Reals, who died on 8-11-1948. Mrs. Reals, a native of Jamesville, was born 4-5-1909, and came to Lyndon about 1956. She died 11-12-1997.  They had:  Howard L. Reals, of Jamesville, Lawrence Reals, who wed Virginia M. Reals, and lived in East Syracuse before his death on 6-4-1983, David W. Reals, of East Syracuse, and Brigadier General Gail M. Reals of Arlington, VA.  General Reals was born 9-1-1935 in Syracuse, and has the distinction of being the first woman general in the Marine Corps and the first female base commander in the Corps. 

Fred J. Reals and Cora Elliott Reals lived on Miles Ave. by 1942, and later lived at  219 Hobson Ave.  He was a contractor.  A native of Fayetteville, Mr. Reals was a pony fancier and a life member of the Shetland Pony Club. Their daughter, Hannah Reals, married Charles Paul and also lived on Hobson Ave. (see above).  Mrs. Reals was born 10-10-1897, and was a native and life-long resident of Fayetteville.  She died at home in Lyndon on 5-17-1975.  He was born 5-8-1894, and died on 2-22-1975, at his winter home in Clermont, FL.

Irving H. Reals lived at 208  Maple Dr. by 1953.  He was a truck driver for the Town of DeWitt, and the brother of Fred J. Reals who lived nearby (see above.)  Their sister, Clara Reals Neuser, the widow of Otto A, Neuser,  also lived nearby--at 728 Maple Dr.--until her death on 8-26-1963.

James E. Reals and Mary O'Neill Reals lived on Hobson Ave. by about 1936.  The couple wed on 11-23-1902.  Before moving to Lyndon he was employed by the H. H. Franklin Motor Co. as a foreman.  Later, he worked in the stock room at the Precision Castings Co. in Fayetteville.  Several of his siblings, including Fred J. Reals, lived nearby (see above).  Mr. Reals died on 11-23-49, his 47th wedding anniversary.  They had:  a daughter who wed Francis J. Hogan and a son, Francis J. Reals, both of Syracuse. 

William Reid and Barbara F. Reid lived at 103 Olympia Ave. by 1942.  He was a landscape gardener for Syracuse University.  They had:  Douglas Reid, (see below), and Alice C. Reid, who was a stenographer for the Burns Brothers plumbing firm.

Douglas McCaull Reid and Charlotte Reid lived at 105 Olympia Ave.  He lived at home with his parents on Olympia by 1942 but by 1953 had married and formed his own family.  He was a foreman for Bristol Labs.  They had:  Karen Reid and Douglas Reid.

Fred E. Reynolds and Mabel Jones Reynolds lived at 203 Maple Dr. by 1960.  He was born in Farmington, NY, and retired in 1977 after more than 50 years as an engineer with the New York Central railroad.  Mr. Reynolds died 7-11-1999, in Clifton Springs, at age 92.

David K. Richards and Mary Richards lived at 118 Dewey Ave. by 1953.  He worked for the Sargent, Webster, Crenshaw and Folley architectural firm.

Ward J. Richards and Mary Richards lived at 203 Kittell Rd. by 1951  He may have been born on 5-1-1909.  He was a restaurant chef.  They probably separated in September, 1951.  They had Georgiann Richards, and Margaret Spadter, (see below).

Ann E. Rohman lived on Miles Ave. Ext.  by 1942, and later lived at 219 Hobson Ave.  She was a native of Yorkvllle, and resided in Fayetteville and the Town of DeWitt since 1931.  Mrs. Rohman died on 5-13-1969.
Mrs. Rohman had been married to Arthur W. Rohman of Whiteboro, NY, who survived her.

