The community of Lyndon is located between DeWitt and Fayetteville, NY.   It was a sleepy, rural, area until about 80 years ago when the eastward growth of Syracuse gradually began changing Lyndon into a middle and upper class suburban neighborhood.  Road improvements, particularly the widening and extension of Erie Boulevard to its intersection with East Genesee St. in DeWitt, meant that the commute time from downtown Syracuse to Lyndon decreased, making the area more attractive for residential development.  Soon working farms were sold to real estate developers who subdivided them into home sites.  About this same time, the building of two golf courses, including one with a country club, and the development of various small commercial enterprises (motels, gas stations, a diner, etc.) along Genesee St. brought further changes to Lyndon's rustic character.

In most neighborhoods, during this era, the public school was the focus of community activity.  So it was in Lyndon, where the two room brick school built in 1875 served the education needs of generations of children and also served as a meeting place for their parents.  Although the building has not been used as a school for over 50 years it still stands just west of the intersection of Genesee St. and Highbridge Rd.  I have published the names of students, and photographs of many of the last classes at this old school.  Click here to view them

For a number of years I have maintained an online alumni directory for Jamesville-DeWitt school.  It provides current information about members of J-D's first ten classes (1955 to 1964).  In the course of compiling this data, I have consulted old newspapers, directories, school yearbooks, government records, and various other sources.  In locating my former classmates, I have come across information about their families and others who resided in DeWitt and Lyndon during the mid-1940's and 1950's.  This post-War era roughly coincided with a period of rapid change when Lyndon was undergoing the transition from a rural to a suburban community.  Many of the newcomers to Lyndon were typical of other upwardly mobile suburbanites across the country in that they moved frequently in the course of pursuing their careers. 

With the thought that future family historians and genealogists might find this information of interest, and with an understanding that there is a limited, and diminishing, time frame beyond which the data is unlikely to be preserved, I decided to make an effort to compile and post the information that is currently available about Lyndon residents in the Post-War era.  

In general, Lyndon can be thought of as the area from the Town of DeWitt line on the east to the end of the Genesee Highlands on the west, and from the Maple Dr. ridge on the south to the Erie Canal on the north.  While the lines of demarcation were not always precise, there were several distinct neighborhoods in Lyndon in the 1950's:  DeWitt Park, the Edwards-Ely Tract, Knollwood, Lyndon Trailer Park, and Lynacres.  In addition to these defined areas there are homes along Lyndon Rd., Highbridge Rd., outer Maple Dr. and E. Genesee St., which are clearly in Lyndon, and are therefore included in the registry below.  A brief outline of each neighborhood is presented below, but the reader who is interested in a fuller history and description is referred to the links above.  (I have also completed similar registries for the early residents of Fayetteville, and for the Dewittshire, and DeWitt Acres neighborhoods in nearby DeWitt.  People in these areas, and other residents of DeWitt, are all included in a new DeWitt Registry.)

Although the terms are little used today, the neighborhood around the intersection of Maple Dr. and Genesee St. in Lyndon, was once referred to as, "DeWitt Park," or, "the Genesee Highlands."  The reference to "highlands" was appropriate because this neighborhood sits on the first high ground east of where Butternut Creek cuts across Genesee St.  The first published references to this area occurred about 80 years ago, but most of the homes built there were constructed about 60 years ago--probably in response to the post-War housing shortage.

The Edwards-Ely Tract, which is sometimes called Lyndonlea, consists of two parallel, dead-end  streets which run north from E. Genesee St., just west of the old Lyndon School.  It was, for about a century, partly the property of the Edwards family.   Descendants of this pioneer family lived in Lyndon for more than 160 years, and the street that bears their name was once the Edwards' family corn field.  Ely Dr. derives it name from Charles P. Ely, and his wife, Sarah Ely.  Their farm home was also on Genesee St., and, about 1942, they joined their neighbors, the Edwards, in selling their property for development.

The Knollwood section consists of several short streets that lie south and east of the DeWitt Park neighborhood.  The area is entered from Maple Dr.

Lyndon Trailer Park is located on NYS Highway 92, also known as Highbridge Road.  The Park is entered from Highbridge and is surrounded on three sides by the Lyndon Golf Course.  It came into being about 1946, when John and Hazel Neider decided to use the approximately three acre site behind their home on Highbridge Rd. for such a development. 

While I have made an effort to confirm the information presented here, it often happens that the records are incomplete or even contradictory.  Thus this data should be considered as tentative and suggestive, but not definitive.  Research was mostly concluded in 2008, and the information is current only to that time.  Anyone who can suggest corrections, or additions, is asked to contact the compiler, Edward R. Hutchison, of Madison, MS--a former resident of Lyndon.

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Paul W. Adams and Elizabeth "Betty" Wooster Adams lived on Genesee St. by 1948.  Mr. Adams was a native of Smithville Center, NY, and was born about 1918.  He served nearly five years during WWII, including 40 months in the PTO.  Mr. Adams later worked as a district service manager for the International Harvester Co.  Mrs. Adams was born about 1916, and was from Oxford, NY.  She graduated from the Albany Business College, and was a secretary for the Norwich Pharmaceutical Co. before the couple's marriage on 11-10-1945.  Later, Mrs. Adams was a cook for the Fayetteville-Manlius schools.  The couple moved to Manlius in the mid-1950's.  Mr. Adams retired from I-H in 1978, and worked for Nielson's Garage.  He died on 11-2-1984, following an auto accident in Manlius.  Mrs. Adams died on 9-16-1995.  They had:  Gordon W. Adams, who lived in Columbia, MD, and Sharon Adams Kingsley, who lived in Newburyport, MA.

Harold S. Adcook and Rachel Mack Adcook lived at 49 Ely Dr., having moved there in 1959 from East Syracuse. Mr. Adcook was a 1924 graduate of Syracuse University's law school, and maintained an office in the State Tower building in Syracuse for more than a half century.  Mr. Adcook also served as the attorney and police court justice for the village of East Syracuse.  Mrs. Adcook, a native of Marathon, NY, died on 5-4-1975.  Judge Adcook subsequently wed Virginia Robinson.  He died on 6-29-1992, at age 89.  Harold and Rachel Adcook had a daughter, Nancy Adcook Bigsby, born about 1945, who attended Bucknell University, and lives in Vail, CO.

John J. Albright, Jr. and Dorothy Parsons Albright lived at 143 Edwards Dr., having moved to the home in 1955 from 1904 Euclid Ave., in Syracuse.  He was a native of Buffalo and graduated from Harvard in 1920.  He was a senior executive with the Niagara Mohawk Corp.  Mr. Albright died at home on 5-14-1956, and Mrs. Albright, who later moved to James St. in Syracuse, died 9-29-1981.  They had four children:  Dorothy Albright Dube, who graduated from Smith College in 1949, married Arthur H. Dube, MD, was a tennis champion, and died 2-27-1972, Susan Albright Hawley, who wed Harold P. Hawley, and lived in Sebastien, FL, John J. Albright, who graduated from Harvard in 1946, wed Mary C. Michelson, was corporate director of purchasing for the Church and Dwight Corp., and died in Princeton, NJ, on 6-15-1997, and Arthur P. Albright, who wed Lucia Martin, worked as the general manager of Bardeens, Inc., and lives in Fayetteville.

Robert F. Aldrich lived at 1 Lynacres Blvd., at the corner of Lynacres and Genesee St., by 1960, having lived previously at 4300 E. Genesee in DeWitt.  He was a co-founder, with Justin H. Beauchat, of the Colony Shop, an interior decorating firm, at 205 Erie Blvd., West.  (See the entry for Mr. Beauchat.)  Mr. Aldrich was a native of Rochester, and lived 35 years in Lyndon.  He died on 7-15-1967, at age 70. 

John C. Alexander and Marion Slader Alexander lived at 12 Ely Dr. by 1951.  He was sales manager of the Davis Distributing Co., and later became a sales engineer with the Hughes Aircraft Co.  They had:  Ronald Alexander, and Cheryl Alexander.

John Stewart Algeo, Jr., and Suzanne Fonda Algeo lived at 14 Lynacres Blvd. by 1953.  Mr. Algeo was born on 7-20-1912, and was a native of Wheeling, WV.  Mr. Algeo graduated from Princeton University in 1935, and was a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy during World War II.  The couple married in 1942.  Mr. Algeo was vice president of the Fonda Motor Car Co. and president of Algeo Manufacturing Inc.  Later he worked as a stock broker with Loeb, Rhodes & Co., retiring in 1977.  Mr. Algeo died on 7-9-1993.  Mrs. Algeo was born 12-7-1921, and died on 6-12-2004.  She attended the Goodyear-Burlingame School, Rosemary Hall in Greenwich CT, and Syracuse University.  She was a fifth generation resident of CNY, active in many civic clubs, and an avid genealogist.  They had:  Suzanne Reid Algeo Schenck of Pasadena, CA, and John Algeo, III, who wed Janet Algeo, and lived in South Pasadena, CA.

Harold F. "Bud" Allan and Dorothy Woodford Allan lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park soon after their marriage in 1954.  Mrs. Allan was born in NYC in August, 1935.  Mr. Allan was a native of Ontario Province, Canada.   He earned a degree in electrical engineering from Syracuse University in 1950.  Mr. Allan worked as an engineer for the General Electric Corp. and was an avid chess player.  The couple later moved to Lenox, MA, where they divorced in 1971.  Dorothy Woodford then married Edwin Joseph Allen, who was a professor at the University of Florida.  He died in 1988, and Mrs. Allen now resides in Tampa.  Mr. Allan is now married to Jeanne E. Allan and still lives in Lenox.  Harold and Dorothy Allan had:  Cathy Ann Allan, who was born in December, 1955, married Donald O. White on 3-12-1983, and lives in Lutz, FL, Deborah Susan Allan, who was born in October, 1956, married Ronald Joseph Marc Robichaud, on 5-21-1975, in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, and is thought to be residing in Grand-Sault, New Brunswick, Elizabeth Lynn Allan, who was born in April, 1960, and married Robert Flynn in Auburn, AL, on 12-8-1995, Robert Francis Allan, who was born in September, 1961, married Sharon Ann Stone on 4-28-1984, and lives now in Raleigh, NC, and Barbara Martha Allan, who was born in September, 1962, wed Jonathan Patrick Bridges 4-15-1989, and lives in Evansville, IN.

John Allen and Nina Walker Allen lived in the Park by the early 1950's.  Mr. Allen was probably born about 1880 in Germany.  He worked as a railroad switch tender.  Mrs. Allen was probably born in June, 1881.  The couple lived in Syracuse and Clay, NY, before moving to the Park.

John A. Almanzi and Martha Ianuzzi Almanzi lived at 218 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  He was born 6-21-1926, and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  Mr. Almanzi was self-employed with Paul Almanzi and Son Painting and Decorating for more than 40 years.  He died on 1-26-1995, and Mrs. Almanzi still resides in Lyndon.  They had: Anthony J. Almanzi, of DeWitt, and Joanne Almanzi, who was born about 1962, and lived in East Syracuse.

Anna A. Almfeldt, and her son, Maurice William Almfeldt, lived on Genesee St. near the corner of Edwards Dr. by 1948, having moved from Wakefield, RI.  Mrs. Almfeldt was born in Sweden about 1872.  She married John Emil Almfeldt, in 1898, in Lake Park, MN.  Rev. Almfeldt was an Episcopal priest, and was also a native of Sweden.  The family moved often in the course of Rev. Almfeldt's ministry, living in various places, including Providence, RI, and Galesburg, IL.  They were in MN when their son, Maurice Almfeldt, was born on 7-10-1903.  Rev. Almfeldt died in 1937, at age 65.  In 1951, Mrs. Almfeldt moved to Ames, IA, to live with her son.  She died there on 7-26-1958.  They had two sons, one who died as a child in 1904, and Maurice W. Almfeldt.  While in Lyndon, Mr. Almfeldt was an instructor at Syracuse University.  Later, he was a professor of engineering design at Iowa State University in Ames.  He died there in April, 1981.  

Richard Preston Apps and Irene Malfregeot Apps lived on Genesee St. by 1948, in a home owned by Kenneth and Luella McClellan, (see their listing).  Mr. Apps was born on 8-10-1922, and grew up in the Bellevue section of Syracuse.  He served in WWII, and was wounded in action in France on his 22nd birthday.  The couple attended Nottingham High School in Syracuse and married on 8-9-1947.  Mrs. Apps graduated from Southern Seminary in VA, and worked for the Industrial Bank of Syracuse.  Mr. Apps worked as a cable splicer for the NY Telephone Co. and retired after 38 years of service.  They lived at 148 Lynn Circle in Syracuse, and later moved to the Brighton Towers Apts. at 121 Lafayette Rd.  They had:  Dr Richard Apps, who resided in Navarre, FL, Nancie Apps, who wed Victor Hernandez, and lived in Los Angeles, and Susan Apps, who wed Jack Walker, and lived in Laguna Miguel, CA.

Armand U. Aquilino and Clee Ryan Aquilino lived at 301 Edwards Dr. by 1956.  A native of Italy, Mr. Aquilino came to the United States in 1913.  He graduated from Syracuse University's medical school in 1925 and served in the US army during WWII.  He returned to practice and teach dermatology.  Mrs. Aquilino died on 10-17-1960.  Dr. Aquilino subsequently married Angeline "Ann" Lombard.  She was a native of Syracuse and was her husband's office manager for 45 years.  Dr. Aquilino died 1-28-1987, and Ann Aquilino died on 9-12-2001.  Dr. Aquilino and Clee Aquilino had a daughter, Clee Maurine Aquilino who was born about 1934, wed James R. Ace on 6-11-1955, and lives now in Dracut, MA.

Alice Armacost lived at 103 Hobson Ave. by 1960.  Mrs. Armacost was born 6-1-1900, in Cincinnati, and moved to the Syracuse area in 1954.  She was an administrative assistant at The Daily Orange--a Syracuse University publication--and she also worked for the University as a secretary.  Mrs. Armacost was living on Spring St., in Fayetteville, before entering a nursing home, where she died on 1-19-1986.  She had:  Alice Jarrold, of Mt. Dora, FL.

Francis Joseph Armstrong and Lily Loretz Armstrong lived at 12 Lyndon Rd. by 1953.  He was born in Monticello, IL and lived in the Fayetteville area for 18 years.  Mr. Armstrong was a graduate of the Stevens Institute of Technology.  Mrs. Armstrong was born about 1885, and the couple married about 1912.  He was a research engineer for the U. S. Hoffman Machinery Corp., and later was a consultant to the Prosperity Co.  He died on 11-27-1959, and Mrs. Armstrong later lived at 111 Churchill Lane. They had a daughter, Satterlee Armstrong, who was born about 1914, in NJ..

Anton Arndt and Coral Shoemaker Arndt lived on Genesee St. by 1948, having lived earlier in NYC.  Mr. Arndt was born in Germany on 6-15-1899, and came to Lyndon in the 1940's.  He served in WWII, and worked as a plumber and electrician for the Prosperity Co.  Later he was a self-employed carpenter.  Cora Shoemaker, Mrs. Arndt's grandmother, lived with the Arndts by 1948.  (See her entry.)  Mrs. Arndt was a social worker in NYC, and lived in Lyndon at her death on 8-7-1962.  Mr. Arndt died on 8-11-1971. 

A. Richard Arnold and Frances Solomon Arnold lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1960.  They later lived at 412 Maple Dr. He was the promotions manager for the Onondaga Supply Co.  Their children:  Marc Arnold, who was born about 1948, wed Tamara Arnold, and resided in Leonia, NJ at his death on 4-11-2008, Joseph Arnold, Nancy Arnold, Mildred "Mimi" Arnold, Martin Arnold, Wendy Arnold, Lisa Arnold, and Leslie Arnold.

John W. Arnold lived on Cedar Bay Rd., near Lyndon Rd., by 1948.  Mr. Arnold was born in Ogdensburg, NY, on 4-25-1901, and came to CNY about 1934.  He worked as a clerk and foreman at the Crucible Steel Co.  from about 1940 until his retirement in 1966.  Mr. Arnold died on 2-22-1984. 

Lewis W. Arnold and Irene Stanton Arnold lived on Genesee St. by 1942, having lived earlier in Utica.  Mr. Arnold was born in MA, about 1873, and Mrs. Arnold was born about 1888.  They wed about 1905.  Mrs. Arnold played a very active role in the Red Cross during WWII.  Mr. Arnold worked in a factory as an accountant, but was retired while living in Lyndon.  He died on 11-27-1944.

Morton Max Arones lived on Woodside Rd. by 1960.  He was born 8-24-1921.  Mr. Arones was in the furniture business, and later became the sales manager for the Longley-Jones real estate firm.  He was residing in Tamarack, FL, at his death on 10-2-2002.  He had:  Sandra L. Arones, who was born about 1950, and Marsha Arones, who was born about 1957, and was a tennis player of note.

Charles H. Ash and Dorothy Ash lived in the Charles Ely residence at the corner of Ely Dr. and Genesee St. by 1948.  Mr. Ash was a handyman.  He was probably born in DE on 7-27-1912, and died on 12-2-1971, in Syracuse.  Mr. Ash may have been in the ETO during WWII, and later worked for the General Electric Co.  They had:  Jacqueline Ash Taylor.

Duane Kenneth Ash and Ann Burth Ash lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park in 1946, having been among the first to live in the Park following its opening.  Mr. Ash was born on 1-9-1919.  He was a student at Syracuse University at the time the family lived in Lyndon, and graduated in 1950.  Mr. Ash was a career educator and guidance counselor.  He died on 8-8-2006, while residing in Alpharetta, GA.  At some point the couple divorced and Mrs. Ash wed Robert MacVeety.  They live now in Fort Pierce, FL.  Mr. and Mrs. Ash had:  William A. Ash, who was born in 1944, served in the USAF, married Luana Mary Dattler on 6-4-1966, retired after 27 years as a highly decorated captain in the Syracuse fire department, and died on 9-22-2000, Deborah Ash Walsh, who lives in Ithaca, NY, Kenneth Ash, a businessman who resides in Alpharetta, and Carlton Ash, who lives in Newnan, GA, and is an aviation mechanic.

Carlyle M. Ashley and Dorothy Keens Ashley lived at 22 Lynacres Blvd. by 1948, and later resided in Manlius.  Mrs. Ashley was born in Sedalia, MO, on 1-30-1903.  She graduated in 1923 from Stephens College and in 1925 from the Pratt Art Institute, and was a portrait painter.  Mr. Ashley was a native of Indianapolis, and was born on 8-17-1899.  He went to work for the Carrier Corp. in 1916, and retired after 43 years of service.  His work as a development engineer for the company caused the family to move to the Syracuse area in 1937.  Mr. Ashley died on 4-15-1993.  Mrs. Ashley died on 2-15-2002, at age 99.  They had:  James W. Ashley, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1961, married Jean Oliver Ashley, and lives in Danville, VT,  Joanne Ashley, who earned an art degree from Syracuse in 1950, and lives in Bismark, ND, David C. Ashley, who married Helen B. Ashley, graduated from Syracuse in 1955, and is an architect living in Syracuse, and George H. Ashley, of Weston, MA, who died on 9-9-2007.

Daniel E. Axe and Hazel Chapman Axe lived at 102 Dewey Ave. by 1953.  He was a design engineer.  They later moved to 112 Homewood Dr. in Fayetteville.  Mrs. Axe was born 12-1-1904, and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  She died on 1-26-1980.  They had:  Daniel Scott Axe, who wed Louise Gordon, and died in Las Vegas on 5-27-1977, at age 38.

Sherman L. Ayers and Dorothy Bowen Ayers lived at 225 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  Mr. Ayers was born about 1908 and was an administrative assistant at the Niagara Mohawk Corp.  Mrs. Ayers worked for the IRS.  Both were very active in Masonic affairs.  Following retirement the couple moved to South Colton, NY, where Mrs. Ayers died on 11-9-1996, at the age of 87.

Aurel Brockway Ayling lived in the Knollwood farms area on Genesee St. by 1942.  She was born on 7-10-1897, and about 1920, she married Frerick C. Ayling, and they lived in St. Petersburg, FL by 1944.  By 1950, she lived on Woodchuck Hill Rd. and was involved with Shattuck Studios, a decorating firm.  By the mid 1960's, she married Franklin Sidwell, and resided in VT.  She later moved to FL, where she died on 12-7-1989.  By her first husband, Frederick Ayling, she had:  Frederick C. Ayling, Jr., who was born 9-2-1921, graduated from Syracuse University in 1943, served in WWII, married Miriam Sidwell, and lived in Cazenovia at his death in October, 1972, Kingsley B. Ayling, who was born on 8-19-1922, studied at Duke, served as a pilot in WWII, and lived in CO at his death on 3-22-2000, and Peter Dunn Ayling, who was born on 5-15-1925, and lived in NC at his death on 4-9-2007.

