Although John Young and other early settlers had lived in or near the present village of DeWitt, NY by 1800, the community remained a quiet rural area for more than a century.  Even as late as 1927 all of the property in DeWitt was still owned by individual farmers and tradesmen.  However, in that year the Clark real estate firm purchased land and began subdividing the property that would become known as Dewittshire.  By 1934 about 75 homes were built in that tract--with the most expensive ones generally located closest to E. Genesee St.  In 1929 Albert E. Huntley and Albertus H. Snow sold 60 acres of land to the R. E. Porter real estate firm.  This property was soon developed as the Orvilton Park subdivision. There was a requirement that new homes had to have a value of at least $10,000, and, once again, those homes closest to Genesee St. were usually the most expensive.  The building of Moses-DeWitt school in 1931 was another indication that DeWitt was poised for growth.

Not surprisingly, the Depression and WWII inevitably delayed this development, as the sale of new homes suffered.  For example, by 1938 only about 50 homes had been built in Orvilton and new homes then sold for as little as $7,500.  DeWitt was, however, clearly a desirable place for future expansion and by about 1950, as macro economic factors became favorable, the area became the focus of considerable commercial and residential growth.  The building of Shoppingtown, the consolidation of schools in Jamesville and DeWitt, the expansion of the DeWitt Community Church, and other such developments during the early and middle 1950s coincided with rapid residential expansion in existing neighborhoods and in new ones like Orvilton Heights and DeWitt Acres. 

Unlike farmers, who have an obvious tie to the land, the business and professional people who moved to DeWitt's new subdivisions constituted a highly transient population.  In the post-War period, it was very common for large companies to routinely and periodically transfer their executives, and as a result many of DeWitt's newcomers lived there only briefly and are by now well scattered. 

In October of 1948, the Clark Real Estate Co. announced that it had purchased a tract of land north of E. Genesee St., between Erie Blvd. on the west and Butternut Drive on the east.  They did not yet use the name of DeWitt Acres but that is what the subdivision quickly came to be called.  The firm described the development as being a "residential park," that would eventually have "120 modern dwellings."  Despite this announcement, it was not until the 1950s that the majority of homes on Butternut Drive, Drovers Lane, Pickwick Road, Wexford Road, and Ethridge Road, were constructed and first occupied.  (Note: an early settler in the area was named "Etheridge" and this spelling occasionally appears, but the more common usage is "Ethridge," and, for the purposes of consistency, that is the designation used here.  The proximity to Butternut Creek no doubt explains how Butternut Dr. got its name, and Drovers Lane is a reference to workers on the nearby Erie canal, but it is not clear why the Dickensian terms of Wexford and Pickwick were chosen for use in this new DeWitt development.)

What follows is an alphabetical listing of more than 200 families that resided in DeWitt Acres during the 1950s.  This information has been gathered from old newspaper accounts, village directories, various governmental records, alumni records, and from personal recollections.  While an effort has been made to verify the accuracy of what is related here, often the record is incomplete or contradictory and confirmation is not possible.  Therefore, the information here should be considered as tentative, or suggestive, but certainly not definitive.  Anyone who can suggest changes, corrections, or additions, is urged to do so.

PLEASE NOTE:  In early 2008, a directory of all residents of DeWitt was completed.  The people who lived in DeWitt Acres, (listed here), have been included--often with more detail--on the new DeWitt Registry web site.   A similar directory for the residents of Lyndon is also now available. 


John A. Abert and Virginia F. Abert lived at 12 Wexford Rd. in 1958.  They lived on Revere Rd. in DeWitt from 1949 to 1957, then moved to FL, before briefly returning to DeWitt.   Mr. Abert was a native of the Syracuse area and was born in 1912.  He served in the infantry in WWII.  Mr. Abert worked as a tool and die maker for the E. R. Seifert, Inc., firm.  He died 9-14-1992 in Deltona, FL.  Mrs. Abert died in Hollywood, FL, on 9-4-2006.  They had: Robert Johnson who lives in Kendall, FL, and Diane Abert Hildebrant who lives in Hollywood.

Raymond A. Alesch and his wife lived at 8 Pickwick Rd.  They lived on Bellevue Ave. in Syracuse and in Rochester before moving to DeWitt Acres by 1950.  Mr. Alesch was a native of Wisconsin and served in WWII.  He was a buyer for the E. W. Edwards department store in Syracuse.  He was born 6-9-1906 and died 7-13-1999 in Buffalo.

Edith Hancock Allen and her daughter, Miss Edith I. Allen, lived at 107 Butternut Dr.  Mrs. Allen was born in Dubuque, IA, circa 1875, and lived in DeWitt for seven years before her death on 2-20-1958.  She was the widow of Walter H. Allen, a captain in the USN.  Miss Allen was an alumnae of Skidmore College and was a self-employed bookkeeper.  She later lived in Pompey, NY and died on 9-6-1999 at age 92.  Capt. Allen, his wife, and daughter, were all buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington.

Gerrit F. Allen and Veronica Covert Allen lived at 21 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Allen was born in 1915 in Tompkins County.  He was divorced prior to his military enlistment in 1943.  Mr. Allen worked as a foreman for Salina Chevrolet.  Gerrit and Veronica Allen moved to San Francisco in 1954.  However, they were natives of the Trumansburg, NY,  area and later returned there.  They are also believed to have resided in FL before their deaths.  Their children:  Vicki Allen, Irene Allen, and William Allen.

Victor J. Allen and Mary Lou "Cookie" Cook Allen lived at 25 Wexford Rd.  About 1960 they moved to Lockwood Rd. in Syracuse.  Later Mrs. Allen wed a Mr. Glover, and became active in real estate projects.  She was  widowed, and subsequently married Ronald Philips.  They reside now in Fayetteville.  Mr. and Mrs. Allen had a son, Scott Allen, who died in childhood, and a daughter, Cynthia Allen, born about 1957.

Philip P. Anderson and Elizabeth B. Anderson lived at 125 Butternut Dr. in 1958.  Dr. Anderson was a native of Calvert, TX, and earned a Ph. D. in physical chemistry from the University of Texas in 1936.  He worked in Evansville, IN for about 20 years before moving to CNY and taking a position as a research scientist for Carrier.  Mrs. Anderson was very active in the Presbyterian Church and was a published poet.  She died in Indiana on 10-27-2002, at age 91.  The couple's daughter, Susan Anderson Goodloe, was a member of the Class of 1958 at Jamesville-DeWitt, and lives now in Evansville, IN.  She is married to Thomas Goodloe and works as a college instructor.

Frederick A. Armstrong and Jennie-Belle Perry Armstrong lived at 23 Pickwick Rd.  He was a purchasing agent for San-Equip and she was a popular WSYR radio and television personality.  She left the station in January, 1957, and the family later moved from the area.  Their children: Frederick Armstrong, Jr., Scott Armstrong, and Thomas Armstrong.

Robert Arnold and Laura Arnold lived on Pickwick Rd. in the 1950's.  Mrs. Arnold was a librarian.  They live now in Williamsburg, VA.  They have two daughters, Carol Arnold, who lives in Richmond, VA, and Jeanne Arnold, who lives in Santa Fe, NM.