Charles T. Rose and Rutha Larkin Rose lived at 111 Hobson Ave., arriving there in 1952.  Mr. Rose was a native of Syracuse and was born in 1908.  He worked as a sprayer for the U. S. Hoffman Corp. and retired in 1973 after 42 years of service.  Mrs. Rose was born in Adams, NY, in 1909.  She worked at  the DeWitt Dry Cleaners.  Mrs. Rose's mother, Lillian Franklin Larkin, a native of Henderson, NY, lived with the family from 1957 until her death on 8-8-1965.  Mrs. Rutha Rose died in 1972, and Mr. Rose later married Leona Doris Rose.  He was residing in Minoa when he died on 2-16-1995, at age 87.  Charles and Rutha Rose had:  Theodore F. Rose, who was born 5-7-1928, was a veteran of the Korean conflict, wed Lois Mae Mosher in 1953, and resided in Minoa before his death on 9-23-2006, Robert R. Rose of Rochester, NY, and Richard Daniel Rose, who wed Camille Louise Sforza in 1966, owned a transmission repair business, and died on 2-20-1994, of complications following a lung transplant.

Luman H. Rounds and Hazel Rounds lived on Hobson Ave. by 1942.  Mr. Rounds was born 6-25-1900.  He was previously married to Doris Bajus Rounds, who died 3-5-1941.  He was a self-employed salesman, and later was a foreman at the General Electric Co.  Mr. Rounds died in Kirkville on 11-8-1967.  Luman and Doris Rounds had:  Doris Virginia Rounds, who married Malcolm Heffernan of Manlius, on 5-17-1952.  Luman and Hazel Rounds had:  Patricia Rounds, who wed David J. Smith in 1968, Rev. Roger C. Rounds, Bruce Rounds, of Kirkville, and Joseph Rounds, also of Kirkville.

George D. Ruby and Miriam Kinne Ruby lived on Kittell Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Ruby was a native of Oneida. He was a 1934 cum laude graduate of Syracuse University and a 1936 graduate of their College of Law.  Mr. Ruby was a lawyer with the Costello, Cooney and Fearon law firm in Syracuse from 1936 to 1943, and was legal counsel from 1943 to 1945 for Pass & Seymour Manufacturing Co.  He retired in 1971 as general counsel, director and vice president of the international division of Jantzen Inc. in Portland, Ore.  Mr. Ruby was born on 11-4-1911, and died in Sun City, AZ on 3-26-1994.  Mrs. Ruby still resides in AZ.  They had:  Marcia R. Douglas of Portland, OR, and Marie W. Ruby of Seattle.

Stephen Ruscito and June Warner Ruscito lived at 205 Dewey Ave. by 1953, and later at 110 Kittell Rd.  He was born 9-11-1913, and was a native of Utica.  Mr. Ruscito was with the Army Air Corps during World War II.  He lived in the Syracuse area for 60 years, and had worked for Syracuse China Inc. for 45 years before retiring in 1979.   Mr. Ruscito died 7-29-1987.  Mrs. Ruscito was born 5-4-1917, and was living in Beverly Hills, FL, at her death on 10-24-2004.  Mrs. Ruscito was married previously to Clifford "Kip" Crofoot, who died 1-9-1977.  She and Mr. Crofoot had:  Ronald Crofoot and John H. Crofoot, of Fayetteville.  Mr. and Mrs. Ruscito had: Steven P. Ruscito of Lake Placid.

Allison "Allis" Durston Sanford lived at 215  Maple Dr. by 1953.  She was the widow of Charles Hamilton Sanford, the president of the Syracuse Trust Co bank.  Mrs. Sanford was a native of Syracuse and was active in many civic causes.  She died on 3-19-1961.  They had:  Durston "Joe" Sanford, who was born 4-1-1902, was a graduate of the Hotchkiss School, wed Doris Sanford, was president of Sanford Fire Apparatus Corp, and died on 1-27-1989, Charles H. Sanford, Jr., who was born 1-9-1907, and lived in Southport, CT, until his death on 7-12-2001, and Adele H. Sanford who was born 5-25-1908, and died in Southport on 7-28-1996.

