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Fay Claude Kackison and Lottie S. Kackison lived on the Oran-Delphi Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Kackison was born 8-5-1881, and was a house carpenter and a farmer.  He married Edith M. George in Utica, NY, on 10-9-1904.  She was born about 1886.  About 1930, Edith Kackison was a laundress at the County tuberculosis sanatorium at Onondaga Hill, NY.  At some point the couple divorced, and Mrs. Kackison resided in East Syracuse.  Mr. Kackison was wed to Lottie Kackison, and living in Manlius, at his death on 11-12-1953.  Fay and Edith Kackison had:  Lyle G. Kackison, who was born on 10-28-1907, served in the US Coast Guard during WWII, married Valerie O. Kackison, was a fishing guide, and lived in Sackets Harbor, NY, at his death on 7-9-1980 in Watertown, NY, following an automobile accident, and Harry L. Kackison, who was born 10-17-1908, in Herkimer County, married Amanda Simone, was an equipment operator for various  construction firms, moved to Pennellville, NY, about 1960, and died on 11-7-1966. 

Leopold A. Kalisiewicz, and Walter J. Kalisiewicz, (see the listings below for Leopold A. Kellish and Walter J. Kellish).

William Earl Kane and Eva Jenkins Kane lived at 103 High St. by 1930.  Mr. Kane was born on 3-4-1886, and was a native of Otisco, NY.  He was a service man and manager for the Lewis & Hall Telephone Co., which later became the Manlius Telephone Co.--a firm which had the franchise for the Manlius and Oran area.  Later on, Mr. Kane worked for the E. W. Edwards store.  Mrs. Kane was born on 12-30-1887, and was a native of Linklaen.  The couple wed at her home in New Woodstock on 12-27-1911, and came very soon to Manlius.  They later resided at 7656 Highbridge Rd.  Mr. Kane died on 5-14-1977, at age 91, and Mrs. Kane died on 5-12-1982, at age 94.  They had:  Virginia E. Kane, who was born 8-18-1913, was chosen NYS Fair Queen in 1938, was a graduate of the College of Fine Arts at Syracuse University, taught music in Sydney, NY, married James A. Hickey, and lived in New Hartford, NY, at her death on 9-12-1999, Edna M. Kane, who was born about 1914, graduated from Geneseo Normal School in 1936, taught in Manlius, wed Harold W. Bowe, and resided in Frackville, PA, and Barbara J. Kane, who was born about 1922, attended Alfred University, taught school, then was a librarian at the University.

Otto Karcher and Mary Karcher lived on the Pompey Center Rd. by 1948, and later lived in Limestone Garden Apartments on Highbridge Rd.  Mr. Karcher was born in Weingarten, Baden, Germany, on 12-9-1905.   He came to America prior to 1930, and came to Manlius about the beginning of WWII.  Mr. Karcher was a maintenance worker and machinist at the General Electric Co., and also maintained a small farm.   Mrs. Karcher, a native of Germany, was born on 7-1-1904, and died on 2-23-1982.  Mr. Karcher died on 8-1-1989.  They had:  Edmund O. Karcher, who was born August, 1938, married Beverley I. Barkley about 1966, and later wed Kathleen  Byrnes, worked for the General Electric Co., and lives in Manlius.

Peter Simon Kautzman and Mary Elizabeth Culver Kautzman lived on Salt Springs Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Kautzman was born in Sharon, PA, on 11-30-1915.  He was a foreman at the Prosperity Co. in Syracuse, and later was a machine operator for the Chrysler Corp.  Mr. Kautzman was an avid woodcrafter and golfer.  The couple wed in 1939, and moved to Ocala, FL, in 2001.  Mr. Kautzman died on 8-23-2004.  They had:  Allan P. Kautzman, who was born in April, 1940, married Carolyn Kellogg, was also a machine operator for Chrysler, and resides at 25 Tyler Ct., and Sharon Kautzman Bowers, who lives in Ocala.

Ezra Joseph "Zeke" Keeney lived on East Seneca Turnpike near Chittenango by 1948.  Mr. Keeney was born in PA on 12-20-1924, and was an Army veteran of WWII.  He was a dairy farmer, and a foreman at the Gates Homestead Farm for over 30 years.  He also operated Keeney's Lawn Service until retiring in 1992.  Mr. Keeney married Sara "Sally" Burke in 1952.  She was born about 1933.  They divorced and she wed a Mr. Kalitan and lived in Fayetteville, and Mr. Keeney wed Carol Thompson on 5-20-1983.  The second Mrs. Keeney was married previously to David P. Randall.  At his death on 8-23-2007, Mr. Keeney resided in Sunrise, FL.  Ezra and Sara Keeney had:  Susan Keeney, who attended Herkimer County Community College, wed Ronald Beagle on 10-14-1972, and resides in Ballston Spa, NY, Frederick M. Keeney, graduated from the SUNY at Alfred in 1977, wed Vicki M. Minotti on 9-8-1979, works for the Carrier Corp., and lives in Chittenango, Peter Kinney, who married Jina Keeney, and lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Paul Keeney, who wed Esther Keeney, and lives in Davie, FL. 

Stephen Thomas Keiley and Kate Lathrop Lyon Keiley lived on West Lake Rd. near Cazenovia by 1948.  Mr. Keiley was born on 12-29-1906, in Yonkers, NY, and went to work as a chainman for the NYC Railroad in 1924.  He rose very rapidly through the ranks, serving the railroad in various cities throughout Northern and Central NY.  In September, 1952, Mr. Keiley was transferred to Boston, MA, to become general manager of the Boston & Albany Railroad, (a subsidiary of the NYC).  He later served as the manager of the Grand Central Station in NYC,  While living in Manlius, Mr. Keiley's widowed mother, Gertrude Rothery Shaw Keiley, lived with his family.  She was born in England on 7-18-1877, and was the widow of John Denis Keiley.  She died in NYC on 11-2-1958.  The senior Mr. Keiley was born on 2-6-1871, and was an inventor and engineer.  He died on 4-21-1911, when his son, Stephen, was only four years old.  A family tradition holds that the son was later given a job with the railroad because his father's death occurred while he was working for that company.  Stephen Keiley died on 8-22-1974, while residing in Cohasset, MA. Kate Keiley was born on 8-1-1908,  and died on 6-8-1997.  She and Mr. Keiley had:  Stephen Lyon Keiley, who  resided in Middleburg, VA, and was a business executive, John Lathrop Keiley, who was born in NYC in March, 1948, graduated from the University of Denver, was a real estate broker, and lived in Denver, CO., at his death 8-30-1992, and Clarissa Phillips Keiley Kinsella, who was born about 1950, and lived in Shepherdstown, WV.

Sidney J. Kelley and Katherine Blanche Kelley lived on Henneberry Rd. by 1948, and moved to Chittenango about 1951.  Mr. Kelley was born in North Lawrence, NY, on 1-20-1912.  He worked for General Electric as a travelling technician, and  although the couple moved to the Manlius area about 1942, Mr. Kelley's work for GE often kept him away from home.  He served the company from Alaska to Turkey.  Mr. Kelley died at home, 701 Webber Sr., in Chittenango, on 7-20-1985.  Mrs. Kelley was born 7-18-1916, in Hewittville, NY.  She attended business school in Potsdam, NY, before marrying Mr. Kelley on 3-3-1940.  She worked 10 years for Dr. Cedric Francis as his office manager, before retiring in 1978.  She moved to Manlius after Mr. Kelley's death, and died on 9-29-2008, at age 92.  They had:  Phillip J. Kelley, who married Nancy Kelley, and resides in Chittenango, and Carolyn Kelley, who wed Arthur Yates, and lives in Manlius.

Benjamin W. Kellish and Rosalie Yarka Kellish lived on the Pompey Center Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Kellish was born 5-18-1916, and was a dairy farmer before becoming a member of the Onondaga County Sheriff's road patrol division.  He died on 8-4-1974.   Mrs. Kellish was active in operating the family farm.  She was born in Syracuse about 1917, and the couple wed there on 11-23-1938.  She died on 12-22-1999.  They had:  Robert William Kellish, who wed Ruth Elaine McGann, attended Onondaga Community College, worked for the P&C Markets, and lived in Clearwater, FL, Ronald J. Kellish, who was born about 1946, wed Mary Elaine Justian, and resided in Syracuse, and Kathleen Kellish, who married Joseph Zamlowski, and lived in Manlius.

Leopold A. Kalisiewicz (AKA Kellish) and Mary Herrick Kalisiewicz lived on the Pompey Center Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Kellish was born in Bransk, Poland on 10-7-1891, and came to Manlius about 1930.  He was a farmer and worked for the Solvay Process Co. for 44 years.  In 1956, the birth name of "Kalisiewicz" was legally changed to Kellish.  Mr. Kellish's brother, Walter Kellish resided nearby, (see his listing).  Mr. and Mrs. Kellish married in 1913.  Mrs. Kellish was born in Germany about 1894, and died on 1-18-1971.  Mr. Kellish died on 8-13-1981.  They had:  Edward J. Kellish, who was born on 6-23-1914, married Anna Bacisin, and resided in Jamesville at his death on 4-3-1978, Stanley Kellish, who was born about 1915, married Ethel Richard, about 1941, was elected to serve in the County Legislature, and lived in Minoa, John Kellish, who was born about 1917, lived in Minoa, Irene Kellish, who was born about 1925, married Terrence Stewart, and lived in Fabius, Richard J. Kellish, who was born in April, 1929, was a farmer and machine operator at New Process Gear Corp., married Barbara DeLeon,  resided on the Pompey Center Rd, and died 10-2-2012, James Leo Kellish, who was born in Syracuse in May, 1936, wed Patricia June Donovan about 1958, lived on the Pompey Center Rd., and was a wireman for General Electric.  

Walter J. Kellish (AKA Walter J. Kalisiewicz) and Stella Ambrose Kellish lived on No. 4 West Rd. near Lafayette, by 1948. 
Mr. Kellish was born in Poland on 12-25-1888.  He came to the USA and resided in PA until he married Mrs. Kellish about 1909, and came to the Manlius area.  She was born on 2-28-1892, and was a native of Wilkes-Barre.  Mr. Kellish was a farmer.  He died on 12-7-1969, and Mrs. Kellish died 10-9-1974.  They had:  Sophia Kellish, who was born about 1911, wed John Stachinak, John W. Kellish, who was born on 7-8-1913, was a dairy farmer, married Irene Lelakowski, was a boxer in his youth and was known as the ''Blond Bomber," resided in LaFayette, and died on 9-16-1991, Benjamin W. Kellish, (see his listing above), Eleanor Kellish, who was born on 11-4-1918, and married Walter Kurgan, (see his listing below), Kathryn "Kay" Kellish,  who was born about 1922, married Edwin Toporzycki, and lived in NC, and Shirley Kellish, who married James Bullion, and lived in Maitland, FL.  

Dalton A. Kellogg and Catherine Kuzera Kellogg lived on the Pompey Center Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Kellogg was born on 10-13-1917, in Georgetown, NY.  He was awarded the Purple Heart  while serving in the Army during WWII.  He was a filer, and later was a maintenance worker for Bristol Laboratories for 33 years.  Mrs. Kellogg was  born on 11-27-1921, and the couple married about 1945.  She worked as a candle maker.  The couple moved to Liverpool, NY, about 1985, and Mr. Kellogg died there on 4-9-1994.  Mrs. Kellogg died 10-18-2010.  They had:  Veronica Kellogg, who was born about 1950, married Peter P. Celi, worked as a teaching assistant, and lived in Baldwinsville, NY.

Eugene J. Kelly and Klayre Kelly lived on Salt Springs Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Kelly was born on 7-22-1922, and was a native of Brooklyn, NY.  He attended Vassar College and graduated in 1949 from the University of Washington.  He served in WWII as a member of the AAC.  He moved to Grand Island, NY, in 1955, and was a radio announcer there for WBEN, WKBW, and WEBR.  About 1980, the couple moved to Washington, DC, where Mr. Kelly continued as an announcer for the "Voice of America" service.  Mrs. Kelly was born on 2-25-1926, and died in April, 1984, while residing in Fort Washington, MD.  Mr. Kelly retired and returned to Grand Island about a year before his death there on 10-9-1991.  They had:  Michael Kelly, who lived on Grand Island, Brian Kelly, who lived in Washington, DC, and Kevin Kelly, who lived in Conroe, TX.

Jasper B. Kelly and Catherine Carney "Kay" Kelly lived at 121 East Seneca St. by 1948.  Mr. Kelley was born in 1896, and was a veteran of WWI.  He was a painter and home decorator for 25 years.  Mrs. Kelley was born about 1900, and was a native of Shortsville, NY.  She came to Manlius about 1924, and worked at Suburban Park, and as a domestic for Col. Verbeck at The Manlius School and for other local families.   Mr. Kelly died at home on 9-18-1949, and Mrs. Kelly died on 12-20-1987.  They had:  John B. "Jack" Kelly, who lived in Cicero, NY,  William P. Kelly, who was a laborer, and resided in Oneida, NY, and Patricia Kelly Combs, who lived in Manlius. 

William S. Kelly and Mary Agnes "May" Kernan Kelly lived at 110 Highbridge St. by 1948, and on Eagle Village Rd. by 1964. Mr. Kelly was a native of Roscommon, Ireland.  He was a home building contractor.  He opened his own firm in 1937 and built many tract homes in Baldwinsville and the eastern suburbs of Syracuse--particularly in DeWitt and Manlius.  Mrs. Kelly was born in Schenectady, NY, 12-11-1907.  Following Mr. Kelly's retirement about 1982, the couple lived in Stuart, FL, and Oceanside, CA, before returning to reside at 211 South Manlius St. in Manlius, where Mr. Kelly died on 2-7-1990.  Mrs. Kelly died on 4-25-2007, at age 99, while living in Fayetteville.  They had:  Mary Teresa Kelly, who was born in August, 1934, attended Mercyhurst College and graduated from the Buffalo School of Dental Hygiene, married James Lawrence Hesburgh on 9-17-1955, and resided in Edwards, CO, Kyran Patrick Kelly, who was born in August, 1943, married Tina Kelly, and resided in FL, William Robert Kelly, who married Valerie Ann Nortz in April, 1972, joined his father's contracting business about 1955, Maurine Kelly, who wed Thomas F. DeLany, and lived on Enders Rd. in Manlius, and  Ann Elizabeth Kelly, who was a real estate developer, and resided in Manlius.  The Hesburgh-Kelly wedding was officiated by Mr. Hesburgh's brother, Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CBC, the nationally known president of the University of Notre Dame.

George Walter Keough lived on Sweet Rd. near Jamesville by 1948.  Mr. Keough was born 3-20-1879, and was a farmer.  He resided with his unmarried sister and brother:  Martha E. Keough, who was born about 1876, and William L. Keough, who was born about 1887.  These three siblings were among the eight children of William Keough and Mary Ann Oley Keough.  William Keough was born in Ireland in 1846, and Mary Ann Keough was born about 1855, and grew up on a farm near Pompey.  The couple wed on 11-21-1873.  Mr. Keough died on 4-11-1918, and Mrs. Keough died in December, 1925.   
Glenn  L. Ketcham, (AKA Glenn L. Ketchum), and Ethel Bell Hutchins Ketcham lived with their son, Francis C. Ketcham, his wife, Dorothy Clary Ketcham, and their two children, at 8793 Peck Hill Rd. by 1948.  Glenn Ketcham was born 1-1-1886, and was a native of Burke, NY.  He brought his family to the Manlius area about 1917, and maintained his own farm.  Mr. Ketcham was a member of the IOOF for 73 years before his death on 10-5-1980, at age 94.  His wife, Ethel Bell Ketcham, was a native of Malone, NY, and was born about 1889.  The couple wed about 1908, and Mrs. Ketcham died on 10-10-1970.  Their son, Francis Ketcham, was born on 6-4-1915, in Chateaugay, NY.  He wed Dorothy Clary on 6-19-1943, and worked for General Electric as a drafting supervisor for 27 years.  Mr. Ketcham was a member, lay leader and trustee of the Manlius United Methodist Church.  He died on 5-29-1986.  Dorothy Clary-Ketcham, was born 3-23-1919, in Bangor, NY, and graduated from the Syracuse City Normal School.  She was a substitute teacher for the Fayetteville-Manlius district and the Syracuse district.  Mrs. Clary-Ketcham died on 10-11-2001.  She and Francis Ketcham had:  Lynn A. Ketcham, who was born in December, 1946 , attended Ferris State College, married J. Marsha Gustin in March, 1968, was a crop farmer, and lived on Peth Rd., and Gayle Cheryl Ketcham, who was an honor graduate of the Katharine Gibbs School, was a secretary at GE,  wed Arthur John Cady on 9-20-1974, and lived in Somers, CT.  This family's surname appears as "Ketchum" in many records.