Robert Burleson Bailey and Virginia Thomson Bailey lived at 45 Wexford Rd.  They earlier lived at 115 Pelham Rd. in DeWitt.  Mr. Bailey was born in Minnesota but came to the Syracuse area when he was about six years old.  He served as the claims manager for the Glen Falls Indemnity Co.  Mrs. Bailey, a native of Utica, did public relations work and wrote for the Syracuse Herald-Journal.  At the time of their deaths they were the resident managers of the Imperial Gardens apartments on James St. in Syracuse.  Mrs. Bailey died on 8-1-1977.  Mr. Bailey subsequently married Marie McGuire and died on 9-3-1984.  Their son, Robert Bailey, Jr., who attended Fork Union Military Academy, is retired from the USN and lives in Cross, SC.

Flora Dufour Johnson Ballantyne lived at 38 Pickwick Rd.  She was a native of Stratford, CT and worked for many years as a real estate broker in the Syracuse area.  She lived with her daughter, Flora M. Johnson, on Pickwick and then in Fairfax, VA, and FL, moving there in 1977.  Mrs. Ballantyne was an active Democrat and in 1940 became the first woman in Onondaga County history to run for the US Congress.  Mrs. Ballantyne’s husband, Ambrose A. Johnson, was a native of Scranton, PA.  He was the owner of a machine tool company.  In 1944, the couple was separated and Mrs. Johnson obtained a Nevada divorce and wed Thomas Ballantyne.  In 1948, Mr. Ballantyne secured an annulment after a court ruled that Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were still legally married.  Mr. Johnson died in Syracuse in August, 1950.  She died 7-6-1984, in Melbourne, FL at age 89.  The couple had two daughters, Flora M. Johnson and Ruth Ann Johnson.  Flora Johnson lived briefly in Guam and was a civil engineer in Syracuse.  She then lived in VA and FL before her death on 12-26-1994, in West Melbourne, FL.  Ruth Johnson was a singer, playwright, psychologist, and professor.  She earned a doctorate from Purdue University.  After her divorce from Dr. Frank Funk in 1976, she lived in FL, CA, and Tucson, AZ, where she died on 12-16-2002.

Garrison G. Berman and Anne D. Berman lived at 13 Pickwick Rd.  Mr. Berman was born in 1914 and was a native of Chemung County, NY.  He was the chief lab technician at the VA hospital from 1953 to 1972, and Mrs. Berman was very active in little theater productions.  They live now in Syracuse and have two children, Michael Berman, and Garianne Berman Farrish, who was born 5-26-1952, and is an artist living now in N. Las Vegas, NV.

James E. Bird, III, and Joyce A. Garbrecht Bird lived at 27 Wexford Rd. in the late 1950's.  He was a native of Rome, NY, and graduated from Hobart College and the Syracuse University law school.  He practiced law in Syracuse.  Mrs. Bird was a graduate of William Smith College and earned a master’s degree from Syracuse University.  The couple later moved to Fayetteville.  He died on 7-8-1992, at age 61.  Mrs. Bird still resides in Fayetteville.  They had three children: Barbara Elizabeth Bird, who married Michael H. Scheibel, and lives in Fabius, NY, Carolyn A. Bird, who lives in Wilton, CT, and Dr. Jeffrey A. Bird, who wed Dr. Elizabeth Humphreys on 8-17-2002.  He now teaches at Queens College and lives in NYC.

John C. Black and Mary Rose Senoff Black lived at 201 Ethridge Rd.  He was an executive with the Western Electric Corp.  The couple later lived at 301 Hamilton Parkway in DeWitt.  He died on 4-3-1966, at age 45, following a brief illness.  Mr. Black was a native of Niagara Falls, NY, and was a graduate of Syracuse University.  Mrs. Black later wed Joseph E. McArdle of DeWitt, who died in 2004. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Black were John Black, Jr., who lives in Syracuse and is an attorney, and Nancy Ann Black, who married Roger Watts on 4-27-1974 and lives in Grand Island, NY.

J. H. Brown lived at 41 Wexford Rd.--having purchased the home in 1955.  He managed the J.C. Penney store in Shoppingtown, DeWitt.

John L. Brown and Ula Wiley Brown lived at 107 Butternut Dr. by 1959.  Mr. Brown was a graduate of RPI in Troy, NY.  He worked as a hospital administrator in NJ and IL before coming to CNY to plan the opening of Community General Hospital where he became president.  He was active in numerous civic enterprises prior to his death on 12-7-1986.  Children:  William W. Brown, who lives in Evansville, IN, and Christine Brown Lozner, of Manlius, who wed Eugene C. Lozner, a former schoolmate at Jamesville-DeWitt.

Riis H. Burwell and Elizabeth Burwell lived at 1 Wexford Rd. by 1955.  He was a copywriter for GE.  The couple moved West and Mr. Burwell died in Santa Rosa, CA in September, 1986, at age 62.  Mrs. Burwell died there on 6-27-1995.  Their children:  Sandra Burwell and Carleton Burwell.

George L. Bushong and Jeanne Nolan Bushong lived at 35 Pickwick Rd.  He was born in Atlantic City, NJ, and moved to Syracuse from Philadelphia in 1940.  He worked for the Lennox Furnace Co. and then as purchasing director for the G.A. Braun Co. until his retirement in 1984.  Mrs. Bushong, a native of Buffalo, also worked at Lennox and later was a columnist for the weekly Fayetteville Eagle Bulletin.  Her mother, Mary Watson Nolan, lived with the Bushongs until her death on 1-25-1977.  Mrs. Bushong died 1-12-1992.  Mr. Bushong died 6-21-1997, at the age of 90, still residing on Pickwick. Their daughter, Bonnie Jeanne Bushong, graduated from  William Smith College and earned a master’s degree from Syracuse University.  She married Rev. Patrick J. Haley, a USAF Chaplain, and they live now in Victor, NY.

Robert Byrne and Elizabeth Byrne lived at 305 Butternut Dr. in 1956.  Mr. Byrne was born in 1927.

Merton D. "Dave" Caldwell and Caroline Kolmer Caldwell lived at 303 Butternut Dr. by 1958.  Mr. Caldwell was a POW during WWII and was awarded three Silver Stars for his service.  Following his return to civilian life he worked as an accountant for the Syracuse Suburban Gas. Co.  The couple later lived in Manlius, where Mrs. Caldwell yet resides.  Mr. Caldwell died at age 88 on 11-12-2003.  They had a daughter, Betty Caldwell Veeder,

Herbert L. Carlson and Doris Tuttle Carlson, lived at 121 Butternut Dr. beginning in July, 1955.  Mrs. Carlson was a native of McConnellsville, NY.  They had lived at 321 Edwards Dr. in Lyndon before moving to DeWitt Acres.  Mr. Carlson was a manufacturer's representative for the Frank S. Harden furniture company.  The couple had two children:  Peter Carlson and Mary Ellen Carlson.

John Edward Casey and Joan Tyrrell Montague Casey lived at 31 Wexford Rd. in the late 1950's.  He worked for the William Burns detective agency.  She grew up in the Valley section of Syracuse and they lived on E. Genesee St. in Syracuse following their marriage on 8-21-1954.  They live now in Fayetteville, and are noted supporters of Syracuse University athletics.