Robert H. Schermerhorn and Carole June Beehner Schermerhorn lived at 118 Kittell Rd. by 1953.  He was born 4-30-1919, and was an Army intelligence officer in Europe during World War II.  Mr. Schermerhorn was a life resident of the Fayetteville-Manlius area.  He owned Schermerhorn Electronics and Spruce Brook Farms, a Christmas tree farm in Manlius.  Mr. Schermerhorn died on 4-23-1995.  Mrs. Schermerhorn probably lives now in Cicero.  They had:  Robert Schermerhorn, Jr., of Fulton, and Craig B. Schermerhorn, of Cicero.

Edward W. Schwarz and Shirlee Citrenbaum Schwarz lived at 111 Maple Dr. by 1960.  Mrs. Schwartz is the owner of Library Consulting Services.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1956 and  Wayne State University, with an MLS degree in 1971.  Mr. Schwarz was a salesman for IBM. They live now in Westport, CT  They had:  Thomas Schwarz, and Carolyn Schwarz Tisdale. 

Eddy D. Seaman and Jennie Seaman lived 121 Dewey Ave. by 1955.  He worked for the Sturdy Dog Food Co.

Robert W. Sehnert and Eileen Parslow Sehnert lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942.  Mr. Sehnert was a native of Buffalo and was born 5-12-1916.  He was the assistant manager of Jack Lord's in Syracuse, and later was an accountant for the Atlantic Tug and Equipment Co.  He retired in 1982 as manager of special audits after 30 years with the SCM Corp.  He was living at 4301 Timothy Drive, Jamesville, when he died on 8-18-1996.  Mrs. Sehnert still resides in Jamesville.  They had:  J. Stephen Sehnert, who lives in Baldwinsville and has a surveying firm, Gretchen Sehnert Dann, and Jill Sehnert Henry, both of Jamesville.

Charles Julius Seidel and Elizabeth "Bessie" Stewart Seidel lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  Mr. Seidel was born 4-9-1908, and was a native of Castorland, NY.  He was a mechanical engineer and a sales manager for the U. S. Hoffman Corp.  He also worked for the Prosperity Co.  Later he owned the United Machinery Co.  Mr. Seidel  died in Syracuse on 11-10-1978.  Mrs. Seidel was born 2-11-1912, and died on 12-13-1981, in Syracuse.  She was a real estate agent., and a life resident of the  Syracuse area.  They had:  Janet Seidel Lannon, of Cream Ridge, NJ,  Charles Seidel, Jr., who was born 1-9-1934, and died in Flint, MI, on 4-6-2006, Gene O. Seidel, who lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Frederick A. Seidel, who died before 1997, John A.  Seidel, who was a mechanic for Syracuse Diesel & Electric, and lived in Syracuse until his death on 11-13-1997, and Henry S. Seidel, of North Syracuse.

Clark T. Shields and Ruth Shields lived on Maple Dr. by about 1950.  He was a sales engineer with the Carrier Corp. He was born 8-4-1914 and died 3-18-1989.  They had:  Lynda Shields Scofield, who owns a lighting manufacturing company, and lives in Williamstown, MA, and Phyllis Shields.

Walter G. Slagle, Jr., and Patricia Prucha Slagle lived at 106 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  He was born about 1925 and was the co-owner of Slagle Bros.  Later he was a manager for the Avis rental car company.  Mrs. Slagle is probably residing now in Venice, FL.  They had:  Peter Slagle, Mark Slagle, James Slagle, and Paul Slagle.

Rev. R. Emory Smith, Jr. and Barbara Smith lived at 219 Hobson Ave. by 1955.  He was the parish minister at the DeWitt Community Church, and later was the pastor at Rockefeller Memorial Church in Syracuse. The family subsequently lived in DeWitt.  They had:  Beverly Smith, Janet Smith, and Marcia Smith.

John Sova lived on Miles Ave. by 1942.  He was retired.

Margaret Spadter lived at 102 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  She was a hairdresser at Flah's store in Shoppingtown, DeWitt.  She had been married to Stephen Panchison in 1950.