Grace E. Babcock, and her brother, John H. Babcock, lived on Genesee St. by 1920.  Mr. Babcock and Miss Babcock were the children of Henry C. Babcock and Mary Hamilton Babcock.  Henry C. Babcock died on Christmas Day, 1930, at the age of 86.  His wife, Mary H. Babcock, died at age 89, on 5-25-1937.  Miss Grace Babcock taught school in Lyndon.  She was born about 1885, and retired about 1950.  John Babcock was born about 1875, and worked as a chauffeur, an engineer on the NYC railroad, and as a machinist at the Stickley Furniture Co.  He died on 2-24-1945.  Miss Marion Babcock, the aunt of Grace and John Babcock, lived with the family, and when she died on 5-12-1931, she was 95, and the oldest resident of Lyndon.

George Low "Joe" Babson Jr., and Lee Smith Babson lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1960, having lived previously at 104 Downing Rd. in DeWitt.  He was in the Class of 1942 at Cornell University, where he lettered in hockey, lacrosse and baseball.  He later served in the Army during WWII, and the couple wed in 1945.  Mr. Babson became president of Babson Brothers Company in Chicago.  Later he was vice president of the Metropolitan Bank of New York, and was involved in the real estate and investment business.  The Babsons were members of Sea Palms Golf and Tennis Resort on St. Simon's Island, GA, where they retired in 1981.  Mr. Babson died on 1-5-2005, at age 84.  Their children:  Patricia Babson White, George L. "Buddy" Babson, III, who was born about 1953, married Karen Freeman Babson, and lives on St. Simon's Island, Barbara Babson Doshna, who was born in 1956, wed Walter John Doshna, and lives in Camillus, and Geoffrey A.S. Babson, who was born in 1959, and lives in Syracuse.

John C. Baker and Katherine Conde Baker lived at 14 Lynacres Blvd. by 1942, and later moved to 32 Lynacres Blvd.  Mr. Baker was the president of the Patrician Silk Co., a knitting firm located at 157 Crouse Place, in Syracuse.  Mrs. Baker was born in Oswego and moved to the Syracuse area in 1921.  She was the daughter of Swits Conde, president of the Conde Knitting Mills in Oswego, and died on 7-3-1975.  They had a son, Howard S. Baker, who was inducted into military service in August, 1943, worked as a recreation director, and lived in Lake Placid, NY.

Fred S. Baldwin and Elizabeth Stapleton Baldwin lived at 21 Lynacres Blvd. by 1953.  He was born 11-17-1880. Mr. Baldwin was a native of  McGraw, and was raised in Elbridge.  He served on the board of education in Syracuse, and was Republican state committeeman for many years.  He was the co-founder and president of Baldwin-Hall Co., an electrical supply firm.  Mr. Baldwin was married to Ida Kauffman in 1910.  They divorced and she wed Jacob Bernhart Dub of NYC. Mr. Baldwin died on 11-19-1958.  Mrs. Baldwin, a native of Turbotville, NY, died on 1-17-1971.  He and Ida Kauffman Baldwin had:  Robert aldwin.

Robert F. Baldwin and Elizabeth T. Baldwin lived at 46 Lynacres Blvd. by 1960.  He was an electrical engineer, and later the president of the Baldwin Hall Co.  Mr. Baldwin was the son of Fred S. Baldwin, the former president of the company (see above), and Ida Kauffman.  Elizabeth Baldwin was born in Milton, IN, and grew up in the Corning area and in Syracuse.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1936, and was active in many conservation and preservation causes.  Mr. Baldwin died in 1982.  Mrs. Baldwin was 78, and residing in Lyndon and Naples, FL, at her death on 6-1-1993.  They had:  Elizabeth Baldwin Ross of Fayetteville, Robert F. Baldwin, Jr., who is an attorney specializing in estate planning, and lives in Fayetteville, John L. Baldwin, Sr., of Tully, and the Rev. Frederick S. Baldwin, a retired clergyman, living in Tampa.

Louis J. "Doc" Ball and Frances Ball lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1942, having lived before on Cornwall Dr. in DeWitt.  Mr. Ball was born in Syracuse on 5-6-1877.  He was the proprietor of the Knollwood Riding Academy, and stables where he trained harness horses.  Mr. Ball was also a veterinary dentist.  Mrs. Ball was born about 1882, and the couple wed in about 1905.  They were living at 316 Lexington Ave., in Syracuse, when Mr. Ball died at the Ben White Race Track in Winter Park, FL, on 1-26-1955.  They had a son, Harold R. Ball.

Frederick A. Ballard and Helen Dempsey Ballard lived at 2 Bittersweet Lane by 1960.  He was born about 1896, and was a contractor.  Mr. Ballard was a pilot in WWI, and a 1923 civil engineering graduate of Syracuse University.  His firm, the Fred Ballard Construction Co., built the NYCRR station on Erie Blvd. in Syracuse, much of the Harpur College campus in Binghamton, and many other important buildings in CNY.  Mr. Ballard died on 8-31-1977, and Mrs. Ballard, who was born 5-22-1896, died 4-12-1986.  They had:  Edward J. Ballard, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1954, received a master's from Stanford, retired in the late 1970's after working on the West Coast as an electrical engineer, returned to the family home, and died on 8-30-2001, and William F. Ballard, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1958, wed Susan Ballard, operates the Ballard Construction Co, and lives in Fayetteville.

Ray W. Barker and Florence Nelson Barker lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1960.  General Barker was born on 12-10-1889, and was a native of Elmira.  He joined the USA in 1910, and eventually rose to the rank of major general.  During World War II, General Barker was a key member of a US-British group, which planned the Battle of Normandy, resulting in the liberation of France.  He served as the deputy chief of staff for the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force.  In 1945, he supervised  the demilitarization of Germany.  General Barker was also involved in the release and exchange program for Allied POWs at the end of  the War.  He was the first military governor of Berlin.  Following his retirement from the Army in 1946, General Barker served until 1960 as the superintendent at the Manlius School, a college preparatory military school.  He was married previously to Estelle Davis Barker, a native of Wheeling, WV.  She died in their home at the Manlius School on 2-8-1954. General Barker died on 6-28-1974, and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  General Barker and Estelle Barker had:  a daughter who married Robert S. Wright, and lived in Weedsport, NY.

Frank P. Barnes and Dorothy Barnes lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Barnes was born in 1913.  He was an executive with the General Electric Co.  Mr. Barnes was presented the Henri Busignies Memorial Award in 1984.  It is awarded by the Radio Club of America for a substantial contribution to, "the advancement of electronics for the benefit of mankind."  The couple had:  Margaret Barnes.

Julian B. Barrett and Mary Barnes Barrett lived on Kittell Rd. by 1942.  He was born 12-23-1894, and was a native of Baltimore, MD.  Mr. Barrett attended Columbia University and was a veteran of the  Mexican border conflict and both world wars.  He was discharged from  the Army as a major.  While in Lyndon he worked as a life insurance salesman with the Union Mutual Ins. Co., but retired in 1960, after several years with the Allied Chemical Corp.  A native of Syracuse, Mrs. Barrett  was a graduate of Miss Beard's School in East Orange, NJ. She retired in 1944 as society editor of the Syracuse Post-Standard.  The couple moved to Skaneateles in 1951, where he died on 8-2-1983, and she died on 6-21-1984.  They had two sons.

Oliver F. Barrett, Jr., and Frances Bailey Barrett lived at 109 Maple Dr. by about 1955, having moved there from 504 Walnut St. in Fayetteville.  He was the district manager for the Cummins Engine Co.  They had:  Elizabeth Barrett, Susan Barrett, James Barrett, and Robert Barrett.

Robert J. Barrett and Kathleen Walsh Barrett lived at 20 Lynacres Blvd. by 1960.  Mr. Barrett was a native of Troy and lived in the Syracuse area for 50 years.  He was a member of the first graduating class of Siena College in Londonville, and was an Army Air Corps veteran of World War II.  The couple wed about 1942.  Mr. Barrett was a real estate salesman with the Eagan firm and was a commercial real estate developer.  He was chairman of the DeWitt planning board for many years.  Mr. Barrett died 11-19-1995.  Their children:  Kathleen Barrett Brace of Orchard Park, Susan Barrett Snavlin, of Mendon, NY, Laurie Barrett, of Syracuse, and Stephen Barrett, of Texas.

J. Edward Barry and Mary Eloise Gaylord Barry lived at 119 Dewey Ave. by 1960.  He was born in Syracuse, and was a graduate of St. Anthony's high school and Syracuse University.  Mr. Barry served with the US Navy during WWII.  The couple wed on 12-26-1950.  Mr. Barry was employed with US Gypsum of Syracuse, and then was a salesman with Davis-Fetch Acoustical Corp., where he retired in 1991.  Mrs. Barry was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  She graduated from Nottingham high school and Syracuse Secretarial School.  When first married, she was a secretary to the county auditor.  Mrs. Barry retired in 1983 as manager of Coleman's Floral Shop in Shoppingtown, DeWitt.  The couple moved to 308 Haddonfield Dr. in DeWitt  by 1967.  Mrs. Barry died on 2-5-1987, and Mr. Barry died 6-6-2005.  They had:  Catherine A. Barry, who received a master's in education from Syracuse University in 1978, wed Steven "Rick" Fedrizzi, and lives in Syracuse, Mary Pat "Tish" Barry, who married William Hathaway, and lived in Syracuse, and Robert Barry, who married Marianne Barry, and lived in Cazenovia.

George L. Bassett and Louise Swartz Bassett lived on Cedar Bay Rd., near Lyndon Rd., by 1930.  He was born in Oswego on 9-16-1893, and the couple wed about 1924.  He was a chicken farmer, and car assembler.  Mr. Bassett served in WWI with Sgt. Alvin York.  He received a head wound which required surgery to place a metal plate in his head.  Mr. Bassett died on 8-25-1958.  Mrs. Bassett was a native of Yellow Island, Canada, and was born 7-31-1902.  She died on 8-3-1994, at age 92.

Harry P. Bates and Lois Stagg(e) Bates lived on Genesee St. by 1948.  Mr. Bates was born in Richland, NY, on 11-22-1920, and was a veteran of WWII.  He worked as a truck driver for the Solvay Process Co. and Onondaga County.  Mrs. Bates was born on 11-5-1926, and was a life resident of CNY.  She worked for the Consolidated Industries.  The couple divorced, and Mrs. Bates was residing at 825 E. Willow St. in Syracuse before her death on 5-31-1996.  Mr. Bates died on 1-23-2005.  They had:  David Bates, Susan Bates, and Charles Bates.

Minerva "Minnie" L. Bates and Sadie Ellen Bates lived on Genesee St. by 1920.  Miss Minerva Bates was born in 1879, and was a stenographer for a music company.  Later she was an adult education teacher in Syracuse.  Miss Bates was the sister of Cynthia Case, and they co-owned the Case-Bates Trailer Camp, (see the Case entry below).  It is believed that Mrs. Sadie Bates, who was born in 1848, was their mother.  She is thought to have been the widow of Charles A. Bates, who was born in 1849.

Schuyler L. Baum and Mabel King Baum lived at 38 Lynacres Blvd. by 1955.  Mr. Baum was born on 2-11-1890, and was the president of both the First National Bank in Minoa and the National Bank of Waterloo.  Mrs. Baum was born about 1894.  Mr. Baum died on 9-5-1963.  They had:  Allan King Baum, who was born about 1922, and lived in Syracuse, and Martha Baum, who was born about 1917, and wed Robert W. Heape, of Pittsburgh.

Howard A. Bayer and Remigia "Mege" Bogensperger Bayer lived at 11 Ely Dr. by the late 1940's.  Mr. Bayer was a native of Philadelphia, and lived in Blackwood Terrace, NJ, before moving to the Syracuse area in 1931.  He retired in 1976 as the owner of Bayer Tooling Service.  Mr. Bayer earlier worked 20 years at the Lamson Corp. and five years at the Precision Castings Co.  He attended Syracuse University and Pratt Institute in Philadelphia.  Mrs. Bayer was born 10-22-1912, and was a graduate of City Normal School.  She received her master's in education from Syracuse University, and taught for more than 20 years in the Jamesville-DeWitt school district, including classes in the Lyndon schools.  Mr. Bayer died 4-5-1990, and Mrs. Bayer died 10-29-2005, at age 93.  They had three children:  Dr. Peter F. Bayer, born in April, 1939, who married Martha Clark, a fellow Syracuse University graduate, and is an orthodontist in Ft. Walton Beach, FL, Nancy Bayer Shablak, who graduated from SUNY Cortland and Syracuse University, wed Dr. Scott L. Shablak, and was a teacher residing in Fayetteville, before her death on 1-14-2006, and Linda Bayer Glasgo, born in April, 1946, who lives in Norwich, VT.

John D. Bazley and Betty Bazley lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1955.  He was the district manager for the Gulf Oil Corp.  The family moved to Trenton, NJ, in February, 1958.  They had a daughter, Dr. Linda Bazley Barnhurst, who earned a doctorate from Biola University, and is a psychologist living in Santa Ana, CA.

Robert C. Beagley lived on Genesee St. by 1930.  Mr. Beagley was born about 1878, and was of Swiss descent. He was a farmer on the property owned by the Bates family, and boarded with them.  Mr. Beagley had lived on Walnut Ave. in Syracuse in 1920, with his wife, Ella Beagley. There is some confusion about the correct spelling of Mr. Beagley's name, and there are several references to him as Robert Begley.

Justin H. Beauchat lived at 1 Lynacres Blvd.--at the corner of Lynacres and Genesee St.--by 1948.  He was born on 2-19-1911, and served in the AAC during WWII.  Mr. Beauchat was an interior decorator with the Colony Shop, which he founded in 1930 with Robert Aldrich.  He was considered an expert on antiques and art and did interior decorating for the Rockefeller and DuPont families.  Mr. Beauchat died on 8-28-1981.

Victor Becker and Bernadine Phillipy Becker lived on Genesee St. by 1930.  Mr. Becker was born about 1882. He was a salesman, and a grocer in Saranac Lake, NY, and Fayetteville before becoming the proprietor of Becker's Liquor Store in Manlius about 1942.  Mrs. Becker was born in Syria, and came to the Syracuse area as a teenager.  They were wed about 1927.  Mrs. Becker operated the liquor store after Mr. Becker's death on 12-23-1962.  She later married George F. Corey, who died in 1987.  Mrs. Becker died on 10-9-2003, at age 97.  Mr. and Mrs. Becker had:  Dolores Ann Becker, who was born in 1929, wed Nicholas Abdo, and lives in DeWitt, Marilyn Becker, who was born about 1932, was a medical secretary, married George Rowland, and lives in Syracuse, and Suzanne M. Becker, who was born about 1943, and lives on Pickwick Rd., in DeWitt.

Benjamin H. Bedford and Victoria C. Bedford lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942.  Mr. Bedford was born 4-21-1891.  He was a native of Alexandria, Ontario, Canada, and an army veteran of World War I.  Mr. Bedford lived in the Syracuse area 60 years, and owned and operated a restaurant in DeWitt.  By 1954, the couple was living at 1615 S. Salina St. in Syracuse.  Their nephew, Harris Warren, of Owensboro, KY, lived with the couple and attended Fayetteville high school before serving in WWII.  Mr. Bedford died in Syracuse on 12-31-1983, at 92.

Ernest L. Beebe, Sr., and Cynthia Bissell vonVechten Beebe lived at 207 Maple Dr. by 1930.  The couple were married on 5-30-1907.  Born in Boylston, NY, Mr. Beebe lived in the Fayetteville area 50 years.  He was a self-employed electrical contractor and had also been employed by Irving Solomon, Inc., before retiring in 1963.  Mrs. Beebe was born 10-22-1891, in New London, CT, and resided in the Fayetteville area 42 years.  She died in Lyndon on 11-15-76.  Mr. Beebe died 12-18-72, at age 88.  They had:  Ernest "Larry" Beebe, Jr., who served in WWII, was a graduate of Syracuse University, wed Carri Beebe, was an industrial engineer for the Playtex Corp., and  lived in Lake Worth, FL, before his death on 11-1-1971, Margaret Beebe, who was a secretary for the J. C. Ryan Co., and George Robert Beebe, who lived in Morrisville.

Edwin O. Beers lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Beers was born in Long Lake, NY, on 11-24-1915, and was a self employed carpenter.  He served in WWII, and on 10-9-1948, he married Olga Eicholzer.  Mrs. Beers was born in 1926.  Her father, Ernest Eicholzer, lived with the family at 6839 Fly Rd. in East Syracuse until his death on 5-2-1989, at age 92.  Mr. Beers died on 9-27-2004, and Mrs. Beers is believed to be living now in Phoenix, AZ.  They had:  Linda Beers Decker, who lived in E. Syracuse.

Gaylord William Belding and Florence Sophia Barnett Belding lived on Dewey Ave. Ext. by 1930.  Mr. Belding was an inspector at the L. C. Smith Typewriter Co.  Mrs. Belding's father, John Barnett, who was born in 1844, lived with the family.  Mr. Belding was born 3-7-1886, and the couple wed on 6-30-1908.  He died on 7-5-1972, when he fell from a tree in his backyard in Lyndon.  Mrs. Belding was born 8-11-1886, and died in Lyndon on 12-27-1971.  They had:  Gaylord Belding, Jr., who was born on 6-29-1911, wed Hilda Belding and lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  He was a supervisor for the Continental Can Co., and died on 2-16-60 in a car accident while residing in Baltimore.

Phillip Bellefeville and Marion Bellefeville lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1942.  He worked as a mechanic for the Macon Transportation Co. in Syracuse.  It is thought that Mr. Bellefeville died in April, 1966.  They had:  Phillip Bellefeville, Jr., who was a grinder at the Holcomb Steel Co., and lives now in Bend, OR, Donald Bellefeville, who lives in Hillsborough, NC, Alice Bellefeville, who was born on 10-25-1920, married Cedric L. Coates, farmed in Granby, NY, and died on 9-9-1998, and Edward C. Bellefeville, who served in WWII, and lived in Syracuse.

George D. Benedict and Charlotte Jewell Benedict lived at 118 Dewey Ave. by 1953.  Mr. Benedict was a native of Delphi, NY.  His mother, Ella Louise Webster Benedict, lived with the couple.  She was the widow of Burdette G. Benedict, who died 7-25-1936.  She was born near Pompey and had lived in the Fayetteville area all her life.  Mrs. Ella Benedict died 8-26-1956, at age 90.  George Benedict operated a boat livery service, and later sold real estate for the Clark Real Estate Co., retiring in 1954.  Mr. Benedict died 7-28-1956,  at the family's summer home in Henderson, NY.  Charlotte Benedict died 10-17-1957.  They had: Verne Benedict, who was born in Fayetteville, owned Benedict Feed Service in Manlius, was a school bus driver and postal carrier, moved to Lakeland, FL, in 1982, and died 8-8-1991.

Edward C. Benjamin and Doris Allen Benjamin lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by the early 1950's, having lived earlier at 501 Tompkins St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Benjamin was born about 1882, and Mrs. Benjamin was born about 1886.  They married about 1912.  She was a native of Toronto, Canada, and their children were born there.  Mr. Benjamin worked as an electrician for the NYC railroad.  Mrs. Benjamin was very active in her Rebekah Lodge and was a member of the First English Lutheran Church.  She died in the Park on 1-15-1960, The couple had:  Harry A. Benjamin, who resided most of his life in the Syracuse area, served in WWII, retired in 1975 as a communication technician after 30 years with General Electric, and died on 10-21-1996, Frank O. Benjamin, who was a USA Air Corp veteran of WWII, married Mabel M. Benjamin, retired as an advertising executive at Carrier in 1991, and was a resident of Chittenango for 57 years at his death on 6-1-2004, Irene Benjamin, who wed Edward M. Flavin, and after his death, William C. Kelly, was a piano teacher and died on 12-15-1999, at age 93, Isobel Benjamin, who wed George Edward Naumann, and operated DeWitt Business Service prior to her death on 7-2-1987, Edward Benjamin, Jr., of Phoenix, NY, who wed Margaret C. Maroney, worked as a heating and air conditioning salesman, and died 5-19-1986, and Robert M. Benjamin, who married Marianna Barber, worked as an accountant, and died 9-27-1985.