Chester E. Chellman lived at 111 Butternut Dr. by 1958.  He was a career military officer and graduated from Syracuse University in 1959.  He lives now in Sewanee, TN.

Clarence G. Cichocki and Helen M. Keller Cichocki lived at 17 Pickwick Rd.  They previously had lived on Maplewood Ave. in Syracuse. Mr. Cichocki was a safety engineer.  He was a 1938 graduate of the University of Wisconsin and completed graduate work at the University of Michigan in 1951, just prior to joining Bristol Labs.  He died 11-5-1998, in Clearwater, FL. and it is thought that he was predeceased by Mrs. Cichocki.  They had a son, Ronald J. Cichocki.

Charles F. Clark lived at 209 Butternut Dr. by 1956.

Varro J. Clarke and Margaret Cowie Clarke lived at 121 Butternut Dr.  Mr. Clarke died on 5-3-1947, in a Boston hospital.  He had been an electrical engineer for GE.  Mrs. Clarke went to work in January, 1948, as a dental hygienist.  It is thought that Mrs. Clarke later lived in Schenectady, NY.  The couple had three sons, Varro Clarke, Jr., Wayne C. Clarke, and Robert J. Clarke.

James F. Cole and Mary E. Cole lived briefly at 11 Pickwick Rd.  They sold this house in 1953 to Frank Morris and moved to the Geddes section of Syracuse.  Mr. Cole was the proprietor of a restaurant and later a cook at the VA hospital in Syracuse.

John A. Conway and Larraine A. Digman Conway lived at 6 Pickwick Rd.  He was a construction superintendent for the S. J. Groves Construction Co.  In June, 1959, Mrs. Conway took over the Deb ‘n Heir nursery school from her neighbor, Emily Kallusch, and conducted classes in the Conway home.  Mrs. Conway was also an eucharistic minister.  The Conways were both natives of Dyersville, IA.  Mr. Conway died 8-24-1984, and Mrs. Conway died 4-3-1992.  They had:  Colleen "Coco" Marie Conway Welch, of Nashville, TN, who earned a doctorate in nursing from NYU,  Kathleen Conway Woop, of Lantana, FL, and Margaret “Peggy” Conway, of Boca Raton, FL.

Vincent A. Cook and Luanne Ashton Zahniser Cook lived at 23 Pickwick Rd. The couple was wed on 9-8-1956.  They were both graduates of Syracuse University.  Mrs. Cook was a native of Rochester.  The couple divorced and she wed Charles P. Kuimjian and lives now in Fairport, NY.  Mr. Cook was a pilot in the USAF before joining the family owned insurance agency.  He also was active in civic and political affairs and became the chairman of the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority.  After his divorce, Mr. Cook married Cornelia "Corky" Hawes.  He continued to reside on Pickwick and in a summer home in Skaneateles until his death on 6-28-2004.  Cornelia Cook subsequently moved to Arizona.  Vincent and Luanne Cook had one daughter, Frances Z. Cook Kinney, who is thought to be residing in Sewickley, PA.

Joseph P. Cullen and Virginia Herrick Cullen lived at 19 Wexford Rd.  He received a master’s from Syracuse University and worked for the Procter and Gamble Co.  Mrs. Cullen earned a nursing degree from Syracuse University in 1939.  The Cullens later moved to Fredericksburg, VA, where he became a noted authority on the Civil War.  Mrs. Cullen’s sister was Martha Herrick Jecko, who later lived at 22 Pickwick Rd.  Mrs. Cullen died 9-6-1989, and Mr. Cullen died 7-18-1995.  The Cullens had four children:  a child who died as a baby, Patricia Ann Cullen, who lives in Richmond, VA,  Margaret Cullen Walker, who lives in Chesapeake, VA, and John William Cullen, born in January, 1954, and living in Harmony, NC.

Douglas Cummings was living at 10 Pickwick Rd. by 1959.

Albert Berthaln Dall and Elizabeth Jones Dall lived at 11 Wexford Rd. in the mid 1950's.  He was born 11-29-1925, and is believed to have been a native of NJ.  The couple lived on Fordham Rd. in DeWitt before moving to DeWitt Acres.  He worked as an electrical engineer and she was a secretary for the Lincoln Bank.  Mr. Dall died on 11-27-1980, in Newport Beach, CA.  Mrs. Dall was born 1-18-1929, and died 9-26-1988.  They had a daughter born in August, 1955.

William A. Dart, Jr., and Helen Kormanyos Dart lived at 12 Drovers Lane.  Mr. Dart was a native of St. Lawrence County in northern NY.  He was born in 1926, and was a civil engineer. They came to DeWitt Acres in the mid 1950's from Lillian Ave., in Syracuse.  They had two sons, one born in May, 1954, and another born in February, 1958.  It is thought that Mr. Dart lives now in Canton, NY.

Robert S. Dean and Marilyn Reed Dean lived at 39 Wexford Rd.  He was from Syracuse and was a graduate of St. Lawrence University.  Mrs. Dean's sister, Johanna Reed Kirkgasser, also lived in DeWitt Acres.  The Deans moved to Pompey about 1970.  Mr. Dean died, at age 69, on 6-21-2005.  The couple had two children:  Jeff Dean, of Manhattan, and Barbara Dean, of Fabius.

John Raymond Deschambault and Marie Yolande Deschambault lived at 51 Wexford Rd.  They moved there from Lyndon about 1954.  Mr. Deschambault was a draftsman for the Sargent, Webster, Crenshaw and Folley architectural firm.  Mrs. Deschambault was the manager of the Knit-Nook store and later worked for the Lincoln Bank.  They live now in Ocala, FL.  They have two daughters, Danielle Deschambault-Duffy, who is retired from the practice of law and lives in Chicago, and Francine Deschambault, who is believed to be a physician residing in Washington state.

Russell L. DeWaters and Elizabeth D. Babbles DeWaters lived at 47 Wexford Rd.  They were natives of Elbridge and lived most of their lives there.  Mr. DeWaters worked 18 years for American Airlines before becoming the postmaster of Elbridge.  He held that post from 1969 to 1989.  Mrs. DeWaters worked as a postal clerk for 24 years before her death on 1-7-1989.  Mr. DeWaters died on 7-20-1994.  They had:  Russell Michael DeWaters, who lives in Lubbock TX, and Diane DeWaters Kelley, who graduated from Syracuse University and lives in Elbridge.

Daniel H. Deyoe lived at 11 Wexford Rd. by 1958.  He was born 11-25-1908, and was a graduate of Cornell's medical school.  Dr. Deyoe retired in 1972, following 15 years as medical director for the Crouse-Hinds Corp.  Dr. Deyoe died in CNY on 7-14-2006, at age 97.

Howard L. Dietrich and Mildred Stoddard Dietrich lived at 107 Butternut Drive in the 1940's.  He was a native of Persia, NY, and was a 1933 graduate of Houghton College.  Mr. Dietrich was the president of the Dietrich Supply Corp. and was very active in the lay management of the Willett Memorial Wesleyan Church.  Mrs. Dietrich was also a graduate of Houghton College.  The couple later lived on Woodchuck Hill Rd. in Fayetteville, before moving to Cape Coral, FL., where  Mrs. Dietrich died on 10-29-1979, and Mr. Dietrich died on 11-20-1983.  They had three children:  Clarice L. Dietrich, born about 1937, Lois Dietrich Griffith, who was born 10-31-1940, and Edward W. Dietrich.  All three children are believed to be residing in or near Scottsdale, AZ.