Omar Norman Spain and Nancy Willis Spain lived at 101 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  He was born 5-2-1913 and was a native of KY.  Mr. Spain was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, class of 1935, and RPI.  He was a retired  Commander with the USN reserves.  Before coming to Syracuse, Mr. Spain was facilities manager of the Stanford Research Center in Palo Alto, CA.  In Syracuse, Mr. Spain became the general manager of the Pass & Seymour Co.  He died on 8-17-1967, while residing in Skaneateles.  They had:  a daughter who wed Richard N. Collins of San Jose, CA, John O. Spain, Thomas W. Spain, James S. Spain, and Norman M. Spain.

Harry E. Stafford and Kathryn Stafford lived at the corner of Hobson and Dewey Aves. by 1942.  He worked as a foreman for the Precision Castings Co.  They had:  Raymond H. "Jerry" Stafford, born in 1924, and awarded the Bronze Star for his service in WWII.

Joseph G. Stafford and Frances Stafford lived on Maple Dr. by 1954.  He was a dairy serviceman for the Dietrich Supply Co.  They had:  Jane Stafford and Joseph Stafford, Jr.

Harvey Steinman and Leda Steinman lived at 200 Kittell Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Steinman was born 11-21-1921, and worked for the Sundure Paint Corp.  Mrs. Steinman was born 12-19-1923.  The couple later lived in the Rochester area, where Mrs. Steinman died on 11-7-1992, and Mr. Steinman died on 1-7-1998.  They had:  Mark Steinman, and Charles D. Steinman, who graduated from law school at Syracuse University in 1974, and is an attorney living in Fairport, NY.

Howard V. Swartz and Olive Eddy Croucher Swartz lived on Maple Dr. by 1946.  Mr. Swartz graduated in 1913 from the University of Florida.  He then served in WWI with the Army's Air Service.  Mr. Swartz was a Certified Public Accountant.  Mrs. Swartz was born 7-10-1892, and was a native of Wilmington, DE.  She graduated from Wellesley College in 1914, and died on 10-28-1995, while residing in Murrysville, PA.  She was 103.  They had:  Ann Reed Swartz, who graduated from Columbia University with a degree in architecture, married Dr. Richard H. Wiswall, a chemist, in 1946, and lived in Mt. Sinai, NY, a daughter who married A. Jefferson Penfield, of NYC, and John C. Swartz, who lived in Pittsburgh.

Earl L. Swetman and Doris Swetman lived on Kittell Rd. by 1942.  He served in WWII and was the grocery manager for the A&P store at 225 E. Fayette St. in Syracuse.

William D. Tarbet and Mary Amato Tarbet lived at 216 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  He was a native of TX and was born 1-1-1926.  Mr. Tarbet was a USN veteran of WWII and came to the Syracuse area following the War.  Mr. Tarbet was president of Mica Distributors Inc., of 215 4th North Street, for 35 years.  He died on 8-30-1985.  Mrs. Tarbet is believed to be residing now in W. Palm Beach, FL.  They had:  William Tarbet, Jr., who wed Ann M. Tarbet and lived in Manlius, and Karen E. Tarbet, who lives in Liverpool.

Culver Dawson Taylor and Mary Allen Taylor lived at 203 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1952.  He was a manufacturers representative and is now  the president of C. D. Taylor Associates. The couple moved to 33 Ely Dr. in Lyndon.  They had:  Douglas Taylor, and Susan Taylor.

Evert J. Thompson and Helen Koford Thompson lived at the corner of Dewey Ave. and Genesee St. by 1952.  They later moved to 174 Canterbury Dr. in DeWitt.  Mr. Thompson was born in Albany on 7-10-1907.  Mrs. Thompson was a graduate of the Syracuse University College of Fine Arts.  In 1952 they operated the Kountry Kitchen diner at the corner of Dewey Ave. and Genesee St.  Mr. Thompson later became the school lunch manager for the Jamesville-DeWitt school district.  During the 1960's, Mrs. Thompson was manager of the cafeteria at Christian Brothers Academy in DeWitt.  Mr. Thompson died on 6-26-1972.  Mrs. Thompson was a life resident of the Syracuse area and lived on  Salt Springs Rd. in Fayetteville before moving to Spruce Pine, NC, where she died on 11-7-1990.  They had: John J. Thompson, of Spruce Pine.