Daniel N. Benson and Martha "Maryanne" Smith Benson lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mr. Benson was born on 1-3-1908, and was an electrician for the Krause and Heil Co.  Mrs. Benson, who was born on 11-25-1906, was a secretary for the electrical workers union.  In 1973, the couple moved to FL, and lived in Tavares when Mr. Benson died on 8-20-1990, and Mrs. Benson died on 4-9-2005.  She was 98.

Irving Berger and Gertrude Wolfson Berger lived at 25 Ely Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Berger was born about 1915, and grew up in Syracuse.  He was a jeweler.  The couple later moved to West Palm Beach, FL.  Mrs. Berger was born on 1-26-1911, and died in FL, on 5-10-1996.

Arthur E. Bernhoft and Gladys Cole Bernhoft lived at 105 Dewey Ave. by 1948.  Mr. Bernhoft was born 3-13-1896. He was a salesman for the Dietrich Supply Co., and, at retirement, the Erb Supply Co. of Rochester.  He died in Lyndon on 9-21-1966.  Mrs. Bernhoft was born 4-14-1902.  She worked many years at the Hill Haven Nursing Home as a practical nurse.  She had lived in FL before her death in Poughkeepsie on 10-2-1975.  They had:  Marilyn Bernhoft Carlyle, of AL,  Marian L. Bernhoft, who earned degrees from Houghton College, Syracuse University, and the University of Florida, married J. Robert Morse, was a teacher and lived in Poughkeepsie, Dr. Robert A. Bernhoft, who wed Betty J. Bernhoft, received a doctorate in education from Syracuse University, and lives in Queensbury, NY, and Donald Bernhoft, who wed Carol Downey on 11-24-1956, earned a master's in education from Syracuse University, and lives in Hudson Falls, NY.

Howard C. Biedinger and Ruth Strong Biedinger lived at 53 Lynacres Blvd.  Mr. Biedinger worked at the Holcomb Steel Corp.  He was born 1-10-1898, and died in September, 1968.  Mrs. Biedinger was born in Van Buren, and lived many years in Baldwinsville.  She died, at age 99, on 3-6-2004.  They had a son, Charles Biedinger, who lives in Wilton, ME.

Pearne W. Billings and Helen Isaly Billings lived at 103 Knollwood Dr. by 1955, having lived earlier at 346 Radliffe Rd. in DeWitt, and later lived at 216 Edwards Dr.  Mr. Billings was captain of the baseball team and played football at Cornell before graduating in 1946.  From 1943 to 1945, he served as a much decorated officer in the field artillery in the ETO of WWII.  Mr. Billings was the manager of the Cohu Co., a securities firm, and then was a vice president of Hugh, Johnson & Co.  Mrs. Billings was born in Youngstown, OH, and grew up on a farm.  Her mother invented and made the first Klondike bar and chipped chopped ham sandwich.  The products proved popular and the Isaly Co. at one time operated hundreds of dairy stores.  Mrs. Billings had the wrapper from the first Klondike bar framed and hanging in her living room.  She attended Stephens Junior College for Women in Columbia, MO, and Cornell University.  She retired as a tour agent in Syracuse in 1979, and lived many years in St. Petersburg, FL.  The couple divorced and Mrs. Billings was in Plano, TX, a few weeks before her death on 5-18-1997.  Mr. Billings wed Nancy Bishop Brennan in 1986, and lived in Manlius at his death on 1-1-2012.  Pearne and Helen Billings had:  Lana Marie Billings, who died 5-7-1962, just prior to her graduation from Jamesville-DeWitt High School, William A. Billings, who lived in Miami Springs, FL, Bradley C. Billings, of Syracuse, and Richard V. Billings, who lived in Plano.

Carl B. Bjork lived at 203 Hobson Ave. until 1958.  Mr. Bjork grew up in the hamlet of Buellville, near Manlius, and graduated from Manlius high school in 1944.  Later that year he was inducted into the USN.  Following the War, Mr. Bjork attended college and later became a physical education teacher and coach at Jamesville-DeWitt high school.  He was married to Rita Quadrini of Jamesville, and he lives now in Manlius.  They had:  Janeen Bjork, Sharon Bjork, James Bjork, and Robert Bjork.

David E. Black and Helen Jensen Black lived at 45 Lyndon Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Black was a native of Knoxville, TN, and was born about 1889.  He was married about 1915 to Marie K. Black.  Mr. Black worked as a salesman for Rust-Craft Publishers, and lived in Westchester County, NY, and on Maryland Ave., in Syracuse before living in Lyndon.  It is believed that Mr. Black died in TN, in August, 1969.  He and Marie K. Black had:  Allen Black, born about 1916, and Howard Neal Black, who was born about 1919, graduated from Syracuse University, wed Norma Black, and lived in Philadelphia.

Griffith C. Blair and Kathryn Louise "Kitty" Alley Blair lived on Highbridge Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Blair was born on 5-18-1922, in Byron, NY.  Mrs. Blair was born on 8-8-1929, and the couple wed in Washington, DC, on 12-10-1946. Mr. Blair had been wed previously to Dora Lee Teague, and they had a son and a daughter.  While in Lyndon, he worked in the local office of the Veteran's Administration.  Mr. Blair died on 8-29-1978, and the second Mrs. Blair died on 4-10-2004.  G. C. and Kathryn Blair had a son, born in May, 1948.

Ida Dunton McClellan Blake lived on Genesee St. by 1942, having lived previously in Syracuse.  Mrs. Blake was born about 1865, and died on 12-2-1950.  She had:  Nina McLellan, who married Arthur Ware, (see their entry), Kenneth McClellan, (see his entry below), and Charles McClellan, who lived in Erie, PA.

William Cornell Blanding and Helen Butler Blanding lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1955, having lived earlier in Manlius, and at 226 Brattle Rd. in Syracuse.  He was born 4-14-1878, and was a native of Providence, RI.  Mr. Blanding graduated from Brown University, and joined the Crouse Hinds Co. in 1903.  He became the firm's executive vice president by his retirement in 1955.  Mr. Blanding was active in numerous civic and social affairs and was a director of several other companies.  He died 1-24-1963.  Mrs. Blanding was a native of Syracuse, and graduated from Bennett Junior College in Poughkeepsie.  During WW II she was active in the American Red Cross.  She also served as president of Civic Morning Musicals.  Mrs. Blanding died 11-14-1969.  Their children:  Cornell Butler "Bill" Blanding, who was born 3-19-1917, married Shirley Brown, was an executive with Crouse-Hinds, earned a doctorate from Cornell University, became a professor, and died on 5-9-1988, and Bettina Blanding, who was born about 1914, in Lynn, MA, graduated from Northwestern University, married Eugene M. Castle, and resided at 151 Hampton Rd. in Syracuse, at her death on 3-21-1968.

Harry Leo Bloser and Ida Dunn Bloser lived on the Chase estate, Highfields, on Highbridge Rd. by 1930, having lived earlier at 315 Whittier Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Bloser  was born 7-15-1885, and the couple wed about 1907.  Mr. Bloser worked earlier as a machinist for the Continental Can Co.  While living in Lyndon, however, he was a chauffeur and later a maintenance worker for the Precision Castings Co.  Mrs. Bloser was born in Constantia, about 1889, and was a dressmaker.  She also taught adult education classes in sewing for the Syracuse school district.  Mrs. Bloser died on 3-12-1957. and Mr. Bloser died in December, 1969.  Their children:  Bernard Duane Bloser, who was born about 1909, graduated from Syracuse University in 1931 with a degree in engineering, wed Florence Grann about 1935, worked 42 years for the Continental Can Co., lived in Sandy Springs, GA, at his death on 11-4-1997, and R. Arabelle Bloser, who was born about 1913, married Foster Applegate, and lived at 101 Revere Rd. in DeWitt.

Sydney C. Blumberg and Ruth Shapiro Blumberg lived at 11 Lyndon Rd. by 1951.  Mr. Blumberg graduated from Syracuse University in 1935, and the Brooklyn School of Law.  He was an attorney in private practice in Syracuse for 50 years.  Mrs. Blumberg was a 1943 graduate of the University.  Mr. Blumberg died on 1-19-1986.  They had a daughter, Martha Blumberg.

Edward L. Bohanan and Loretta Brandt Bohanan lived at 112 Dewey Ave. by 1942.  He was a native of Pulaski, NY, and worked as a machinist for the Continental Can Co. and, later, for the O. D. Blanchard Co.  He was born on 7-13-1904, and died in Jamesville on 12-28-1993.  Mrs. Bohanan died in 1955, and Mr. Bohanan wed Mary F. Bohanan, a native of Newfoundland, Canada.  The second Mrs. Bohanan died 9-4-1988.  Edward and Loretta Bohanan had:  Alice Mae Bohanan Davis, who was born about 1939, and lives now in West Monroe, NY.

Gordon V. Bond and Marian Saunders Bond lived at 12 Woodside Dr. by 1959.  He was born 10-7-1908, and was an engineer at Carrier.  Mrs. Bond was a native of Topeka, KS.  She was a graduate of Cornell University and an active genealogist.  Mr. Bond's mother, Mrs. Russell Bond, and Mrs. Bond's mother, Mabel Saunders, the widow of John Earl Saunders, both lived with the family.  Mrs. Saunders died, at age 89, on 6-11-1974. The couple moved to Williamsburg, VA, about 1979.  Mrs. Bond died in Virginia, on 10-29-1987, and Mr. Bond died there on 2-10-1994.  They had:  Dr. Mary Bond King,  who attended Mt. Holyoke, and the University of Virginia Medical School, and resides in West Hartford, CT,  Anne Bond Berkley, who attended Rice University, and lives in Durham, NC, and Elizabeth Bond Snyder, who attended Cornell University, and lives in Broomfield, CO.

John A. Bonney and Ethyl La Veck Bonney lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1960.  Mr. Bonney was a combat engineer during WWII and entered France on D-Day.  While living in Lyndon, he worked as a carpenter for various construction companies.  Mr. Bonney was a native of Pulaski, NY, and resided there most of his life.  The couple was living there at his death on 6-22-1973.  Mrs. Bonney was born in Verona, NY, but grew-up near Orwell, NY.  She was married previously to Harold Finister, and, after Mr. Bonney's death, she married Wells DeGraw in 1975.  She died on 5-31-1977.  The Bonneys had:  William D. Bonney, who lived in Webster, NY.

Walter B. Booth and Helene Ruoff Booth lived at 321 Edwards Dr., having moved there from Schenectady in about 1958.  Mr. Booth, a native of Delta, MI,  joined the General Electric Corp. in 1926, following graduation from North Dakota State College.  He served in various positions with the company, including being general manager of the Pittsfield, MA, naval ordinance division, and came to Syracuse to be employee relations manager of the defense systems department.  In 1962, the Booths moved to Daytona Beach, FL, where he served as manager of employee relations and plant facilities for the Apollo Support Department.  He assumed responsibility for the recruitment of 4,000 engineers and 2,500 support personnel at GE facilities at Daytona Beach, Huntsville, AL, and the Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, FL.  He retired from GE in 1967.  Mr. Booth died 6-5-1992, in Daytona Beach, and Mrs. Booth died there on 6-16-1993.  Following their deaths, the Booths left an endowment of $2.7 million to his alma mater to fund scholarship and development programs.

Robert H. Bormann and Terrie Bovee Bormann lived on Woodside Dr. by 1960.  He was the district sales manager for the Minneapolis Honeywell Co,  They live now in Jupiter, FL.  They had:  Paul Bormann,  Robert Bormann, Peter Bormann, Kathleen Bormann, and James Bormann.

John C. Bortz and Marjorie Fish Bortz lived at  318 Edwards Dr. by 1955, and later lived in Cazenovia.  Mr. Bortz was born in 1919, and served in the Army Air Corps in the China-Burma-India theater during WWII.  He received a BS degree from East Texas State Teachers College, and a master's degree in 1950.  Mr. Bortz became the business manager for the Jamesville- DeWitt school district in 1950--and had the distinction of being the first employee hired by the newly formed district.  Mrs. Bortz died about 1961.  Mr. Bortz died at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, on 3-10-1965, following heart surgery.  They had:  John Bortz and Amy Bortz.

John Jerome Borzner and Anne Mary Hamm Borzner lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park in 1952.  A native of Syracuse, Mr. Borzner was born 8-2-1926, and was a USN veteran of WWII.  Mrs. Borzner was born 3-12-1927, and worked for the NY Telephone Co.  They also lived in Huntsville, AL, before moving to Edgewater, FL, in 1973.  Mr. Borzner retired after 33 years with General Electric Co., and previously served as a New York State trooper.  Mr. Borzner died 12-12-1994, in Daytona Beach, FL, and Mrs. Borzner died 8-30-1995.  They had:  John T. Borzner of Margate, FL, who was born about 1951, Tim J. Borzner, who was born about 1952 and lives now in Portland, OR,  Anne Borzner Baker, of West Linn, OR, and Mary S. Borzner of Orlando.

John J. Bowen and Marguerite Lockhart Bowen moved to 19 Ely Dr. in 1957.  He was a native of Brooklyn and graduated from Pratt Institute in 1935 with a degree in industrial engineering.  He began with the General Electric Co. in New York City as a mail boy in 1927, and, except for duty in the Army Air Corps during WWII, he served the company for a half-century.  He retired as a sales engineer.  Mr. Bowen was residing in Fayetteville at his death on 9-8-1977.  They had a son, Robert L. Bowen.

Herman C. Bower and Emma Clark Bower lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1960, having lived earlier at Jersey Shores, PA.  Mr. Bower was born in PA about 1904.  Mrs. Bower was born about 1909, in Johnsburgh, PA, and grew-up in Avis, PA.  She was a sales clerk and he worked as a machinist.  The couple moved to Albany, where Mrs. Bower died on 4-15-1998.  Mr. Bower predeceased her.  They had:  Richard Lee Bower, who married Jane Bower, and lives in Loudonville, NY,  and the late Mack C. Bower, who was born in 1929.

Russell Smith Bowerman and Lois Marion Packard Bowerman lived on Maple Dr. by 1942, having resided earlier in Victor, NY.  He was a salesman for the Oliver Farm Equipment Co.  The couple wed on 12-20-1935.  Mr. Bowerman was born 7-19-1906, in Farmington, NY, and died in Macedon, NY, on 6-23-1993.  Mrs. Bowerman was born 12-21-1910, and was from Macedon.  She died there on 11-14-2005, at age 94.

Aaron F. Bowser and Margaret McDonough Bowser lived at 1 Short Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Bowser was born in Aliquipa, PA, on 2-19-1919.  Mrs. Bowser was born about 1920.  She was a native of Buffalo, and graduated from the NYS Teacher's College there.  Mr. Bowser was a manufacturer's rep., and retired after 40 years as the president of Quality Components, in Manlius, a company he founded.  Mrs. Bowser died 6-4-1985, the day after she was involved in a five car accident near the entrance to Fayetteville Mall.  Mr. Bowser later married Hallie Kartluke Bowser.  He died on 12-15-2005.  Aaron and Margaret Bowser had:  Dr. Michael Bowser, who married Melanie Bowser, and lives in  Lafayette, NY,  Molly Bowser Hedrick, who graduated from Cazenovia College, and died on 1-13-2000,  Melinda Bowser, who wed Robert Welter, and lives in Daytona, Margret Bowser, who married Kurt Mohlman, of New Haven, CT, Mary Beth Bowser, who wed Robert Bottini, and lives in Monroe, CT, and John T. Bowser, who wed Leslie Bowser, and lives in Cazenovia.

Howard N. Boyd and Martha Boyd lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by the early 1950's, having lived earlier in TN and Madison, IL.  Mr. Boyd was born about 1894, and was a native of AL.  He was a graduate of Auburn University, and was a pharmacist.  Mrs. Boyd was born in TN, about 1903.  They wed in 1924.  They had:  Martha Boyd, who was born about 1926, Edward Boyd, who was born in 1928, and is a retired civil engineer living in Memphis, TN, and Donald Boyd, who earned his doctorate at Harvard University, wed Joanne Boyd, and lives in Indianapolis where he teaches chemistry and does research at a branch of Purdue University.

John W. Bradbury and Lucy Dods (sic) Bradbury lived on Miles Ave. by 1948, and on Highbridge Rd. by 1950.  They had lived previously in Crafton, PA.  Mr. Bradbury was born about 1905, and was a laborer for the Easy Washing Machine Co.  Mrs. Bradbury was born about 1906, and, like her husband, was born in PA.  The couple married about 1927.  Their children:  Robert J. Bradbury, who was born in 1929, and worked on the assembly line at the Carrier Corp., George R. Bradbury, who was born in 1927, and was a radioman in the USN, and two daughters.  Mrs. Susan Bradbury lived at this time at 202 Miles Ave.  She was the mother of Mr. Bradbury, and the widow of John Bradbury, Sr., whom she wed about 1904.  She was born about 1884.

Francis J. Brang and Ruth Thomas Brang lived at 533 Maple Dr.  Mr. Brang was born on 9-5-1912.  He was a manufacturing engineer and planner with the General Electric Co.  In 1961, the family opened a lawn and garden business near the intersection of Maple Dr. and Genesee St.  Mr. Brang died in Lyndon on 9-6-1977. Mrs. Brang was born 4-20-1916, and died in Lyndon on 1-9-2005.  Both were life residents of the Syracuse area.  Their children:  Francis "Joe" Brang, who graduated from Syracuse University, wed Diana Casciano, and is a retired business executive in Dandridge, TN, Gerald Brang, who is active in the family business, and lives in N. Syracuse, Donald Brang, who lives in Fayetteville, and David G. Brang, who resided in Mercersburg, PA, at his death on 10-26-2001.

John J. Brann and Lillian Finch Brann lived at 2 Edwards Dr.  He was born 12-20-1900, and worked as a tile setter. The couple later moved to Englewood, FL.  Mr. Brann was residing there when he died on 5-23-1976.  Mrs. Brann, was co-pastor of the Church of God and Man in Constantia, NY, and was a minister for Universal Psychic Science.  She resided with her daughter, Lucille, in Churchville, NY, when she died on 12-18-1989.  Their children:  James Brann, Robert Keith Brann, who lived in Syracuse, Charles Conley Brann, who lived in Los Angeles, Constance Brann Winchell, of  North Syracuse, Lucille Brann Pagano, of Churchville, Jayne Brann Zampino, of Fairport, NY, and Sharon Brann Mateo Gonzales, of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Howard J. Brennan and Kathryn Owens Brennan lived at 204 Kittell Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Brennan was born 7-12-1903, and was a foreman with the J. D. Taylor Construction Co. for 20 years before retiring in 1972.  He was a native of Syracuse, and he resided there and in Old Forge, NY.  He lived on N. Terry Rd. in Syracuse at his death on 7-27-1974.  Mrs. Brennan was born on 4-18-1905, and was a bridal consultant for the C. E. Chappell department store.  She died in Syracuse on 7-14-1984.  They had a son, Thomas C. Brennan.

Raymond S. Bright and Gladys DeCaire Bright lived on Maple Dr. by 1948.  He was an attorney and managed the claims department of the Hartford Accident and Indemnity Co.  Mr. Bright died 8-4-1957 from injuries incurred when he was swept over the dam at the Jamesville Reservoir.  Mrs. Bright later wed a Mr. Farrington. She was a native of Fulton and lived in Fayetteville and Florida.  She subsequently lived in Manlius for 16 years before her death on 12-27-1996, at age 90.  Mr. and Mrs. Bright had:  Sally Bright, who married Robert Shepard of Fayetteville, and John B. Bright, who lives in Fayetteville (see below).

John B. Bright and Alice Sarno Bright lived on Maple Dr. by 1960.  Later they lived at 200 Kittell Rd.   Mr. Bright worked as a technician for the General Electric Co.  Mrs. Bright was a native of Syracuse, and was born in 1930.  They had:  Andrew Bright, and Amy Bright.

