The list above is taken from the sixth grade graduation program dated June 18, 1953.  Like most other members of the class of '53, I went on to graduate from Jamesville-DeWitt High School in 1959.  I later attended Syracuse University and lived in CNY until 1983.  I live now in Madison, MS, where I am in private practice as a psychotherapist.

Despite moving from the area, I have managed to maintain contact with some of my old classmates.  But, of course, over the decades, others have passed away or simply become "lost."  It is in the hope of  re-establishing contact with these lost classmates that  this site has been created.  If any of them--or their friends or family--should come across this page, they are encouraged to click here to contact me by email.
    Edward Hutchison
        Madison, MS

What follows has been largely extracted from memory and should not be taken as scriptural:  Marty Belkowitz is now a physician in the Syracuse area...William "Skip" Eberhardt is a restaurateur in Skaneateles...Don Boyd earned a doctorate from Harvard and teaches chemistry at Purdue...Chris Gillam (nee Giouhlameti) is an attorney living in the Silicon Valley...Paul Ivory is a museum curator in New England...Lynn Hutton lives in Syracuse and is in the insurance brother, John Hutchison, is a banker and lives in Tallahassee...Gary Truax is retired from Carrier and lives north of Syracuse...Jean Hood until recently was operating a farm and historic inn in Stow, MA...Ruth Dickey is a homemaker living in Syracuse...Janet Rice works at the DeWitt Community Church...Dave Cooper is an engineer and lives in Manlius...Jack Fanizzi worked for Unisys and lives in PA...Glenn Ostrander works for IBM and lives near NYC...Pamela Miller is an attorney and works for NYS...Susan Farranto lives in Europe...Carol Chamberlin lives in SC...Polly Roesgen was recently widowed and lives in CA.  Dan Willett, Jane Hartnett, Bob Bugden, John Staniec, Melvin Holm, Nancy Bayer, Gene Seidel, Jimmy Dummitt, and Mary Traynor are deceased.  Additional info about most of those listed here will be found at my J-D Update site, and in an online directory that lists thousands of former DeWitt residents.
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William Bayless
Martin Belkowitz
Lawrence Detwiler
William Eberhardt
Richard Greene
Kevin Henry
John Hershey
George Kaup
James Lawsing
Melvin Aspholm
Edward Beadel
Donald Boyd
Jerome Cleland
James Dummitt
Harvey Ekins
George Fonda
Bruce Fraser
Chris Giouhlameti
Ronald Alexander
Robert Bugden
David Cooper
Ronald Fairbanks
Jack Fanizzi
William Gessler
John Hancock
Edward Hutchison
Paul Ivory

Robert O'Neil
Jeff Randall
John Staniec
Henry Staniec
Steven Sehnert
Charles Tuttle
Nancy Bayer
Richard Voodre
Carol Chamberlin
Richard D. Green
Lynn Hottenstein
John Hutchison
John Kozikowski
David Kuhnert
James Lannon
Joseph Nyc
Glenn Ostrander
Gary Truax
Daniel Willett
Robert Keller
Michael Martineau
James Murphy
Robert Nelson
Thomas Redman
Gene Seidel
Lawrence Siler
Stephen Weatherly
Yuris Zeltais

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Patricia King
Roberta Horn
Diane Knapp
Linda Leslie
Carol Mackey
Roberta Masters
Pamela Miller
Sharon Montague
Marilyn Salisbury
Mary Lou Buckwalter
Gail Fassler
Jane Harnett
Jean Hood
Mariann McKinley
Beth Quinn
Pauline Roesgen
Donna Rusaw
Linda Shields
Sandra Beemer
Linda Craner
Mary Ann DeLong
Ruth Dickey
Susan Farranto
Judith Gates
Susan Lawsing
Janet Rice
Mary Traynor
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