John K. Thompson and Phyliss Thompson lived at 111 Maple Dr. by 1955.  He worked at Precision Castings . They had a son, William Thompson.

Theodore E. Thuma and Genevieve Eastman Thuma lived at 217 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  He was an engineer at the General Electric Co.  They still live in Lyndon  They had:  Holly Thuma, and Judy Thuma. 

Leon R. Tily and Joyce Parks Tily lived on Miles Ave. by 1955.  He worked for the Evans Dairy Co.  They live now in Jamesville.

Alfred C. Todd and Mardelle Cutler Todd lived at 110 Kittell Rd. by 1960, having lived at 205 Butternut Dr. in DeWitt Acres in the mid 1950's.  Later they lived in Tully, NY, and now live in McCormick, SC.  Mr. Todd was an insurance underwriter, and later worked as a salesman for the J. C. Penney Co.  They had:  Ann Todd, and Alfred Todd, born in August, 1955.     

Arthur V. Todd and Grace Eddy Todd lived at 216 Hobson Ave. by 1942.  They later moved to Woodchuck Hill Rd.  He worked for the Dietrich Supply Co.  Mr. Todd was born on 9-12-1914, and died in LA county, CA on 8-5-1995.  They had:  Gary Todd, and Stephen Todd..

Emil Philip Traynor and Mary G.Traynor lived at 109 Hobson Ave. by the late 1940's.  Mr. Traynor was born in Syracuse about 1914. He was earlier married to Doreta Mae Chapman.  They divorced about 1940 and Mr. Traynor wed Mary Traynor.  The first Mrs. Traynor lived in Manlius and then moved to Winter Garden, FL, where she died, at age 96, on 3-16-2007.  Mr. Traynor was with the Continental Can Co. for 45 years, where he was a senior staff production engineer and an international trouble shooter for Mexico and South America.  Mr. Traynor was an avid boatman and moved to Florida in 1977, from Midland Park, NJ.  He died  1-19-1991, and Mrs. Mary Traynor lives now in St. Petersburg,  Mr. Traynor and Doreta Traynor had:  Philip Charles Traynor, who was born 8-15-1938, and died on 3-18-2006, in Saint Petersburg.  Mr. Traynor and Mary Traynor had:  Mary Gail Traynor Salmond, who resided in Mt. Dora, FL, at her death on 3-27-2001, Barbara Traynor, who wed Arthur Snyder, and Eileen Pamela Traynor Zahn, of Maynard, MA. 

Charles J. Turcot and Clementine Hemmer Turcot  lived at 109 Maple Dr. He was born in Montreal and was in the investment business 40 years--20 of those years with Reynolds and Co.  Mr. Turcote died 1-19-1957.  Mrs. Turcot, a native of Syracuse, had moved to Bayberry in Liverpool when she died on 3-8-1965.  They had:  Mary Margaret Turcot, who wed Stanley P. Stark on 6-19-1954, and James Turcot, who died about 1960.

Raymond F. Tuttle and Ruth Whiting Tuttle lived at 110 Hobson Ave. by 1942, and later moved to 116 Maple Dr. He was born 3-21-1905, in Manlius. They wed in August, 1936, and her family lived nearby, (see below).  Mr. Tuttle retired in 1967 after 40 years at Syracuse China, where he was a foreman.  Mr. Tuttle died 4-10-2001, at age 96. Mrs. Tuttle retired as a teacher for the  Fayetteville-Manlius school district.  She died 3-2-1995.  They had:  Charles W. Tuttle, of Canandaigua, and Barbara Tuttle Rosenberg, who wed Ronald W. Rosenberg of Camillus, was a graduate of SUNY Morrisville, and died 10-25-1998.

Seymour H. Tuttle and Elizabeth J. Tuttle lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942.  A native of McConnellsville, Mr. Tuttle was born 11-11-1912, and lived in Syracuse 62 years.  Mr. Tuttle served as a glider trooper with the Army's 17th Airborne Division during World War II.  He was a member of the 17th Airborne Division.  Mr. Tuttle drove a milk truck for the Netherland Dairy for 30 years, and he retired from the Eagan real estate firm in 1980, after 12 years of service.  He died 7-15-1992, in Syracuse. 