Frank W. Kidney and Jane Durston Kidney lived on the Pompey Center Rd. by 1948, having lived earlier in Syracuse.  Mr. Kidney was born on 3-3-1915, and was a native of Auburn, NY.  He resided much of his life in Syracuse, and attended Syracuse University.  While in Manlius, Mr. Kidney was briefly a farmer before working at the Oberdorfer Foundry in Syracuse.  In 1953 the family moved to Oswego, NY, where Mr. Kidney was vice-president and manager of the Oswego Castings Co.  About 1972 he and Mrs. Kidney became associated with the Fitzgibbons Real Estate Co. and he worked there until he retired in 1990.  Mr. Kidney served on the board of the Oswego Hospital for 25 years, including a period as president of the organization.  He was active in numerous civic causes both in Oswego and Manlius--where he served on the F-M school board in the early 1950's as the schools in the two villages were consolidated.   Mrs. Kidney was also very active in scientific, volunteer, and civic groups.  She was born on 10-7-1916, and was a native of Syracuse.  She graduated from Syracuse University in 1937, and wed Mr. Kidney 7-22-1939, at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Syracuse.  Her father was industrialist Alfred Goldsmith Durston, and her mother was Laura Crouse.  Thus, Mrs. Kidney descended from two of the oldest and most prominent families in Syracuse.  The Durston family home was located on Harrison St. in downtown Syracuse near the present MONY Plaza.  Mrs. Kidney maintained a collection of African Violets and also raised ring neck pheasants in the 1940's.  She was also a birdwatcher, and skeetshooter--twice winning the NY State women's skeetshooting championship.  Mrs. Kidney died at her home on Pleasant Point Rd. in Oswego on 8-13-1990, and Mr. Kidney died 8-5-1994, at the Presbyterian Home in New Hartford.  They had:  Richard D. Durston, who resided in Fayetteville, Carol Kidney Mackintosh, who lived in Deansboro, NY, and Anne Kidney Westbrook, who lived in Interlaken, NY.  As an amateur ornithologist, Mrs. Kidney identified more than 900 species of birds during her travels throughout North America, several Central and South American countries and the Galapagos Islands.  From1974 to 1989, Mr. and Mrs. Kidney would leave Oswego every winter in a recreational vehicle and travel to the South or Southwest, returning home in late March.  It appears that Mrs. Kidney inherited a sense of adventure from her mother, Laura Crouse Durston.  In the 1930's she achieved nationwide headlines when she accompanied her brother, George N. Crouse, Jr., on a trans-Atlantic trip in the Graf Zeppelin from Stuttgart, Germany, to South America and Lakehurst, NJ, becoming one of the first women to cross the equator in a dirigible. 

Louis Henry Kimball, Jr., and Betty June Higgins Kimball lived on Wise Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Kimball was born on 6-18-1922, and served in WWII.  He was a shop worker.  Mrs. Kimball was born about 1930, and the couple wed on 9-23-1947.  They lived in the DeRuyter-Cazenoivia in the mid-1950's.  Mr. Kimball died on 11-29-1982, and Mrs. Kimball lived in Syracuse, North Syracuse, Mallory, NY, and is believed to reside now in Boca Raton, FL.  They had:  Louis Kimball, III, who married
Victoria Karaszewski, (AKA Victoria Dixon), in 1975, and resided in Pennellville, NY, Deborah Kimball Lebeef DiBello, who was born about 1956, was a waitress at Denny's Restaurant in North Syracuse, resided in Syracuse, and died on 11-6-1987, Linda Kimball DiFeo, who lived in Mallory, Gloria Jean Kimball Caldwell, who lived in PA, Robert J. Kimball, who lived in Syracuse, Rose Marie Kimball Daniels and Shirley Ann Kimball, who both lived in Syracuse.

George M. King and Lettie Hooks King lived at 410 Elm St. in Fayetteville by 1922, at 106 John St., Fayetteville, by 1942, at 108 North St. in Manlius by 1948, and later resided in Minoa.  Mr. King was born in NJ about 1891, and was a die caster and a guard for the Precision Castings Co.  Mrs. King, a native of Little Falls, NY, was born in June, 1884, and the couple wed about 1912.  She was residing at 108 North St. in Manlius when she died on 3-3-1970.  They had:  Helen C. King, who was born about 1912, Marjorie A. King, who was born about 1918, and died on 11-12-1955, in Chicago, and Robert King, who was born on 12-3-1919, was a shipping clerk for the Precision Castings Co. and later worked for General Electric, wed Etta Lola David King on 12-6-1940, and lived in Syracuse at his death on 7-4-1993.

Junior Leroy Klahs and Margie Lee French Klahs lived on the Oran-Delphi Rd. by 1948, having lived earlier on Rose Ave. in Syracuse, and in North Syracuse.  Mr. Klahs was born on 8-29-1922, and was a native of Chittenango.  He was serving with the AAC on 1-3-1944, during WWII, when his four engine plane crashed near Wendover, UT.  Mr. Klahs was among the five survivors of the 11 man crew.   After the War, he returned to CNY, and worked for the Precision Castings Co. He died on 10-9-1984, while living at 400 Lamb Ave. in Canastota.  Mrs. Klahs was born on 7-21-1926, and died on 4-15-2004. They had:  Jerry Klahs, who wed Betsy Klahs, who lives in Great Falls, MT, Danny Klahs, who married Joann Klahs, and lives in Durhamville, NY, Suzanne Klahs Monette, who lives in Canastota, Star Klahns Musachio Boylan, who was born in 1958, and resides in Canastota, Spike Klahs, who was born on 5-18-1950, and resided in the Tampa, FL, area before his death in October, 1981, Gary Junior Klahs, who was born in Syracuse on 10-4-1951, was a lifelong resident of Canastota, served in the Vietnam War, was a self-employed carpenter, and died on 8-17-2004, and Gary Klahs.  

Albertus Howard Knapp and Anna Luella Anderson Knapp lived at 525 East Seneca St. by 1948.  Mr. Knapp was  born on 5-16-1878 and worked as a dairy farmer, and a teamster for the S. Cheney & Son foundry.  Mrs. Knapp was a native of Schenectady and was born about 1879.  The couple wed about 1898, and came to Manlius about 1918.  Mrs. Knapp died in 1950.  Mr. Knapp later wed Jennie M. Knapp, and died in October, 1964.  Albertus and Anna A. Knapp had:  Bertha Mae Knapp, who was born about 1900, Beatrice Knapp, who was born about 1902, and married Bert Van Order in 1920 and Edward Dennis, Nettie S. Knapp, who was born in 1906, wed Addison "Sam" Colvin, owned Sam's Taxi in Cortland, and died in Rutland, VT, on 8-31-1978, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Frances Knapp, who was born about 1908, and probably wed a Mr. Martin and lived in Tampa, FL, Francis (f) Knapp, who was born about 1911, and Dorothy Knapp, who was born 10-6-1913, wed Alfred Fellows about 1931, and lived in Syracuse at her death on 12-10-2002. 

Lansford E. Knapp, Jr., and Inez Becker Knapp lived at 301 Clinton St. in Fayetteville by 1942, and on Brickyard Falls Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Knapp, a native of Syracuse, was born on 9-23-1902, and was an electrical engineer for the Solvay Process Co.  Mrs. Knapp was born on 7-8-1906, and the couple wed about 1926.  About 1957, Mr. Knapp accepted a position in Puerto Rico as a chief power engineer.  They resided there at Mr. Knapp's death on 7-3-1965, while visiting a son in PA. Mrs. Knapp later wed a Mr. Schermerhorn.  Following his death, she moved to AZ, where she resided at her death on 3-3-1996.   Mr. and Mrs. Knapp had:  Barbara Knapp, who was born about 1927, worked as a clerk, wed Richard K. Foringer on 3-19-1949, and resided in Manlius before moving to West Monterey, PA, Lansford Knapp, III, who was born in 1929, served in the USN, married Shirley A. Gastley, and resided in Gettysburg, PA, Richard A. Knapp, who wed Joanne Courcy, was in the USAF,was a radar technician, lived in Mesa, AZ, Thomas H. Knapp, who resided in Mottville, NY, and Sally Becker Bailey, who was an office worker, and also lived in Mesa.   

Oliver H. Knapp and Laura Senglaub Knapp lived on Sweet Rd. near Jamesville by 1948.  Mr. Knapp was born 8-13-1900, and was a life resident of the Manlius area.  He was a dairy farmer, and was active in the Grange and other farm groups. Mrs. Knapp was born in Canandaigua, NY, on 6-5-1909, and came to the Manlius area about 1921.  Mr. Knapp died on 11-30-1979, and Mrs. Knapp died on 4-14-1980.  They had:  Robert O. Knapp, who was born about 1945, was a bus driver, and lives on Sweet Rd., Donald G. Knapp, who drove a milk truck, Richard H. Knapp, who worked for the Fairbank Dairy, Mary E. Knapp, who was a nursing student, Clara Knapp, who was born about 1943, married William E. Newman in 1972, and resided in Portsmouth, VA , Margaret "Peggy" Knapp Cook, who was born about 1944, and lived in Syracuse, Doris Knapp Jones, Francis O. Knapp, and Norma J. Knapp, who lives in Manlius.

Edward H. Knierim and Marion G. Knierim lived at 303 Smith St. by 1948.  Mr. Knierim was born on 11-7-1904.  He was the proprietor of a restaurant.  Mrs. Knierim was born in Philadelphia, PA, on 4-28-1899.  She graduated from the Auburn Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1925, and worked as a registered nurse at the Seneca Falls Hospital.  The couple moved from Manllius by 1954, and resided in Seneca Falls by 1967.  Mr. Knierim died there in May, 1971.  Mrs. Knierim lived in the Avon Nursing Home, in Avon, NY, at her death on 9-2-1988.  

Parker W. Knight and Irene Beverly Sherman Knight lived at 110 Washington St. by 1948, and soon moved to Fayetteville, where they lived on Kessler Lane.  Mr. Knight was born in Rome, NY, on 11-7-1925, and served in the USN during WWII.  While living in Manlius, he was a student at Syracuse University and Mrs. Knight was a secretary.  Mr. Knight graduated cum laude from the University in 1950 with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.   Mrs. Knight was born in 1928,  and graduated from Rider College.  The couple wed 6-5-47 at St. Stephen’s Church, in Oriskany, NY.   Mr. Knight was  a marketing executive for General Electric for 20 years.  After leaving GE, Mr. Knight was the president of three smaller electronic firms.  Later, he was vice president of General Signal Corp. of NY.  The family moved from Fayetteville to Fort Salonga, NY, about 1968.  Mr. Knight died there on 11-22-1975.  They had:  Parker W. Knight, Jr., who was born on 8-28-1950, in Oneida County, NY, wed Carolynne M. Knight, and lived in NYC, Pamela A. Knight, who was born on 10-14-1953, David C. Knight, who was born in Oneida County, on 9-1-1954, Thomas P. Knight, who was born on 12-13-1958, in Clinton, NY,  Peter D. Knight, who was born on 8-30-1962, in Oneida County, and John C. Knight, who lived in Greenwood Lake, NY.           
Joseph Frederick "Fritz" Konvicka lived on Route 20 by 1948, but soon moved away.  Mr. Konvicka was born on 3-2-1928, and was a native of Fayetteville.  He was a truck driver before becoming a construction quipment operator.  He married Barbara Jane Van Deusen on 6-11-1949, and they lived in the East Syracuse-Collamer area before moving to 203 Helfer Lane in Minoa about 1987.  Mrs. Konvicka, who was born on 4-6-1929, died on 4-7-1990, and Mr. Konvicka died on 5-10-1997.  They had:  Richard F. Konvicka, who lived in Manlius, and Kathleen Konvicka Simanteris, who lives in Fayetteville.  

Earl E. Koons and Emily Bates Stilwell Lanning Koons lived at 107 Wesley St. by 1948.  Mr. Koons was born on 9-6-1894, and served in WWI.  He came to Manlius at the end of the War and worked as a dry cleaner.  Mrs. Koons was born on 12-10-1880, and was a life resident of Manlius.  She wed Horace A. Laning about 1901.  He was born about 1868, and the family lived on Moulter St.  Mr. Laning was a popular part-time village official while working as a moulder at the Cheney Foundry for nearly 30 years.  He died suddenly on 5-12-1920.  Mr. and Mrs. Koons married on 9-3-1934.  Mr. Koons died on 12-10-1966.  Mrs. Koons was a well known resident of the area, having been a public official, a teacher, a librarian, a bookkeeper at The Manlius School, the village treasurer, and a member of the Manlius Board of Education.  Although she was a Democrat in heavily Republican Manlius, she was elected town clerk and tax collector in 1933, and in July, 1939, Mrs. Koons was appointed acting postmaster by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  She served until 7-31-1954, and died on 1-13-1969.  Mr. and Mrs. Laning had:  Jessie Belle Laning, who was born on 11-21-1903, operated a dress shop from her home, was ill two weeks, and died suddenly on 2-14-1934, at age 30.  The "Laning" surname is rendered "Lanning" in many records, including census rolls.

Marvin Anthony Kraff and Catherine Irwin Kraff lived on the Oran-Delphi Rd. near Cazenovia by 1948, and moved to a dairy farm near Elbridge, NY, in April, 1949.  Mr. Kraff was born on 12-13-1905.  He owned the Bellevue Dairy in 1930, and also was a carpenter.  Mr. Kraff died in April, 1969.  Mrs. Kraff moved to Camas, WA, in 1974, and died on 8-26-1983. They had:  Anthony M. Kraff, who was two months old at his death in Syracuse on 12-11-1933, Marilyn Kraff Cowen, who wed Donald E. Cowen about 1952, and lived in Kirkville, NY, Kathy Kraff Hadley, who lived in Camas, Mary Kraff Atkinson, who lived in Liverpool, NY, and Robert Kraff and Gerald Kraff, who both live in Washougal, WA.

Elizabeth Kraham lived on Fayetteville Rd. by 1948, having lived earlier in Cooperstown, NY.  Miss Kraham may have been born on 4-6-1909, and grew up on a dairy farm in Middlefield, Otsego County, NY.  She worked as a housekeeper while in Manlius, and left the area before 1955.  It is believed that she later lived in Watertown, and Schenectady, NY, where she died in January, 1984.   

Anna Williams Kramer, and her sons, Chester W. Kramer, and John A. "Jack" Kramer, resided on the No. 1 East Rd. by 1948.  Mrs. Kramer was born in WI about 1875.  She wed Henry Kramer in 1898, and they lived on farms in WI and Johns Lake, ND, by 1910, and moved to Manlius about 1919.  Mr. Kramer was born about 1871, and died on 10-10-1936, while residing in Manlius.  Following his death, Mrs. Kramer lived in Aberdeen, SD, with her son, Chester.  She returned to CNY after the War, and died after 1962.  Chester Kramer was born about 1901 in WI.  He worked as a molder for the Cheney & Son foundry for 30 years, and died on 11-27-1957.  Chester Kramer wed Clara E. Price, in Camden, NY, on 3-12-1929.  She was born about 1909.  They had:  Walter Henry Kramer, who was born in July, 1937, and served in the USN.  John Kramer was born 7-8-1907, and was a native of Mineral Point, WI.  He wed Laura Clark, who was a bookkeeper, in 1934.  Mr. Kramer was a farmer and a bus driver and maintenance worker for the F-M school district.  By 1969, the couple had divorced, and he had married Mrs. Cathern Barnhart.  She was born on 9-10-1924, and was a native of Clare, NY.  Mr. Kramer resided at 8237 Indian Hill Rd. in Pompey at his death on 10-7-1993.  His widow, Cathern Kramer died 4-12-2006, in Pottstown, PA.  Laura Clark Kramer wed Norton A. Hunt about 1970, and they resided in NC and Clearwater, FL.  John and Laura Kramer had:  Ursula Ann Kramer O'Tier, who was born about 1936, moved south in 1976, and resides now in Springhill, FL, and Jacqueline Lee Kramer Malone, who lives in Tarpon Springs, FL.

Orthello David Kress and Jessie Eleanor Mills Kress lived at 131 Washington St. by 1948.  Mr. Kress was born on 6-29-1898, and came to Manlius about 1912.  He was a toolmaker at the Precision Castings Co., and also served 12 years as a Village trustee.  Mrs. Kress was born 12-14-1900, and was a life resident of the area.  She wed Mr. Kress in Eagle Village in August, 1920, and worked in the Manlius library for 30 years.  Mr. Kress died on 4-23-1958, and Mrs. Kress died on 10-21-1983.  They had:  Donald Orthello Kress, who was born on 9-30-1919, attended St. Lawrence University, served in WWII, wed Elizabeth Keates Dillingham, Katherine Kress, and Claire Konvicka, operated the Woodcraftsman Custom Woodworking Co. and the Yankee Limited Gift and Antique Shop in Sherrill, sold real estate, lived in Auburn, NY, and at 5133 Hoag Lane in Fayetteville, and died on 1-14-1996. 