Louis J. Discenza and Violet Moore Discenza lived at 6 Pickwick Rd.  He was born about 1914, and was a liquor salesman for Melrose and Co.  Mrs. Discenza was a native of Whitehaven, England.  She died 3-30-1996, in Salisbury, MD, and Mr. Discenza now resides in Marion, NC.  Their son, Dr. Richard Discenza, is a professor in the business school at the University of Colorado branch in Colorado Springs, CO, and their daughter, Marilyn Discenza-Bookmyer, owns an art studio in Salisbury.

John G. Dorrance and Rita A. Simen Dorrance lived at 25 Wexford Rd.  He was from the Oneida area and was born in 1928.  They lived on Hixson Ave. in Syracuse before moving to DeWitt.  He died 1-9-1989.  They had two children, John Dorrance, Jr., who lives in Jupiter, FL, and William Henry Dorrance.

John J. Dorris, Jr., and Jacqueline Willets Dorris lived at 27 Wexford Rd.  He was a native of Kentucky and worked for Banner Sales and Service Co., Carrier, and General Electric, while in the Syracuse area.  Later he worked as an executive for Honeywell Information Systems in Chicago.  Mr. Dorris died in Syracuse on 7-7-1979, although he was then residing in Buffalo Groves, IL.  He was 51.  It is thought that Mrs. Dorris remarried and lives now on Cape Cod.  The couple had four children:  Pamela Dorris Hanrahan, John Dorris, III, Richard A. Dorris, and Barbara Dorris.

William T. Dougan and Shirley E. Taft Dougan moved, in 1952, from Bertram Pl. in Syracuse to 204 Ethridge Rd.  He was a native of NYC but graduated from Syracuse University and lived in the Syracuse area for 32 years.  Mrs. Dougan, too, was a graduate of Syracuse University.  Mr. Dougan worked as an accountant with Hurdman and Cranstoun.  Later he was a senior vice-president at Marine Midland Bank.  The Dougans moved from DeWitt Acres to Lyndon, and then, in 1979, to Palm Beach Gardens, FL, where he was a mortgage broker.  Mr. Dougan died there on 1-31-1990, at age 64.  Mrs. Dougan lives now in West Palm Beach, FL.  The couple had four children: Linda Dougan Shultz, living in West Palm Beach, Nancy Dougan Hiscock of Williamsport, PA, Diane Dougan Lanio of Atlanta, and Jeff W. Dougan, who lives near Denver, CO.

Marshall K. Doughty and Paula Grassman Doughty lived at 17 Wexford Rd. by the early 1950's.  Mr. Doughty was a toolmaker for Catranis, Inc.  He was a native of Poughkeepsie, NY, and was an avid hunter and skier.  After the couple divorced, Mr. Doughty wed Maggie Doughty.  They divorced and Mr. Doughty then wed Lila Doughty.  They lived in Vermont, Arizona, and Brantford, Ontario, Canada, where Mr. Doughty died of cancer on 10-5-1998, at age 68.  Lila Doughty is thought to still reside in Brantford.  Paula Doughty lived on in the original family home, until she required nursing care.  She died on 3-16-2008.  The children of Marshall and Paula Doughty:  Carole Doughty Nappi, of East Quogue, NY, Kim Doughty Gazzola, of Weston, MA, Kris Doughty Zack, who lives in Raleigh, NC, and Marshall Doughty, Jr., of Syracuse.  Marshall and Maggie Doughty had:  Martin Doughty, who probably lives in VA, and Patrick M. Doughty, who lived in Lisbon, NH.

Joseph J. Downing and Lillian C. Davies Downing lived at 2 Wexford Rd.  They moved there in the summer of 1953, from Topeka, KS.  He was with the NYS Mental Health Commission.  In 1958, the couple moved to CA, where Dr. Downing held several positions including the presidency of the Gestalt Institute in San Francisco.  Mrs. Downing died of cancer about 1974 in CA.  Dr. Downing died 10-19-1993.  The couple had four daughters:  Caroline Downing, Tamerlane Downing, who is a physical therapist in Santa Rosa, CA, Shelly Downing, and Diedre Downing.

William L. DuPree, Jr., and Edith Hoag DuPree lived at 119 Butternut Dr.  He was a native of Woodstock, GA, and worked for the Carrier Corp.  The couple lived in the Eastwood section of Syracuse before moving to DeWitt Acres in 1941.  Mrs. DuPree died at home 7-21-1948, at age 43.  Mr. DuPree then lived for a time in Greensboro, NC, before returning to Syracuse where he wed Catherine Burgess.  Mr. DuPree died in a car accident on 10-1-1982.  William and Edith DuPree had five children:  William DuPree, III, who wed Anne Hamilton, and lives in Lyndon, Barbara DuPree Knowles, of Brooklyn, Sally DuPree Miller, who lives in Myrtle Beach, SC, Kathryn DuPree, and Steven DuPree.

Malcolm C. Durbin and Mildred A. Durbin lived at 1 Drovers Lane.  He was a wholesale coffee distributor and a Lt. Colonel in the USAF reserves who had lived previously in NYC.  They moved to Ormond Beach, FL, in 1958, where Mr. Durbin died in February, 1969, at age 70.

Charles S. Edwards and Jean Zofia Frisbie Edwards lived at 1 Drovers Lane in the late 1950's.  He was a native of Philadelphia and was admitted to the bar in 1963.  He later served as the Manlius town justice.  The Edwards were wed in August, 1957, and lived on James St. in Syracuse before moving to DeWitt Acres.  They live now in Fayetteville.  Their children:  Jody Edwards and Wendy Edwards, both of Sag Harbor, NY, Charles H. Edwards II, who died 7-18-1995, and Jill Edwards, of Marin County, CA.

Rupert J. Eisgruber and Kathryn A. Eisgruber lived at 1 Wexford Rd. by 1956.  He was born in Germany in 1918, and worked as a foreman for the NYC railroad.  It is believed that he moved to Winter Haven, FL, following retirement.

William Roy Ellis and June M. Cornish Ellis lived at 21 Pickwick Rd.  They purchased this home new from the builder, Gates-Douglas Construction Co., in January, 1953. They later moved to Onondaga Hill.  Mr. Ellis was a mechanic for Kimball’s Service Station on E. Colvin St. in Syracuse.  He died of a heart attack at work on 6-6-1966, at age 44.  Mrs. Ellis died 7-23-2004, in Elbridge.  The couple had a son, William R. Ellis, II, of Elbridge, and a daughter, June Ellis Lockwood.

Donald P. Ely and Martha L. Spencer Ely lived at 119 Butternut Dr., and later at 121 Butternut.  He earned a doctorate from Syracuse University where he taught instructional technology.  Dr. Ely was also a lay minister at the Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church, and a trustee for the Onondaga County library system.  Mrs. Ely graduated from the State University of New York at Albany and has been active in civic and charitable organizations including Habitat For Humanity.  They live now in DeWitt Hills.  They have three sons, Mark E. Ely, who lives near Charlotte, NC, Scott H. Ely, who lives in CO, and Christopher S. Ely, who lives in DeWitt.