Edward T. Tyrrell and Margaret Langan Tyrrell lived at 101 Maple Dr. by 1960.  A native of New York City,
Mr. Tyrrell lived in the Syracuse area for 18 years.  He was chief clerk of the felony court in New York City for 40 years 'before his retirement,  He died 7-9-65.  Mrs. Tyrrell was born in NYC on 9-21-1891.  She lived in the Syracuse area for 24 years before her death on 2-15-1971.  They had:  a daughter who wed Peter Muserlian.

Robert J. Underwood and Mary Taylor Underwood lived on Maple Dr. by 1953.  He was a salesman for the International Harvester Co.  He was born  about 1918 and died 1-10-1969, while living at 107 Valerie Circle, in Fayetteville.  They had:  Robert Underwood, Jr., and William P. Underwood.

Arthur J. Van Alstine and Emily Warner Van Alstine lived at 112 Kittell Rd. by 1942.  He was a self-employed builder.  Mr. Van Alstine died 1-8-1951, and Mrs. Van Alstine died 12-21-1965 . They had:  Arthur L. Van Alstine, (see below).

Arthur L. Van Alstine and Eleanor Van Alstine lived 112 Kittell Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Van Alstine was born on 9-1-1912.  He was an accountant and office manager for the New Process Gear Corp.  They moved later to Naples, FL, where Mr. Van Alstine died on 1-26-2003, and Mrs. Van Alstine still resides.  They had:  Richard J. Van Alstine, who graduated from Cornell University in 1972.

Lawrence A. Van Alstyne and Mary Kelley Van Alstyne lived at 218 Hobson Ave. by 1942, and later moved to 318 Edwards Dr. in Lyndon.  Mr. Van Alstyne was born 2-3-1901, in Sackets Harbor.  He was a graduate of Syracuse University.  Mr. Van Alstyne was district sales manager for the Murray Co., and served as host of the Sportsman's Roundtable program on WSYR radio.  He was section chief of the National Ski Patrol and coach of Syracuse University's ski team.  Mr. Van Alstyne died on 4-18-1998.  Mrs. Van Alstyne was a nurse, and still resides in Lyndon.  They had: Lawrence A. Van Alstyne, who is an artist, and lives in Skaneateles, and Kathleen Mary Van Alstyne, who wed Michael Bronner in 1967.

Thomas R. Venditti and Ethel Hliwa Venditti lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  Mr. Venditti was a life resident of the
Syracuse area, and by 1960 the couple had moved to 327 Edwards Dr. in Lyndon.   The couple wed on 9-7-1941.  Mr. Venditti served in the US Navy and the Marine Corps during WWII.  He was the operator of a grill at 737 Butternut St. in Syracuse.  Then he was a self-employed builder and a master craftsman for 50 years.  The family later moved to Manlius where Mr. Venditti died on 8-12-1997, and Mrs. Venditti yet resides. They had:  Thomas Venditti, Jr., who wed Chen Venditti, and lives in St. Petersburg, FL, Richard W. Venditti, who married Martha Venditti, and lives in Fabius, Bradley J. Venditti, who wed Heather Venditti, and lives in Georgetown, NY, Laurie Ann Venditti, of Manlius, James G. Venditti, who wed Virginia Sterritt Venditti, and resided in Boulder, CO, before his death in an auto accident on 10-23-1976, and Kimberly S. Venditti, of Manlius.    

Harry M. Wallace and Frances Shapiro Wallace lived at 202 Kittell Rd. by 1953.  He was born 9-8-1913, and was a graduate of Syracuse University in 1939.  Mr. Wallace was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  He retired in 1974 from the U.S. Postal Service as head accountant.  He died on 9-25-1987, and Mrs. Wallace still resides in Lyndon.