Alfred Chester Krzykowski and his wife, Katherine Ann Smirco Krzykowski, his brother, Edwin Krzykowski, and his father, Michael S. Krzykowski, lived on No. 1 West Rd. by 1948.  Alftred Krzykowski was born in NJ on 1-17-1917, and was a veteran of WWII.  He was a farmer, and a school bus driver and mechanic.  Mrs. Krzykowski was born on 3-18-1917, and died on 9-14-2005.  Mr. Krzykowski died on 5-28-2008, at age 91.  They had:  Mary Krzykowski Mathes, who lives in IL, and Irene Krzykowsi Winters, who lives in Bernhards Bay, NY.  

Edwin Krzykowski was born on 10-20-1921, and was a combat veteran of WWII.  He lived in East Syracuse, Sandy Creek, and Pulaski, NY, and worked as a machinist, carpenter, and restaurant owner.  Mr. Krzykowski was married previously and then married Dona M. Fritcher,  She was born in Syracuse on 2-22-1926, and was married earlier to a Mr. Baxter.  By him she had:  Judy Baxter, who married Duane Auchampau, and lived in Pulaski, Debra Sue Baxter Butler, who lived in Mexico., NY, and James Baxter, who lived in Sandy Creek, NY.  With Mr. Krzykowski, she operated a restaurant in Sandy Creek, and died in FL on 11-16-1993.  Mr. Krzykowski died on 6-23-2009.  He and his first wife had:  Edwin H. Krzykowski, who wed Mary Krzykowski, and lived in Lodi, NJ, and Ellen Krzykowski, who wed Andrew Popovich, and also resided in Lodi. (See the entry for Alfred Krzykowski.) 

Michael S. Krzykowski was born in Poland on 5-24-1898, came to the USA in 1912, and lived in NJ before coming to Manlius about 1923.  He married Sophia (Sophie) Godlewski about 1914.  She was born on 3-30-1898.  In Manlius, Mr. Krzykowski worked for the Cheney & Son Foundry, and operated his own landscaping business.  Mr. Krzykowski died, at age 91, on 10-9-1989, while living in Tully. Mrs. Krzykowski lived in Cortland, NY, at her death on 5-15-1995, at age 97. They had:  Alfred Krzykowski, (see above), Irene Krzykowski, who was born about 1919, Edwin Krzykowski, (see above), Julia Krzykowski, who was born about 1924, Henry "Hank" Krzykowski, who was born about 1926, and was a policeman in Syracuse, Anthony P. Krzykowski, who was born on 4-20-1932, served in the Korean Conflict, wed Janet Krzykowski and Marcia Krzykowski, lived in Apulia, and died on 6-23-2009.

Leonard Van Westervelt Kuhnemann and Marguerite Elnora Obrist Kuhnemann lived on Seneca Turnpike by 1948, and moved to Piseco, NY, in 1973.  Mr. Kuhnemann was born in Denver, CO, on 2-27-1907.  He was a superintendent  for the Niagara-Hudson Power Co.  Mrs. Kuhnemann was born on 8-7-1910, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1930. She was an avid doll collector and bridge player.  Mr. Kuhnemann died, at age 94, in Durham, NC, on 11-14-1975.  Mrs. Kuhnemann resided in Chesapeake, VA, at her death on 5-7-2005.  They had:   Leonard John Kuhnemann, who married  Bonnie C. Kuhnemann, and resided in Chesapeake, and Joanna Joy Kuhnemann Pryde, who attended Hartwick College, and lived in Centereach, NY.

Walter V. Kurgan and Eleanor Irene Kellish Kurgan lived on the No. 4 West Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Kurgan was born on 1-27-1914, in Syracuse, but was a nearly life long resident of the Manlius-LaFayette area.  He was a machinist, and worked in the pump division at the Oberdorfer Foundries. Mrs. Kurgan was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA, on 11-4-1918, and the couple wed in Fayetteville on 11-26-1938.  Mrs. Kurgan worked as a hostess the Snow White Inn in Pompey.  The couple lived on Watervale Rd, by 1969, and at 7737 Gates Rd. when Mr. Kurgan died on 7-11-1994.  Mrs. Kurgan moved to 700 E. Brighton Ave., in Syracse, and resided there at her death on 8-12-2000. They had:  They had:  Michele Margaret Kurgan, who lived in Manlius, Patricia Kurgan Pulver, who resided in Chittenango, and W. Michael Kurgan, who lived in Virginia Beach, VA.  Mrs. Kurgan's family lived nearby, (see the above listing for Walter Kellish).  The 12-16-1990  edition of the Syracuse Herald-Journal newspaper had this article:  "Michele Kurgan was 9 months old when her mother took her to the doctor for a DPT shot--a vaccination to protect her from diptheria, whooping cough and tetanus. Just after the shot, Michele began throwing up. The next day she suffered violent seizures. She was hospitalized for two weeks. Doctors didn't expect her to live.  By the time she was 16, Michele had suffered 150 to 200 convulsions.  Today, (she) remains brain damaged...The statistic most frequently used by health officials shows that one in every 110,000 DPT shots given to children results in a serious neurological side effect.  One in every 310,000 shots will cause permanent brain damage."

Peter P. Kutzera and Anna Kutzera lived on the Pompey Center Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Kutzera was born on 4-11-1885 in WI.  He lived on a farm near Herman, ND, by about 1908, and moved to Manlius by 1920.  Mr. Kutzera was a carpenter for the General Electric Co.  Mrs. Kutzera was born about 1884, and was also a native of WI.  The couple wed on 2-25-1908, in Independence, WI.  The couple had an adopted son, John Kutzera, who was born in NY about 1904, and resided with the family by 1920.  He later resided in Syracuse.  Mr. Kutzera died on 8-3-1968, and Mrs. Kutzera died on 5-3-1970.  Their natural children:  Peter T. Kutzera, who was born 12-21-1908, wed Joanna Nix, resided in Laurel, MD, and died on 7-29-1996, Nellie Kutzera Clifford, (see her listing above), Rose V. Kutzera, who was born on 8-24-1912, wed Felix J. Miemietz, lived on Pompey Center Rd., and died on 10-29-1990, Clifford Kutzera, who was born about 1920, was ill several months and died on 5-20-1943, Catherine Kutzera, who was born on 11-27-1921, wed Dalton Kellogg, and resided in Ithaca, NY, at her death on 10-18-2010, Florence Kutzera, who was born about 1924, and Doris Kutzera, who was an assembly shop worker, married Glen R. Menter, and lived on Pompey Center Rd.

David M. Lacey and Pearl Lanning Lacey lived at 103 Moulter St. by 1948, and later lived on Palmer Ave. in Syracuse.  Mr. Lacey was born in 1906, and was a patrolman and detective for the Onondaga County Sheriff's Department.  Mrs. Lacey was born in Manlius on 4-27-1906, and the couple wed in 1930.  Mr. Lacey died 9-7-1955.  Mrs. Lacey, who worked for the Sunstrand Engelberg firm, resided at 1301 South Geddes St. in Syracuse, but died in Hazlet, NJ, on 10-18-1972.  They had:  Deanna Lacey, who was born in December, 1937, wed James McCreadie, and lived in Liverpool, NY.

Leslie George LaChanse and Elsie J. LaChanse lived at 530 Pleasant St. by 1948.  Mr. LaChanse was born in Manlius on 10-13-1889.  He worked in a foundry and was a glove cutter and photo engraver.  Mrs. LaChanse was born in 1895.  Mr. LaChanse died on 5-11-1952, and Mrs. LaChanse died in 1965.  They had:   Mary J. LaChanse, who was born in Oswego, NY, about 1920, graduated from Syracuse Normal School, taught school in Syracuse, married Joseph R. Goulette, and lived in Manlius at her death on 1-28-1976, Eugenia Rose LaChanse, who was born on 9-22-1922, graduated from Albany State Teacher's College, taught in Gloversville, NY, wed Earl L. Stock on  8-16-1947, and lived in Herkimer at her death in July, 2002, and William F. LaChanse, who was born on 1-13-1928, was a steel worker and a plumber, lived in Fayetteville, wed Kathryn LaChanse, and died on 8-7-2004.

Ferdinand J. LaFrance and Theresa Dumont LaFrance lived on Ridge Rd. by 1948, and later resided at 7731 Esley Road, in Pompey,  Mr. LaFrance was born 3-9-1926, in Pinewood, Ontario, Canada, and served in Army intelligence during WWII.  The family came to the CNY area in 1946, and Mr. LaFrance worked for the New Process Gear Co. for 30 years.  Mrs. LaFrance was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  She was active in many church and civic causes.  Mrs. LaFrance died on 5-20-1985, and Mr. LaFrance died on 9-15-1997.  They had:  Marie Diane LaFrance Bersani, who was born about 1948, and attended the SUNY at Oswego, Elaine LaFrance Sande, Madelyn LaFrance, all of Syracuse, Lorraine LaFrance, who resided in NYC, Francine LaFrance Bodman, who lived in Duanesburg, NY, and Joseph LaFrance, who lived in Holley, NY.
Mr. LaFrance had an abiding interest in the archeological history of CNY, and his research was often cited in journals devoted to the subject.  In 1975, while digging in Pompey, he discovered the remains of a Native-American longhouse, which was, at the time, the longest known example of such a structure.  He also discovered and uncovered what was at the time the largest known Iroquois village.  Before his death, Mr. LaFrance donated many Native American artifacts to the Rochester Museum and Science Center.  He was  also a bird watcher and discovered a site in the Adirondacks that was home to unusual plant life and rare birds.  The area was named "Ferd's Bog," in Mr. LaFrance's honor, and is a part of the National Audubon Society's list of recognized bird-watching sites. 

Lena Angeline Roher Hilts Lake lived at 517 East Seneca St. by 1948.  Mrs. Lake was born 5-8-1883, and was a native of Munnsville, NY.  She worked as a servant in Smithfield, NY, as a young woman.  She later worked in the parts department of the Oberdorfer Foundry.  Mrs. Lake wed  Luculous Donatias "Nathan" Hilts on 11-3-1901.  Mr. Hilts was born in 1869, and lived in Manlius.  He died on 4-29-1931, and Mrs. Lake married Henry F. Lake on 3-20-1935.  Mr. Lake was born about 1865, and worked as a machinist.  His first wife died about 1898, at age 33, from the complications of childbirth.  He wed  Lizzie L. Lake about 1904.  Mr. Lake died in Manlius on 3-7-1946.  Lena Roher Lake died on 8-9-1962.   She and Mr. Hilts had:  Mildred Hilts, who was born on 9-27-1902, married William Robinson Sterritt on 2-19-1926, was a secretary for the Goode & Webster insurance agency, resided at 114 Washington St., and died on 6-1-1976.  The given name of Mr. Hilts is also rendered as "Lucious."

John Youell Lambert and Clarissa Bontecou Gaines Lambert lived at 316 East Seneca St. by 1948.  It is likely that Mr. Lambert was born 6-24-1897, and that he grew up in Sherburne, NY.  He worked in the insurance industry.  Mrs. Lambert was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA, on 11-29-1898, but as a small child she moved with her family to Savannah, GA, where she was raised.  The couple married in Manlius on 6-24-1924. At some point, they moved to Jacksonville, FL, where Mr. Lambert died in November, 1979, and Mrs. Lambert died on 6-13-1984.  They had:  John "Jock" Lambert, Jr., who was born in Manlius on 10-23-1925, served as a medic in WWII, graduated from Syracuse University, was with The Glens Falls Insurance Co., then was a partner in the  H. A. Carey insurance firm, wed Constance L. Caldwell on 7-9-1949 and Kit Lambert in 1973, and resided in Lansing, NY, at his death on 1-3-2004 from an accidental fall at home, and Clarissa Ann Lambert, who was born about 1928, graduated from Elmira College, married Robert Alan Hunter on 8-24-57, and lived in Boston, MA.  Mrs. Lambert was a member of the very first Girl Scout Troop, having joined 17 other girls on 3-12-1912, when the group was organized by Juliette Gordon Low, of Savannah. 

Nancy J. Lamoraux lived on Gibbs Rd. by 1948, and soon moved away.  Miss Lamoraux was born on 1-22-1919, and lived most of her life in Fayetteville.  She worked as a stenographer, and as an x-ray technician for the Precision Castings Co.  Miss Lamoreaux died in Wilkes-Barre, PA, on 6-3-1996.  Her brother, Carl D. Lamoreaux, lived nearby, (see his listing).

Carl Douglas Lamoreaux and Esther Alice Brown Lamoreaux lived at 310 Fayette St, by 1948, and at 8126 East Seneca Turnpike by 1954.  Mr. Lamoreaux was born on 9-11-1911, and worked as a machinist for the Crouse-Hinds Co.  Mrs. Lamoreaux was born in Watervale on 9-2-1911, and was a graduate of Syracuse University .  She wed Mr. Lamoreaux in Vernon Center, NY, on 8-30-1940;  and was a librarian and teacher for the F-M school district.  Mrs. Lamoreaux was the founder and director of the village's senior citizens' center, and, in 1980, received the Distinguished Citizen Recognition Award from the Village of Manlius.  Mr. Lamoreaux died on 3-31-1982, and Mrs. Lamoreaux, a life resident of the Manlius area, died on 7-1-1999.  They had:  Dr. C. Douglas Lamoreaux, Jr., who attended Linfield College, and resided in Tacoma, WA, and Carol Ann Lamoreaux  Fantauzzi, who attended SUNY at Cortland, and resided in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Mrs. Lamoreaux's family lived nearby, (see the above listing for Jay C. Brown).

Joseph Lamprecht and Evangeline Jones Lamprecht lived at 911 South Fayetteville-Manlius Rd. by 1942.  Mr. Lamprecht was born about 1890, and was a native of Philadelphia.  He graduated from RPI in 1921, and was a surveyor and civil engineer for the CNY Power Corp., and later was a consulting engineer.  Mr. Lamprecht died 2-1-1971.  Mrs. Lamprecht was born 3-1-1898, and grew up in Margaretville, NY.  The couple came to Fayetteville about 1935, and Mrs. Lamprecht moved to St. Augustine, FL, about 1971--after her husband's death.  She died there on 7-5-1994.  They had:  Joseph Lamprecht, Jr., who was an Army engineer during WWII, wed Judith Heltman about 1943, worked for the NY Telephone Co., and resided in Delmar, NY, at his death on 10-22-2006, Evangeline Lamprecht, who was born about 1921, was the valedictorian of the Class of 1939 at FHS, married Charles D. Mills, and resides in Chestertown, NY, Theodore Lamprecht, who was born about 1923, and was killed on 4-20-1944, in a training flight while serving with the USN, David Lamprecht, who was born about 1929, attended Syracuse University, married Joan Petree, was a mechanical engineer, worked for GE, and lived in Ethel, LA, at his death on 8-3-2006, Daniel Lamprecht, who lived in Fayetteville, Jerome Lamprecht, who was born on 3-11-1925, served in the Navy V-5 program while at Tufts University during WWII, graduated from RPI, wed Christine Rosemond, was a civil engineer, and lived in Baltimore, at his death on 5-31-2002, and Richard Lamprecht, who served in the AAC during WWII, and resides in Lynwood, NJ.  Ensign Theodore "Ted" Lamprecht's plane crashed over the Florida Everglades after colliding in mid-air with another aircraft.  Mr. Lamprecht went to Florida and helped search the swamps for his son's body, which was eventually found under his wrecked plane.  Jerome "Jerry" Lamprecht was a private pilot who escaped unharmed from two plane crashes, and made a well publicized solo around-the-world flight in 1981.  Ironically, he survived all of this, only to die in a fall from a tractor at a friend's farm in MD.

Leslie M. Lancefield and Elizabeth Andrew Lancefield lived at 108 Dunham Rd. in DeWitt by 1942, and about 1946, moved to 511 Pleasant St. in  Manlius.  Mr. Lancefield was born on 4-25-1897, and Mrs. Lancefield, a native of Watertown, was born 5-12-1901.   Mr. Lancefield worked for the H. H. Franklin  Motor Co, before served in the USMC during WWI.  Later he was an inspector for the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Co., and was active in Masonic and Eastern Star activities.  Mr. Lancefield died on 8-17-1968, and Mrs. Lancefield died on 12-8-1973.