Robert E. Emery and Shirley B. Emery lived at 33 Pickwick Rd.  He sold building materials for the Vermont Marble Co.  They had a daughter, Linda Emery.

Allen F. Engle and Olive Rockwell Engle lived at 37 Wexford Rd.  She was from Nedrow, NY, and earned a degree in music from Syracuse University.  He worked as a paper salesman for the Alling and Cory Co. for 13 years before becoming the purchasing director for Colgate University in Hamilton, NY.  Mr. and Mrs. Engle later lived in Charlottesville, VA, before moving to Crossville, TN where they now reside.  They have three children: Margaret M. Engle, William Allen Engle, and Katherine M. Engle.

Curtis R. Erickson and Emolyn E. Erickson lived on Wexford Rd. in the late 1950's.  He was a school photographer. They live now in Palm City, FL, and have two children, Jeffrey R. Erickson, who was born about 1958, and John C. Erickson, born about 1964.

Joseph H. Fallon and Virginia M. Smith Fallon lived at 31 Wexford Rd.  He worked as a sales engineer for United-Carr Fasteners Corp.  They moved to DeWitt from the Rugby Apartments in Syracuse.  They had two sons, Joseph Fallon and Kahlman Fallon, (known as “Kal”), who is an attorney for the federal government and lives in Atlanta.

Charles H. Flynn and Ruth Agan Flynn lived at 34 Pickwick Rd.  He was a salesman for the John Deere Co.  She was a self-employed interior decorator.  Mrs. Flynn was a native of Buffalo and also lived in Binghamton before moving to DeWitt Acres in the early 1950's.  She resided there until her death on 3-2-1994, at age 81.

Charles Peter "Pete" Gade and Marie J. Gade lived at 24 Wexford Rd., moving from 905 Westcott St., in Syracuse, about 1960.  He was born 9-1-1898, and was a native of Schenectady, NY.  Mr. Gade was a graduate of Union College, and worked as a salesman.  Mr. Gade died in Seminole, FL, on 9-15-1978, and Mrs. Gade lived in Fairmount until her death on 11-11-1993, at age 98.  Their son, Charles J. Gade, was born in 1922, and married Esther M. Hatem on 2-13-1949.  He died 8-12-1976.

Lucius M. "Lou" Gates and Helen Hayes Gates lived at 16 Pickwick Rd. in the early 1950's.  Mr. Gates was born in Syracuse in 1920, and, as a partner in the Gates-Douglas Construction Co., built several of the homes on Pickwick Rd.  He later moved to Liverpool and worked for the Syracuse Lumber Co. for 22 years.  Mrs. Gates died 12-21-1980.  Mr. Gates later married Norma Hart Gates, and moved to Ogdensburg, NY, shortly before his death on 9-4-1984.  Lucius and Helen Gates had four children:  J. Michael Gates, of Clay, NY, R. Patrick Gates, Judith Gates Crook, and Margaret Gates Salvagno, of Fairmount, NY.

Stephen Geer and Mrs. Geer moved to 12 Pickwick Rd. in 1959.  Mr. Geer was a newscaster for WHEN radio and TV, and later had a career as an ABC network reporter.  Their children:  William "Billy" Geer, Cathy Geer, and Michael Geer.

Carl F. Gerber and Amelia Gerber lived at 109 Butternut Dr. by 1942.  He was with the NY Fire Insurance Rating Organization. 

Robert H. Gillson and Elizabeth Conboy Gillson lived at 13 Wexford Rd.  He was born in 1919.  He was a native of Cazenovia and she was from New Hartford.  Mr. Gillson worked as the area superintendent for the Johnson Service Co.  They had moved to 214 Ambergate Rd. in DeWitt by the time of his death on 11-12-1967.  Mrs. Gillson still resides in DeWitt.  The couple had:  Thomas Edward Gillson, and Patrick B. Gillson, who both live in the Dewittshire neighborhood in DeWitt, Deborah A. Gillson, who wed P. Michael Downing of Fayetteville in 1984, and Roberta "Robin" Gillson, who wed Samuel Coffee of Greenwich, CT, in 1985.

Harry J. Glover, Jr. lived at 205 Butternut Dr. by 1958.  He was a native of Cortland where he graduated from St. Mary's School.  Mr. Glover went to work for GE in 1952 and spent 18 years there.  He then worked as an engineer for the next 27 years for Crouse-Hinds, retiring in 1997.  Mr. Glover moved to Pennellville in 1976, where he died on 11-12-2003, at age 68.  He was married to Mary Ann Lowery and, later, to Linda Dunham, and was survived by 11 children:  Deborah Glover-Osinski of McGraw, Mary Beth Byron of Cortland, Melissa Spink of Hastings, Harry Glover, III, of FL, David Glover of Cortland, Thomas Glover of MA, Scott Glover of Camillus, Lance Glover of Pennellville, Scott Shanahan of Westvale, Russell DeVore and Kelly DeVore.

Raymond J. Gorman, Jr., and Doris M. Willie Gorman lived initially at 46 Wexford Rd. and later at 9 Wexford Rd., where they still reside.  He was a USAF officer when they arrived in DeWitt Acres and since then has worked as an account executive for a financial firm.  Mrs. Gorman has been involved in a computer business with her former neighbors, James and Johanna Kirkgasser.  The Gormans have four children:  Raymond J. Gorman III, married Grace J. McGhee.  She is a native of Australia, and they lived there before moving to Cary, NC, where he works for the IBM Corp.  Leslie Ann Gorman, wed John T. Bowser on 6-6-80, and they live in Cazenovia.  She is an attorney.  Megan E. Gorman is a graduate of Syracuse University and lives in Syracuse.  Ian P. Gorman, was a standout lacrosse player at Jamesville-DeWitt before attending Syracuse University.  He lives in DeWitt.

Jack C. “Bus” Graham and Helen J. Graham lived at 28 Wexford Rd.  He retired in 1980 after 47 years of service as a brakeman and conductor on the New York Central Railroad.  Mr. Graham was an infantry captain during WWII and re-enlisted as a major in the Korean War. He was a native of Syracuse and lived in DeWitt Acres more than 40 years before his death on 8-8-1995.  Mrs. Graham now lives with her daughter, Bonnie Graham, in E. Syracuse.  The couple also had a son, Jack L. Graham, who wed Judith Healey of Kansas City, MO.  They live now in Kalispell, MT.

Leo C. Gray and Anna May Casey Gray lived at 16 Wexford Rd.  He was born in 1919 and was a native of the Fulton area.  He came to the Syracuse area in the late 1940's.  They lived in DeWitt and Fayetteville many years before moving to Caroga Lake, NY, in 1975.  He was a self-employed contractor and later worked for the Fred Reals Co. of Lyndon.  Mr. Gray died 9-23-1985.  They had three sons:  Wayne Michael Gray, Alan P. Gray, and Martin D. Gray.