Frances Hart Dunn Brockway lived on Bittersweet Lane on the Knollwood farm site by 1948.  She was the widow of Albert L. Brockway, who died on 6-25-1933.  Mr. Brockway was a prominent architect and designed some of the first homes to be built on University Hill in Syracuse.  Mrs. Brockway was born in Oswego, and came to Syracuse as a child.  She was an 1891 graduate of Syracuse University.  During WWI, Mrs. Brockway helped organize the Red Cross Canteen and met thousands of soldiers on their way to Europe as the troop trains passed through the NYCRR depot.  When World War II broke out she was a moving force in reactivating the canteen.  Mrs. Brockway died 4-15-1958.  They had:  John Dunn Brockway, (see below), Aurel "Bonnie" Brockway, who wed Frederick Ayling, and then Franklin Sidway, and lived in Lyndon, (see the Ayling entry above), and Maj. Robert K. Brockway, who was born about 1905, was a builder, and died on 12-30-1964.

John Dunn Brockway and Margaret Bond Brockway lived on Bittersweet Lane on the Knollwood farm by 1942.  They were wed on 5-19-1927.  Mr. Brockway was born about 1898, and was a stock and bond broker with D. N. Gilbert & Co., and an agent for the Guardian Life Insurance Co. with offices in the Kemper Building in Syracuse.  He also served as supervisor for the Town of DeWitt.  Mr. Brockway died in 1954.  Mrs. Brockway was born about 1901, and was a feature writer and columnist for The Post-Standard's women's department in 1926 and 1927.  She died on 5-10-1967.  They had:  George Hopkins Bond Brockway, who was born in 1928, attended the Berkshire School, was a builder, and lived in Fayetteville, and Frances Patricia Brockway, who attended the Emma Willard School in Troy, graduated from Wheelock College in Boston, MA, taught school, married Jack Leland Spangler on 11-23-1956, and lived in Newton, MA.

Jack Julius Ferdinand Brossart and Florence Delameter Brossart lived on Edwards Dr. by 1948, and on Lyndon Rd. by 1951.  Mr. Brossart was born on 1-5-1907, in Stoutsville, MO.  Mrs. Brossart was born on 1-9-1913, and the couple married on 7-12-1933, in Columbia, MO.  After their marriage, they moved to Buffalo, and Mr. Brossart was a meat cutter for the Piggly-Wiggly grocery chain.  Later, while in Lyndon, he was a meat buyer for the Canadian-based Loblaws grocery chain.  Mr. Brossart had a special passion for classic automobiles, and owned a prized Rolls Royce roadster for many years.  He also was a skilled woodworker and collected antique cherry furrniture.  In 1962, Mr. Brossart retired, and the couple moved to Naples, FL, and were residing there at Mrs. Brossart's death on 4-19-1988.  In 2000, Mr. Brossart moved back to his home town of Columbia.  He died there on 3-23-2002, at age 95.  They had:  Jeanne Brossart, who lives on Cape Cod.

Donald E. Brown and Dorothy Thurston Brown lived on Olympia Dr. by 1930.  They later moved to 122 Dewey Ave.  Mrs. Brown was born in 1898, and Mr. Brown was born in 1894.  The couple married in 1916.  He was the locker room manager and grounds supervisor at the Onondaga Golf and Country Club.  Mr. Brown died on 8-4-1956.  They had:  Donald M. Brown, who was born in 1918, and Dora Brown, who was born in 1920.

Elliott Marshall Brown and Ruth Maybelle Hatch Brown lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Brown was born in Pawlet, VT, on 9-22-1915.  He was a graduate of Northeastern University, Boston, MA, (class of 1939), and earned a masters in management engineering from RPI in 1956.  Mr. Brown was employed by General Electric for 34 years in Schenectady, Syracuse, and Utica, and died on 2-25-1998.  Mrs. Brown was born on 3-5-1913, in Lawrence, MA, and was, like her husband, an active member of the Mayflower Society and other genealogy groups.  She died 12-8-2004, at age 91, while living in Slingerlands, NY.  Their son, Allen Brown, was a student at Syracuse University, wed Carole L. Brown, and lives in Lincoln Park, NJ.

Franklyn T. Brown and Ina Hayward Brown lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942, having lived earlier in an apartment at 231 Kellogg St., in Syracuse.  Mr. Brown was born about 1902, and was  was a salesman for the Onondaga Auto Supply Co. and, later, for the Baldwin-Hall Co.  Mrs. Brown was born about 1899, and the couple wed about 1922.  Agnes Hayward, Mrs. Brown's widowed mother, lived with the couple.  Mr. and Mrs. Brown moved to Tully by the mid 1950's.

George E. Brown and Catherine Luhr Brown lived at 101 Maple Dr. by 1953, having lived earlier on West Genesee Turnpike in Fayetteville.  Mr. Brown worked at a service station in Syracuse, was the manager of Andy Buff's Trading Post, an outdoor supply store, and later became a builder.  They had a son.

Iola Warrior Brown lived at 31 Lynacres Blvd. by 1960.  She was the widow of Charles S. Brown.  Mr. Brown's father, was Alexander T. Brown, an industrialist who was a partner in the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Co.  Mrs. Brown was born in Titusville, PA, on 6-30-1889, and came to the Syracuse area about 1905.  She died 4-15-1968.

Richard vonKloster Bruns and Ann Grootendorst Bruns lived on Brockway Lane by 1960.  Mr. Bruns was born in Syracuse, on 3-8-1921, and was a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Engineering and Law School.  He was a Navy veteran of WWII, serving in the Pacific Theatre and receiving the Silver Star.  Mr. Bruns was a patent attorney.  Mrs. Bruns was born 7-23-1923.  She died 9-9-2001, and he died 6-3-2004, at their home in Tequesta, FL.  Their children:  Betsy Bruns Eaton, of South Harpswell, ME, Linda Bruns Deyo, of Bloomfield Village, MI, Andrew Bruns, of Cazenovia, NY, and John Bruns, of Henderson, NJ.

Stanley Earle Buckhout and Thelma Carolyn Williamson Buckhout lived on Miles Ave. by 1942, having lived earlier for a brief time on Maple Dr.  Mr. Buckhout was born 3-24-1914, in King Ferry, NY, and they married on 10-20-1940.  He served in the USA in Europe during WWII.  Mrs. Buckhout was a member of the Merry Musicals, an all-female glee club.  The couple divorced in Brevard County, FL, in 1948.  Mr. Buckhout married Elizabeth VanScoy Nichols, on 6-27-1948.  She died in 1967, and Mr. Buckhout later married Sondra Ione Beach.  He worked at Syracuse University, and later retired as a microfilm technician from Hall & McChesney Inc.  He also worked for the General Electric Co.  Mr. Buckhout was the president and a very active member of the Men's Garden Club of Syracuse.  He was a nationally accredited horticulture judge and served 10 years as superintendent of the Horticulture Building at the New York State Fair.  Mr. Buckhout moved to Camillus in 1976, and was living there at his death on 12-9-1993.  Sondra Buckhout died at home in Camillus on 10-2-2006, at age 70.   She and Mr. Buckhout had:  Stanley E. "Bud" Buckhout, Jr., who lived in Fairmount, and Debra E. Buckhout, who lives in Camillus.  Mr. Buckhout also had:  Gayle Buckhout Mannering, who lived in Green Bay, WI, and Jean Buckhout, of Silver Spring, MD.  Mr. Buckhout's sister, Merle Judd, also lived in Lyndon (see the Judd entry). 

Jack C. Buckland and Herthel Tracy Buckland lived at 400 Edwards Dr. by 1960.  Mr. Buckland was a native of Utica, and was educated in Syracuse public schools, graduating from Nottingham High School.  He received his BS degree from Syracuse University, and his law degree from the university's law college in 1939.  Mr. Buckland was a veteran of WWII.  He was married previously to Virginia Rose Buckland and about the time of WWII they lived with his parents on Genesee St. in Lyndon.  As a young man, Mr. Buckland was a radio vocalist known as the "Gypsy Man," and was a member of Roy's Gang on WFBL and WSYR radio in the 1930's.  In later years he was an accomplished amateur organist.  Mr. Buckland maintained a law practice at 4508 E. Genesee St. in DeWitt, and also was an independent insurance agent.  Herthel Buckland was born on 7-8-1911, in Canseraga, NY.  She was a graduate of SUNY Geneseo, and taught school before assisting her husband in the Buckland & Co., office in DeWitt.  Mr. Buckland was very active in civic causes, particularly the Rotary Club.  He was also an original organizer of the DeWitt public library, and a room in that facility is named in his honor.  Mr. Buckland died 7-1-1970, at age 56, and Mrs. Buckland died on 10-15-2010.

Marc A. Buckland and Gladyse Webster Buckland lived on Genesee St., having purchased the home from the builder, F. H. Wood, in 1926.  They later lived at 560 Nottingham Rd, in Syracuse.  Mr. Buckland was a native of Grand Rapids, OH.  He was a federal prohibition agent with offices in Albany.  Later he had an interest in a jewelry business in downtown Syracuse, and was a boxing promoter.  Mrs. Buckland was born in Mansfield, PA, and resided in Syracuse most of her life.  She was very active in the USO during WWII.  Mrs. Buckland died on 8-19-1977.  Mr. Buckland died on 5-2-1981, at age 89.  They had a son, Jack Buckland (see above).

Donald F. Buechner and Barbara Northrup Buechner lived at 134 Edwards Dr. by 1948, and resided there until 1951, when they moved to Cincinnati.  Mrs. Buechner was born in Syracuse and earned a degree in social work from Vassar College.  Mr. Buechner was a banker who began his career as a messenger with the First Trust & Deposit Co., and retired as a senior vice president at a bank in Fort Wayne, IN.  The couple returned to the Cincinnati area following retirement.  Both died there:  Mr. Buechner on 5-15-1992, and Mrs. Buechner on 5-19-1999.  Their children:  M. Northrup Buechner, who is an economics professor at St. Johns University in NYC, Donald F. Buechner, Jr., who was born in April, 1943, Bruce L. Buechner, who lived in Columbus, OH, and Robert Buechner, who was born in October, 1947, and is an attorney in Cincinnati.

Charles W. Buell, Jr., and Susanne Henward Buell lived at 40 Marvelle Rd. briefly during 1952-3.  He was undergoing training as a naval officer, and the couple stayed with Mrs. Buell's parents, DeBanks M. Henward, Jr., and Catherine Wettling Henward (see the Henward listing).  The Buell's had a daughter, Katherine Buell, who was born in February, 1953.

Andrew E. Buff and Ruth Prentiss Buff lived on Maple Dr. by 1942, and moved to Skaneateles in 1951.  Born in Syracuse on 2-20-1910, Mr. Buff graduated from Christian Brothers Academy and Niagara University.  He briefly worked for the Syracuse parks department, and then was a buyer for the J. F. Buff Hides and Furs Co.  Later he owned and operated Andy Buff's Trading Post at 1516 Erie Blvd., East.  Mr. Buff died 8-3-2000, at his home in Skaneateles, where Mrs. Buff still resides.  They had:  Shirley Buff McNay of Ruidoso, NM, Jude Buff Walton of Clayville, NY,  and James Andrew Buff, born about 1938, Donald Buff, and Thomas Buff, all of whom live in Skaneateles.

Walter F. Bugden and Lee Bibb Lindsay Bugden lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1951.  He was born 12-23-1910, and was a physician and thoracic surgeon with offices in the Medical Arts Building in Syracuse.  Mrs. Bugden was a native of Pulaski. VA, and was a graduate of the Elizabeth Gardner Finishing School, in Washington, DC.  Her mother, Hattie Bibb Lindsay, the widow of Judge Richard Lee Lindsay, lived with the Bugden family.  Mrs. Bugden died on 4-25-1974.  Dr. Bugden later married Jane F. Poole, and died on 12-3-2002, while residing in Naples, FL.  Walter and Lee Bibb Bugden had:  Dr. Robert Lindsay Bugden, who was a graduate of the North Carolina Medical College, and a resident intern at Roosevelt Hospital in NYC at his death on 11-13-1968,  Lee-Bibb Bugden Lindsley, who was an elementary teacher, living in Marietta, GA, at her death on 5-18-2009, and Walter "Wally" Bugden, Jr., who was born in 1950, and is a lawyer in Salt Lake City, best known for his defense of the polygamous cult  leader, Warren Jeffs.  Curiously, the obituary for Robert Bugden, appeared next to that of his former neighbor, Edward Bullock.  Both died on the same day--November 13, 1968.  Dr. Bugden was 27, and Mr. Bullock was 76, (see below).

Edward John Bullock and Adele Johnson Bullock lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1955.  He was born 12-4-1892, in Syracuse and graduated from Central high school there.  Mr. Bullock served in the Army during the Mexican border conflict, World War I and World War II, achieving the rank of Colonel.  He was a partner in the Reed-Bullock stock brokerage firm.  Mrs. Bullock was born on 4-6-1894.  She was a native of Syracuse, and was the president of the local Optimist Club. The couple moved to Pompano Beach, FL, about 1966, and resided there when Mr. Bullock died on 11-13-1968, and Mrs. Bullock died on 12-9-1969.  Their children:  Edward J. Bullock, Jr., of Pompano Beach,  Adele Marilyn Bullock, who graduated from Georgian Court College in Lakewood, NJ, wed Harold Frederick Lombard, a West Point graduate, on 7-8-1950, and lived in McLean, VA, and a daughter who became Sister Adele, the Mother Superior at Holy Cross Church in DeWitt.

Gwendolyn Parkinson Burch, the widow of Henry Hale Burch, lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1942.  The Burchs were married in Syracuse on 10-18-1916.  He was for many years the treasurer of the Syracuse Dry Goods company.  Mr. Burch had been married previously and had a daughter, Emma Burch, who married Sherwald Sedgwick and lived in Lyndon (see below), and a son, Nelson Burch.  H. H. Burch died on 2-6-1920, at age 51.  Mrs. Burch was a native of Kemptville, Ontario, Canada, and died on 1-11-1960.

Edward Adcock Burdick and his sister Clara L. Burdick lived on Genesee St. by 1920.  Both were natives of the Lyndon area.  Miss Burdick was born on 2-5-1886, and died on 3-29-1968.  Mr. Burdick was a farmer.  He was 69 when he died on 5-3-1952.

Peter F. Burgess and Myrtle Minihkeim Burgess lived at 225 Miles Ave. by 1940, and later moved to 702 Fellows Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Burgess was born on 4-15-1909, and died on 1-24-1973.  A native of Schenectady, he lived in the Syracuse area 40 years, and was a sanitation worker.  Mrs. Burgess was born 6-9-1914, lived her entire life in the Syracuse area, and died on 6-6-1996.  Their children:  Patricia Burgess, who wed August Becker, Ronald Cottrell, and Gary Briglin, and lived in Syracuse, Richard F. Burgess, who lived in Fairmount, and an adopted daughter, Jacqueline McCuish, who lived in Syracuse.

Randolph J. Burnham lived at 104 Hobson Ave. by 1960.  He was an optician, and later lived in the Ithaca area. Mr. Burnham was born 12-25-1922, and died 3-10-1998.  His mother, Hazel E. Burnham, a native of Millbridge, ME, lived with him until her death, at age 75, on 4-26-1969.  Mrs. Burnham was previously wed to James H. Miller, (see the entry for James H. Muller).

Thomas R. Burns and Betty Wooster Burns lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1955.  They lived on the Fayetteville-Manlius Rd. in Manlius, by 1948, and moved to Cazenovia about 1969.  Mr. Burns was born in Syracuse, and attended the Dean Academy and Syracuse University.  He was the president and chairman of the board of Burns Brothers, a heating and plumbing firm, for more than 50 years.  Mrs. Burns was a native of Albany.  She was a graduate of the Goodyear-Burlingame School in Syracuse, and died on 8-17-1989.  Mr. Burns later wed Edna Burlingame.  He died on 12-15-1999, while residing in Naples, FL.  Thomas and Betty Burns had:  Barbara Burns Bostic, of Martinsburg, WV, Jacqueline Burns Lind, of Littleton, CO, and David S. Burns, who is involved with the family business and lives in Cazenovia.

Clifford A. Burris and Ruth Woltjen Burris lived in Lyndon Trailer Park by 1948.  Mr. Burris a native of Vestal, NY, was born about 1924.  Mrs. Burris was born in Newfoundland, PA, on 3-29-1923, and earned a degree from Syracuse University in 1944.  She worked as a secretary for IBM in Endicott, NY, prior to her marriage on 6-14-1947.  Mr. Burris graduated from Syracuse with an engineering degree in 1950.  The family lived in the Vestal area from the late 1950's until 1997 when they moved to Ovid, NY.  Mrs. Burris died there on 1-9-2005.  They had:  Shelley Burris Harkaway, who lives in Portland, OR, Karen Burris Washington, who lives in Marysville, CA, Vicki Burris Masi, who lives in Tampa, FL, and Valerie Burris Luce, of Ovid.

Earl D. Bush and Edith Crandall Bush lived at 100 Miles Ave. by 1942, and at 203 Miles Ave. by 1948.  A native of Lincklaen, Mr. Bush was born on 12-13-1895, and lived in the DeWitt area 61 years before moving to Ithaca in 1982.  He was a former DeWitt town councilman.  Mr. Bush retired as assistant manager of the Prudential Life Insurance Co.'s local office.  He died in Ithaca on 9-30-85.  Mrs. Bush was born on 4-14-1903, in Truxton.  She was a former teacher, and died on 1-6-1992, in Ithaca.  Her brother, Norman W. Crandall, lived nearby, (see below).

James Busha and Maryanne Adams Busha lived on Brockway Lane by 1960.  He was born 10-21-1916, and was an executive with the Atlantic Refining Co.  Mr. Busha died 1-7-2006, while living in Florida, where Mrs. Busha yet resides.  Their children:  Patricia Anne Busha, and Michael J. Busha.

Harold W. Bushorr and Frances Grentzer Bushorr lived at 105 Hobson Ave. by 1953.  Prior to their marriage, Mrs. Bushorr lived at 108 Hobson Ave., (by 1948), and worked as an office clerk at the Crouse-Hinds Co.  Mr. Bushorr was born in Syracuse in 1925, and was a salesman and office manager for Eastern Chemicals, Inc.  He served the company for 40 years before his retirement in 1990.  Mrs. Bushorr was born in Cleveland, OH, in 1927.  She was the last president of the Lyndon PTA before the school closed, and later presided over the PTA at Moses Dewitt school.  The couple divorced and Mrs. Bushorr married Zoltan Toth in DeWitt in 1977.  The following year they moved to Phoenix, AZ.  Mr. Toth was born on 9-10-1906.  He died on 3-2-1997, while living in Phoenix, and Mrs. Bushorr-Toth still resides there.  Mr. Bushorr married Jean Loretz Bushorr.  They were living on Stolp Ave. in Syracuse when the second Mrs. Bushorr died on 9-19-1997.  Mr. Bushorr died in Zephyrhills, FL, on 2-12-2000.  Harold and Frances Bushorr had:  Robert T. Bushorr, who lived in Brimfield, MA, before his death on 12-5-2009, and Terry D. Bushorr, of Belchertown, MA.

Edith Butler lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1960.  She was a native of Sullivan, NY, and worked at Chef's Restaurant in Fayetteville.  Mrs, Butler died on 11-30-1993.  She had twin daughters, Sheila Butler Leahey, and Sharon Butler Kessler, both of Syracuse, and a son, James Butler, of East Aurora, NY.

John P. Byrne and Gertrude La Due Byrne lived in the Lynacres section by 1953.  At various times they lived in Syracuse, on Bellevue Ave., Robineau Rd., and Presidential Plaza, and at their summer estate at Cazenovia Lake.  Mr. Byrne's parents came from County Carlow, Ireland, and he had nine siblings, all of whom grew up in Syracuse.  A newspaper account described Mr. Byrne and his family members as, "colorful threads in the business, professional, political and sports tapestry of the community."  Mr. Byrne's brother, Matthew V. Byrne, owned the well known Byrne Dairy, while he was the president of the J. P. Byrne Tire Co., on W. Genesee St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Byrne's company was an original sponsor of Syracuse University football games in the 1920's. He was born on 10-26-1988, and died on 6-18-1973.  Mrs. Byrne was born on 2-8-1892, and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  She  operated the LaDue Millinery Shop in Syracuse for many years, and died 1-27-1975.  Their children:  Robert E. Byrne, (see the entry below), and Jacqueline Mary "Jackie" Byrne, who graduated from the Knox School in Cooperstown and the College of Fine Arts at Yale University, was a sculptor and painter, and resided in NYC until her death on 4-29-1982.