Warren Richard Wallace and Virginia K. Wallace lived at 105 Kittell Rd. by 1942.  The couple also lived at 210 Wellington Rd. in the Dewittshire section of DeWitt  before 1942. They married in 1921, and he was a stock and bond broker with offices in the State Tower building in Syracuse.  Mrs. Wallace died 1-20-1952.  Miss Fannie Gilbert worked for the family as a live-in domestic by 1960.

James M. Walton and Mary Peg Bryson Walton lived at 115 Kittell Rd.  He was the assistant plant manager for the Crucible Steel Corp.  He lives now at the Nottingham.  They had:  Sue Ann Walton, Barbara Walton, and William Walton.

Jack A. Wander and Gene Schwartz Wander lived at 115 Maple Dr. by 1955.  A native of Buffalo, Mr. Wander was an Army veteran of World War II.  He lived in the Syracuse area for 50 years and was the sales manager for the M. Goldberg Furniture Co. before moving to Zephyrhills, FL.  Mr. Wander  died 4-1-1994, in Tampa.  Mrs. Wander was born 4-10-1922, and worked at the Youthtown store.  She died in FL, on 10-1-2003.  Sari Leibson Schwartz, the widowed mother of Mrs. Wander, lived with the family.  She was born 3-24-1892, and died on 4-15-1971.  She was probably the widow of Leon R. Schwartz.  Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz had:  Stephen Schwartz of Albuquerque, James Schwartz, who lived in Denver, and Terri Schwartz Warren of St. Augustine.

Walter B. Wasson and Iris Wasson lived at 104 Kittell Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Wasson was born 6-26-1910, and Mrs. Wasson was born 8-26-1912.  He was the district sales manager for the American Phenolic Corp.  They moved to Sarasota, FL where Mr. Wasson died on 3-10-1988, and Mrs. Wasson died 7-6-2004.  They had Gail Wasson Osborne, and Gene Boyd Wasson, a real estate agent, and both live in Sarasota.

Curtis D. Waters and Ann Waters lived at 200 Miles Ave. by 1953.  He was a carpenter and builder.  They had:  David Waters, Edward Waters, Patricia Waters, and Colleen Waters. 

Moses M. Waters and Kittie Ackerman Waters lived at 203 Hobson Ave. by 1953.  They later lived at 116 Dewey Ave.  Born in Fabius, Mr. Waters lived in the Fayetteville-DeWitt area for many years.  He was a real estate salesman.  Mr. Waters served as justice of the peace and town assessor in DeWitt for seven years.  Mr. Waters, had also been DeWitt town supervisor for four years and superintendent of Jamesville Penitentiary for three years.  He died 1-2-1971.  Mrs. Waters was a native of Manlius but lived more than 50 years in Lyndon.  She died 7-13-1969, at age 85.

Robert O. Waters and Muriel Zahale Waters lived at 116 Maple Dr. by 1953.  Mrs. Waters was born 2-20-1914, and  earned a certificate in nursing from Syracuse University in 1935.  Mr. Waters was a builder with the J. R. Clark firm, and later became a general insurance broker.  Mr. Waters died 9-6-1980.  Mrs. Waters later lived at 116 Dewey Ave.  She died on 4-25-2000.  They had:  Michael S. Waters who earned an MPA from Syracuse University, retired as fire coordinator for Onondaga County, and lives in Fayetteville, Robert C. Waters,  Mary Waters, John Waters, and Linda Waters.

Frank J. Wengen and Dorothy Hupkes Wengen lived at 106 Hobson Ave. by 1953.  Mr. Wengen was born 9-30-1905.  He worked in the shipping department at the Crouse -Hinds Co., and later was a private chauffeur for W. L. Hinds.  Mr. Wengen died in December, 1988, while residing in Jersey Shore, PA.  Mrs. Wengen was born 7-22-1895, and died in PA on 8-24-1988. 