John S. "Jack" Greeno and Mary Jane Greeno lived at 7 Wexford Rd.  He was a field representative for the Standard Accident Insurance Company of Detroit (now Reliance Insurance Company).  In early 1954, after living in the Syracuse area for seven years, Mr. Greeno was transferred to Dallas, then to Atlanta, then to Philadelphia, and then back to Atlanta.  After retiring as a vice president of Reliance, Mr. Greeno spent two years as the Commissioner of Insurance for the state of Alabama and then moved back to Atlanta.  He died on February 21, 2002, and Mrs. Greeno continues to live in Marietta, GA.  They had two sons:  J. Ladd Greeno, who is the CEO of Quick-Med Technologies, and J. Todd Greeno, who was a USN pilot, earned an MBA from the Wharton School, and is an executive with the Pfizer Corp. in NYC.

John H. Griffiths and Marion C. Egerman Griffiths lived at 101 Butternut Dr.  They acquired this home in 1948 from  the builder, William Minckler.  Mr. Griffiths was the executive secretary and treasurer of the NYS Retail Hardware Association.  He was a native of England but lived in the Syracuse area and held this post for 25 years.  Mrs. Griffiths’ mother, Ella Egerman, the widow of Louis Egerman, was a native of Ripon, WI, and resided with the Griffiths for 17 years before her death on 5-7-1965.  Mr. Griffiths died 7-30-1967, while traveling in Maui, Hawaii. Mrs. Griffiths died 12-18-2000, at home in DeWitt.  She was 94.  Their children:  John Griffiths Jr., who lives in DeRuyter, NY, and Thomas W. Griffiths, who was an inspector at the Carrier Corp., before his death in 1974.

Charles "Ed" Groseclose, Jr., and Geraldine "Gerry" Higgins Groseclose lived at 22 Wexford Rd. by 1959.  Both served in WWII and were married in 1947.  Mr. Groseclose was a native of Bluefield, WV, and was born in 1918. He graduated from VPI.  He owned an air conditioning business in East Syracuse.  Mrs. Groseclose was born in Haverhill, MA, in 1920.  She was a graduate of Syracuse University and taught school.  The couple later moved to Skaneateles where they resided until their deaths.  Mrs. Groseclose died on 4-24-2002, and her husband died 11-20-2002.  The couple had two children:  Charles "Ted" Groseclose, of Kingston, MA,  and Dr. Lydia Joy Groseclose-Wong, a pediatrician in Aberdeen, WA.

Reign S. Hadsell and Jean Hadsell lived at 119 Butternut Dr. by 1956.   Mr. Hadsell was born in St. Joe, IN in 1904, and was a 1926 graduate of Hiram College in Ohio.  He also received a master's degree from Columbia University and earned his doctorate at Yale University.  While in DeWitt Dr. Hadsell was the associate director of the audio-visual center at SU's school of education.  Dr. Hadsell also was an advisor to the Iranian government and spent at least five years in Teheran as part of the Point Four program of foreign aid and assistance.  He retired in 1971 following nearly 20 years with various government aid agencies.  Apart from their time in Iran and Turkey, and several years in DeWitt, the Hadsells lived mainly in the Washington, DC area.  Mrs. Hadsell died in 1984 and Dr. Hadsell died 7-25-1992 in Annapolis, MD.

William A, Haley, III, and Martha Johnson Haley lived at 209 Butternut Dr. in 1954.  He was a mechanical engineer with the Universal Concrete Pipe Co.  They later resided in Deerfield Beach, FL, where Mr. Haley died on 5-25-1991.

Homer H. Hamlin, Jr., and Romaine Chaffee Hamlin lived at 23 Wexford Rd.  He was born in NH in 1920 and served in the Army Air Corps in WWII.  He later became an agent for the Liberty Mutual Ins. Co.  They live now in Naples, FL.  Children:  Betty Jane Hamlin, Patricia Hamlin, Charles Hamlin, and a daughter born in 1955.

Earl B. Hardy and Verna D. Hardy lived at 205 Ethridge Rd.  He was a native of Watertown, NY, and maintained a summer home at Point Vivian, in Alexandria Bay.  Mr. Hardy had been a civil engineer for Syracuse Supply Co. for 20 years at his death on 4-12-1964.  He was 65.  Mrs. Hardy was living with a sister in Williamsport, PA, at her death, at age 88, in April, 1981.

Hazel H. Harpending lived at 4709 E. Genesee St. which was near the corner of Butternut Dr. and Genesee St.  She operated The Hobby Shop, an antique and gift store, from her home. 

Dean W. Harris and Jane Dunn Harris lived at 201 Butternut Dr.  He was an announcer and the host of a popular morning radio program on WAGE (later known as WHEN).  Mr. Harris was also active in local little theater productions.  He was a native of Richmondville, NY, and died, at age 49, on 6-25-1972.  They had two daughters, Susan Harris and Cynthia Harris.

Charles A. Harrison and Doris B. Campbell Harrison moved, in 1952, from the Onondaga Parkway Apartments in Syracuse to 29 Wexford Rd.  He was in management with Sears, Roebuck & Co.  Mrs. Harrison earned a business degree from Syracuse University in 1949.  They live now in Annapolis, MD.  They have two children: Craig Harrison, and another son born in June, 1954, while they lived in DeWitt Acres.

Catherine Baker Hart and her adult son, Edward J. "Jack" Hart, lived at 20 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Hart was a veteran of WWII and worked as a buyer for The Addis Co., a Syracuse department store.  He died on 5-23-1958.  Mrs. Hart also had another son, Robert Hart, who lived in Syracuse.

Frances M. Hart lived at 207 Butternut Dr.  Miss Hart was an insurance underwriter.  Her nephew, Francis James Fitzgerald lived with her.  He was a 1956 graduate of Jamesville-DeWitt HS and was killed 1-1-1960 in an auto accident.  By 1955, Miss Hart’s sister, Miss Anne Doris Hart, had joined her on Butternut Dr.  She, too, had a long career working for several insurance agencies.  Like her sister, she was a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area.  Anne Doris Hart died 1-22-1995, at age 89.  Frances Hart was 91 when she died on 6-17-1995.

Edgar J. Hedrick, Sr., and Helen Hedrick lived at 35 Wexford Rd.  He was a salesman for the Hobart Mfg. Co. and she was a secretary at LeMoyne College.  They both died in Mt. Dora, FL,  Mr. Hedrick on 1-22-1988, at age 78, and Mrs. Hedrick in August, 1987, at 76.  The couple had two children:  Edgar Hedrick, Jr., who graduated from Jamesville-DeWitt HS in 1961, married Molly E. Bowser of Fayetteville in 1968, and lives now in Mt. Dora, where he is a partner in a technology firm, and Joan Hedrick.

William F. Helmich and his wife lived at 117 Butternut Dr. in the mid 1940's.  He worked as a foreman for the Easy Washer Corp. and after it closed they moved to San Diego, CA.  Mr. Helmich died in CA on 9-5-1988, at age 86.  They had two sons, William Helmich, Jr., who attended Staunton Military Academy and MIT, and Donald Helmich, who lives in San Diego.

Howard C. “Pete” Henry, Jr., and Mary Henry lived at 17 Pickwick Rd.  Mr. Henry was born in 1920.  He was a pilot during WWII and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross for having been on 32 separate missions.  He later graduated from college under the GI Bill and worked as a sales engineer.  The Henrys live now in Monroe Township, NJ, and have two sons, Michael Henry and William Henry.