Robert E. Byrne and Sarah Fallon Byrne lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1956, and later lived in Tully.  He was the vice president of the J. P. Byrne Tire Co.--a company founded by his father, John P. Bryne, (see listing above).  Their children:  John P. Byrne, who lived in Fayetteville, Robert  Byrne, Jr., Sarah Byrne, Suzanne Byrne, and Sheilah Byrne Northrup, who lived in Cazenovia.

Levi C. Cady and Phyllis Ethel Disinger Cady lived at 217 Kittell Rd., having moved there from 103 Tarolli Dr. in Syracuse in 1955.  Mr. Cady was born on 4-11-1922, and worked as a commercial artist.  He died on 3-17-2003, in Orlando, where Mrs. Cady also resided at her death on 9-23-2007.  Their children:  Kristine Cady, Dan Cady, of Flagstaff, AZ, Pete Cady who lived in Phoenix, AZ, Sarah Cady Flanagan, who lived in Orlando, Betsy Cady Martin, of Richmond, VT, and Michele Cady Kogler, who lived in Costa Mesa, CA.

Douglas T. Cagwin and Nancy May Tyler Cagwin lived at 18 Ely Dr. by 1948.  Mrs. Cagwin was born 6-6-1922, in Philadelphia, PA.  Her maternal grandfather, Charles Haddon, was a founder of the Victor Talking Machine Company, which was later sold to RCA.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Cagwin graduated from Syracuse University,  Mr. Cagwin finished in 1941 with a BS in engineering, and in 1943, Mrs. Cagwin earned a BA in biochemistry.  The Cagwins were married the next year, and moved a few years later to Ely Dr., where they lived for more than 55 years.  Mr. Cagwin was a field underwriter for the Home Insurance Co. of New York, and, later a trust officer for the Merchants Bank.  Mrs. Cagwin died 10-29-2004, and Mr. Cagwin lives now at The Nottingham complex in Jamesville.  Their children:  Lee T. Cagwin, born in January, 1946, who wed Jane Sanford, works as a real estate appraiser, and lives in Fayetteville, Bruce D. Cagwin, born in July, 1948, who married Janice Parky, owns a plumbing business and lives in North Truro, MA, Anne Cagwin, born in August, 1950, who married Gunnar Hagstrom, works as an attorney and resides in Yarmouth, ME, and Gail Cagwin, born in August, 1955, who wed Rick Meyer and lives in Saranac Lake, NY.

Theodore H. Calhoun and Claire Martin Calhoun lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1955.  He was an attorney and worked as the claims manager for the Hardware Mutual Casualty Insurance Co.  They are believed to be residing now in Mantoloking, NJ.  The couple had: Laura Lee Calhoun, and Douglas Calhoun.

Alexander S. Calvin and Alice Walker Calvin lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mr. Calvin was a salesman for the Oberdorfer Foundries, and Pomeroy Real Estate.  It is believed that they live now in Greensboro, NC.  They had a son, Alexander Calvin. 

Joseph Bates Campbell and Vivian C. Campbell lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1960.  He was a native of Ithaca, and graduated from Cornell University in 1911 with a degree in mechanical engineering.  He then went to NYC, before coming to Syracuse in 1917.  Mr. Campbell was a partner in the Central City Roofing Co., and later he became sole owner and president of the company.  He died 3-25-1971, in Miami, where the couple wintered.  Mrs. Campbell subsequently wed Joseph W. Stevens, and died in Bel Harbor, FL, on 5-3-1981. Mr. Campbell was first married about 1916, and by his first wife, Aliene Campbell, had:  John Ives Campbell, who was born 7-27-1919, served in WWII, took over the family business, wed Dorothy Mason and, following her death, married Barbara Blauman, and died 5-19-1997, while residing in Vero Beach, FL, Barbara Campbell Temple, who wed Hamilton Temple, III, was a widely known horticulturalist, and had lived in CA for 20 years before her death, at age 42, on 6-11-1968, and, Jean Campbell Redfield, who was born about 1917, graduated from Syracuse University in 1941, married Dr. William V. Redfield, and lived in Fayetteville.

Donald L. Carlon and Bette Swanson Carlon lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mrs. Carlon was from Fargo, ND, and Mr. Carlon was from Beaver, PA.  While living in the Park, the Carlons were part-time janitors for the two small schools in Lyndon.  Mrs. Carlon also worked as an x-ray technician while Mr. Carlon attended medical school at Syracuse University.  Following his graduation, the couple moved to Fargo, where Dr. Carlon did his internship.  He then did his residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  He is now retired from his radiology practice and the couple still reside in Rochester.  They had:  Dr. Jane C. Carlon, who was born about 1952, and is now a radiologist at the Mayo Clinic,  Ann Carlon, who earned a master's in photo-journalism from the University of Minnesota, was wed to the late Keith Pelton, and is the executive director of the convention and visitors bureau in Eagan, MN, and Todd Carlon, who is a medical administrator, and lives in Scottsdale, AZ.

Herbert L. Carlson and Doris Tuttle Carlson lived at 321 Edwards Dr. by 1953.  They moved from this home to 121 Butternut Dr., in DeWitt Acres, in July, 1955.  Mrs. Carlson was a native of McConnellsville, NY.  Mr. Carlson was a manufacturer's representative for the Frank S. Harden furniture firm.  The couple had:  Peter Carlson, who attended St. Lawrence University, and Mary Ellen Carlson Coffey.

Alexander C. Carmichel and Elizabeth Tracy Carmichel lived at 6801 Knollwood Rd. by about 1960,  The family lived at 107 Wellington Rd. until about 1955, when they moved to 211 Pelham Rd. in DeWitt.  Rev. Carmichel was born in New York City, graduated from Syracuse University, Boston University School of Theology and received his doctorate from DePauw University.  He served in the Army Air Corps as command chaplain at Wright Patterson Field during WWII.  A native of Augusta, GA, Mrs. Carmichel was a 1941 graduate of Syracuse University.  She lived in Springfield, MA, before moving to the Syracuse area, and, while in Springfield, she served as an executive with the Girl Scouts of America.  The Rev. Dr. Carmichel retired as senior pastor of the DeWitt Community Church where he served for 42 years, overseeing its rapid post-War growth.  He was active in numerous civic and religious causes including service on the board of trustees of the Onondaga Community College.  Mrs. Carmichel died on 6-4-1996, and Rev. Carmichel moved to The Nottingham in Jamesville, where he died on 10-29-2005.  They had:  Rev. Alexander "Sandy" Carmichel, who was born in September, 1949, is a consultant, and lives in DeBary, FL, Craig R. Carmichel, who was born in June, 1951, is vice president of the Vanderbilt University medical center, and lives in Brentwood, TN, and Douglas H. Carmichel, who was born in April, 1954, wed Gail Carmichel, works for the American Lung Association, and lives in Syracuse.

Leon R. Carpenter and Charlotte Edick Carpenter lived on Maple Dr. by 1948, and lived at 333 Cleveland Blvd. in Fayetteville by 1953.   Mr. Carpenter was born on 2-11-1901, and was a native of Orwell, NY.  In 1940, he became the owner of a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership in Fayetteville.  Mrs. Carpenter was a native of Little Falls, NY, and was born on 1-3-1910.   Mr. Carpenter sold his business and the couple moved to FL in 1966.  They were residing in Coral Springs, at Mrs. Carpenter's death on 3-14-1990.  Mr. Carpenter died on 7-1-1990.

Louis M. Carpenter and Helen Totten Carpenter lived near Lyndon corners by 1951, and later lived at 109 Fairfield St. in Fayetteville.  Mr. Carpenter was born 2-17-1900.  He was a musician and the owner of a manufacturing firm in Manlius.  Mrs. Carpenter was born on 3-28-1902, and was a native of Wilkes-Barre, PA.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1924, and worked as an office assistant for Dr. Max E. Rifkin.  Mr. Carpenter's aunt, Lena Carpenter Balsley, the widow of William A. Balsley, lived with the Carpenter family before her death on 3-17-1964.  (See the Balsley entry above.)   Mr. Carpenter died on 12-11-1979, and Mrs. Carpenter died on 5-13-1994.  They had:  Hubert J. Carpenter, who was born about 1929, was the office manager for the Pfohl Equipment Co., before operating the family owned Carpenter Manufacturing Co., and lived in Cazenovia at his death on 11-6-1989.  

Arthur Henry Case and Gertrude Case lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1942, having earlier lived on South Salina St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Case was born on 2-22-1880, and worked as a machinist with the U. S. Hoffman Co.  Mrs. Case was born about 1886, and the couple wed about 1902.  They had:  Geraldine Case, who was born about 1903, Dorothy A. Case, who was born about 1905, Charles A. Case, who was born about 1906, Mildred Case, who was born in 1909, Helen Case, who was born about 1912, and Berneice Case, who was born about 1917.

Cynthia Bates Case lived on Genesee St. by about 1928.  Mrs. Case was born 8-23-1881, in Savannah, NY.  She was married to George D. Case, but was widowed by 1930.  Mrs. Case worked as a typist, and operated a small poultry farm.  She also was, with her sister Minerva L. Bates, the co-owner of a trailer park known as the Case-Bates Trailer Camp.  Her home and trailer park were located on the north side of Genesee St. at the western boundary of Lyndon--where the street descends into the Butternut flats.  The property was later used as the site of a miniature golf course and was very near the former Howard Johnson restaurant and John Milton motel.  Mrs. Case died 6-23-1953.  (See the Bates entry above.)

Irene Schwarz Case, the widow of Dr. George B. Case, lived at 200 Kittell Rd. in 1953, having lived previously at 623 E. Genesee St. in Syracuse, and then 231 Ambergate Rd. in DeWitt.  Dr. Case was born about 1882, and the couple wed about 1915.  Mrs. Case was born about 1888, and had four children:  Eleanor H. Case, who was born about 1922, attended American University, and wed Fred Taylor of Cazenovia, Jane V. Case, who died on 8-11-52, at age 33, George Case, Jr., a USAF officer, who was born in 1926, and lived in Bakersfield, CA, and Richard H. Case.

Frank J. Cashier and Eugenia Claire "Jean" McNally Cashier lived at 731 Maple Dr. by 1948.  Mr. Cashier was born in Syracuse on 12-19-1910.  He was the secretary-treasurer of  Joseph Cashier & Co., Inc.  He was an avid horseman.  Mrs. Cashier underwent nurse's training at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, while a cadet member of SPARS--the female division of the Coast Guard.  She joined in 1943 and served 33 months during WWII. The couple wed in November, 1948.  Mr. Cashier died in Florida on 2-28-1998.  They had:  Jody Cashier Willis, who lived in Wayne, PA, Jaime Cashier, who lived in Albany, and Joseph Cashier, John Cashier, and Regina Cashier, all of Fayetteville.

James G. Chapman and Catherine Wood Chapman lived at 110 Woodside Lane by 1960.  He was an executive with the Chapman Lumber Co.  Their children:  George Wood Chapman, who earned an MBA from Syracuse University, wed Sally Lundgren Chapman in 1976, and worked in the family lumber business, James Chapman, Jeffrey Chapman, and Bradley Chapman.

Donald E. Chappell, Jr., and Marilyn Reiber Chappell lived on Maple Dr. by 1951.  Mr. Chappell graduated from Syracuse University in 1949, following three years of service with the Army Air Corps during World War II.  He was trained as a meteorologist and was stationed in Egypt during the War.  He became the president of the family owned C. E. Chappell and Sons department store in 1964.  Mr. Chappell had moved to Baldwinsville prior to his death in Houston on 2-14-1988, following complications related to heart bypass surgery.  They had: Donald Chappell, III, of Massachusetts, David Chappell, and Dana Chappell, both of California, and Dale Ann Chappell, of Hawaii.

Dorothy Jamison Chappell lived at 53 Lynacres Blvd. by 1960.  Mrs. Chappell was born 11-2-1895.  She was a native of Toledo, OH, and the widow of Donald E. Chappell, Sr., whom she wed about 1917.  Mrs. Chappell's mother, Florence Harroun Jamison, who was born in PA, about 1859, lived with the family during the 1930's while they resided at 336 Comstock Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Chappell was born about 1890, and was the chairman of the board of the C. E. Chappell and Sons chain of department stores in the Syracuse area.  After Mr. Chappell's death, which occurred on 8-18-1959, Mrs. Chappell moved from 15 Brattle Rd. in Syracuse to Lyndon.  She later wed Reed M. Vincett.  Mrs. Chappell died in Miami Beach, FL, on 10-5-1967.  She and Mr. Chappell had:  Donald Chappell, Jr. who lived on Maple Dr. (see above), Helen V. Chappell, born in 1925, who married Richard E. Gray, and lived in DeWitt, Jane Chappell Menzies, who married John K. Menzies, and lived in Syracuse, and Elizabeth Chappell Steele, who was born about 1922, married Robert H. Steele, and lived in Fayetteville.

Arthur Gilbert Chase and Mina Assman Chase lived on Highbridge Rd. by 1930, having lived earlier on Walnut Ave. and at 310 Highland Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Chase was born at Port Richmond on Staten Island, NY, on 4-11-1880, and came to CNY about 1909.  He was an executive at the Continental Can Co. and later became the president and chairman of the board of Precision Castings Co.  Mrs. Chase was born in NYC about 1882, and before her marriage was a dramatic soprano and pianist and had performed throughout Europe.  The couple wed in East Orange, NJ, in 1909.  Both were very active in club and society activities.  Their home in Lyndon, known as Highfields, was built in the late 1920's, and was a local show place.  It had an estimated value at that time of $200,000, and a staff of four live-in servants.  At her death on 4-3-1952, Mrs. Chase left an estate of $2 million.  Mr. Chase died on 10-17-1961, at Highfields.  They had:  Marie-Louise Chase, who wed Donald Tiffany, (see their listing), and Marcia Chase, who was born about 1919, wed a Mr. MacCallum and John T. Bunch, and lived in New Canaan, CT.

Jerome Kent Cheney, and Marjorie Ehle Cheney lived at 16 Lynacres Blvd. by 1942.  Mr. Cheney was the son of NYS Supreme Court Justice Jerome L. Cheney.  He was born 3-2-1898, and was a graduate of Syracuse public schools, Colgate University, and Harvard Law School.  He was admitted to the bar in 1924, and the couple wed in November of that year.  Mr. Cheney  specialized in corporate law and was a member of the Melvin and Melvin law firm.  On 9-1-1951, Mr. and Mrs. Cheney, died in an automobile accident on Route 20 south of Utica. Two others were also killed instantly.  Their daughter, Martha, who was 19 at the time, was seriously injured in the three-car crash.  Their children:  Martha Eloise Cheney, who graduated from St. Lawrence University, married Grosvenor Leland Thomas, of Westport, CT, on 6-19-1954, and lives in Londonderry, VT, and Barbara Jane Cheney, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1947, married Edward S. Murray in 1948, and resided in Marcellus at her death on 3-19-1990.

Eugene E. Chiarulli and Theda Peak Chiarulli lived at 6800 Knollwood Dr. by 1955, having lived earlier at 504 Prospect Ave. in Syracuse.  Born in Syracuse, on 3-25-1915, Dr. Chiarulli graduated from the Syracuse University College of Medicine in 1939, and served over five years as a flight surgeon in WWII.  Upon his return, he was a physician and surgeon in Syracuse.  In 1975 he was appointed plant physician for the R. E. Deitz Co.  Dr. Chiarulli was residing in Baton Rouge, LA, at his death on 5-23-1992, and Mrs. Chiarulli, who was born on 9-5-1921, died there on 9-30-2008.  They had:  Cynthia Chiarulli Spencer, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1967, and lives now in NYC, Daphne Chiarulli Arnold, who lives in Frisco, TX, Eugene Chiarulli, Jr., who was born in 1947, served in Vietnam, wed Mary Chiarulli, graduated from LSU, and is a CPA and attorney residing in Broussard, LA, Pamela Chiarulli, who was born in 1949, married Frank Craig, and resides in Jackson, LA, Natalie Chiarulli, who was born in 1950, married Stephen Hagstette, and lives in Kenner, LA, Donald Chiarulli, who was born in 1953, wed Beverly Chiarulli, earned a doctorate in computer science from LSU, and is a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, and Theda Chiarulli, who was born in 1960, wed Jack Little, and resides in Baton Rouge. 

Alfred C. Chick and Florence McCabe Chick lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1951, having lived earlier at 128 Hatch St. in Syracuse.  He was born in ME about 1890, and was a machinist at the Rollway Bearing Co.  Mrs. Chick was born on 9-21-1899, and was residing in Kirkville, NY, when she died in May, 1983.  They had a son, William F. Chick, who was born 11-26-1932, was an electronic technician for General Electric Co., and lives in Kirkville.

J. Richard Childs and Eugenia Lewis Childs lived at 6830 Knollwood Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Childs was a partner in the family owned Jeans Beans Co.--a popular business on E. Fayette St. in Syracuse, which sold potato chips, fish, etc.  Mr. Childs died 1-5-1978.  Mrs. Childs, who was born about 1916, resided in Venice, FL, at her death on 10-2-2008.  They had:  Cynthia Childs Over, who lives in Venice, Frank J. Childs, II, who lives in Syracuse, and Eugenia "Jean" Childs, who died on 6-17-1960, at the age of 12.

Clyde H. Chismore and Luella Babbitt Chismore lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  Mrs. Chismore was born about 1905, and the couple wed about 1928.  She was a native of Utica and a 1929 graduate of Syracuse University, having earned a BFA degree.  She was a commercial artist and an advertising executive for Dey Brothers, Witherills, and other firms, and lives now in Chittenango.  Mr. Chismore, was born about 1904, and also graduated from the University in 1929.  He was the property manager for the Pomeroy real estate firm, and later founded his own realty firm.

Alvern H. Chrisler and Hazel Paul Chrisler lived at 117 Dewey Ave. by 1954.  He was born 1-7-1918.  Mr. Chrisler was a native of Auburn and had resided in the DeWitt area for 40 years.  He was a chauffeur for the Fred Reals Co., Inc., and retired in 1980 after 18 years with the DeWitt Highway Department.  At some point, the couple divorced and Mr. Chrisler, by 1967, married Naomi Butler Chrisler.  He died on 12-20-1983.  Hazel Paul Chrisler, who was probably born on 9-6-1906, died on 1-30-2001, in Dayton, OH.  Mr. Chrisler's mother, Violet K. Chrisler, lived with her son's family.  She was born 5-13-1888, in Detroit, and lived 45 years in Auburn and in the CNY area 26 years before her death on 4-12-1980.  Alvern and Hazel Chrisler had a daughter, Jennifer Chrisler.

Russell K. Chrisman and Katherine Arnold Chrisman lived at 6 Lynacres Blvd. by 1955, having lived earlier at 17 Lynacres Blvd. and on E. Genesee St., in Fayetteville.  Mr. Chrisman was born 10-17-1888, and the couple married about 1914.  He served in Europe during WWI.  Mr. Chrisman worked as a chemist, and later was the founder and owner of the Chrisman Supply Co. in Fayetteville.  Mrs. Chrisman was born on 3-20-1889, and died 4-21-1965.  Mr. Chrisman died on 10-23-1967.  They had:  Sandford Chrisman, who was born about 1924.

Mabel Church and her brothers, Arthur Church and Ernest Church, lived at 6836 Genesee St. by 1941.  They were natives of Somersetshire, England.  Miss Church was born 5-11-1888, and was a housekeeper for the A. L. Brockway family and the W. S. Estabrook family.  She died 8-29-1969.  Arthur Church was born 12-5-1893, and died in March, 1973.  He was a gardener on the Brockway farm.  Ernest Church was born in 1887, and was a laborer for the Dorr family.  By 1930, he was boarding in Lyndon with the family of John Charlesworth, a fellow native of England.

Carl Wesley Clark and Anne Taylor Clark lived on Knollwood Dr. by 1960.  Mr. Clark was born in Brooklyn and received his professional training in architecture at Cooper Union in NYC and the University of Pennsylvania.  He opened his own firm in Cortland in 1915, and moved the practice to Syracuse in 1947, and retired in 1972.  Mr. Clark was considered by many to be the dean of architects in the Syracuse area.  He was the primary architect for the Onondaga Community College campus, First Methodist Church, the Salvation Army Citadel, Henninger High School,, and many other prominent buildings in CNY.  Mrs. Clark died in 1977.  Mr. Clark died 11-7-1985, at age 92.  They had:  Dr. Carl W. Clark, Jr., who was born July 13, 1918, in Cortland, was a graduate of Cornell University and its medical school, (the class of 1943), practiced in Potsdam and Syracuse, and died on 5-4-1989, and Robert T. Clark, who was born in Cortland in 1920, graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in architecture and from Cornell University with a degree in civil engineering, married Nancy Mangum, joined the family architectural firm, and lives in Asheville, NC.