Bradford D. West and Lydia True West lived at 110 Hobson Ave. by 1953.  Mr. West was  a native of Richmond, MA, and was born 8-23-1913.  Mr. West moved to the Syracuse area in 1925.  He retired in 1984 after more than 50 years as a beauty shop owner and operator.  For many years, his shop was located downtown in the Seitz Building.  After his retirement, Mr. West studied music at Onondaga Community College.  He died 7-23-1990.  Mrs. West later wed Will La Fond.  He is now deceased and she lives in Moraga, CA.  Bradford and Lydia West had:  Charles L. West, who is a retired guidance counselor, and lives in Henderson Harbor, NY, and Las Cruces, NM, Bradford West, Jr., of Gaithersburg, MD, and Christine Deane, who lives in Lafayette, CA.

Paul T. Wheeler and Clydine Palmer Wheeler lived at 110 Hobson Ave. by 1955, and by 1957 they lived at 600 Maple Dr.  Still later they moved to 10 Drovers Lane in DeWitt Acres.  Mr. Wheeler was the chief blaster at the Solvay Process. Co.  Mrs. Wheeler later married James Robb and they moved to FL about 1979.  Mr. Robb died in North Port, FL, on 8-22-2000 at age 85.  Clydine Robb, who was born 10-12-1921, died 3-18-2002, in North Point.  Paul and Clydine Wheeler had:  Paul H. Wheeler of Parkton, MD, born 6-28-1953, and a daughter who was born 10-3-57.

Charles E. Whelan and Helen Bushan Whelan lived at 106 Dewey Ave. by 1953.  He was a welder for the Lamson Corp. before his death on 2-25-1953.  Mrs. Whelan, a native of Claire, died 1-27-1964.  She had resided in Syracuse more than 40 years before moving to Skaneateles in 1953.  She had a son:  Oscar J. "Bud" Chase of Skaneateles

George Wesley Whiting and Grace Hemmings Whiting lived at 116 Maple Dr. by 1942.  They were wed 10-6-1897.  Mr. Whiting was employed by Burhans and Black, a wholesale hardware dealer.  He died 10-24-1954. Mrs. Whiting died 11-8-1951.  They had:  Ruth Whiting, who married  Raymond F. Tuttle in August, 1936, and lived nearby, (see above).

Miss Harriet "Hattie" L. Whitmore lived at the corner of Maple Dr. and E. Genesee St. by 1942.  She operated a tourist home from this address.

Ralph Williams and Bessie Williams lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942.  He was a carpenter for the Sturdy Dog Food Co, and she was a Registered Nurse.

Charles A. Yaffie and Beverly Grey Yaffie lived at 104 Olympia Ave. by 1953. Mrs. Yaffie was born 5-16-1925, in the Town of Granby and resided in Fayetteville for over 58 years. She was a graduate of Fulton high school and CCBI.  As a bookkeeper she worked at Drenen Steel Products, Kirby Bennett Corp, Liquor Square, and Franklin Properties.  She died 11-26-2003.  Mr. Yaffie was born 8-27-1918 and was a life time resident of Syracuse and Fayetteville.  He was a graduate of Central high school in Syracuse, and was a precision tool and die maker for the Knise and Krick Company.  Mr. Yaffie died on 3-29-2006.  They had:  Charles Yaffie, Jr., who married Christy Yaffie, and lives in Walworth, NY, Irving Yaffie, who wed Audrey Yaffie, and lives in  Ocean Grove, NJ, and Jay Yaffie of Fayetteville, NY.

Alfred Louis Zwiesler and Beulah Monica Zwiesler lived at 113 Maple Dr. by the late 1940's.  Mr. Zwiesler was born 5-19-1912, and was a native of Cincinnati, OH.  He was a representative for the N. A. Sign Co. in the early 1950's but retired after many years with Ott Industrial Painting, Liverpool.  He was an avid hunter and fisherman, and died in Lyndon on 12-7-1997.  Mrs. Zwiesler, was a native of Potsdam, and died on 7-24-1994.  They had:  Alfred Zwiesler, Jr., who was born 1-16-1946, wed Maria Zwiesler, owned Fremont Auto Service, and died on 8-2-2005, and David J. Zwiesler, of Las Vegas.


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