Francis T. Lane and Doris Conway Lane lived at 8136 East Seneca Turnpike by 1948.  Mr. Lane was born on 10-16-1907, in Amber, NY, and attended Niagara University.  He was a bus driver for the Syracuse Transit Co. until 1949, and then was a carpenter and roofer, and a rural milk delivery man.  He also operated horse riding stables in Fayetteville and Tully, and  bred horses.  Mrs. Lane was born on 3-19-1905, and was an RN at several local nursing facilities.  The family moved to Woodmancy Rd. in Tully in 1978.  Mr. Lane died on 9-6-1991, and Mrs. Lane  moved to Quezon City, Manila, the Philippines in 1992, and died on 7-23-1996, at age 91.  They had:  Dr. Thomas J. Lane, who wed Roberta Lane, and lives in Summerfield, FL, Robert F. Lane, who wed Milagros Lane, and resides in the Philippines, Mary Ellen Lane, who attended LeMoyne College, married Richard Crolik, and resides in Manlius, and Timothy J. Lane, who was born in Oneida on 1-8-1955, graduated from Florida Community College  in Jacksonville, FL, worked in the restaurant industry, and died on 1-5-2009.

Raymond F. Laning and Edith Clark Laning lived on the Cazenovia Rd. by 1948, on St. Johns Ave. by 1954, and later moved to 8034 Cazenovia Rd.  Mr. Laning was born on 3-25-1910, and was a native of Manlius.  He served in WWII, and worked for the Central NY Power Co. as a planner.  He died on 5-14-1985.   Mrs. Laning was born in 1910, and was a cafeteria worker at the Manlius Elementary School.  They had:  Raymond C. Laning, who attended Case-Western Reserve College, and lived in Euclid, OH.  Mr. Laning's father, William Howard Laning, lived with the family.  He was born on 2-2-1877, and worked as a molder for the Cheney & Son foundry.  The elder Mr. Laning was the widower of Mary Jeanett Laning.  She was born about 1877, and the couple wed about 1898.   William Laning died in March, 1954.  He and Mary Laning had:  Maude Laning, who was born about 1899, and married Eric Hammond, Pearl E. Laning, who was born about 1905,and wed David M. Lacey,  Vera D. Laning, who was born about 1909, married Wilfred Mujica, and died in Hempstead, LI, NY, on 5-31-1961, and Raymond Laning.   

Edward Clarence LaPointe (Edward Clarence LaPoint), and Mary  Louise LaPointe lived at 204 Fayette St. by 1948.  Mr. LaPointe was born on 5-27-1894, and lived for many years in Watertown, NY,  He worked as a toolmaker.  Mrs. LaPointe was born about 1896, and the couple wed about 1915.  The family resided at 103 Lou St. in Chittenango at her death on 10-9-1960.  Mr. LaPointe died on 1-23-1969, while residing in Pulaski, NY.  They had:  Robert Frederick LaPointe, who was born in Watertown about 1917, wed Florence Patrick, was hospitalized ten weeks in Needles, CA, but went on to earn the Bronze Star Medal in Germany while serving in WWII, retired as a Lt. Colonel and was a sales representative for  northern NYS for the Chicago Express Co., Betty Jane LaPointe, who was born on 8-10-1920, and married Mr. Hallett, and lived in Livonia, MI, at her death on 9-25-2002, Mary Louise LaPointe, who was born on 4-9-1927, served in the WAVES during WWII, worked for the Standard Oil Co., married Delmar Whitney Snee on 10-26-1946, and resided in Pittsford, NY, at her death in May, 1985, Francis E. "Satch"  LaPointe, who was born on 1-10-1929, attended SUNY Brockport, married Lorraine Daignault on 7-26-1955, and served 26 years as a much decorated infantryman in Korea and Vietnam, later was a facilities coordinator at Syracuse University, and died on 2-12-2005, while residing in Fremont, NY.  This family's last name appears as "LaPoint," in many records.

Edward Alexander Latham, (Edward A. Lathan), and Ethel  Walker Jackson Latham lived at 117 High St. by 1945, having lived earlier in Norwich, NY, and Philadelphia, PA.   Mr. Latham was born in Wells Bridge, NY, on 9-1-1887, and was a farmer and bus driver.  He died on 8-11-1961.  Mrs. Latham was born about 1881, and was a native of Oxford, NY.  She was wed previously to a Mr. Batie, by whom she had:  John Kenneth Batie, who was born on 8-30-1903, and resided in Broomall, PA, at his death on May, 1985, Craig Frederick Batie, who was born on 5-27-1905, lived in Philadelphia, and died in March, 1979, Gladys M. Batie, who was born on 1-11-1908, wed Harold S. Thayer, lived in Manlius, and died on 10-4-1980, and a daughter who married Leon Norwood, and lived in Buffalo, NY.  Mrs. Latham died on 4-1-1972, at age 90.  Her sister, Lulu W. MacPherson, a native of Sidney Center, NY, lived with the family prior to her death on 1-1-1964, and her brother, James L. Walker, also lived with them prior to his death on 7-5-1952.  Mr. Walker was born about 1883, and was a railroad engineer.  This family's surname appears in records as both "Latham," and "Lathan."

Robert F. Lauver and Mary D'Arnore Lauver lived in the Faculty House at The Manlius School by 1948.  Mr. Lauver was born on 1-23-1919, in Altoona, PA.  He was a graduate of Mansfield State College in 1940, earning a bachelor's degree in music education.  After serving in the PTO with the AAC during World War II,  Mr. Lauver was the music director at the Manlius School.  The couple wed in Syracuse on 6-21-1947.  Mr. Lauver later became the owner of Lauver Motor Co., a Plymouth dealership in Holidaysburg, PA.  He retired after 25 years, and served as the director of the Blair Cou/ity, (PA), Bicentennial Commission.  Mr. Lauver was extremely active in civic and charitable causes.  He died on 1-12-1980.  They had:   Robert A. Lauver, who lived in Indianapolis, IN, J. Roderick Lauver, who resided in Albuquerque, NM,, and Christopher Lauver, who lived in Hamburg, NY.

Clifford Onie Lavender and Nora Lavender lived on the Oran-Eagle Village Rd. by 1945, having lived earlier in Onondaga Hill, NY, and moved from Manlius by 1950.  Mr. Lavender was probably born on 4-1-1907, and worked as a filer.  The family also lived in Puckerville, ( DeRuyter), and Cazenovia.  Mr. Lavender may have died in March, 1978, while residing in Charleston, SC.  Mrs. Lavender was born on 11-17-1908, and the couple wed in Morgan County, TN  on 2-13-1924.  She may have died in March, 1979, while residing in Tucson, AZ.  They had:  Junita Lavender, who was born about 1925 in TN, and wed Sherman M. Vincent, Betty Levander, who was born about 1927 in TN, Freda M. Lavender, who was born in 1929 in TN, Violet Lavender, and James V. Lavender, who was born about 1934, wed Mary N. Schuyler, on 8-11-1956, worked for Gardner & North, a siding and flooring firm, and lived in Syracuse, and two other daughters.

Marcus Almon Leach and Bertha Mae Knapp Leach lived on Sweet Rd. near Jamesville by 1948, and moved away by 1955.  Mr. Leach was born in Mycenae, NY, on 2-19-1896, and was a dairy farmer.  Mrs. Leach was born about 1900, and the couple wed about 1916. Mrs. Leach died on 10-6-1962, and Mr. Leach died on 8-13-1968, in Ogdensburg, NY.  They had:  Almon Albertus Leach, who was born on 1-28-1919,  and died on 8-2-1975, Alice Leach, who was born about 1920, Margaret Mae Leach, who was born in Pompey about 1922, wed Frank B. Wieczorek about 1942, lived in East Syracuse, and died on 8-1-1998, Dora Bell Leach, who was born about 1923, wed Peter Derks, and lived in Williamson, NY, Irving Leach, who was born about 1924, Mary Leach, who was born on 4-10-1926, wed Charles E. Judge, lived in Syracuse, and died on 11-6-2003, Lillian Leach, who was born about 1927, married Earnest W. Jessmer on 1-4-1975, and resided in Ogdensburg and Syracuse, Irene Leach, who wed Howard Robinson, and lived in East Syracuse, Jane Leach Miller, who lived in Syracuse, and Donald Leach, who lives in Cleveland, NY.  

Catherine Marie Leary lived at 104 Scoville Ave. by 1948.  Miss Leary was born in Jamesville on 8-17-1914, and  was the daughter of Daniel Lawrence Leary .  She attended school in Fayetteville, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1946.  Miss Leary wed Oliver Edward Revette on 7-9-1949, and was an elementary school teacher in Troy, NY, and later at the Brighton School in Syracuse.  Mr. Revette was born on 2-15-1912, and was a native of Malone, NY.  He served in North Africa during WWII, and retired after 19 years with the L. B. Smith Co.  Mr. Revette lived in Manlius for 45 years before his death on 4-5-1995.  Mrs. Revette died on 12-20-2005, at age 91.  They had:  Bruce M. Revette, who married Charlene Revette, and lived in DeRuyter, Jeanne Revette Petringa, who lived in Needham, MA, and David P. Revette, who married Helena Revette, and lived in East Syracuse.

Ernest George Leech and Viola Blanche Daignault Leech lived at 100 Franklin St. by 1942, and 132 1/2 West Seneca St. by 1948.  Mr. Leech was born on 7-13-1911, probably in Fayetteville.  He served with the AAC in the PTO during WWII, and later was a sheet metal worker, a self-employed contractor, and a watchman.  Mrs. Leech was  born on 5-21-1923, in Canastota, and the couple married on 10-15-1943.  Mrs. Leech workded for the Magnavox Corp., and died on 12-5-1981.   
Mr. Leech lived at 136 West Seneca St, at his death on 12-23-1989.  They had:  Brad G. Leech, who was born about 1950, and lived at 100 Franklin St. in Fayetteville.

Fred H. Leland lived at 116 Washington St. by 1948.  Mr. Leland was born about 1863.  He was a life resident of Manlius, and worked as a carpenter.  He married Harriett Leland about 1895.  She was born about 1866, and died on 6-17-1944.  Mr. Leland died on 11-2-1952.  They had:  Katharine Malissa Leland, who was born in 1895, wed William H. Judge, and lived in Manlius at her death on  2-24-1979.  (See the listing above for William Judge.)

Willis E. Lemery and Viola Waterman Lemery lived at 521 Pleasant St. by 1948.  Mr. Lemery was born on 5-27-1914, and was a native of Norfolk, Ontario, Canada.  He worked as a truck driver, and later as an assembler and wireman for the General Electric Co.  Mr. Lemery moved to Bridgeport, NY, about 1961, and died on 7-29-1966.  Mrs. Lemery was born in Oriskany Falls, NY, on 3-19-1914.  She resided at 207 Spring St. at her death on 1-13-1976.  They had:  Dale W. Lemery, who was born about 1938, graduated from the State University College at Cortland in 1962, married Margaret Anne Harrower of Garden City, NY, in July, 1962, and lived in Bayport, NY. and Sharon Lemery, who was born about 1940, wed Jay Zulinke, and lived in Orchard Park, NY.

Michael O. Lennon and Christina Brandt Lennon lived at 117 North St. by 1948.  Mr. Lennon was born in Syracuse on 9-23- 1928.  He was a tool and die maker and an inspector for the Precision Castings Co. in Fayetteville before moving to Massena, NY, in 1959.  There he worked as a die maker for General Motors for 29 years.  Mr. Lennon lived in Watertown, NY, at his death on 11-13-2002.  Mrs. Lennon was born in November, 1931, and the couple wed in June, 1948.  They had:  Michael "Micky" Lennon, who married Patricia Lennon, and resided in Vernon, NJ, and James R. Lennon, who wed Jean Lennon, and lived in Massena, NY.

Michael P. Lennon and Theresa "Tricia" Bernier Lennon lived on the Oran-Delphi Rd. by 1946.  Mr. Lennon was born in Ireland about 1894, and immigrated to America in 1914.  He was a signal maintainer and fireman for the NYCRR.  Mrs. Lennon was born on 6-15-1900, and was a native of Syracuse.  The couple wed about 1925.  Mrs. Lennon died on 2-29-1988.  They had:  Mary Susan Lennon, who was born about 1927, was a stenographer and secretary for the Empire Wall Paper Co., wed Edward S. Rosivach on 9-8-1962, and lived in Cazenovia, Michael Lennon, (see his listing above), Theresa J. Lennon, who wed John Crowe, and lived at 101 Academy St.,  Lawrence P. Lennon,  who was a computer operator, married Jouyce Stearns, and lived on the Cazenovia Rd., Margaret Ann Lennon, who was a secretary, wed John Morgan Hobbs on 5-21-1955, and lived on Indian Hill Rd.

Lee Leonard and Gertrude May Sharp Leonard lived on West Seneca St. by 1948, having lived previously on Apulia Rd. near Jamesville.  Mr. Leonard was born in Pompey on 8-31-1871, and was a farmer.  Mrs.  Leonard was born on 3-29-1872, in Pompey, and the couple wed in 1895.  Mr. Leonard died on 5-17-1954, and Mrs. Leonard died on 4-29-1962, at age 90.  They had:  Lloyd S. Leonard, who was born in 1896, (see his listing below), Harriet Aurelia "Hattie" Leonard, who was born on 10-3-1897, graduated from Albany Normal School, was a grade school teacher, wed Asa F. Hasse, lived in Jamesville, and died on 10-8-1983, Lyle John Leonard, who was born in Pompey on 4-7-1899, was a carpenter and dairy farmer, wed Gertrude Gillis on 1-18-1934, moved to Fulton, NY, in 1981, and died on 10-13-1983, Ina Elizabeth Leonard, who was born on 4-17-1901, and lived in South Otselic, NY, Alice Gertrude Leonard, who was born on 10-29-1902, wed Milton G. Reeves, resided in Delphi Falls, and died on 7-25-1989, Arthur A. Leonard, who was born on 9-9-1906, and lived in West Winfield, NY, at his death on 3-10-2001, at age 94, Edith Helen Leonard, who was born on 3-2-1909, and died on 4-30-1909,  Irma Ruth Leonard, who was born on 3-20-1910, married Robert Cleveland, lived in Hammondsport, NY, and died on 2-11-2000, Vera Louise Leonard, who was born 5-1-1911, wed Seymour Hahn on 3-31-1934, lived in Jamesville, and died on 8-10-1956, and Ralph Elbert Leonard, who was born on 12-17-1914, lived in Jordanville, NY, and died on 4-17-1984.

Lloyd Sharp Leonard and Cora Eleanor Clemons Leonard lived at 146 Washington St. by 1948, and at 106 Academy St. by 1955.  Mr. Leonard was born on 5-19-1896, in Fabius, and served in WWI.  He later worked as a guard at the Oberdorfer Foundry for 20 years.  Mrs. Leonard was born in 1896, and the couple married on 4-23-1918.  She died in 1963, and Mr. Leonard wed Edna Johnson, the widow of Charles Johnson.  Mr. Leonard moved to Fort Covington, NY, in 1973, and he lived there at his death on 1-29-1974.   In November, 1928, Lloyd and Cora Leonard adopted a seven-month old daughter, Gertrude Lee Leonard, who died in March, 1954, at age 25.

Harry B. Leske and Barbara Bjork Leske lived on the Cazenovia Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Leske was born on 9-22-1910, and was a career member of the USN during WWII.  He retired from the Navy  in 1950, and was a machinist for the Porter-Cable Co. and an inspector for the Sundstrand Engleberg Co.  Mr. Leske died on 5-27-1976.  Mrs. Leske was born on 6-24-1921, and was a life resident of Manlius.  She attended Oswego State Teachers College, and worked many years for the Marine Midland Bank in Manlius.  She died on 1-24-1997.

Peter John Lessaongang lived on West Lake Rd. by 1948.   Mr. Lessaongang was born on 12-6-1885. As a young man he lived in Syracuse and worked for the H. H. Franklin automobile company.  Later he lived in Cazenovia and was a partner in a farm operation and a mason.  Mr. Lessaongang resided on West Lake Rd. in Cazenovia, and at a local nursing home prior to his death on 8-25-1973.

Elizabeth Betsinger LeVee lived at 302 A North St. by 1948.  Mrs. LeVee was born on 9-21-1896, and was a practical nurse.  She was the widow of John Ransom Levee, who was born  8-2-1897, in Norwich, NY.  Mr. LeVee was a boxmaker for a pharmaceutical company, and died on 10-1-1942, while living in Schnectady, NY.  Mrs. LeVee died in November, 1986. while living in Minneapolis, MN.  From a previous marriage, Mrs. LeVee had:  Edwin Gerald LeVee, who was born in Chenango, NY, on 6-12-1916, was a buyer, and lived in Bloomington, MN, at his death on 4-27-2003. 