Harold H. Clark and Fannie Saunders Clark lived at 5 Lynacres Blvd. by 1942, having lived previously at 113 Strathmore Dr. in Syracuse.  Mr. Clark was born about 1893, and the couple wed in Cortland in 1915.  He was in the real estate business with an office in the University Bldg. in downtown Syracuse.  Mr. Clark died in 1942, and Mrs. Clark, a native of Cortland, died on 7-1-1955.  They had:  William S. Clark, who was born about 1916, lived in Fulton, and was in the real estate business, and Judson W. Clark, who was born about 1919, served in WWII, graduated from Syracuse University in 1946, was in the real estate business, and died 2-22-1983, while residing in Naples, FL.

Paul C. Clark and June Ratcliff Clark lived at 5710 Brockway Lane by 1960.  He was a native of Syracuse, but   spent his early years in Marcellus.  He was a 1927 graduate of Syracuse University and a 1930 graduate of its medical school.   Dr. Clark also graduated from the department of cardiology of Harvard University medical school and did a residency at the Massachusetts General Hospital.  Dr. Clark was a founder of the American Society of Internal Medicine and was the first president of the New York Society of Internal Medicine.  He had a private practice for 43 years with offices in the State Tower Building.  Mrs. Clark was a native of Council Bluffs, IA.  She lived in Marcellus as a youngster and was a graduate of City Normal School.  She also received a bachelor's and master's degree in education from Syracuse University, and taught more than 20 years for the Syracuse school district.  Mrs. Clark died 4-30-1988, and Dr. Clark died 4-9-1989.  They had:  Carol Ann Clark Knoblock, who was a technical illustrator for the General Electric Co., and lives in Fayetteville, Dr. Paul S. Clark, who attended Princeton University, and is a physician living in Reno, NV, and Marilyn Alberding of Half Moon Bay, CA.

Robert J. Clark and Katherine Chadwick Clark lived at 13 Lynacres Blvd. by 1930.  Both were born about 1905, and wed about 1928.  Mr. Clark was in the real estate business and maintained an office in the University Building.  By 1953, Mr. Clark had married Arlene Lamirande Marden.  She was a 1935 graduate of Syracuse University and was the widow of Allen E. Marden, who died suddenly on 4-2-1950, in Montclair, NJ.  She had two daughters by Mr. Marden, Nancy Marden, and Elinor Marden Weith, who were raised in Lynacres.  Robert and Katherine Clark had:  Robert Clark, Jr., and Barbara Clark.

Robert T. Clark and Nancy Mangam Clark lived at 30 Lynacres Blvd., having moved there in 1964.  The family resided at 16 Pebble Hill Rd., South, in DeWitt by the late 1950's, having moved from Westvale--a suburb west of Syracuse.  Mr. Clark was born in Cortland, NY, on 5-1-1920.  He graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in architecture and from Cornell University with a degree in civil engineering.  Mr. Clark earned the rank of Lt. Colonel while serving in the Army during WWII.  He was, with his father, Carl W. Clark, Sr., a partner in the architectural engineering firm of Clark, Clark, Millis, and Gilson.  Mr. Clark was noted for his involvment in the design of schools throughout the state, including Onondaga Community College.  He also designed the Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church--the church attended by the Clark family.  Mrs. Clark was born on 2-11-1926, in Oyster Bay, LI, NY, and was a summa cum laude graduate of Cortland State College.  The couple wed about 1947, and Mrs. Clark taught elementary school.  She died on 9-13-2009, and Mr. Clark lives now in Asheville, NC.  Their children:  Cathy Clark, who was born in April, 1948, graduated from Wells College, studied in Spain and was selected by the Fulbright Commision for study in Mexico, finished graduate work at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, wed Robert C. Gibbons, lives in CNY, and works for the Syracuse Post-Standard editing a quarterly magazine, "The Visitors Guide for Syracuse and Central New York," Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, who was born in 1951, graduated from Colgate University and Epicopal Divinity School, wed Rev. Albert Jennings, is an Episcopal priest and co-director and co-founder of the Credo Institute, and resides in Sagamore Hills, OH, and Carla Clark Liberatore, who graduated from Bates College and received a master's degree from Syracuse University, wed David Liberatore, works as a stock broker, and lives in Raleigh, NC.  For over 20 years, Mr. and Mrs. Gibbons, traveled the world performing as clowns, mimes, and magicians.  They also published a trade journal, "Laugh-Makers Variety Arts Magazine," written primarily for family entertainers.   Mr. Gibbons was also known as "the voice" of the NYS Fair, where he had the job of welcoming fairgoers via loudspeaker and introducing various acts.  He died on 12-16-2010.

Roger J. Clark and Jacqueline J. Clark lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1960.  He was a forestry student at Syracuse University and earned his master's degree in 1962.  Mrs. Clark taught elementary school in Fayetteville, while they lived in the Park.  The couple reside now in East Aurora, NY, where Mr. Clark is an environmental consultant.

Willard E. Coates and Katherine S. Coates lived on Highbrige Rd. by 1942, having lived earlier in Santa Barbara, CA.  Mr. Coates was born about 1881, and was a live-in gardener on the Highfield estate of Arthur and Mina Chase.   Mrs. Coates was born about 1880, and the couple wed about 1923. 

Richard Elrich Coe and Anna Sadloski Coe lived at 110 Hobson Ave. by 1948, and at 200 Edgemere Lane in Fayetteville by 1951.  Mr. Coe was born 2-2-1907, in Lycoming, NY, and served as a field director with the American Red Cross during WW II. He opened the Coe Advertising Agency in the LaFayette Building in Syracuse, in 1939, and later was a partner in the Coolican, Coe, and Coolican agency.  Mrs. Coe was a secretary for WAGE radio.  They moved to Phoenix, AZ, in 1958, and to Beverly Hills, CA, by the early 1960's.  Mr. Coe was an amateur historian and genealogist.  He worked on a comprehensive history of the extended family of his ancestor, John Coe, who was an original settler of Stamford, CT.  His research continued until his death on 1-17-1987, in Glendale, CA.   

Albert J. Cole and Margaret R. Cole lived on Knollwood Rd. by 1942.   He was a sales engineer, and later the sales manager, for the Lamson Co.  Mrs. Cole was a Christian Science practitioner.  They had:  Gordon H. Cole, who lived in Washington, DC, Robert Spencer Cole, who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for having flown 75 combat missions in the PTO during WWII, and married Marjorie Zimarik on 4-27-1946, and Joy Cole, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1943, and married Lewis K. Hill.

Everson Porter Cole and Helen Elizabeth Henderson Cole lived at 105 Dewey Ave. by 1960, having lived earlier in Sandy Lake, PA, where Mr. Cole was born on 10-10-1877.  Mrs. Cole was born on 6-27-1878, and the couple wed 6-2-1901, in Titusville, PA.  Mr. Cole was retired from farming before his death in September, 1966, at age 88.  They had:  Gladys Mae Cole Burnhoft, who was born on 4-14-1902, Robert Augustus Cole, who was born on 6-9-1905, and died on 4-5-1989, Corrine "Connie" Elizabeth Cole, born on 3-4-1907, who wed John Frith, was a language teacher, lived in Lebanon, NJ, at her death on 9-1-2002, and Ned McCaughtry Cole, who was born in Pittsburgh on 3-21-1911, wed Evelyn Murrin on 7-1-7-1938, worked as a conductor on the Penn Central railroad, and died on 8-15-1998, while residing in Rocky Grove, PA.

Henry L. Coleman, Jr., and Barbara McGrew Coleman lived on Maple Dr. by 1951.  He was a salesman for the Cornell & Underhill firm, and vice-president of the Hadco Corp.  The couple moved from Lyndon to Buffalo in July, 1955. They had:  Patricia Coleman, Barbara Coleman, and Mary Coleman.

Thad L. Collum and Anne Boshart Collum lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1953.  He was born 7-24-1898, and was the owner of the Collum Acoustical Tile Co.  Mr. Collum was active in Republican party politics, having served from 1961 to 1967 as party chairman for Onondaga County.  Mrs. Collum, a native of Lowville, NY, was an amateur golf champion of note.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1925, and died in Naples, FL, on 12-23-1981, her 80th birthday.  Mr. Collum died in June, 1982.  They had:  Thad Phillips Collum, who married Barbara Murray, worked for the family acoustical company, and lived in Fayetteville, and Edward B. Collum, who wed Cynthia H. Collum, and lived on Woodchuck Hill Rd. in DeWitt.

Cornelius Sanford Conde, Sr., and Marie Darling Conde lived at 715  Maple Dr. by 1930.  He was a salesman for the Williams Roofing Co., and later the installation manager for the Stanyon Products Co., an aluminum window business.  He was born in December, 1899.  She was born about 1897, and the couple wed about 1920. Mr. Conde's father, Edward F. Conde, lived with the family by 1942.  (See his entry below.) C. S. Conde died on 10-10-1962, after living in Lyndon more than 40 years.  They had:  Edna Conde Holmes, who was born about 1923, married Theodore Holmes, and lived in Fayetteville, Newell Conde, who served in the US Navy, and died on 2-11-2005, and Cornelius Conde, Jr., who was born in 1927, served in the military during WWII, married Elizabeth Griffin, worked as a window installer, and died on 11-25-2008.

Edward F. Conde lived at 715 Maple Dr. by 1942, and on Lyndon Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Conde was born in August, 1869, and married Alice Yates Conde about 1891.  Mrs. Conde was born in February, 1872.  They had six children before divorcing about 1911.  Mr. Conde soon married Jennie Dineen Conde, who had been married previously to William Dineen.  Mr. Conde was a steamfitter and basketmaker, and lived at 121 Gifford St. and other locations in Syracuse, Mattydale, and Marcellus, before arriving in Lyndon.  By his first wife, Mr. Conde had:  Bernard Arthur Conde, who was born 1-6-1892, was a conductor on the NYC railroad, resided in Solvay, married Anna Samuels, and died on 5-13-1968, Charlotte "Lottie" Conde, who was born 2-17-1894, wed James Nusbaum, and lived in Los Angeles at her death on 2-15-1986, Hazel V. Conde, who was born in December, 1897, and died on 5-9-1907, Cornelius Sanford Conde, (see the entry above), Sarah Ide "Sally" Conde, who was born on 2-16-1902, in Mattydale, married James Albert Kerlin on 4-20-1921, worked 25 years as a food checker in the Hotel Syracuse's Rainbow Lounge, lived at 209 Benham Ave. in Syracuse in a home built by Mr. Kerlin, and died on 1-26-2004, and Gertrude Conde, who was born in 1904, wed Earl Davis, and lived in FL.  Sarah Conde Kerlin lived to age 101, and at her death had 26 grandchildren, 41 great-grandchildren, and seven great-great-grandchildren.

Francis R. Conlon and Joan Farrand Conlon lived at 720 Maple Dr., having lived earlier at 4300 Genesee St. in DeWitt, by 1953.  Born in Croghan, NY, Mr. Conlon was a Navy veteran of World War II, and graduated from Syracuse University's School of Engineering.  He was a construction engineer with the NY district of the Army Corps of Engineers, and later owned Conlon Structures Inc., the Builders Journeymen Group and Compliance Inspection Group.  Mr. Conlon died on 11-30-1990.  Their children: James F. Conlon, and Jeffrey L. Conlon, both of whom lived in DeWitt, Jack W. Conlon, who lived in Syracuse, JoAnne Conlon Baker, who lived in Chittenango, Jennifer F. Conlon, who lived in DeWitt, and Janice E. Conlon, who lived in Fayetteville.

James Connor and Eva Connor lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1948, and by 1950 lived on Peck Rd. in Baldwinsville in a home that Mr. Connor built.  He was a carpenter and worked for a division of the D. W. Winkelman construction company at 100 Greenway Ave. in Syracuse.  They had:  a son, and a daughter.

Elizabeth Conway lived at 317 Edwards Dr.  Born in Portland, ME, she received a teaching certificate in physical education from the Posse School in Boston and taught in Penn Yan and Phoenix, NY.  Mrs. Conway was a major in the Red Cross Motor Corps during WWII.  She moved to Lyndon in 1952.  Mrs. Conway was the widow of Daniel H. Conway, who was the mayor of Oswego, NY, during the 1920's.  Mr. Conway died in Oswego on 9-15-1935. Mrs. Conway died on 6-11-1995, at age 98.  Her children:  John H. Wood, of Manlius, Spencer Wood, of Reston, VA,  William B. Conway, of Roswell, GA, and Nancy Emerick, of Vero Beach, FL.

Samuel H. Cook lived in the Knollwood section by 1942.  He was a graduate of Syracuse University and the first graduate manager of athletics on the Hill.  Mr. Cook became the president of WFBL--a local radio station, which was founded in 1922.  Mr. Cook was associated with the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Co. for 20 years, and was a former reporter and sports editor for The Post-Standard.  He had a daughter, Jane Cook Halloway, of Lawara Farms, Interlaken, NY.

Morris E. Cool and Harriet Burns Cool lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942, and later moved to 203 Miles Ave.  Mr. Cool was born 10-9-1890, and was a native of Syracuse.  He was a draftsman in the engineering department of the Prosperity Co. and worked for the company 35 years before retiring in 1959.  Mr. Cool died in Deerfield Beach, FL, on 3-15-1966.  Mrs. Cool was born in Syracuse on 6-23-1893, and died on 9-29-75, while living in Liverpool.

Harry C. Copeland and Margery Copeland lived on Maple Dr. by 1955.  He was born in Georgia, and graduated from Cornell University.  Mr. Copeland was an Army veteran of World War II, and was awarded a Silver Star and a Purple Heart.  He was the general agent for Massachusetts Mutual Insurance Co. in Ithaca, Syracuse, and New York City.  Mr. Copeland died in NYC on 8-2-1999.  Their children:  Constance Copeland, who lived in FL, Carol Copeland Simone, and Nancy Copeland, who both lived in San Francisco.

Francis Patrick Corcoran and Winifred Young Corcoran lived at 41 Ely Dr.  They purchased a home built by the Alabrandi firm and moved there in 1952 from 220 Orchard Rd. in Westvale, NY.  Dr. Corcoran was born in 1902, and was a dentist, having graduated from dental school at the University of Buffalo in 1924.  He maintained an office on E. Fayette St. for many years.  The couple moved to the Taunton area before Mrs. Corcoran died on 11-23-1978.  They had a son, Dr. Thomas F. Corcoran, who graduated from the school of dentistry at McGill University in Montreal, and lived in North Syracuse.

William C. Cornell and Joan Norem Cornell lived at 6 Ely Dr. by 1955.  He was the district representative for the Frank G. Hough Co.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Cornell graduated from Syracuse University.  The couple later moved to West Palm Beach, FL, where Mrs. Cornell yet resides.  Their children:  Anna Cornell Newman, Susan Cornell, William Allison Cornell, Patricia Cornell, and Joan Cornell McCaffrey.

George J. Cowell and Mildred Windnagle Cowell lived at 214 Kittell Rd. by 1951, and moved the following year.  Mr. Cowell was a professor at LeMoyne College, and Mrs. Cowell was a public school teacher.  Mrs. Cowell was born on 12-10-1904, and died on 6-25-1977, while residing in Pasco, FL.  Mr. Cowell probably was born on 11-16-1905, and died in FL on 11-24-1992.  They had:  Bruce Cowell, and Jon Cowell. 

Carrol W. Coyne and Sarah "Sally" Aicher Coyne lived on Brockway Lane by 1960.  He was an attorney.  Mrs. Coyne was a 1955 graduate of Albright College in Reading, PA.  She was a former home economist with New York State Electric and Gas Co.  Mrs. Coyne died on 10-29-1992, and Mr. Coyne lives now in Cazenovia.  They had five daughters:  Carol E. Coyne, who graduated from law school at Syracuse University, in 1981, and lives in Troy, NY, Susan Coyne Walsh, of Boston, Tracy Coyne Tenney, of Duxbury, MA, Mary F. Coyne of Manhattan Beach, CA, and Christina L. Coyne, of Fayetteville.

Nelson Bauer Crandall and Marcia Kepler Crandall lived in Lyndon by 1948.  In 1949, Mr. Crandall graduated from Syracuse University with an engineering degree, and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service during WWII.  He lives now in Tarboro, NC.  They had:  Wendy Crandall Parker, Barbara Crandall Gufton, and Jennifer Crandall Fenner. 

Norman W. Crandall lived at 219 Hobson Ave. by 1953.  He was born in Truxton and graduated from Columbia University.  He was a teacher in Kings Park, Long Island, before moving to Lyndon and becoming a cost accountant for the Carrier Corp.  Mr. Crandall was living at 218 Thompson Ave., Fayetteville, at his death on 11-18-80.  His sister, Edith Bush, lived nearby, (see above).

Edward M. Crawford and Olive Widdell Crawford lived at 508 Maple Dr. by 1955.  He was the district credit manager for the General Electric Co.  She was a native of NYC, who was born 3-26-1905, and graduated from Hunter College.  Mr. Crawford died in 1980, and Mrs. Crawford died on 10-20-1984.  They had:  Craig Crawford, who graduated from Hamilton College, studied at the University of Bonn, Germany, and lived in Pompano Beach, FL.

Eugene A. Crawford and Alice Crawford lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  Mr. Crawford was born in Onondaga County in April, 1869, and married Cora Spencer Crawford about 1893.  She was born in October, 1871, and came to Lyndon about the time of their marriage.  Mrs. Crawford's widowed mother, Ruth A. Crawford, lived with the couple until her death in August, 1921.  Mr. Crawford was a farmer and gardener.  Cora Crawford died in Lyndon on 6-19-1934.  Mr. Crawford later wed Alice Crawford.  He was returning to Lyndon from FL, when he died in New York City on 4-12-1955, at age 86.

James S. Crawford and Virginia Richardson Crawford lived at 307 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  Mr. Crawford was born in Texas, and graduated from Slocum High School.  He was an Army Air Forces veteran of World War II.  Mr. Crawford began as a salesman and eventually became the advertising sales manager for WSYR-TV.  He later opened his own agency, Crawford Advertising, Inc.  Mr. Crawford died 2-5-1999, in New Port Richey, FL.  They had: Jeffrey M. Crawford, of Tully, and Steven R. Crawford, of LaFayette, NY.

Ralph Sheldon Crear, Jr., and Barbara Lee Crear lived at 133 Edwards Dr. by 1955.  Both were graduates of Syracuse University.  Mr. Crear served in the Army Air Forces in World War II.  He worked for Dey Brothers department store for 34 years and was a divisional merchandise manager when they lived on Edwards Dr.  The couple later moved to Santa Monica, CA, where Mr. Crear died on 10-23-1997, and Mrs. Crear yet resides. They had three children:  Donna Crear Dellaportas, born in February, 1944, of Santa Monica, Victoria Crear Alexander, born in April, 1945, who lived in Spencerport, NY, and Steven Crear, of Pacific Palisades, CA.

William R. Crockford and Mary A. Crockford lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  He was born in Fulton, NY, about 1880, and was a superintendent on the farm of Ernest White and later retired from the Precision Castings Co.  Mrs. Crockford was born about 1882, and the couple wed about 1902.  The family lived earlier in the Town of Granby in Oswego County.  Mr. Crockford was married to Laura Essig Crockford at his death on 9-12-1955.  Laura Crockford died on 12-9-1969.  Mr. Crockford and Mary Crockford had:  King W. Crockford, who was born about 1903, wed Helen Springer and then Ellenmae Flint Rasbeck, worked as a farm manager near Auburn, retired to Zephyrhills, FL, and died on 2-18-1997, Lydia Crockford Hock, who was born about 1905, and died in Louisville, KY, on 1-6-1990, and Mary Ann Crockford Nicholson Booher, who was born about 1911, and lived in Lighthouse, FL.

Dorothea Arnold Cronk lived on Cedar Bay Rd. at Lyndon Rd. by 1942.  A native of Ogdensburg, Mrs. Cronk was born about 1896, and lived in the Lyndon area for 54 years.  She was the widow of George B. Cronk.  Mr. Cronk was a railroad engineer and was born 9-11-1888.  They lived in Syracuse before moving to the Fayetteville area about 1936.  Mrs. Cronk cared for two grandchildren in her home, Gary Cronk, and Patricia Cronk, who worked at the General Electric Co.  Mrs. Cronk died on 3-27-1991, at age 95.  They had:  Dr. G. Arnold Cronk (see below), and George Cronk, Jr., who was born in 1916.