George E. Heym and Nancy P. Heym lived at 24 Wexford Rd.  He was a chemical engineer for Bristol Labs.  Mrs. Heym was a graduate of Virginia Tech and did occasional work in local television.  They moved to DeWitt Acres in 1952 and later lived in Baton Rouge, LA.  Their children: Virginia Heym, and Robert Heym.

Antonin A. Heythum and Charlotta Heythum lived at 1 Wexford Rd. by 1949.  He was a professor and chair of Syracuse University’s Industrial Design department.  The Heythums were natives of Czechoslovakia and came to America in 1939.  He joined the SU faculty in 1946, and won numerous awards for his architectural skills.  Mr. Heythum died 1-10-1954 in Munich, Germany, at age 52.  The couple had, Jan Antonin Heythum, born in 1947.

Calvin M. Hibshman and Dolores J. Bond Hibshman lived at 29 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Hibshman was born in 1925 and was a machinist with the Textile Marking Machine Co.  The couple moved to DeWitt Acres in 1954 and lived there until 1999, when they moved to Jamesville.  They have a son, Kurt Morrison Hibshman who lives in Fayetteville, and a daughter. Dolores Hibshman.

Ruane B. Hill and Marie J. Bergerson Hill lived at 50 Wexford Rd. in the late 1950's.  He taught broadcasting at Syracuse University before leaving the area in 1964 and becoming the chairman of the department of mass communications at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  The Hills now live in Whitefish Bay, a suburb of Milwaukee.  They have three children, Greg Hill, born in 1953, Kristin Hill, born in 1956, and Kristofer Hill, born in 1959, while they still lived in DeWitt Acres.

George C. Hoffarth and Grace Hoffarth lived at 121 Butternut Dr. by 1942.  Prior to being drafted into the USA in February, 1943, he worked as a meat manager for the A&P grocery chain.  After the war the couple moved from DeWitt Acres to Canfield, OH.  Mr. Hoffarth died in Youngstown, OH, in November, 1983.  They had a son, Gerald Hoffarth, who lives in Mentor, OH, and it is believed that Mrs. Hoffarth lives in that area.

Charles J. Hofmann and his mother Matilda Hofmann lived at 204 Ethridge Rd.  She was the widow of Edward Hofmann.  Charles Hofmann was a WWII veteran and had worked as an engineer in Buffalo.  Mrs. Hofmann and her son later lived on Ambergate Rd. in DeWitt.  She died 1-8-1970 at age 93.  It is believed that Charles Hofmann died 7-7-1996, in St. Petersburg, FL.

Kenneth J. Hogan and Alice M. Fitzpatrick Hogan moved from Burnet Park Dr. in Syracuse, to 25 Wexford Rd. in 1952.  He was born in Canada in 1907, and lived in Watertown before serving in WWII.  While living in DeWitt he  was the office manager for the McGraw Construction Co.  Mr. Hogan died 9-30-1988 and Mrs. Hogan is believed to have died in April of 1995.  They had a son, John Hogan, who was born in February, 1953.

Richard Loos Hommel and Norma Armstrong Hommel moved to 8 Pickwick Rd. in 1952.  He was an optician with the family firm of Edward Hommel and Sons, and later opened his own optical business in Fayetteville.  Mrs. Hommel graduated from Syracuse University in 1952.  The couple subsequently divorced and Mr. Hommel lived near Destin, FL until his death from cancer on 12-21-2004.  Mrs. Hommel lives now in Irmo, SC.  Children of the couple: Sherry Jean Hommel Besig, of Garden Grove, CA, Wendy Hommel Selbach, of Manlius,  Kristin Elizabeth Hommel King, of Fayetteville, Jeffrey Hommel, of Park City, UT, and Scott Hommel, of Manlius.

William E. Hood and LaVerne Buckbee Hood lived at 129 Butternut Dr.  Mr. and Mrs. Hood were natives of Wisconsin who wed on 6-21-1941.  He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1939 and joined Carrier Corp. in 1941 as an engineer.  He eventually became the president of Bryant Air Conditioning Co., a subsidiary of Carrier.  After living in DeWitt, the couple lived in various cities including Tyler, TX,  Indianapolis, IN, and Ft. Lauderdale.  Mr. Hood died 3-5-2002, at age 85.  Mrs. Hood died 5-19-2006, in State College, PA.  The couple had three children, Nancy Gay Hood Hastings, who lives in Woolford, MD, William Coy Hood, who lives in Dallas, and Thomas K. "Kim" Hood, of State College, PA.

Irving R. Hooper and Kathryn Hooper lived at 11 Wexford Rd.  He was the director of biochemical research at Bristol Labs.  They later lived in Fayetteville, and now reside in Beaufort, NC.  Their children: Anthony I. Hooper, who is a government official in VA, Mark Hooper, who operates a fishing business in NC, and Ann Hooper, who is an attorney living near Dallas.

Alma Howard lived at 7 Wexford Rd.  Mrs. Howard and her young son, Larry, moved to DeWitt Acres from Oneida, NY in 1957.  She was a chemist for Bristol Labs and an active genealogist.  Mrs. Howard died at age 90 on 3-28-2005.  Her son, Larry Howard, is an executive with the Carrier Corporation and lives in East Syracuse, NY.

Harlan L. Howe and Shirley Howe lived at 109 Butternut Dr.  He was an engineer at the Carrier Corp.  The couple later lived in Jamesville, and live now in Cazenovia.  Mr. and Mrs. Howe have often made travelogue and other presentations to groups throughout CNY.  They have three children, Paul Howe, who met and wed Barbara Wells of Iowa when they were both attending Macalester College in St. Paul, MN,  Kenneth Howe, who became a USAF officer, and Susan Howe Brydon.

Lawton Howell and Eileen L. Howell lived at 26 Pickwick Rd.  They moved to this home from E. Liverpool, OH, in 1953.  He was the works comptroller for the Crucible Steel Co.  They later resided in Charlotte, NC, where Mr. Howell died on 9-23-1998.  They had two children, Gary Howell and Linda Susan Howell.

Gerald F. Hubbell and Lena Germain Hubbell, lived at 10 Drovers Lane.  They lived on Lillian Ave. before moving to DeWitt Acres in the mid 1950's.  When they became engaged, Mr. Hubbell, was serving in the USN and Mrs. Hubbell worked at Wilson's Jewelers in Syracuse.  After leaving DeWitt they lived in Oriskany and Liverpool, NY, Ashboro, NC, Alabama, and, at present, in Raleigh, NC.  The couple have two sons:  Gerald Hubbell, Jr., wo was born in August, 1954, wed Andrea Mansfield, of Durham, NC, and lives now in Raleigh, where he owns a painting company, and Richard P. Hubbell, born in October, 1956, who lives in Cary, NC, and works for a pharmaceutical company.

Clarence E. "Hutch" Hutchison and Vivian Clifton Hutchison moved from Lyndon, NY to 33 Wexford Rd. in 1953 and in 1955 they purchased the home at 15 Pickwick Rd.  from Harry and Marian Medsger.  Mr. Hutchison worked as a superintendent for the D. W. Winkelman construction company.  Mr. Hutchison’s widowed mother, Mamie “Nana” Johnson Hutchison, lived with the family until shortly before her death on April 8, 1967.  She babysat for many of the children in DeWitt Acres.  In 1961, the Hutchisons moved to Jackson, MS, where he continued working in the construction industry.  Vivian Hutchison died February 16, 1997, and Clarence Hutchison died, at age 92, on 4-8-2006.  The couple had two sons:  Edward R. Hutchison, a psychotherapist in private practice in Madison, MS, and, John M. Hutchison, a banking executive in Tallahassee, FL.