Ruth Stelzner Leavitt lived on South Eagle Village Rd. by 1946.  Mrs. Leavitt was a native of Manlius but lived many years in St. Johnsville, NY, before returning to Manlius.  She was a patient at the Maple Lawn Nursing Home in Manlius when she died on 7-11-1961.  Mrs. Leavitt's sister Mary Stelzner, the wife of Erwin Porter, lived in Manlius, (see their listing), and their brother, George W. Stelzner, lived in Eagle Village, (see his listing below).

Arthur A. Lewis and Harriet Harr O'Donnell Lewis lived at 156 Washington St. by 194, and later lived at 132 Academy St.  Mr. Lewis was born on 2-26-1885, in Delphi Falls, and came to Manlius about 1944.  He was a core room helper for the Cheney  foundry, and a maintenance worker at The Manlius School.  Mr. Lewis died on 1-20-1970.  Mrs. Lewis was born about 1891, and was married about 1914 to Cornelius O'Donnell.  He was born about 1882, and was a native of Boston, MA.   Mr. O'Donnell came to Fayetteville about 1916, and was a machinist.  He died on 7-28-1939.  Mrs. O'Donnell-Lewis lived in a local nursing home before she died on 8-4-1973.   Mr. and Mrs. O'Donnell had:  Helen L. O'Donnell, who was born about 1918, Robert L. O'Donnell, who was born about 1924, worked for the Thermold Corp., wed Joan Loomis in 1958, and lived in Minoa, and Warren O'Donnell, who was born about 1926, served in the Korean Conflict, wed Bernice L. O'Donnell, and lived in Chittenango.

George Adelbert Lewis and Mary Frances "Babe" Vandermark Lewis lived on the Oran-Delphi Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Lewis was born in Pompey on 3-14-1903, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1926 with a degree in engineering.  As a young man, Mr. Lewis was a  salesman for a pump manufacturing company and lived in Cincinnati, OH.  He later owned the Cards of Wood Co.--a greeting card manufacturing firm.  He was also a participant in many sailboat regattas.  The family lived at 4 Lincklaen Terrace in Cazenovia, when Mr. Lewis died on 11-21-1960.  Mrs. Lewis was born on 5-2-1910, and the couple wed in Wyoming, OH, on 6-6-1936.  She lived in Cincinnati at her death on 9-21-2000, at age 90.  They had:  Thomas A. Lewis, and Marabeth Lewis Warnke, who was born about 1937, attended William Smith College and Potsdam State College, and lives in Farmington Hills, MI.  Mr. Lewis was the son of George Lewis and Mara Kenyon, (see below).    

Louisa Thompson  Lewis lived on the Oran Station Rd. by 1948.  Mrs. Lewis was born on 5-5-1892, and was a graduate of the Syracuse Memorial Hospital School of Nursing.  She was a teacher and nurse for the Fayetteville-Manlius schools.  Mrs. Lewis was the widow of George Morgan Lewis, whom she wed about 1924.  Mr. Lewis was born on 3-14-1876, in Pompey, and was a member of one of the pioneer families in the area.  He farmed, owned a general store, operated a lumber and feed business, and served as town clerk for the Town of Pompey.  In addition, Mr. Lewis was a partner in the Lewis and Hall Telephone Co.  He was married in 1897 to Mara Kenyon.  The first Mrs. Lewis was born on 12-12-1876, in Oran, and died on 10-16-1920.  Mr. Lewis died in Oran on 8-24-1945.  Louisa T. Lewis lived in Manlius prior to her death on 3-14-1982.  Mr. Lewis and his first wife, Mara Lewis, had:  Benjamin E. Lewis, who was born on 7-4-1899, and died on 12-29-1899, George A. Lewis, (see his listing above), Carl Arthur Lewis, who was born on 6-3-1905, married Ruth Thelma Gage on 6-25-1931, in Rushville, NY, and died there on 11-12-1985, Della Mae Lewis, who was born on 1-1-1907, in Oran, and lived in Niagara Falls, NY, at her death on 8-31-1960, Ruth Edna Lewis, who was born in Oran on 9-26-1909, and died in March, 1911, and Dorothy Lewis, who was born about 1911, wed Marion Cramer Snow, was a pewter dealer, lived in Cazenovia, and died on 12-17-2006, at age 94.  

Merrell E. Lewis and Cora Slawson Lewis lived at 107 Pleasant St. by 1948, at 208 Fayette St. by 1955, at 209 Euclid Drive in Fayetteville by 1958, and at 306 Southfield Dr. in Fayetteville by 1972.   Mr. Lewis was born on 10-5-1910, and earned a master's degree from Syracuse University.  He spent 25 years as a high school principal for the F-M school district.  Mrs. Lewis was born about 1912, and was an elementary school teacher in Minoa.  Mr. Lewis was very active in the United  Methodist Church of Manlius, and enjoyed sports cars.  He died on 5-2-1972.  They had:  Kent B. Lewis, who was born about 1945,  and resided in Fayetteville, and Dr. Philip M. Lewis, who was born about 1949, and iived in Athens, GA.

Morgan H. Lewis and Marion Dawley Lewis lived at 211Salt Springs St. in Fayetteville by 1927, on the Fayetteville-Manlius Rd. by 1942, and later at Dotsholm Rd. and 412  Churchill Lane near Fayetteville.  Mr. Lewis was born in Oran, NY, on 12-13-1888, and graduated in 1914 from Syracuse University.  He owned the Ford automobile dealership, and later operated the farm that had been owned by Mrs. Lewis' father, Frank Dawley.  Mrs. Lewis was born on 4-2-1892, and the couple wed about 1913.  She died on 7-5-1960.  Mr. Lewis was residing in Sandy Creek, NY, at his death on 2-3-1979, at age 90.  Their children:  Jane Lewis, who was born about 1915, wed Frank Farrell, and lived in Fayetteville, (see the Farrell entry), Helen Lewis, who was born 11-24-1917, graduated from Syracuse University in 1940, was a librarian, married Milo W. Eames, and lived in Brunswick, ME, at her death on 1-9-2005, and Elizabeth Lewis, who was born about 1917, graduated from Cornell University in 1940, worked as a home economist and dietician, married Wilson S. Mitchell, Jr., lived in Union Springs, NY, and died on 4-22-2000.  Mr. Lewis had a sister, Marion J. Lewis, who was born in September, 1882.  Miss Lewis was the daughter of John F. Lewis, who died on 2-2-1935.  She grew up in the Pompey area, and then resided with her parents in Fayetteville and DeWitt.  Miss Lewis traveled extensively but it is thought that she resided from time-to-time with her brother's family in Fayetteville.

William F. "Frank"  Lewis and Florence Lewis lived on the Oran-Delphi Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Lewis was born on 3-24-1894 in the Town of Pompey.   He was a farmer, and an equipment salesman for John Deere Co. and the Internatinal Harvester Corp.  Mr. Lewis was a lifelong resident of the Pompey area and died on 6-29-1986, at age 92.   Mrs. Lewis was born on 3-9-1890, in Brooklyn, NY.  She worked as a registered nurse, and died on 1-27-1979. 

Charles Comstock Lincoln and Marjorie Richardson Prentiss Lincoln lived on the Cazenovia Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Lincoln was born in Syracuse on 9-20-1904.  He retired in 1970 after 34 years as credit manager for the Brace-Mueller-Huntley Corp. of DeWitt.  Mrs. Lincoln was born in Pulteney, NY, on 12-20-1911, and moved to Syracuse as a child.  She married Mr. Lincoln in 1933, and the family moved to Manlius in 1943.  Mrs. Lincoln was very active in volunteer causes, and died in the Loretto Rest Home on 2-24-2011, at age 99.  They had:  Charles "Chuck" Prentiss Lincoln, who graduated from Ckarkson College, worked as an auditor for the General Electric Co., married Charlene Janell Curtis on 1-27-1967, in Oklahoma City, OK, and lives in Ft. Worth, TX, Robert Montgomery Lincoln, who married Jean Anne Gustin on 5-6-1961, and lives in Maryland, NY, and Alan D. Lincoln, who received an associate degree from SUNY-Cobleskill, married Ann Newport in Trumansburg, NY, on 8-21-1971, worked for the Agway Corp., and resides in Manlius.

Francis N. Lindsay and Georgette Taliercio Lindsay lived on the Oran-Delphi Rd. by 1948, and moved to 400 Walnut St. in Fayetteville in November, 1966.  Mr. Lindsay was born 11-15-1923, and served in the Merchant Marines during WWII.  He worked in the engineering department at General Electric for 37 years, retiring in 1986.  Mr. Lindsay was active in civic affairs and was Onondaga County's first male Girl Scout leader.  He died on 4-1-2011.  They had:  Norman J. Lindsay, who was born in Syracuse on 3-13-1949, graduated from Ferris State University, wed Brenda McFarland, worked as a packaging salesman, and died in NJ on 4-4-2005, Denise Lindsay, who married Frank J. Lazarski, and resides in Syracuse, Yvonne "Jodi" Lindsay, who wed David Truman, and lives in Wilmington, NC, Jacqueline M. "Nada" Lindsay, who was 14 months old at her death on 2-15-1953, Robert Lindsay, who married Sheila Lindsay, and resides in North Syracuse, and Danielle Lindsay, who married Donald Veator, and lives in Manlius. 

Mervyn J. "Joe" Lindsay and Huldah Bowen Lindsay lived on the Delphi Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Lindsay  was born on 12-15-1920.  He worked for the Remington Rand Corp. before operating Lindsay's Garage in Canastota, Cicero, and Durhamville, for more than 50 years.  Mrs. Lindsay was born on 2-19-1922, and the couple lived at 7619 Mill Rd. in Jewel, near Cleveland, NY, at her death on 3-24-2004.  Mr. Lindsay died on 1-29-2008.  They had:  Richard Lindsay, Sr., who wed Patricia Lindsay, and lives in Brewerton, NY, and Stuart Lindsay, who lives in Canastota,  Mr. Lindsay's brother, Francis Lindsay, lived in Manlius, (see his listing above).

James M. Lindsley and Florence Snow Lindsley lived at 507 East Seneca St. by 1948.  Mr. Lindsley was the superintendent of public works for the Village.  He died on 1-4-1955.  Mrs. Lindsley was born on 12-23-1886, and died on 1-30-1972.  Her mother, Nettie Benedict Snow lived with the family for about a year prior to her death.  Mrs. Snow was born in Georgetown, NY, on 10-22-1859, and married Devillo O. Snow in 1877.  He died about 1939, and Mrs. Snow died 5-2-1940.  Mr. and Mrs. Lindsley had:  Cecil W. Lindsley, who served in WWII, and lived in Cazenovia, Ruth Lindsley, who wed Carl Meigs, and lived in Cazenovia, David Lindsley, who lived in Syracuse, Rutherford W. Lindsley, who lived in Baldwinsville, NY, and James Wilmer Lindsley, who lived in Cicero, NY, 

Willard Charles Lipe and Barbara Mae Crandall Lipe lived on the Pompey Center Rd. by 1948.  Mr. Lipe was born on 2-25-1927, in Syracuse.  He served in the USN and later was a dairy farmer for more than 40 years.  Mr. Lipe was elected to the Onondaga County Legislature where he represented the Manlius area for 15 years.  He also served as president of the local FM school district.  Mr. Lipe died on 5-17-2007.  They had:  Pamela Lipe, who wed Gary Revercomb, Rebecca Lipe, who wed Charles Fountain, Susan Lipe Edwards, and Willard Lipe, III, who married Susan Lipe. 

Miss Ethel Littlehales lived at 218 East Seneca St. by 1930, having lived previously in Syracuse. She was born on 12-19-1880 in Canada, and came to America as a girl.  Miss Littlhales was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Littlehales, who migrated to Canada from England. She graduated from the Floyd Training School in Boston in 1911, and taught school in Manlius where she was instrumental in starting a manual training program.  Miss Littlehales lived in the Pinellas, FL, area for a period, but died in a Skaneateles nursing home on 5-24-1969.

M. Adelaide C. Littler lived at 130 Academy St. by 1932.  Mrs. Littler was born about  1890, and was a native of Rich Square, NC.  She was a graduate of Guilford College, and married James Homer Littler about 1912. They came to Manlius about 1913, and he worked as a foreman for the Cheney iron foundry.  Mr. Littler was born on 10-6-1887, in PA, and Mrs. Littler died on 2-28-1979.  They had:  Martha Adelaide Littler Hatch, who was born in PA about 1913, attended Ithaca College, and lived in South Fallsburg, NY, Dr. J. William Littler, who was born about 1915, graduated from Duke Medical School, was a plastic surgeon,, and lived in New York City, Katherine Louise Littler Stephens, who was born about 1919, attended Philadelphia Secretarial College and lived in Manlius, Frederick C. Littler, who died in 1919, at 14 months of age, Robert B. Littler, who was born on 1-17-1922, served in WWII, graduated from the University of Florida, and lived in GA at his death on 1-11-2008, and Theodore C. Littler, who was born about 1930, graduated from Duke University in 1957, worked as a hotel manager, and lived in Providence, RI

Andrew D. Locke lived on Rt. 20 by 1940, having lived in Oran by 1930.  Mr. Locke worked at a gas statiion, and listed a Texaco station on Rt. 20 for sale in 1948. He was born about 1895 and probably was a native of New Haven, CT.  He was divorced by 1930, but his spouse's name is unknown . In 1940, he shared a home with Julia McArnold, a widow, who is thought to have been the co-owner of their gas station.  Mr. Locke is believed to have left the area about 1948.

Roy A. Locke and Veronica Cox Locke lived at 157 West Seneca St. by 1945. Mr. Locke was born on 7-8-1911, and was a native of Fabius. He was a truck driver, and motor equipment operator with the town of Manlius. Later Mr. Locke was the head of the Village's DPW. He died on 10-1-1986. Mrs. Locke, a native of Pompey, was born on 10-9-1909. She was a 1932 graduate of Cortland Normal School and retired after 33 years as an elementary school teacher. Mrs. Locke died on 3-22-1989. They had: Charles T. Locke, who was a construction worker, and lived in Manlius, and Kathryn Locke, who wed William J. Nash, Jr., was a legal secretary, and also lived in Manlius. 

Richard J. Long, Jr. and Elizabeth "Libby" Cody Long lived on Frank Long Rd. near Jamesville by 1948. Mr. Long was a farmer. Mrs. Long was born in Syracuse on 9-12-1919. She went to the State University College at Cortland, and the couple wed about 1946. Mrs. Long retired in 1977 as an administrative assistant for the local school district, and died on 10-27-2002. They had: Richard J. Long, III, who was born in Syracuse about 1948, attended Niagara University, served in the USN during the Vietnam War, wed Brenda L. Hagarman, was sales manager for a building firm, and lived in Bushkill, PA, when he died in Becon, NY, on 3-11-1989, Barbara Long Weidman, who lived in Manlius, Mary Long Rubadeau, who lived in CO, Patricia Long Donnelly, who lived in East Syracuse, and Christine Long Chandler, who lived in Canastota. 

Eugene Alan Lord and Erma Mae Crockett Lord lived on Salt Springs Rd. by 1948. Mr. Lord worked 24 years for the Continental Can Co., and then was a machinist at Mac-Law Tool Co. for 15 years prior to retiring in 1983. Mr. Lord died on 7-4-1988. Mrs. Lord was born on 6-5-1911, and was a life resident of CNY. She graduated from Syracuse City Normal School, and was a teacher for 10 years in the East Syracuse-Minoa school district. She retired after 22 years with the General Electric Co. Like her husband, Mrs. Lord was very active in Masonic and OES activities. She died on 8-12-1985. They had: Erma Jeanne Lord, who attended Syracuse University and Murray State College, wed Stephen Phillip Burns on 9-5-1959, and a Mr. Barnhart, and lives in Clearfield, PA, Kathryn Lord Nelson, who lived in Madison, WI, Lynetta Jane Lord, married LeRoy Elmo Golly, Jr., in 1966, and lived in Baldwin, MD, Sharon Lord, who wed William J. Shanahan, and lived in Chittenango, Wendy Lord Reader, who lived in Blossvale, NY, and Eugene A. "Butch" Lord, who was born about 1952, graduated from Northrup Aviation School, was a pilot for the TRW Co., and resided in Redondo Beach, CA, on 3-5-1989, when he was killed in a mid-air collision of two small planes over Tucson, AZ.

Henry Clarke Lord and Eleanor Huff Lord lived at 310 Fayette St. by 1948, and moved to Oswego about 1954. Mr. Lord was born about 1883, and was a mechanical engineer for the Oberdorfer Foundry. Mrs. Lord was born in Glen, NY, about 1881, and the couple wed about 1909. She died on 8-21-1957. Mr. Lord retired as the assistant general manager of the Oswego Castings Co He died on 5-19-1961, while residing in Schenectady, NY. They had: Lois C. Lord, who was born about 1910, is believed to have wed Campbell Pollock, and lived in Schenectady, NY, Homer B. Lord, who was born about 1911, and lived in Scotia, NY, and Marion E. Lord, who was born about 1914, wed Ernest Romero, and lived in Chicago, IL.