Gary Arnold Cronk and Margaret Gartner Cronk lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1942, Genesee St. by 1948, and later lived on Morton Rd. in DeWitt.  He was born in Syracuse, about 1914, and graduated from medical school at Syracuse University.  After service with the Navy in World War II, Dr. Cronk returned to the University, where he was an associate professor of health and preventive medicine and director of student health services.  He later joined Ortho Pharmaceutical Co. in NJ, and lived in Princeton.  He died there on 9-28-1983.  The couple had three daughters: Sandra Cronk, who was a noted Quaker author and theologian before her death in NJ on 4-4-2000, Cynthia Cronk Nowina, of Toronto, and Barbara Cronk Clayton, of Winchester, VA.

Hershner Cross and Daphne J. Cross lived at 103 Knollwood Rd. by 1960.  He was a division manager for the General Electric Co.  Mrs. Cross was born 6-22-1916, and died 1-25-1995, in NH, where Mr. Cross still resides.  They had:  Linda Cross, who studied at Stanford University, Marjorie Cross DuPont, who attended Mt. Holyoke College, and is thought to reside in Rome, NY, and Nancy Cross.

William Marshall Crull and Olga Tingwell Crull lived at 108 Maple Dr. by 1942.  Mr. Crull was born 2-19-1886, in  Warren, PA.  Mrs. Crull, who was of Swedish descent, was also a native of PA, and was born in 1886.  He was the owner and manager of the Sturdy Dog Food Co., which he founded in 1930.  Mr. Crull was prominent in the breeding of English setter dogs and in the breeding of harness horses--and many of them were raced at the nearby Vernon Downs.  Mr. Crull also built, owned, and operated the DeWitt Colonial Motel.  He died on 5-12-1976, in Auburn, at 90.  They had:  Doris Crull, who was born in 1908, married William A. Walton, and lived in Skaneateles.

Joseph F. Cummiskey and Grace Haley Cummiskey lived at 350 Edwards Dr. until late 1955 when they moved to 416 Allen St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Cummiskey was a native of Ogdensburg, and was a graduate of St. Bonaventure University, where he excelled in athletics.  He began his career as a newspaper reporter in Buffalo but got involved in radio news and sports reporting.  He came to Syracuse in 1951 to be the news and sports director for WAGE (later to become WHEN) radio.  Mr. Cummiskey died at the family's summer camp on the St. Lawrence River near Ogdensburg on 9-3-1960.  Mrs. Cummiskey was a native of Bolivar, NY, and was living in Manlius at her death on 3-15-1990.  They had Joseph J. Cummiskey, who was born in December, 1944, married Corrine Meredith, and lives in Jamesville, Sally Cummiskey, a 1956 graduate of LeMoyne College who married Thomas J. Phillips, and died 2-13-1998, Marijane Cummiskey, who was born in July,1936, married Michael Wheeler Milmoe on 6-25-1960, and lives in Canastota, NY, and Aileen Cummiskey, who was born in August, 1933, wed Ferdinand L. Picardi, and lives in Fayetteville.

Thomas J. Curry and Mary McGarr Curry lived on Genesee St. by 1952.  They also lived at 205 Wellington Rd. in DeWitt in the early 1950's, and later, at 120 Windsor Pl. in Syracuse.  Mr. Curry was born in Delano, PA, and graduated from Cornell University in 1936.  He served as a civilian in the Corps of Engineers during WWII.  Mrs. Curry was a native of Auburn and a 1931 graduate of St. Mary's School of Nursing, Rochester.  She retired in 1973 as a nursing supervisor at the Upstate Medical Center.  Mr. Curry worked for the General Electric Co. but retired in 1977 as a sales representative at Logan-Long Co., in Fulton.  Mrs. Curry died 8-2-1995, and Mr. Curry died on 4-12-2002, at age 90.  They had nine children:  Michael M. Curry, who attended Syracuse University and lives in Pensacola, FL, Dr. Stephen L. Curry, who wed Tonja R. Knapp on 6-25-1966, and was a professor of medicine in CT before retiring to Kissimimee, FL, Thomas Curry, who is a professional bridge player living in Ithaca, NY, at his death on 6-9-2012, Daniel P. Curry, who lives in Fayetteville, Joseph H. Curry, who lives in Syracuse, John C. Curry, of Brockport, Mary Curry Burns, of Hertford, NC, Eileen Curry Weathers, who lives in New Smyrna Beach, FL, and Kathleen Curry Freeman, of Syracuse.

Thomas F. Dacey and Sarah MacEndrews Dacey lived at 716 Maple Dr. by 1930.  He was born in 1880, and was a mechanic at the Solvay Quarry Co., and later worked for the Easy Washer Co.  Mrs. Dacey was a native of Ireland, and was born in 1881. They had:  Thomas E. Dacey, who was born in 1911, served in WWII, married Bernice Lofft, worked 25 years with the Easy Washer Co., and moved to Weedsport in 1969, where he resided at his death on 6-21-1988, Elizabeth Dacey Davis, who lived in Syracuse, and Helen Dacey Dauben, who was born in 1913, and resided in Syracuse.

John Dady and Leona Wagner Dady lived on Old Quarry Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Dady was born in Pompey, and in 1919 he moved to Woodchuck Hill Road, near Lyndon, and was a farmer and the owner of a construction firm.  At one point, Mr. Dady lived in Syracuse and was a barber.  The new Moses DeWitt school in DeWitt was built in 1931, and the following year, Mr. Dady bought the former school building at 107 Jamesville Rd., known as the Orville Schoolhouse.  He converted it to an apartment house and barber shop, where Mr. and Mrs. Dady lived and where Mr. Dady plied his trade.  Later he retired and built the first house on Old Quarry Road.  The couple operated the Quarry Nursery at that site until Mrs. Dady's death on 10-23-1960.  Mr. Dady was a founder of the DeWitt volunteer fire department.  He also had the distinction of being the oldest member of the DVFD.  Mr. Dady was a founder of the Thomas Jeffferson Democratic club, and was the first member of the DeWitt Businessmen's  Association.  Mrs. Dady's mother, Sarah J. Wagner, who was born in 1861, lived with the family by 1920.  Mr. Dady died 7-26-1983, at age 93.  They had:  Robert C. Dady, (see below), and Norene (or Norinne) Elinor Dady, who was born in 1918, and died in December, 1924.  On the 1930 census, Robert Dady, is shown as John Dady's, "foster son."  The exact relationship is unclear.

Robert C. Dady and Anna Marie Dady lived on Maple Dr. by 1942.  (See the above entry).  Mr. Dady was born in Pompey on 12-27-1913.  He retired in 1971 after 34 years with New Process Gear as a mechanic and supervisor. Mrs. Dady was born in Syracuse on 10-17-1905.  She was a founder, and former member of the board of the Central New York Humane Association.  The family later moved to 305 Revere Rd. in DeWitt.  Mrs. Dady died in Syracuse on 1-2-1992, and Mr. Dady died on 9-19-2001, while residing at The Nottingham in Jamesville.

George Donald Daggett and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Reeves Daggett lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Daggett was born 11-10-1899.  He was a laborer at the Precision Castings Co., and later was a custodian at the Jamesville-DeWitt high school.  Mrs. Daggett was born on 9-18-1901, and was a native of Pompey.  She was an office clerk at the Precision Castings Co.  Mr. Daggett died on 7-24-1965, and Mrs. Daggett died on 3-26-1972.  They had:  Chester B. Daggett, who worked for Precision, and Donald George Daggett, who worked for Crouse Hinds and lives in East Syracuse.

James Dahl lived at 2 Lynacres Blvd. by 1953.  He was born 5-7-1898, and was the office manager for a shoe store, and later, the proprietor of James Dahl & Associates.  Living with him was his sister, Miss Mabel E. Dahl, who was born about 1886, in Fall River, MA.  She worked as a bookkeeper, and then joined her brother's labor relations consulting firm.  Miss Dahl died on 3-16-1958.  Sachiyuki Masumoto also lived with the Dahls by 1953.  He was born about 1922 and studied chemical engineering at Cornell University. 

John P. Dailey and Virginia Dunning Dailey lived at 8 Lynacres Blvd. by 1955.  He was born in 1914, in Pittston, PA.  He founded the Syracuse Pharmachal Co.--a drug company--in 1946.  He was residing in Camillus at his death on 12-30-1973.  Mrs. Dailey was born 6-5-1919, and was a 1941 graduate of Syracuse University.  She was residing in Tucson at her death on 2-9-1996.  They had John Dailey, who lived in Colorado Springs, CO, and Deborah Dailey Edson, who wed Lewis B. Edson, and lived in Mendham, NJ.

Ernest P. Danboise and Clarice Arquette Danboise lived on Genesee St. by 1948.  They had lived earlier in Massena, NY, where Mr. Danboise worked as a laborer in an aluminum plant.  He was born in ME on 11-17-1903, and Mrs. Danboise was born in Canada on 11-21-1909.  They married on 6-30-1926, in Howick, Quebec.  While in Lyndon, the couple operated the Danboise Cottages on Genesee St.  They were residing in Port Charlotte, FL, at their deaths.  Mrs. Danboise died 2-18-1989, and Mr. Danboise died 2-13-2001, at age 97.  They had:  Lionel G. Danboise, who was born in July, 1928, attended Albany College,and lives in Oneida, NY, his twin, Jeanette Danboise, who worked for Syracuse Supply Co., wed Robert Teza, and lives in Port Charlotte, Marie Germaine Danboise, who was born in 1929, and wed William Francis Goode, (see their listing), Florence Danboise Baldwin, who lived in FL, and Theresa Danboise, who wed Harry J. Seaman on 6-23-1953, and lived in Mattydale, NY.

Charles E. Darrow and Leda Kingsley Darrow lived on Genesee St. by 1943.  Mr. Darrow was born in Scriba, NY, on 6-15-1903.  He worked for the Dwyer, Lumms Co. and then he and Mrs. Darrow operated the Lyndon Fruitamatic Co. for more than 20 years.  They retired to Holiday, FL, and Mr. Darrow died there on 7-4-1976.  Mrs. Darrow, a native of Black River, NY, was born on 1-4-1916, and died on 6-26-1989, in Holiday.  They had:  Richard Darrow, who wed Beatrice Darrow, and lived in Manlius, Kenneth Darrow, who was born about 1936, wed Elizabeth Wilcox Trost about 1960, was a member of the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Dept., worked for Agway, and also lived in Manlius, and Catherine Darrow, who married Weston Scriba, and lived in Constantia, NY.

Harry W. Davies and Helen Ruth Heath Davies lived at 20 Lynacres Blvd. by 1948, and at 57 Ely Dr. by 1953.  Mr. Davies was born in White Plains, NY, on 10-30-1896, and attended the Pace Institute.  He began his career as a messenger at a bank in White Plains and at his death was the chairman of the board and CEO of the Marine Midland Bank in Syracuse.  During his business career he was a CPA and headed the Hurdman and Cranstoun firm of public accountants, and was also a vice-president of the L. C. Smith Typewriter Co.  Mr. Davies was also active in a host of civic and charitable affairs, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Community Chest and the YMCA.  He died at age 60, on 12-5-1956, while in NYC on banking business.  Mrs. Davies moved to Ft. Lauderdale in 1957.  They had:  Robert S. Davies, who served in the USN, graduated in 1951 from the school of architecture at Syracuse University, married Janice H. Davies, and is a legal administrator in Simpsonville, SC, and Ruth Davies, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1942, married Edward G. Mack, and resided in Toronto at her death.

Walter R. Davis and Frances Roscoe Davis lived at 222 Maple Dr. by 1960.  A native of Lynn, MA, Mr. Davis was born in 1910, and came to Syracuse in 1933.  He was employed by the Carrier Corp., and was a salesman with the Case Industrial Supply Co.  In 1964, he founded the Spartan Gauge Co. in Fayetteville, which sold and serviced industrial gauges.  He retired in July, 1988, and moved to East Amherst, NY.  Mrs. Davis  was a teacher at the Charles Andrews School in Syracuse.  Mr. Davis died on 6-25-1989.  They had:  John W. Davis, who wed Katherine Davis, and is a corporate underwriter, living in Neenah, WI.

Joseph C. Davoli and Carolyn Cummings Davoli lived on Lyndon Rd. by 1953, and by 1960 were living at 21 Brockway Lane.  Mr. Davoli was the president of The Delo Corp.and later was the president of Energy Gases on Butternut Dr. in East Syracuse.  Mr. Davoli was shot and killed on 1-24-1963.  Mrs. Davoli was born 9-21-1924, and died  9-22-2004, while residing in FL.  They had:  Joseph Edward Davoli, Mary Davoli, and Daniel Davoli. 

Samuel E. Davoli and Jane DeRose Davoli lived at 23 Lynacres Blvd. by 1955.  Mr. Davoli was born in Syracuse on 2-15-1915, but lived in the Fayetteville area for 55 years.  Mr. Davoli was the owner of the Delo Corporation in Syracuse for 50 years and retired in 1989.  Mrs. Davoli died in 1984, and Mr. Davoli died on 5-4-2004, at age 89.  They had:  Dorothy Ann Davoli, who graduated from Keuka College, wed Ivars G. Vents on 8-23-1969, and lived in DeWitt, Robert Davoli, of Belmont, MA, and Charles Davoli of Manlius. (See the Davoli listing above.)

Donald G. Day and Shirley Horton Day lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1960, and moved to the Phoenix, NY, area about 1962.  He was born 8-26-1931, and was a native of Syracuse.  He worked as a mechanic, and later a foreman, with the Niagara-Mohawk Power Co., until his retirement in 1978.  Mr. Day died on 9-14-1992, in Fulton, NY.  They had:  Donald Kenneth Day, and John W. Day, both of Pennellville, NY.

Louis W. Day and Gertrude Battles Day lived at 214 Hobson Ave. by 1942.  He was the general foreman for the tool and die shop at the Precision Castings Co. in Fayetteville.  Mrs. Day was born in Hamilton and lived in the Lyndon area for 22 years before her death on 12-24-58.  Mrs. Day had a son, Victor Joncas, from a previous marriage. Mr. Joncas and his wife, Hope Havill Joncas, lived with the Days.  (See the Joncas entry below.)

William B. Dederer and Betty Diemer Dederer lived at 108 Kittell Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Dederer was born on 7-20-1917, and Mrs. Dederer was born in WY on 9-25-1920.  Mr. Dederer was the office manager for the J. F. Owens Machinery Co. before the family moved to Hillsborough, CA, where he was a real estate broker.  Mr. Dederer died suddenly on 3-20-1967.  Mrs. Dederer wed Vernon L. Casson in San Francisco on 6-21-1969.  They divorced in October, 1972, and Mrs. Dederer-Casson died in Palo Alto, CA, in December, 1972.  Mr. and Mrs. Dederer had:  James W. Dederer, who was born 12-4-1946, and died in CA on 7-17-2006, and Nickolas B. Dederer, who was born about 1951.

Richard G. Delaney and Lois Evans Delaney lived at 108 Hobson Ave. by 1959.  He was born on 12-19-1925 in Ogdensburg, but lived most of his life in the Syracuse area.  Mr. Delaney graduated from Syracuse University in 1951, and worked as an agent for the Nationwide Insurance Co.  Later, he was an underwriter for the USF&G Insurance Co.  Mr. Delaney was living in Syracuse at his death on 7-14-2002.  Mrs. Delaney resides now in Syracuse.  They had:  Cara Delaney Kirkby, of Syracuse, Mary Beth Delaney Crook, of Clay, Shannon M. Delaney Holbrook, of Omaha, NE, and Kevin D. Delaney, of Syracuse.

Jacob Edward DeLong, III, and Eve Ann Sposato DeLong lived at 3 Clara Rd. in Knollwood by 1953.  Mrs. DeLong was born in Syracuse on 9-10-1915.  Mr. DeLong was born 1-16-1917, also in Syracuse.  He was the president of the Iroquois Arms Co.  He also owned and operated two retail sporting goods stores in Syracuse, and owned a wholesale and retail antiques store for more than 30 years.  The couple had moved to Taftville, CT, before Mr. DeLong died on 9-14-1998, and Mrs. DeLong died on 2-17-1999.  Their children:  J. Edward DeLong, IV, who lives in Liverpool, NY, and works in commercial real estate, Mary Ann DeLong, who is in the import-export business, and lives and works in NYC,  Franklin Clifford DeLong, who resided in Boise, ID, at his death on 4-4-2006, Stewart Joseph DeLong, of Santa Barbara, CA, Barry Sanford DeLong, of Brewster, NY, Christine DeLong Peltier, of Taftville, and Cynthia DeLong Allen, who has worked in educational technology and human services in Plattsburgh, NY.

Robert E. Denton and Alice Murphy Denton lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1948.  Mr. Denton was born on  2-16-1921, and graduated from forestry school at Syracuse University in 1948, and then earned a master's degree from the University of Michigan.  Mr. Denton was residing in Coeur d'Alene, ID, at his death on 9-27-1993.  They had:  Greg Denton, Mark Denton, and Robert W. Denton. 

Donald B. Derby and Rosamond Fahey Derby lived at 207 Kittell Rd. by 1942.  By 1949, the family had moved to 205 Rugby Rd. in Syracuse.  Mr. Derby was born in Syracuse, the son of a furniture merchant, and was a 1918 graduate of Syracuse University.  Upon graduation, he went to work in a West Virginia sawmill.  Then he served in the USN.  After discharge, he worked as a lumber salesman until 1922 when he founded the Eastwood Coal and Lumber Co.  Mr. Derby became chairman of the board of the US Finishing Co., in Norwich, CT in 1947.  He retired from his own Syracuse business in 1950, and moved to Norwich in 1952.  At some point, the Derbys divorced and Mr. Derby wed Grace Derby.  He was living in Coronado, CA, at his death on 4-29-1974.  Mrs. Rosamond Derby was born on 11-29-1901, and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  In 1922, she was elected the first, "Miss Syracuse."  She worked for the Internal Revenue Service and the City of Syracuse Department of Finance.  Mrs. Derby also worked at Wells & Coverly from 1960 until joining the Helmer's clothing store in 1970.  She died on 5-13-1993, in Syracuse, at age 91.  Donald and Rosamond Derby had a son, Robert C. Derby, who was a graduate of Hill Preparatory School and Wesleyan University, a USN veteran of WWII, and lived 30 years in NYC while a stockbroker, before returning to Syracuse where he died on 11-24-1986.

Amos H. DeRouche and Hazel W. DeRouche lived on Genesee St. by 1942, having lived earlier at 807 Seeley Rd. in Syracuse.  He was born about 1890, and was the president and general manager of the Firestone tire service center in Syracuse.  Mrs. DeRouche was born about 1894, and the couple wed about 1919.  They had a daughter, Nan W. DeRouche, who was born in 1927.

John Raymond Deschambault and Marie Yolande Deschambault lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park until about 1954, when they moved to 51 Wexford Rd. in DeWitt Acres.  Mr. Deschambault was a draftsman for the Sargent, Webster, Crenshaw and Folley architectural firm.  Mrs. Deschambault was the manager of the Knit-Nook store and later worked for the Lincoln Bank.  They live now in Ocala, FL.  Their children:  Danielle Deschambault-Duffy, who is retired from the practice of law and lives in Chicago, and Francine Deschambault, who is believed to be a physician residing in Washington state.

Arnold A. Dettor and Marian J. Dettor lived on Dewey Ave. by 1942.  Mr. Dettor was born in Syracuse 5-5-1909.  He graduated from Central high school, attended Syracuse University and graduated from the Brooklyn Law School.  He was an attorney with the Hancock, Dorr, Ryan, and Shove firm, before opening a private law practice.  Mrs. Dettor was a Baldwinsville native. She worked as a secretary for GMAC and Brinks Security.  By 1954, the couple had moved to 305 Barrington Rd. in Syracuse and were residing there at Mrs. Dettor's death on 4-16-1992, and Mr. Dettor's death on 8-29-1999.  They had:  Judith Dettor Farranto, of DeWitt, Lynne Dettor McCormick, of Old Forge, and Edward A. Dettor, of Warren, VT.

Donald DeForrest Devitt and Constance Murphy Devitt lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by the early 1950's.  Mr. Devitt retired after 23 years as a NYS Trooper and became a claims supervisor for the Utica Mutual Insurance Co.  Mrs. Devitt was born 8-22-1914, in Potsdam, NY, and graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1937.  She then taught fine arts there for two years, and later was a draftsperson for the Niagara Hudson Power Co. in Syracuse.  The couple married on 4-2-1949.  Mrs. Devitt was an accomplished artist and also maintained a lifelong interest in history and genealogy.  The family moved to Ravena, NY, where Mr. Devitt spent 13 years as the attendance officer for the local school district.  He died at age 81, on 8-3-1982, and Mrs. Devitt moved to Saratoga Springs, NY, in 1991.  She was residing there at her death on 11-2-2007, at age 93.  Their children:  Barbara Devitt Truesdale, who lives in Wilsonville, OR, and Albert Frederick Devitt, who resides in Vista, CA.

Donald F. Dew and Elizabeth Joy Stoller Dew lived at 103 Hobson Ave. by 1953.  Mrs. Dew was born 2-12-1927, in Milwaukee.  She attended Downer Seminary and Northwestern University--where she met and married Mr. Dew on 10-29-1949.  Mr. Dew was in the USN during WWII and graduated from Northwestern in 1948.  He started with the Diemolding Corp.--a Canastota firm founded by his father in 1920--as a plant engineer in 1951, and rose through the company ranks, becoming general manager in 1960, and president and chairman of the board in 1965.  He retired in 1990.  Mrs. Dew died 8-9-2006, at the couple's summer home in the Adirondacks. .  They had:  Donald H. Dew, who wed Sarah Judson in 1973, is Diemolding's current president and CEO, and lives in Oneida, and Thomas Dew.

Charles H. Dice and Katherine Mildred Fiesinger Dice lived on Maple Dr. by 1942, having lived earlier at 407 Valley Dr. in Syracuse.  Mr. Dice was born 2-26-1910, and Mrs. Dice was born 2-26-1914.  They were married on 2-26-1936--the birthday of both.  Mr. Dice was a salesman for the David J. Bruce Co.  He died in March, 1987, while living in Syracuse.  Mrs. Dice moved to Melbourne, FL, before her death in June, 1993.  Note:  the surname of this couple often appears in census, marriage, and newspaper records as "Dyce,"  but in many other documents, including Social Security records, they are shown as "Dice."

Leslie Arthur Dickinson and Elizabeth Willey Dickinson lived at 145 Edwards Dr. by 1951.  He was employed at the Smith & Caffrey firm as a structural engineer.  Mr. Dickinson died on 5-30-1973.  A native of Alexandria Bay, Mrs. Dickinson lived 67 years in the Syracuse area.  She was a 1925 graduate of the Potsdam Normal School and retired after 37 years as a teacher in Albion, Chazy, and Syracuse school districts.  She died 11-1-1995.  Forrest T. Dickinson, who was, presumably, the father of Leslie Dickinson, lived with the couple by 1960.  He died at age 97 in May, 1969.  A Miss Shirley Dickinson also lived with the family by 1951.  She was a secretary at the NY Telephone Co.

James E. Dietshe and Margaret "Margo" Sturgess Dietshe lived at 219 Hobson Ave. by 1951.  He was born in Ridgefield Park, NJ, and graduated from the Manlius Military Academy, and, in 1943, from Cornell University. He was the parts manager for the William Thorn Co. for more than 15 years.  Mr. Dietshe was living in E. Syracuse at his death on 4-29-1971, at age 50.  Mrs. Dietshe was born in Catskill, NY, and was also a Cornell graduate. She worked for the Carrier Corp. for 20 years.  Mrs. Dietshe had lived in the DeWitt-Fayetteville area for over 50 years, at her death on 8-17-2006.

James E. Diment and Katherine Wrieden Diment lived at 27 Lynacres Blvd. by 1960.  He was born on 4-20-1916, and was a heating and air conditioning contractor.  Mr. Diment died on 3-21 2001.  Mrs. Diment was born 2-2-1916, and died on 10-15-2004.  The couple had been living in Naples, FL, since 1982.  They had a son, James Diment, Jr., who attended the Manlius Military Academy, and wed Rebel Diment.

Howard M. Dirks and Miriam B. Dirks lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1960.  Mrs. Dirks was born on 7-18-1910, and Mr. Dirks was born in New Albany, IN, on 2-2-1908.  He was a 1929 graduate of Indiana University, and the couple wed about 1932.  While in CNY, Mr. Dirks was vice president in charge of personnel for the Carrier Corp.  After retiring in 1974, the couple lived in Vero Beach, FL, and he served as a consultant with the International Executive Service Corps.  From 1975 to 1978 he was acting vice president of Y.A. Alghanim and Sons, Kuwait.  Beginning in 1987, the couple spent their summers in Asheville, NC, and both died there.  Mr. Dirks died on 6-25-1993, at age 85, and Mrs. Dirks died on 1-17-2007, at age 96.  They had:  Richard Dirks, of Palo Alto, CA, and Arlington, VA, and Robert Dirks of Libertyville, IL.

Louis J. Discenza and Violet Moore Discenza lived on Little Fox Circle, by 1960, having lived earlier at 6 Pickwick Rd. in DeWitt Acres.  Mr. Discenza was born about 1914, and was a liquor salesman for Melrose and Co. and later for the Four Roses Distillers.  Mrs. Discenza was a native of Whitehaven, England.  She died on 3-30-1996, in Salisbury, MD, and Mr. Discenza now resides in Marion, NC.  Their son, Dr. Richard Discenza, is a professor in the business school at the University of Colorado branch in Colorado Springs, CO, and their daughter, Marilyn Discenza-Bookmyer, who wed Roger Lee Bookmyer, of Shelby, OH, and owns an art studio in Salisbury.

Marshal C. Dix and Janet Burke Dix lived on Pebble Hill Rd. in DeWitt, before moving to Little Fox Circle in 1958.  He was born in Syracuse and graduated from Syracuse University.  Mr. Dix was a Navy veteran of World War II.  He retired in 1981, after 40 years as the president and chief executive officer of the Dix Typesetting Co. Inc., and later worked as a commercial real estate broker.  Mr. Dix died 12-13-2000, and Mrs. Dix resides in Cazenovia.  They had Melanie Dix, who wed Dr. Michael Bowser about 1969, and lives in Syracuse, Susan Dix, of Quebec, and Marshal Dix, Jr., of Fayetteville.

Richard D. Dodge and Lucille Cramer Dodge lived on Hobson Ave. by 1942.  Born in Leicester, Mr. Dodge was a graduate of Cornell University.  While in Lyndon, he was an adjustor for the CIT Financial Corp.  Later he was the president of Dygert-Stone Inc., in Rochester, and also worked at the General Electric Co., in Syracuse.  At some point the couple lived in Elbridge where Mr. Dodge served for a period as mayor.  They later moved to Melbourne, FL, where Mr. Dodge died on 10-21-1999.  Mrs. Dodge predeceased her husband.  They had:  Richard Dodge, Jr., who died before 1999, and Nancy Dodge, of Gilbert, SC.

Ernest E. Dohn and Alice Pegnim Dohn lived on Marvelle Rd. by 1953.  Mr. Dohn, a native of Taberg, lived in the Syracuse area since 1929.  He was the founder and president of Syracuse Heating Supply Co.  Mr. Dohn was the president of the DeWitt Kiwanis club.  Mrs. Dohn's mother, Katherine Blake Pegnim, lived with the couple after being widowed in 1938.  Mrs. Pegnim died in December, 1957.  Mr. Dohn died on 8-23-1987, at age 89.  Mrs. Dohn, a native of Clinton, came to the Syracuse area in 1928.  She died on 7-23-1989, at age 89.  

Courtney F. Dolan and Patricia Hemmer Dolan lived at 30 Ely Dr. by 1948.  Born in Syracuse, Mrs. Dolan was a 1942 graduate of Powelson Business Institute.  Her family lived in Ivanhoe Manor, a landmark home that used to stand on Genesee St. in Lyndon, just east of the valley where I-481 now intersects Genesee St.  (See the entry for the Hemmer family).  Mr. Dolan was a research and development engineer for the New Process Gear Corp.  Mrs. Dolan managed the Hemmer Motel in Old Forge, NY for ten years beginning in 1954.  She died on 8-23-2000 in Syracuse.  Their children:  Patricia Dolan Barrett, of Syracuse, Richard C. Dolan, of Liverpool, and James P. Dolan, of Manlius.

Thomas J. Donigan and Florence Hughes Donigan lived at 110 Kittell Rd. by 1951, and at 205 Dewey Ave. by 1954.  They lived before on Hamilton St. in Syracuse.  Mr. Donigan was born about 1884.  He retired as a lieutenant for the Syracuse police department, and was a messenger for the Marine Midland bank before retiring again in the late 1950's

Thomas V. DonVito and Emily Toscano DonVito lived at 204 Dewey Ave. by 1953, and sold the home in 1956.  Both were natives of the north side of Syracuse and married on 9-28-1946.  He was a graduate of the New York State College of Forestry at Syracuse University and was employed as a chemist by Muench-Kreuzer Candle Co.  Later he became a spectographer for the Precision Castings Co.  The couple later moved to 204 Highland St., in Syracuse.  Mrs. DonVito was born on 11-19-1923, and was a life resident of CNY.  She died in Syracuse on 11-10-1978.

Albert W. Doolittle and Eleanor Soder Doolittle lived at 1 Pebble Hill Rd., North, by 1952, and later lived at 415 Brookford Rd. in Syracuse, and on Lyndon Rd.  Both were graduates of Syracuse University.  Mr. Doolittle was a sales and advertising executive with the A. H. Pond Co.  They live now in Naples, FL.  They had:  Temple L. Doolittle, who graduated from Penn Hall School, Jeffrey Albert Doolittle, and Sara L. Doolittle, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1980, works in advertising, and lives in Reston, VA.

Uri Doolittle and Virginia Allen Doolittle lived on Short Rd. by 1960.  He was born in Syracuse, and was a 1934 graduate of Syracuse University and a 1937 graduate of the University's College of Medicine. Dr. Doolittle did internships at the Presbyterian Hospital and the Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital.  He retired in 1980 after 40 years as a private-practice ophthalmologist in Syracuse.  The couple lived in Tully at Dr. Doolittle's death on 11-9-1998, at age 85.  Their children:  Diane Doolittle Burrell, who is a teaching assistant, living in Cazenovia, Virginia Doolittle Humphrey, who is a retired teaching assistant, living in Fayetteville, James A. Doolittle, who is a vice president and trust officer for the Alliance Bank, and lives in Manlius, Linda Doolittle Bliss, of Manlius, Charles T. Doolittle, of Fayetteville, William J. Doolittle, of Tully, and Uri V. "Chip" Doolittle, of Manlius. 

Carl E. Dorr and Amelia Morgan Dorr lived at 44 Lyndon Rd. by 1935, having lived before in Syracuse.  Mr. Dorr was born in 1880, and Mrs. Dorr, a native of Bouckville, NY, was born in 1878.  The couple wed in Rome, NY, on 12-26-1903, in a ceremony performed by Mr. Dorr's father, the Rev. C. E. Dorr.  Mr. Dorr was an attorney and a founding partner in the Hancock, Dorr, Ryan, and Shove firm.  Mrs. Dorr's father, Leverette J. Morgan, lived with the family until his death on 5-1-1943.  He was 91, and a retired farmer.   Mr. Dorr was a collector of arrow heads and other Native-American artifacts, and he and Mrs. Dorr donated a large collection of political buttons and ephemera to their alma mater, Syracuse University.  Their children: Lois E. Dorr, who was born in 1914, was a dietician with the Presbyterian Hospital in NYC, wed Robert G. Sharpe, and lives in Seattle, Janice Dorr Fossieck, who was born 2-10-1905, wed Dr. Theodore H. Fossieck, lived in Slingerlands, NY, and died in April, 1985, and Barbara Dorr Greene, who wed Richard Greene (see their entry below).

T. Lloyd Dorsey and Helen Jillson Dorsey lived on Genesee St. by 1942.  They married about 1929, and lived with her parents, Willard and Anna Jillson, at 117 Victoria Pl., in Syracuse.   Mr. Dorsey was an acoustical engineer with the Johns Manville Co. and the Collum Acoustical Co.  Mrs. Dorsey was born in 1901.  Mr. Dorsey died 4-10-1967, in West Los Angeles, CA.  It is believed that Mrs. Dorsey died in Bakersfield, CA, on 2-9-1998. She was 98.  They had a son, Ridgely E. Dorsey, who lived in Ventura, CA.

William T. Dougan and Shirley Taft Dougan lived on Burt Lane by 1960.  The family had moved, in 1952, from Bertram Pl. in Syracuse, to 204 Ethridge Rd. in DeWitt Acres.  Mr. Dougan was a native of NYC, but graduated from Syracuse University and lived in the Syracuse area for 32 years.  Mrs. Dougan, too, was a graduate of Syracuse University.  Mr. Dougan worked as an accountant with the Hurdman and Cranstoun firm.  Later he was a senior vice-president at Marine Midland Bank.  In 1979, the Dougans moved from Lyndon to Palm Beach Gardens, FL, where he was a mortgage broker.  Mr. Dougan died there on 1-31-1990, at age 64.  Mrs. Dougan lives now in West Palm Beach, FL.  The couple had:  Linda Dougan Shultz, living in West Palm Beach, Nancy Dougan Hiscock, who is a retired kindergarten teacher, and lives in Williamsport, PA, Diane Dougan, who wed Ronald Lanio, and lives in McDonough, GA, and Jeff W. Dougan, who lives near Denver, CO.

Charles H. Dougherty and Edith Burton Dougherty lived on Maple Dr. by 1930.  Mr. Dougherty was born in 1886, and was a building contractor.  He had been married previously to Ruth Bush Dougherty, who died 12-9-1923, at age 29.  Mr. Dougherty died 8-15-60.   Charles and Ruth Dougherty had:  Wilson H. Dougherty, (see below), Helen A. Dougherty, who died 8-22-1930, at age 16, in a car accident, and Charles B. Dougherty, who was born in 1919.

Wilson H. Dougherty and Marie Entrott Dougherty lived at 700 Maple Dr. by 1953.  He was born in 1914, and served as a shipfitter during WWII.  After the War, Mr. Dougerty was a plumber for the Burns Brothers Co., and the Edward Joy Co.  He died on 11-23-1973.  Mrs. Dougherty, a native of Walton, was born about 1915, and died 12-15-2000.  They had a daughter, Ruth Dougherty Payette, who lived in Chittenanago. 

L. Emmett Doyle and Louise O'Brien Doyle lived in the Lynacres area by 1942, having lived before in Syracuse. They were both born about 1889, and married about 1913.  Mr. Doyle was president of the Machine Tool Corp. in Cortland.  They had:  Marian Doyle, who was born about 1916.

Weston B. Drake and Detta Euler Drake lived at the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1951.  Mr. Drake was born in Oswego County, NY, in 1914.  He attended Alfred University, graduating in 1937, and served in WWII.  While in college, Mr. Drake sang tenor in a popular quartet.  He received an MBA degree from Syracuse University in 1950, and was an economist.  Mr. Drake resided in Medina, NY, at his death about 1987.  Mrs. Drake was born on 9-1-1924, and died on 10-12-2006.  It is believed that she was born in Germany and came to this country as a war bride.  They had a son.

Thomas S. Duffy and Martha Benton Duffy lived at 14 Woodside Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Duffy was born 10-6-1919, in Hartford, CT.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1943.  During WWII he served in the Pacific Theatre as a naval lieutenant.  After the war, Mr. Duffy returned to Syracuse, and in 1947 he founded the Tom Duffy Travel Service.  The firm eventually became the tenth largest travel agency in the US.  After retiring to Naples, FL, in the late 1970's, Mr. Duffy worked as a real estate agent.  He died on 11-5-2006.  They had:  Candace Duffy Weaver, of Naples, and Roger Duffy, of Homer, NY.

C. Thomas Duncan and Jennie Cummins Duncan lived on Maple Dr. by 1955.  He was vice president of the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co.  Mrs. Duncan was born in IL about 1908.  They had:  Virginia Duncan MacDonald, who was born about 1942, wed the late William MacDonald, and probably resides now in Boulder Creek, CO.

Robert A. Dunkerley and Marjorie H. Dunkerley lived in the Lyndon Trailer Park by 1948.  Mr. Dunkerley was born on 7-12-1923, and Mrs. Dunkerley was born about 1925.  Mr. Dunkerley was a native of Sherrill, NY, and graduated from Colgate University.  While living in Lyndon, he attendedSyracuse University, graduating in 1950 with a master's degree in geology.  Mr. Dunkerley later lived in Fayetteville, OH, and died on 11-24-1995. 

Arthur D. Dunn and Laura Briggs Dunn lived at 103 Hobson Ave. by 1954, then lived at 204 Dewey Ave, at the corner of Hobson and Dewey Aves., having purchased this home in February, 1956.  Mr. Dunn was probably born in Fabius, NY, on 9-26-1916, and served in WWII.  He worked at the J. C. Penny store in Shoppingtown, DeWitt, and was also an industrial arts teacher at Grant Junior High School in Syracuse.  It is thought Mr. Dunn married Ada Williams in later years.  He resided in Indianapolis, IN, at his death on 2-19-1999.  Mr. Dunn and Laura Dunn had:  Judy Dunn Curtis, who was born in January, 1956, and lived in Apulia Station, NY.

William J. During, Sr., and Myrtle Swin During lived at 219 Edwards by 1951.  Mr. During was a native of Ogden, UT, and moved to the Syracuse area in 1923.  Mr. During began working in Ogden in a railroad shop for six cents an hour.  He took night and extension classes to become a mechanical engineer.  He was a veteran flier having had civilian pilot training before World War II.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps during the war and flew Corsair fighters in the Pacific.  Mr. During was inducted into The Rice Foundation Society in January, 1956.  The Society was composed of men who were selected for their outstanding achievement and character.  This group included Franklin D.. Roosevelt, and several other presidents.  Mr. During was a founder and president of Precision Die Castings Co. in Fayetteville.  He was married previously to Irma A. During of Ogden.  She moved from the Syracuse area to San Diego, CA, in 1947, and died there on 9-14-1964.  Mr. During died on 8-22-1958.  Following his death, Myrtle During, a native of Kentucky, moved to Florida and died at Bal Harbour on 5-25-1997.  She was 88.  The children of William and Irma During:  William J. During, Jr., (see the entry below), who lived in CT at his death in June, 1969, and Virginia During, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1943, married John M. Caster of Jamesville, and died 3-13-1998.

William J. During, Jr. and Mary Jane Shepard During lived at 8 Ely Dr. by 1948, and moved to 2 Lynacres Blvd. by 1960.  Mr. During was a Marine pilot in Okinawa during WWII, and flew 38 missions in a Corsair.  Mrs. During was originally from Watertown, NY.  Mr. During was the vice president of the DeWitt Manufacturing Co.  The couple later moved to Westport, CT, where Mr. During died in June, 1969.  Mrs. During married George Stokes, of Bethel, CT, in 1971, and resides now in Hudson, FL.  The children of Mr. and Mrs. During:  William During, III, who married and divorced Marlene L. During, earned an MS degree from Syracuse University in 1972, and resides in Norwalk, CT,  Christine "Tina" During Kafka, who resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Kathleen During Fell, who resides in 108 Mile, British Columbia, and John During, who died in December, 1971, from complications resulting from a car accident.

Frederick J. Durkin and Joanne Bourke Durkin lived at 222 Edwards Dr. by 1960, having moved from 229 Ambergate Rd. in DeWitt.  He was a native of Troy, NY, but lived most of his life in the Syracuse area.  Mr. Durkin served in WWII and then graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1948.  He was a senior executive with Iroquois Truck Rental, Inc.  Mrs. Durkin was a life resident of CNY and graduated from Syracuse University in 1948. Mrs. Durkin died on 11-10-1980, at the age of 56.  Mr. Durkin subsequently wed  Mary Rita Casey.  She was active in community affairs, including the Corinthian Club, Everson Museum and Syracuse Stage auxiliary. The second Mrs. Durkin was the widow of Jack McCarthy, who had been president of the J. & F. B. Garrett Paper Co.  Mary Durkin died at age 63, on 4-15-1987, while vacationing in FL.  Mr. Durkin had moved to The Nottingham in Jamesville prior to his death on 3-21-2007.  He and Joanne Durkin had a daughter, Lisa Durkin Armstrong, who was born in 1955, graduated from Stoneleigh-Burnham College, and lives in Las Vegas.


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