Thomas Malcolm Lorimer and Ada Marie Graszler Lorimer lived at 513 East Seneca St. by 1943, having lived earlier on Cloveridge Dr. and at 337 Woodbine Ave. in Syracuse. Mr. Lorimer was born about 1902. Mrs. Lorimer was probably born on 8-30-1904, and the couple wed about 1924. She was a stenographer, and he was a lieutenant in the NYC railroad's police department. Mrs. Lorimer lived in Plant City, FL, by 1984, and was wed on 12-19-1986. Mr. and Mrs. Lorimer had: Carol R. Lorimer, who was born in July 1928.

David J. Love and Arlene(Arline) Darrow Love lived on Broadfield Rd. by 1948, and later lived on Pratts Falls Rd. Mr. Love was born about 1906, and died on 1-4-1958. Mrs. Love was a native of Syracuse and was born about 1905. She worked as a switchboard operator for the Castle Rest Nursing Home in Syracuse. Mrs. Love died on 3-3-1976.

Robert W. Love and Lucille Judge Love lived at 211 Smith St. by 1948. Mr. Love was born about 1911 in Lyons, NY, and came to Manlius about 1926. He was a pharmaceutical salesman, and later operated Becker's liquor store. Mrs. Love was born about 1907, and was a life resident of CNY. She was a graduate of Elmira College, and died on 3-24-1959. Mr. Love later wed Esther Reichard Woodworth. She was born about 1915, and was a native of Syracuse. She was the widow of James Woodworth, who died in 1957. Mr. and Mrs. Woodworth operated the Fayetteville Dry Cleaners. When Mrs. Woodworth and Mr. Love wed they worked in what became known as Love's liquor store. The couple lived at 108 Broadfield Dr. when Mr. Love died on 10-11-1976. Mrs. Woodworth-Love subsequently wed Martin E. "Bud" Anthonson, a noted aviation pioneer. whose first wife, Ethel R. Anthonson died in 1977. Esther Love-Anthonson moved to Jordan, NY, in 1978, and died on 5-21-1996. Robert and Lucille Love had: Ronald J. Love, who was born about 1933, graduated from the NYS College of Forestry at Syracuse University in 1955, was a military officer, wed Mary Grace Jean about 1955, and lived in NYC.

Charles A. Lowell and Elsie Cornell Lowell lived on the Eagle Village Rd. by 1948. Mr. Lowell was born on 9-8-1916. He worked as a toolmaker and engineer for RCA while residing in Findlay, OH. The family later moved to Chili, NY, where Mr. Lowell died on 12-23-1983. They had: Nancy Lowell Fassett, who lived in Anchorage, AK, Charles A. Lowell, III, who lived in Chili, Peter C Lowell, who lived in OH, and Rev. Benjamin W. Lowell, who also lived in OH.

Leslie H. Lowenberg and Louise Cookinham Lowenberg lived at 114 Smith St. by 1948. Mr. Lowenberg, a native of Utica, NY, was born on 10-27-1905, and came to Manlius about 1937. He was educated at Hobart College and worked 43 years with the NY Telephone Co. Mr. Lowenberg also served as a member of the Village Board, as head of the FM school board, and as mayor of Manlius. The family moved to 219 Highbridge St. about 1977, and resided there when Mr. Lowenberg died on 12-8-1982. Mrs. Lowenberg was born in ID on 3-5-1908, but grew up in Utica. She moved to Altamont, NY, about 1996, and lived there at her death on 11-17-2001. They had: Mary Lowenberg James, who lived in Danbury, CT, Elizabeth Lowenberg Buess, who lived in Altamont, Richard L. Lowenberg, who wed Kathryn Lawlwer, was an insurance executive, and lived in Fayetteville, and Karl P. Lowenberg, who lived in West Olive, MI.

Daniel J. Lynch, Sr., and Doris Jabaut Lynch lived at 204 Pleasant St. by 1948, and at 111 Academy St. by 1969. Mr. Lynch was born in Syracuse on 3-4-1906. He retired in 1970 after 40 years as a salesman for the H. H. Goslee food brokerage firm. Mrs. Lynch, a native of Malone, NY, was born on 9-17-1909. She graduated from Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, and later worked for the Hospital as a registered nurse, and also worked in the office of Dr. Frederick Wetherell. Mrs. Lynch was a member of the Associated Artists of CNY, and died on 7-14-1994. Mr. Lynch died on 8-9-2000. They had: Daniel J. Lynch, Jr., who married Margo Bradt, worked for the local transportation department, and lived in Manlius, Judith Lynch Coon, who lived in Chittenango, and J. Richard Lynch, who lived in Skaneateles.

John W. Lynch lived at 314 East Seneca St. by 1943. Rev. Lynch was born 1-25-1904, and was a native of Oswego, NY. He earned a master's degree from Niagara University, and then attended Our Lady of the Angels Seminary where he was orfained a Catholic priest in 1929. Rev. Lynch was assigned to St. Ann's Church in 1943. He was the editor of the Catholic Sun, and the author of , "This Little While," first published in 1956. The book was a biography of Jesus, and was reviewed by The New York Times as, "a well Imagined, excellently ordered poetic narrative in which not only events but the meaning of events, are revealed." Rev. Lynch also wrote, "A Woman Wrapped In Silence," the life of Mary, the Mother of Christ. He died on 2-27-70

Michael J. Lynch and Florence Clarke Lynch lived at 110 Pleasant St. by 1948. Mr. Lynch was born in 1872, and Mrs. Lynch was born in Fayetteville on 6-28-1879. The couple wed in September, 1905. Mr. Lynch worked as a motorman on the Syracuse & Eastern trolley line, and died on 2-1-1955. They had: John Clark Lynch, who was born about 1907, and died on 7-12-1921, and Joseph Oswald Lynch, whowas born about 1908, married Irene Doris Newkirk on 6-6-1936, and lived in Syracuse.

Robert Lyon and Ethel Sanderson Lyon lived on the Manlius-Jamesville Rd. by 1948, having lived earlier on Fletcher Ave. in Syracuse. Mr. Lyon was a draftsman and mechanical engineer at Bristol Labs. Mrs. Lyon was the cook and manager of a school lunch program. They had a son, and Cathy Lyon and Cynthia Lyon, who both attended Eastern Bible College.

Charles Arthur Mabe and Beatrice Brown Mabe lived on Route 20, (Cherry Valley Turnpike), in Oran, by 1948. Mr. Mabe was born in IA on 8-11-1881. He was a farmer and a jailer at the Onondaga County Penitentiary in Jamesville. Mrs. Mabe was born in NE about 1893, and the couple wed about 1911. Mr. Mabe died on 4-4-1961. They had: Burton E. Mabe, who was born in MN on 2-4-1912, wed Maxine Blackford, Marian Pihl, Helen "Betty" Maphy, Nancy Jane Sauer and Betty Rena Boynton, was in management for the Firestone Tire Co. for 30 years, moved to Largo, FL, about 1977, and lived in Watertown, NY, at his death, at age 95, on 8-5-2007, and Stanley Mabe, (see his listing below). The couple also had two stepsons, Joseph Moore, and Albert Pfohl. Burton Mabe was a well-known fisherman, golfer, and bowler in the Watertown area and in Largo. He scored 10 holes-in-one, including the last one on 6-10-2004, at age 92.

Stanley F. Mabe and Florence Fillmore Mabe lived on Route 20 by 1948. Mr. Mabe was a native of Beloit, WI, and was born in in 1913. He was a self-employed trucker. Mr. Mabe was involved with show horses for 49 years. He died on 9-18-1993. Mrs. Mabe was born in Manlius on 7-16-1915, and worked as a secretary and town clerk for Pompey. She moved to FL about 1998, and died on 11-19-2002, in Ocala. They had: Stephen Mabe, who wed Diana Lindley on 2-16-69, and lived in Pompey, and later in Anthony, FL, and Sara "Sally" Mabe Chisholm, whowas born about 1937, graduated from SUNY at Farmingdale, worked for the NYS Corrections Department, and died on 9-1-1992. Mr. Mabe's parents, Charles and Beatrice Mabe, lived nearby, (see their listing). 

David Beattie MacCready lived at the Faculty House at The Manlius School, having joined the faculty there in 1948. Lt. Col. MacCready was born in NY on 7-18-1889, and was a USN veteran. He graduated from Princeton University and earned a master's degree from Columbia University. Lt. Col. MacCready taught at Culver Military Academy and at Peekskill Military Academy for 20 years. He became the commandant of cadets and a math teacher at the Manlius School. Lt. Col. MacCready was married to Esther MacCready. She was born about 1882, and the couple wed about 1914. Lt. Col. MacCready was residing in Willsboro, NY, at his death in October, 1973.

​Charles Gardiner Madison and Laura L. Madison lived on the Watervale Rd. by 1948. Mr. Madison was born on 9-1-1876, and Mrs. Madison was born in PA about 1886. The couple wed about 1905 and lived for a period in Columbus, OH. They moved to Blodgett Mills, NY, (near Cortland), before WWI and to Manlius by 1920. Mr. Madison was the manager of a dairy farm and, later, was a caretaker and florist. Mrs. Madison died about 1961, and Mr. Madison died on 6-13-1969 at Maple Lawn Nursing Home. They had: Otto C. Madison, who was born on 7-1-1907, moved to NJ about 1943, worked for the Curtis Wright Co., and lived in Surf City, NJ, at his death on 2-24-1992, Wayne Madison, (see his entry below), and Charles L. Madison, (see his entry below).

​Charles Leo Madison and Margaret Ritz Madison lived on the Watervale Rd. by 1948. A native of Homer, Mr. Madison was born in 1919 and operated a farm In Fabtus. Later he was employed as a foreman for the Cummins Overhead Door Co., in DeWitt. Mrs. Madison was born in 1918, and died in 1964. Mr. Madison then wed Mildred Mills Madison, and lived at 656 Fyler Rd. in Kirkville at his death on 8-2-1967. Charles and Margaret Madison had: Diane Madison DeNeve, who lived in Nedrow, and Suzanne Madison Clancy.

Wayne W. Madison and Dorothy Wilcox Madison lived on the Watervale Rd. by 1948. Mr. Madison was born in 1915, in McGraw, NY, and came to Manlius in 1922. He worked as a general foreman for the Precision Castings Co., and also served as a Town of Pompey zoning inspector. Mr. Madison died on 12-30-1966. The couple wed in 1934, and Mrs. Madison worked in the local school's food program. They had: Barbara A. "Babs" Madison Clancy, who lived in New Woodstock, NY, and Constance Leona Madison, who attended Central City Business Institute, wed Warren Smith Perry on 7-16-1966, and lived in Manlius.

David S. Gordon Magill and Edna McRoberts Magill lived on Peth Rd. at the "Old Orchard Farm," by 1948. Mr. Magill was a native of County Down, Northern Ireland, and was born about 1892. Mrs. Magill was also a native of Ulster, having been born in Belfast about 1899. She was the daughter of Mary Stewart and Samuel McRoberts, and wed Mr. Magill about 1922. Mr. Magill was the nephew of Right Honorable John Gordon who was the Attorney General of Ireland. He was a graduate of Belfast Mercantile College and worked as a cost accountant. The family moved to this country in 1928, and lived near NYC. Mr. Magill continued his career with the Cities Service Oil Co. as a travelling accountant. On 1-28-1949, Mr. Magill was on a train enroute from Pittsburgh to Syracuse when he died suddenly of a heart attack. Mrs. Magill moved from Manlius and was residing in Oneida by 1956. They had: Elsie G. Magill, who was born about 1923, wed Dr. Carlton Zellner, and lived in Cazenovia, NY.

John David Maier lived in the faculty house of The Manlius School after joining the School's faculty as an English teacher in 1948. Mr. Maier was born on 3-22-28, and graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy and Williams College before joining the Manlius faculty at age 20. He went on to receive a master's in English from Syracuse University in 1951. Mr. Maier wed Annie Beach while in Manlius. Both had lived previously in Milford, CT, and the couple returned there in 1953. They had: J. David Maier, Jr., and Timothy Reynolds Maier, who was born in September, 1952, and lives in Norwalk, CT. 

Joseph Manchester lived on East Seneca Turnpike near Eagle Village by 1948. Mr. Manchester was born on 7-28-1898, in Cobleskill, NY, and worked as a knitter and weaver in a silk factory before becoming a park superintendent in Jamesville. He was married to MaryAlma Dewey, who was born 5-19-1887, in Franklin Falls, NY. They divorced by 1930, and she died in the Van Duyn Sanitarium, in Syracuse, on 2-2-1951. Mr. Manchester died on 6-5-1966. At this same address were Leon Manchester and Carleta Keller Manchester, who moved from Syracuse to Eagle Village about 1948. He was an aligner. Mrs. Manchester died on 4-27-1956, at age 39.  

I. M. Manley lived on Watervale Rd. by 1948, and worked in a cafeteria.

Bruce William Mann and H. Lucile Wheeler Mann lived at 114 Academy St. by 1948. Mr. Mann was born in Pompey on 6-16-1893, and came to Manlius about 1930. He worked as a carpenter at The Manlius School, (also known as the Manlius Military Academy), and for General Electric. Mrs. Mann was born in Fleming, NY, on 9-22-1902, and was a graduate of Cortland State Teachers College. She died on 2-12-1983. Mr. Mann died in a Rochester, NY, nursing home on 1-20-1986. They had: Eudene Mann, who was born in January, 1933, graduated from Cortland State Teachers College, taught school, wed Donald Benz about 1958, and resided in Rochester, and Charlene Mann Giuliana, who also lived in Rochester.  

Eva E. Mann lived at 505 East Seneca St. by 1948. Miss Mann was born in Cazenovia on 1-5-1891, and was a graduate of Syracuse University before starting a 48 year career as an educator. She taught in Manlius, Sharon Springs, Macedon, Jordan, and in Syracuse at the Porter School. Miss Mann's annual salary when she began teaching was about $700. She died on 4-29-1978. Her brother, Bruce Mann, also lived in Manlius, as did two sisters, Helen Mann Adams, and Lillian Mann Sibble. (See their listings.)

Herbert Levi Mann lived on East Lake Rd. near Cazenovia by 1948. He was born on 10-15-1894, and was a dairy farmer. Mr. Mann married Margaret C. Mann about 1919, and lived in Sullivan. She was born about 1899, 
and died after 1930. Mr. Mann later wed Bessie A. Sabine. The second Mrs. Mann was born in Auburn, NY, on 2-3-1892, and died 4-19-1948. Mr. Mann subsequently married Mrs. Edith B. Richmond. She was the widow of Albert Richmond, who died in 1955. The third Mrs. Mann was a native of Cazenovia. She was born on 7-15-1897, lived to age 95, and died on 4-5-1993. Mr. Mann died on 11-20-1973, while residing in Chittenango. He and Margaret Mann had: LeRoy S. Mann, who was born on 7-20-1920, wed Doris Bouton and Winifred Reluga, moved to Clay, NY, about 1956, worked for the J. C. George Co., and died on 6-4-1988, and Duane H. Mann, who was born about 1930, was a truck driver, and lived in Perryville.

Edgar C. Manning and Margaret McKee Manning lived at 105 High St. by 1948, and at 7650 Highbridge Rd. by 1976. Mr. Manning was born on 12-22-1905, and was a native of Parish, NY. He came to Manlius about 1935, and was an electric shovel operator for the Allied Chemical Co. for 40 years, before retiring in 1969. Mrs. Manning was born on 11-21-1910, and was a native of DeWitt. She died on 12-16-1988. They had: Donald E. Manning, who married Doris Ann Robinson about 1955, worked for General Electric, and lived in Cazenovia, and Marcia Manning Clay, who lived in Atlanta, GA.

Licha Anne Albanese Maphey lived at 126 West Seneca St. by 1948. Mrs. Maphey was born in Manlius on 9-5-1915, and married John H. Maphey on 11-9-1940. Mr. Maphey was born about 1909, and worked as a machinist in a gear factory before entering the Army on 9-23-1943. He was wounded in actiion on 5-27-1944, during the battle for the Anzio Beachhead in Italy, and died of his wounds on 6-14-1944. By 1949, Mrs. Maphey moved from their home at 710 Pond St. in Syracuse to Manlius and wed Robert P. Halloran. Mr. Halloran was born on 4-4-1916, and was the personnel director for the City of Syracuse. He died on 10-19-1986. Mrs. Maphey-Halloran worked more than 40 years at the Calvary Club and died on 3-25-2008, at age 92. She and Mr. Maphey had: Anne Maphey, who was born about 1943, wed William M. Wait about 1967, and lives in Syracuse.

Carl C. "Red" Mapstone and Alice May Wainwright Waters Mapstone lived on the Fayetteville Rd. by 1948. Mr. Mapstone was born on 2-19-1908, and was a native of Auburn, NY. He was a World War II veteran, serving with the Army Engineer Corps No. 1472 in France and Belgium. Mr. Mapstone was a dispatcher, truck driver, and later, a group leader for the Precision Castings Co. The couple married on 3-19-1938, and Mrs. Mapstone died about 1960. Mr. Mapstone later wed Jessie Grace Palmer, who was born on 4-12-1919, (see the entry below for James W. Palmer). Jessie Mapstone was a stenographer for the FDIC, a music teacher, and a church soloist. She had been previously married to Charles William McKinney on 2-20-1943. Mr. Mapstone died on 6-8-1990, and Mrs. Mapstone still lives in Manlius.

Franklin Adelbert Mapstone and Grace Coon Mapstone lived on Highbridge Rd. near Fayetteville by 1948. Mr. Mapstone was born on 10-31-1924, and served in the AAC during WWII. He worked as a trucker. The family lived in FL and then moved to Monteballo, VA, in 1987. Mr. Mapstone died there on 6-10-1993, and Mrs. Mapstone moved to Waynesboro, VA. They had: John E. Mapstone, who lived in West Melbourne, FL, Franklin H. Mapstone, who resided in Waynesboro, Krist E. Mapstone Peden, who also lived in Waynesboro, and Tina Mapstone Ayres of New Woodstock, NY.

John Bligh Mapstone and Marjorie "Margery" Phillips Mapstone lived on High Bridge Rd. near Fayetteville by 1942. Mr. Mapstone was born about 1900. Mrs. Mapstone was born about 1902, and the couple wed about 1919. Mr. Mapstone was a car mechanic, and later a maintenance foreman for the Precision Castings Co. He died on 6-10-1960. Mrs. Mapstone later wed Walter Robinson, and died on 6-20-1977. Mr. and Mrs. Mapstone had: John E. Mapstone, who died in the crash of a combat training plane near Faceville, GA, on 3-12-1944, at age 21, and Franklin Adelbert Mapstone, (see his listing above). John E. Mapstone worked briefly as a machine operator at the Precision Castings Co. before he entered the service, and was the firm's first employee to die during WWII.

Lynn Mapstone and Emma Williams Mapstone lived at 213 South Manlius St. in Fayetteville by 1942, and at No. 2 West Rd. in Manlius by 1948. Mr. Mapstone was born on 4-28-1904, and was a native of Auburn, NY. He worked as a diemaker at the Precision Castings Co. Later he was a night supervisor for the firm. Mr. Mapstone also harvested maple syrup sap from trees on his land in Manlius. Mrs. Mapstone was born in Verona Mills, NY, on 3-3-1903, and the couple married on 2-22-1927. She graduated from the Oswego Normal College and taught elementary school in Manlius. Mrs. Mapstone died on 11-4-1978, and Mr. Mapstone died on 7-23-1995, at age 91. They had: Lynn Robert "Bob" Mapstone, Jr., who was born about 1929, graduated from SUNY-Morrisville, wed Shirley Nellis about 1961, was a dairy farmer in Pompey, and died on 6-2-2011, and Arthur E. Mapstone, who wed Shirley Mapstone, and both farmed and lived in Manlius. Mr. Mapstone's brother, John B. Mapstone, also lived in the area, (see his entry above).

Alva Tracy Marcy and Kathryn Elizabeth Eutemark Marcy lived on Troop K Rd. by 1948, and moved to 301 Elm St. in Fayetteville in the mid 1960's. Mr. Marcy was born on 3-17-1916, and grew up in East Syracuse. He served in the Army during WWII, and later was an insurance salesman for the State Mutual Insurance Co. and Farmers and Traders Insurance Co. Mr. Marcy died 10-4-1965. Mrs. Marcy was born in Gloversville, NY, on 3-5-1917, and retired in 1977 as a teacher for the F-M district. She also was involved in real estate. Mrs. Marcy resided at 405 Kimry Moore, in Fayetteville, at her death on 2-14-1995. They had: Alan D. Marcy, who studied physical education at the SUNY at Buffalo, wed Jan Catherine Fleming in June, 1964, and lived in Sherburne, NY, David Marsy, who resided in LaGrangeville, NY, Richard Marcy, who lived in Clay, Joan Marcy, who married Peter Knight, and lived in Scotia, NY, Barbara Marcy Paglia, who lived in Liverpool, NY, Ann Marcy Mapstone, who lived in Minoa, and Elizabeth Marcy Bruce, who lived in Minoa.

John Markovich and Bernadine "Bernie" Hale Markovich lived at 112 Smith St. by 1948. Mr. Markovich was born on 7-4-1924, and was a native of Bellaire, OH. He lived in NYC and Parish, NY, before serving as an infantryman in the ETO during WWII. He came to Manlius in 1946, and worked as a welder for the Carrier Corp. Mr. Markovich died on 2-7-1982. Mrs. Markovich was born on 6-4-1928, in the home at 112 Smith St. where she lived her entire life. She was a cafeteria worker for the General Electric Co. and then for the local school district for 29 years. Mrs. Markovich was a life long member of the United Church of Manlius, which she faithfully served in many capacities. She died on 8-26-1992. They had: Steven J. Markovich, who was born about 1952, attended the School of Visual Arts, and lived in NYC, and Stephanie A. Markovich, who graduated from Onondaga Community College, wed Frank W. Bodley on 12-17-1977, and lived in Chittenango.  

Charles Stanley "Stan" Marlowe and Rosemary Marlowe lived at 220 Fayette St. by 1948, and later resided at 129 Park Dr. Mr. Marlowe was born Stanley Anthony Chmielewski in Syracuse on 8-4-1923. Mrs. Marlowe was born Rosini Tardio in Manlius on 9-8-1922. They wed in 1946, and filed court documents in 1949 to change their names to Charles and Rosemary Marlowe. Mr. Marlowe served with the AAC in the PTO during WWII, and later worked as a filer. They had: Francis Robert Marlowe, who was born in June, 1947. 

Hugh Daniel Marr and Elizabeth Marr lived on Route 20 near Cazenovia by 1948. Mr. Marr was born on 7-26-1886, in Sydney, on Cape Breton island in Nova Scotia, and came to the USA in the early 1900's. Mr. Marr first wed Katherine M. "Kate" Henry. She was born on Prince Edward Island about 1889, and the couple wed in Lynn, MA, about 1912. By 1930, Mr. Marr was an engineer on a steam railroad, and the family lived in Brownville Junction, ME. At some point, his first wife died and Mr. Marr married Elizabeth Marr. While living in Manlius, Mr. Marr worked as the manager of the Dairy Bar. He died in Bangor, ME, on 10-14-1965. Hugh and Kate Marr had: Hugh D. Marr, Jr., who was born 11-6-1913, and lived in Kailua, Honolulu, HI, at his death on 12-28-1991, and Henry Allen Marr, who was born on 1-26-1926, graduated from Boston University, served in the USN, wed Barbara Jean Wemple on 9-28-1952, and divorced in 1977.

Estella Helmer Martin lived at 303 North St. by 1948, having lived many years on a farm near Pompey. Mrs. Martin is believed to have been born in 1859. In 1949 she moved to 324 Westcott St., in Syracuse to live with her daughter, and died there on 6-13-1951. She had: Florence Mercy Helmer, who was born in December, 1881, and wed Cyrus Wellington Parsons about 1905, Alvah Helmer, who was born about 1883, was a RFD postal worker, and died on 9-1-1943, and Ernest Helmer, who was born about 1887, worked for the Hale Lumber Co., lived at 202 North St., in Manlius, and died on 11-11-1972.

Nelson Aloysius Martin and Edith Helena Rinehart Martin lived at 101 High St. by 1948, having lived previously in Syracuse and on Highbridge St. in Fayetteville. Mr. Martin was born 1-20-1905, in Utica, NY. He worked as a real estate salesman, and sold cigars. Mrs. Martin was born on 11-5-1907, and the couple wed on 10-5-1929 in our Lady of Solace Church in Syracuse. The family moved to Palm Bay, FL, in 1970, and resided there at Mrs. Martin's death on 6-17-1977, and Mr. Martin's death on 6-14-1984. They had: Edward N. Martin, who was born on 5-9-1930, served in the USN, and lived in Palm Bay at his death on 2-10-1994, and Ann Helena Martin, who was born on 5-3-1938, worked in public relations for the Barlow-Johnson firm, moved to Boston in 1961, and was a murder victim there on 8-24-1976.

George N. Mason lived on Washington St. by 1937, and on West Seneca St. by 1948. Mr. Mason was born in 1877 and came to Manlius about 1902. He was married to Mary Davie Mason. Mrs. Mason was born in Meriden, CT, in 1881, and died on 12-7-1936. Mr. Mason operated a Shell service station and garage in his home in Manlius for 25 years, and died on 10-1-1954. They had: Edna Mary Mason, who was born on 8-30-1903, married Howard Wescott on 9-22-1923, worked at The Manlius School, and lived in LaFayette at her death on 9-16-1989, and Helen E. Mason, who was born on 6-24-1910, married Hartley L. Wescott and Paul Drake, was an assembler for General Electric, and resided in Syracuse at her death on 6-11-1974.

Robert Merriam Matty and Fanny Margaret Wheeler Walsh Matty lived on the East Genesee Turnpike in Mycenae by 1941, and moved to 141 West Seneca St. in Manlius by 1942. Mr. Matty was born on 9-22-1897, and was a native of Parish, NY. He worked as a mechanic, chauffeur, and weighmaster, for the Vincent Coal Co. He died on 12-16-1973. Mrs. Matty was born on 1-13-1897, in Oneida Castle, NY. She lived in Manlius for 40 years, and in Syracuse, but resided in Watertown at her death, at age 92, on 5-6-1989. They had: Patricia Louise Matty, who worked for the Dey Brother's store, married Charles A. Nash in December 1949, a Mr. Tavernese, and a Mr. Wells, and lived in Liverpool, NY. Mrs. Matty was married previously to John H. Walsh, a railroad fireman, and by him had: Carlton G. Walsh, who was born about 1913, served during WWII, and was in the Secret Service for NATO when he died in 1953.

Arthur D. Mawson and Katherine S. Mawson lived at 150 West Seneca St. by 1948. Mr. Mawson was born in 1887, and was a native of Cazenovia. He worked as a trucker and deputy sheriff. He also served as head of the Onondaga County Volunteer Fire Department Association. The couple moved to Delphi Falls about 1952, and Mrs. Mawson, who was born in 1890, died on 8-26-1953. Mr. Mawson died on 9-27-1956. They had: Sidney M. Mawson, Harold A. Mawson, and Frederick C. Mawson, (see their listings below).

Frederick C. Mawson and Loretta May Houser Mawson lived on the Oran-Delphi Rd., near New Woodstock, by 1948. Mr. Mawson was a sheet metal mechanic. He died on 3-2-1968. Mrs. Mawson was born on 7-27-1922, and was a life resident of the Delphi Falls area. She died on 6-4-2006. They had: Robert F. Mawson, who was born in July, 1941, wed Martha Mawson, and lived in Delphi Falls, Ronald Harold Mawson, who was born in March, 1945, married Darla Mae Wilcox on 8-2-1964, and Charlene Mawson, and lived in Fabius, and James A. Mawson, who was born in April, 1950, wed Robin Mawson, and lived in Delphi Falls.

Harold A. Mawson and Doris Houser Mawson lived on the Oran-Delphi Rd., near New Woodstock, by 1948. Mr. Mawson was born about 1913, and was a native of Cazenovia. He moved to Delphi Falls as a young man and was a truck driver for Associated Transportation Co. Mr. Mawson died on 7-19-1963. Mrs. Mawson later married Harold S. Monnat. She was born on 2-13-1918, and died at home in Delphi Falls on 6-13-2000. Mr. Monnat, a native of Carthage, NY, was born on 4-28-1906, and died in July, 1968. Mr. and Mrs. Mawson had: William F. Mawson, who was born about 1938, wed Anna J. Hanna, worked for the Carrier Corp., and lived in Weedsport, NY, at his death on 7-3-1996.

Sidney M. Mawson and Gertrude E. Mawson lived at 111 East Seneca St. by 1948, and later lived at 524 Pleasant St. Mr. Mawson was born on 4-6-1912, and was a life resident of the Manlius area. He served in the Army during WWII, and later spent 39 years as a mail carrier. Following retirement from the MPO, he worked for Greene's Sentry Hardware store. Mr. Mawson was very active in civic, conservationist, and religious causes, and was especially involved with the Manlius VFD, where he was a member for over 50 years. He died on 2-12-1985. Mrs. Mawson was born in Arlington, MA, about 1912, and earned her undergraduate degree from Gordon College of Theology and Missions, and her master's from Syracuse University in 1938. She taught music in the public schools and conducted private piano lessons. Mrs. Mawson was the pianist for the First Baptist Church in Manlius, where she was a member for 52 years. She died on 11-17-2000.  

Charles Oran Maxwell and Jean Benson Maxwell lived on the Pompey Center Rd. by 1948, and later at 102 Ferris Lane in Fayetteville. Mr. Maxwell was born on 2-20-1900, and grew up on a farm near Pompey. He served in the USMC in WWI, and became a major in the National Guard. Mr. Maxwell earned a business degree from Syracuse University in 1923 and finished law school there in 1925. He practiced law in Syracuse and Manlius, and also served as justice of the peace and supervisor for the Town of Pompey for many years. Mr. Maxwell was active in Republican politics, and civic and Masonic causes. He died on 1-12-1972. Mrs. Maxwell was born on 6-28-1901, and lived in Eugene, OR, at her death on 9-8-1989. They had: Nancy Maxwell Porter, who graduated magna cum laude from Mount Holyoke College, won a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship and did graduate study at Yale University, wed Dr. Roger J. Porter on 8-5-1961, and lived in Portland, OR.

Arthur Guy May lived at 107 Mill St. by 1943. Mr. May was born on 12-6-1890, and was a lifelong resident of the Manlius area. He was a night watchman, and retired from Cheney & Sons foundry. Mr. May was married to Pearl Thomas May, and they lived in Mycenae and on Smith St. Mrs. May was born in 1884, and the couple wed on 1-17-1913. She died on 4-13-1946. Mr. May died on 7-18-1962. They had: Reva A. May, who was born on 3-1-1914, wed Charles German on 3-2-1935, and died on 6-22-1983, Dorothy May, who was born about 1916 in Mycenae, wed Howard J. Wallace, and died on 3-22-1985, Mary May, who was born about 1917, wed Andrew DeMaio, and lived in Syracuse, Virginia May, who was born in Syracuse on 3-26-1919, married Charles Smith in April 1939, and lived in Fayetteville at her death on 5-20-2000, Louise Gertrude May, who was born in January, 1922, and wed a Mr. Jones, a child who was stillborn in June, 1923, and Betty Irene May, who was born on 7-27-1924 in Manlius, married Alton D. Medbury, and died on 10-29-1975, while residing in Paramount, CA.

Frank May lived on the East Genesee Turnpike in Mycenae by 1942, and at 136 West Seneca St. by 1948. Mr. May was born in Constantia, NY, about 1862, and was a farmer. He died in 1953. His wife, Alice Overton May, was born about 1859, and died in 1932. They married on 8-7-1889, and had: Grace F. May, who was born in 1893, and wed Leonard Young, of Canada, in 1912, Roy Albert May, who was born on 12-30-1895, was a dairy farmer on the Green Lake Rd., and died on 12-23-1968, and Lawrence G. May, who was born in CT on 6-30-1897, married Frances Marguerite Lamoy, was a dairy farmer in the Town of Sullivan, and died in May, 1979.

Sidney G. May and Lena P. May lived at 214 East Seneca St. by 1948, and later lived at 104 Fayette St. Mr. May was born in Taunton, England about 1900, and came to the US in 1921. Within a year or two, Mr. May arrived in Manlius, and by 1930 he was working as a janitor at The Manlius School. Later he was a wax moulder for the Syracuse-Gray Co. in Manlius. Mr. May died on 3-23-1959. Mrs. May survived.

William McAleer and Florence White McAleer lived at 136 Hillsdale Dr. by 1948. Mr. McAleer was born on 10-23-1915, and was a native of Greenock, Scotland. The family lived in Elizabeth, NJ, before moving to Manlius in 1944. Mr. McAleer was a sheetmetal worker for 30 years for the Aerofin division of the Carrier Corp. and, after retiring, was a custodian for the East Syracuse-Minoa high school. Mrs. McAleer was born in 1913, and was a native of South Onondaga. She worked for Gray-Syracuse, Inc., and for the ESM school district. Mrs. McAleer died on 9-11-1988, and Mr. McAleer died on 12-1-1990. They had: Elizabeth Anne McAleer, who was born 5-14-1940, married Charles G. Bohosian about 1961, lived in Fairmount, (Syracuse), NY, and died on 1-24-2005, William M. McAleer, who was born on 2-14-1943, served in the USN aboard the USS Fulton, submarine, was an inhalation therapist, married Bonnie Nixon, and resided in Sarasota, FL, at his death on 6-17-2004, Jeannie McAleer, who was born in June, 1946, wed Robert Rayfield, and lived in Jamesville, and Robert L. McAleer, who was born in April, 1948.

Julia Jones Hitchman McArnold lived on Route 20 near Pompey by 1935. Mrs. McArnold was born in NY about 1879. About 1905, she was briefly married to a Canadian salesman, James McArnold. Mrs. McArnold was widowed by 1930, and worked as a lunch room manager. By 1940, she was the joint-proprietor of a gas station and shared her home and business with Andrew Locke, (see his listing). Mrs. McArnold died on 5-21-1950. She had: Thelma McArnold, who was born in Syracuse in April, 1909, married Clovis Ray in 1942, worked as a clerk and steno for the Niagara Mohawk Co. and died on 5-15-2002, at age 92. Mrs. Ray spent much of her early life with her aunt, Etta Gleasman, and her husband, Harry Glasman. She was divorced from Mr. Ray, who was a factory worker, in 1958. When she died intestate Mrs. Ray left an estate of $150,000,and much of it remained in her abandoned home on Hudson St. in Syracuse. With no will and no heirs, the estate became the subject of much interest and speculation in the local press.

Fred J. McClenthen lived on McClenthen Rd., (also known as McClinton Rd.), in Eagle Village by 1948. Mr. McClenthen was born about 1872, and was a clerk in a grocery and a gardener. He died about 1955, while living in Syracuse. He was wed to Susan "Susie" Hale in Chittenango on 12-21-1892, and they lived in Manlius by 1910. They had: Olive McClenthen, who was born about 1894, married George Austin, and lived in Avon, NY, Rachel McClenthen, who was born on 9-11-1902, married Leonard S. Cole, was a teacher, and died on 11-5-1989, (see their listing above), Nina McClenthen, who was born about 1903, lived in Syracuse, and was a nurse. The family name is sometimes rendered as "McClenthan."

Gordon B. McCoy and Dorothy Clark McCoy lived on Troop K Rd. by 1948. Mr. McCoy was born on 5-2-1911, in Springfield, OH. He grew up in Utica, NY, and served on the USS Niels, a USN destroyer, during the invasion of Sicily and Normandy during WWII. He later was a CPO in the Naval Reserve, and an employee of the USPS. Mr. McCoy died on 2-22-2005, while residing in Herkimer, NY. Mrs. McCoy was born in Whitestown, NY, on 2-26-1921, and the couple married in Utica on 7-3-1948. She was a LPN and retired as a shirt operator for Smith's Laundry Co. in Utica. Mrs. McCoy died on 1-14-2003. They had: William C. McCoy, who was born in Utica on 10-15-1954, served in the US Army during the conflict in Vietnam, wed Joanne McCoy, was a bookkeeper for the Asset Recovery firm in Rochester, NY, and died on 5-19-2002.

John C. McCrystal and Mary Quirk McCrystal lived at 118 Academy St. by 1945, and at 121 Washington St. by 1962. Mr. McCrystal was born about 1888, and was a native of Philadelphia, PA. He came to Manlius about 1915, and worked many years as a machinist for the Precision Castings Co. before retiring about 1957. Mr. McCrystal died on 8-28-1962. Mrs. McCrystal was born in East Syracuse on 1-1-1891, and came to Manlius about 1924. The couple wed about 1909, and Mrs. McCrystal died on 6-9-1974, while visiting a daughter in Massena, NY. They had: Willard P. McCrystal, Sr., who was born on 5-16-1911, married Nora Henneberry about 1937, was a tool and die maker for the Precision Castings Co. and the Onondaga Tool Co., and lived in Pompey at his death on 8-10-2003, at age 92, Bernard M. McCrystal, who was born in Jamesville on 5-8-1912, married Marion Newkirk, was a foreman at the Stone Machinery Co., lived in Syracuse, and died in February, 1977, Marion McCrystal, who was born on 1-15-1916, wed Francis C. Goodfellow, resided in Massena, and died on 12-30-2003, and Beatrice McCrystal, who was born on 11-26-1917, married Dr. William P. Everly, and lived in Manlius at her death in March, 1973. 

Charles John McCully and Ruby E. McCully lived on the Oran-Delphi Rd. by 1935. Mr. McCully was a farmer and a farm implement dealer. By 1963, the couple resided in Lakeland, FL. Mr. McCully was born in Canada on 5-7-1896, and came to the US about 1925. He died in Lakeland, in January, 1974. Mrs. McCully was also a native of Canada. She was born on 11-11-1898, and died in Lakeland in April, 1981.

James A. McDermott and Viola Keto McDermott lived at 101 Garrett Dr. by 1948, and at 701 East Seneca St. by 1969. Mr. McDermott, a native of Tully, was born about 1912, and came to Manlius about the time of WWII. He spent 34 years as a brakeman and conductor for the NYC railroad before retiring in 1975. Mrs. McDermott was born in Rockaway Beach, NY, on 3-14-1911, and came to Manlius in 1943. She worked as an accountant for The Manlius School and as a clerk for the Ransier drug store. Mrs. McDermott died on 12-17-1980, and Mr. McDermott died on 1-27-1993. They had: James H. McDermott, who lived in Manlius, Marion McDermott Tanner, who lived in Manlius, and Patricia McDermott Macklin, who lived in NYC.

James Erwin McDermott was a purchasing agent, (quartermaster), for The Manlius School by 1948, and is believed to have lived on the campus. Mr. McDermott was born in Manlius on 12-5-1906, and moved to Fayetteville about 1950. He was wed to M. Elowene Brown, and they lived at 207 Chapel St. in Fayetteville, by 1969. Mr. McDermott retired in 1976 as a purchasing agent for the Miller Paper Co. Mrs. McDermott was born 4-2-1913, and worked as the receiver of taxes and Manlius town clerk. She died on 4-1-1991, and Mr. McDermott died nine days later. They had: Gail A. McDermott, who attended Onondaga Community College, wed Mark E. Bucher, and lived in East Syracuse.  

Lester A. McDermott and Doris Higgins McDermott lived on the Cazenovia Rd. by 1948. Mr. McDermott was born on 1-29-1904. He spent 25 years as the superintendant of buildings and grounds at The Manlius School, and later was a building contractor. Mr. McDermott was a member of the Manlius Town Board, the planning board and served as police commissioner for the Town. He was also a former special deputy for the County sheriff's department. Mr. McDermott died on 2-28-1983. Mrs. McDermott was born 7-14-1909, and was an active member of St. Ann's Church for over 60 years. She died on 10-9-2003, at age 94. They had: Lester A. McDermott, Jr., who wed Rita Kelly, was a commercial pilot, and lived on Peck Hill Rd., and Catherine McDermott, who married David Milback, and lived in Fayetteville. Mr. McDermott's brother, J. Erwin McDermott, lived nearby, (see his listing above).

Howard A. McGann and Lillian McGann lived on Smith St. by 1941, and at 104 Pleasant St. by 1948. Mr. McGann was born about 1870. He was the manager of a general store in Lamson, NY, for 15 years and was an assembler and mechanic for the Houser Elevator Co. for 35 years. Mr. McGann died on 10-2-1955. Mrs. McGann, a native of Phoenix, NY, was born about 1877, and the couple wed about 1896. She died on 2-5-1955. They had: Roland McGann, who was born on 6-6-1897, married Bernice McGann, about 1919, lived in Syracuse, and died in July, 1985, Eva McGann, who was born about 1908, wed Durward C. Hickox about 1929, and lived in Brewerton, NY, and Raymond R. McGann, (see his listing below). Mr. McGann may have had a daughter from a previous marriage: Vivian McGann Hilborn, who lived in Phoenix, NY. Eva Hickox's son, Robert Hickox, spent two and a half years in a Korean POW camp before he was released in May, 1953. His return to Syracuse was the occasion for a well publicized public welcome.

Raymond R. McGann and Claribel Anderson McGann lived at 106 Moulter St. by 1948. Mr. McGann was born on 4-11-1915, and was a native of Lamson, NY. He moved to the Eastwood section of Syracuse about 1939, and served in the USN Sea Bees during the Normandy invasion. He later worked for the Easy Washer Co., Vega Industries, and retired in 1979 as a supervisor for Lipe Rollway Corp. Mr. McGann died on 4-8-1986. Mrs. McGann was born in Manlius about 1912, and died on 10-5-2003, at age 91. Mr. and Mrs. McGann lived with her mother, Jessie Norris Anderson, who was born 12-20-1877. She was a former Manlius teacher, and died in 1978, at age 100. (See her listing above.) They had: Judith McGann, who married Gerald Calogero, was a teacher, and lives in Manlius, William A. McGann, who was born in December, 1930, attended Syracuse University, and lives in Manlius, Ruth McGann, who married Robert Hellish, and lives in FL, and Bette McGann, who wed Paul Bell, and lives in MA. 

Winfield Louis McGrath and Helen Elizabeth Mills McGrath lived at 501 Pleasant St. by 1948, and moved to the Jamesville Rd. in August, 1953. Mr. McGrath was born in Albany, NY, on 12-10-1928, and served in the USN during WWII. He later attended the College of Forestry at Syracuse University, and became a purchasing agent for the Iroquois Furniture Co. in 1960. He is believed to have died about 1985 while residing in Hendersonville, NC. Mrs. McGrath was also a native of Albany, and was a graduate of Ithaca College. She taught physical education at Manlius high school. They had: Terry McGrath, Shawn McGrath, and another child.

John F. McIntyre and Katherine Nolen McIntyre lived in Oran by 1948. Mr. McIntyre was born about 1911, and served with with the 275th Engineers Corps at Camp Breckinridge during WWII. He later worked as an engineer. Mrs. McIntyre was born about 1914, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1936. The couple married on 8-12-1939, and had two sons.

Winfield Edward "Mac" McIntyre and Kathryn Lindenmayer McIntyre lived on East Seneca Turnpike by 1948, and later lived at 401 Brooklea Dr. in Fayetteville. Mr. McIntyre was born 4-24-1919, and graduated from Syracuse University's College of Forestry in 1942. He served in the AAC during WWII, flying fighter aircraft, and was shot down over Germany in 1943. He was a POW for the remainder of the War. Later, Mr. McIntyre worked in the family paper business, and died in July, 1980. Mrs. McIntyre was born on 10-21-1920, and the couple wed on 10-24-1942, just before Mr. McIntyre was shipped out to England. Mrs. McIntyre, an avid birder, died on 7-23-2006. They had: Winfield "Win" McIntyre, Jr., who married Bonna McIntyre and Gale LaBerrie, earned a master's degree in engineering from Syracuse University in 1969, and worked for Bristol Labs, Scott McIntyre, who wed Mona McIntyre, and lived in Telluride, CO, Susan McIntyre, who atteded Keuka College, wed William Kennedy, and lived in White River Junction, VT, Christopher McIntyre, who died in 1992, and Dana McIntyre, (F), who lived in Arlington, TX. Winfield Edward McIntyre is referred to as "Edward Winfield McIntyre, Jr.," in the 1937 FHS yearbook, thus creating a question about his name and the exact name of his father, (see this family's entry in the online Fayetteville Registry).

DeMelle S. McKee and Martha Stevens McKee lived at 105 Franklin St. by 1948, at 102 West Elm St. in Fayetteville by 1969, and in Hastings, NY, by 1982. Mr. McKee was born on 5-24-1913, in East Auburn, ME, and served in WWII. He was a roofer, and later an inspector for the Precision Castings Co. Mrs. McKee was born on 8-25-1918, and died on 4-27-1982. Mr. McKee moved to Colosse, NY, about six months before he died on 1-4-2000. They had: Raymond D. McKee, who lived in Minoa, Bruce N. McKee, who resided in Cicero, David O. McKee, who died, at age 22, on 10-30-1976, following a one car accident in Cazenovia, Elizabeth McKee, who was born in Antwerp, NY, on 8-30-1937, wed Walter F. Carr about 1954, was a machine operator for CWR, and lived in Parish, NY, at her death on 2-6-1998, Virginia McKee Niles, who lived in Manlius, and Donna McKee Hendrickson, who lived in Mexico, NY.

William Gerard McKee, Sr., and Dorothy B. McKee lived in Eagle Village by 1948, and later lived in Fayetteville, and at 11 Wexford Rd., in DeWitt by 1960. Mr. McKee, a 1913 graduate of Syracuse University, was a metallurgist with the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Co. and Republic Steel Co. Mrs. McKee was a native of Amsterdam, NY, and was a 1916 graduate of Syracuse University’s School of Fine Arts. She died at home on 4-3-1962, at the age of 68. Mr. McKee died on 6-2-1972. They had: W. Gerard McKee Jr., and Suzanne McKee, who lives in Minoa, NY. William McKee, Jr., was a POW in WWII but escaped. He was awarded the Silver Star and was recognized for his gallantry by the French government. Mr. McKee, Jr., was the president of an insurance agency before his death at home in Manlius on 2-17-1992, at age 73.

Robert F. McLean and Patricia Hart Nann McLean lived at 101 East Seneca St. by 1948, and at 120 Dewey Ave. in Lyndon by 1951. Mr. McLean was born about 1924, and was an agent for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. and worked other times as a bartender. He was an Army veteran of World War II. Mrs. McLean was a life resident of Syracuse, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1946. She retired from the University in 1995, after 25 years as an administrative assistant. Mrs. McLean died on 9-2-2005, while residing in Syracuse. They had: Andrew K. McLean, who died in 1998, Anna McLean Jackson, of Syracuse, Patricia McLean Radford, Robert McLean, Jr., of Syracuse, who married Patricia McLean, Sheron McLean Burrows, who married William Burrows, and Casey M. McLean, who married Donna McLean, and lived in Syracuse.

Charles Burdette McManus and Marjorie Henriette Anderson "Margery" McManus lived on Ridge Rd. near Fabius by 1948, and later lived in Minoa and East Syracuse. While on Ridge Rd., they lived with his parents, Fred and Martha McManus, (see their entry below). Mr. McManus was born in Cazenovia on 1-22-1912, and was a farmer. Mrs. McManus was born on 11-12-1914, and the couple married in Manlius on Christmas Day, 1933. Mrs. McManus died on 12-7-2003, and Mr. McManus died on 10-23-2006, at age 94. They had: Nancy Carolina McManus, who wed Charles A. Prue, and Charles Marvin McManus, who was born in 1939, and died on 7-8-2008. 

Fred Irving McManus and Martha Nancy Taylor McManus lived on Ridge Rd. by 1948. Mr. McManus was born on 3-24-1883 in South Onondaga, NY. He worked for the Precision Castings Co., and died on 7-3-1963. Mrs. McManus was born on 12-30-1882, and wed a Mr. Hassett, by whom she had a daughter, Edna Martha Hassett, who was born about 1902. Mr. and Mrs. McManus wed at Sylvan Beach in 1906, and came to Manlius about 1928. Mrs. McManus died on 3-11-1964. They had: Irving Henry McManus, who was born in Syracuse on 11-28-1907, was a filer at Precision Castings, wed Mable, (Mabel), Frances Howard, and lived in Hemet, CA, at his death on 2-24-1985, Melvin McManus, (see his listing below), Charles McManus, (see his listing above), Edna McManus, who married George Isham, lived in Warners, and died in 1985, and Mildred McManus, who was born in Cazenovia about 1917, wed Donald Nixon, worked for Gray-Syracuse, lived in Manlius, and died on 1-16-2012, at age 94.

Melvin T. McManus and Charlotte Millicent Fisher McManus lived at 105 Clinton St. by 1948, having lived previously on Brooklea Dr. in Fayetteville. Mr. McManus was born in Cazenovia on 11-23-1913, and wed Mrs. McManus about 1941. He served with the 591st Field Artillery Battalion in France and Germany during World War II. Mr. McManus was a die repairman for the Precision Castings Co. Mrs. McManus was born in Tully, NY, in 1923. The couple moved to Green Valley, AZ, about 1982, and lived there when Mr. McManus died on 5-31-2001. They had: Ross McManus, who was born about 1943, and lived in Ogallala, NE, Kathleen McManus Mincks, who was born about 1947, and lived in Goldendale, WA, and Bruce McManus, who predeceased his father.