Howard I. Hyde and Jane K. Hyde lived at 12 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Hyde was an electrical engineer for GE for 30 years, prior to retiring in 1984.  In the late 1950's the family moved to Genesee Hills and later to Fayetteville.  Mrs. Hyde was an administrator at Syracuse University, and in 1987 was honored for distinguished service to the school.  The couple divorced, and Mr. Hyde died 1-12-2008.  Mrs. Hyde still resides in Fayetteville.  They had two children, Linda Hyde, who was born about 1953, married Mark Peterson, and lives in Geneva, NY, and Shelly Hyde, who lives in Oneida, and recently retired as treasurer of the Oneida Silver Co.

Robert N. Irwin and Caroline Irwin lived at 49 Wexford Rd. in 1957.  They had a son, Wylie Irwin, and a daughter.

Arthur E. Jacob lived at 20 Wexford Rd. by 1959.

Bruce K. James, and his brother, Lance S. James, lived at 26 Wexford Rd. in 1957.  Lance James later lived in Fayetteville and Vestal, NY, and lives now in Chapel Hill, NC.  Bruce James was a construction worker before his death in Old Forge, NY, on 4-27-2007.

David James and Doris A. James lived at 33 Pickwick Rd.  About 1962 they moved to Chagrin Falls, OH, and, quite by chance, lived two houses from Chuck and Pat Worden, their former neighbors in DeWitt Acres.  It is believed that they reside now in Struthers, OH. They had two sons, one of whom was named David.

Wilbur H. Jecko and Martha C. Herrick Jecko lived at 22 Pickwick Rd.  The couple was wed on 4-22-1939 in Washington, DC, where both worked for the Woodward and Lathrop department store.  Mr. Jecko, a native of Washington, attended George Washington University and was a US government official in the Panama Canal Zone during WWII.  At the time of her marriage, Mrs. Jecko’s family lived on Maple Drive in Lyndon.  The new couple soon moved from Washington to Lynbrook, NY, and later to 1219 Midland Ave. in Syracuse.  In 1950, Mr. Jecko was appointed sales representative for the Wright Manufacturing Co., covering Northern NY and PA.  At some point in the mid 1950's the Jeckos moved to DeWitt Acres, joining Mrs. Jecko’s sister Virginia Cullen and her family who already lived at 19 Wexford Rd.  Mrs. Jecko died on 7-20-1956 following surgery.  Mr. Jecko married Elizabeth Morrell Macey of Bath, NY, in 1958 and they lived in Syracuse.  Mr. Jecko died 4-18-1983, and the second Mrs. Jecko died six months later.  Wilbur and Martha Jecko had one son, Stephen H. Jecko, who wed Joan Stever of Clay, NY on 8-8-1964, in Washington, D.C.  Although trained as a civil engineer, Mr. Jecko later attended seminary and recently retired as the Episcopal bishop of the Jacksonville, FL, diocese.  Rev. and Mrs. Jecko live now in Plano, TX.

Everett H. "Curly" Jenner and Barbara T. McLaughlin Jenner lived at 203 Butternut Dr.  He graduated from Syracuse University and works as an architect.  Mrs. Jenner earned a master’s in library science from Syracuse University.  The couple moved to Manlius in the early 1960's.  Mr. and Mrs. Jenner later divorced and he now lives in Boca Raton, FL, while she lives in Staunton, VA.  They have three sons, and a daughter, Laura Jenner.

Carl J. Johnson and Stephanie Lindi Johnson lived at 12 Pickwick Rd.  The couple moved to the Syracuse area from NYC about 1949, and moved to Pickwick Rd. in 1959.  He was a native of Brooklyn and was comptroller of the Iroquois Publishing Co.  Mrs. Johnson was born in Chicago and became a classical pianist at an early age.  She played with the Chicago Symphony as a teenager, performed classical and popular music in nightclubs in NYC, and taught piano in her home.  Mr. Johnson died at age 70 on 12-10-1961, and Mrs. Johnson died 11-21-1979. Mr. Johnson had a daughter from a previous marriage, Eleanor Johnson Painter, who lived in Bethlehem, PA.

James M. Johnson and Dorothy Johnson lived at 9 Wexford Rd.  He was a salesman.  She died at home on 4-22-1960, at age 42.  They had two children, James Johnson, born about 1947, and Joann Johnson, born about 1952.

Samuel Kaletzky and Dorothy Lazarus Kaletzky lived at 19 Pickwick Rd.  She was a native of Rochester and he came to America from Poland in 1904.  Mr. Kaletzky worked as a traveling salesman but after he suffered a heart attack his sons started a family owned and operated business--DeWitt Lawns, an outdoor furniture store in Lyndon.  The “store” started as a truckload of furniture on display in an open field in 1951 before an actual building was opened in Lyndon.  The store moved from Lyndon to Fayetteville in 1978, and remained open until 1998,  Mr. and Mrs. Kaletzky had two sons and a daughter and all three graduated from Syracuse University.  One son, Herbert Saul Kalette, lived with the couple.  He was active in the family business, and died on 7-26-1993.  Their other son, Henry “Hank” Kalette, of Syracuse, also worked in the family business.  Their daughter, Ruth T. Kaletzky, worked for the Edison Electric Institute in NYC before marrying James B. Gitlitz of Binghamton, NY.  Mr. Gitlitz was a graduate of the Cornell law school.  The couple resided in Binghamton where Mrs. Gitlitz died in August, 1995.

Howard J. Kallusch and Jeanette Cameron Kallusch lived at 6 Drovers Lane.  They moved to the Syracuse area from Rochester in the 1920's.  They operated a fruit stand on Genesee St. in DeWitt, which grew to a grocery store in a small cinderblock building.  In 1951, their son Howard A. Kallusch was instrumental in the store becoming the nucleus of a new strip shipping center that he named, "The Stop ‘n Shop" center.  Mr. and Mrs. Kallusch lived in an apartment above their store before moving to Drovers Lane in the summer of 1954.  Mr. Kallusch died at age 71 in February, 1967.  Mrs. Kallusch died 10-21-1974, at age 75. 

Howard A. Kallusch and Emily Walsh Kallusch lived at 12 Pickwick Rd.  He worked as an attorney, a real estate broker, and an insurance agent, in private practice in DeWitt, and she operated a nursery school in their home.  The Kallusches moved from DeWitt Acres to Cazenovia in June, 1959.  The couple later divorced and Mr. Kallusch married Dorothy Osha.  He died at age 69 on 4-20-1990, at his winter home in Lake Placid, FL.  Howard and Emily Kallusch had a son,  Howard Kallusch, Jr., who wed Jewel Lee Belcher of FL, while he was an officer in the USA, and later became a lawyer in Syracuse, and two daughters, Suzanne Kallusch Carstensen, and Janet Kallusch Burke, who both live on Cape Cod.

Robert E. Keim and Anne Young Keim moved to 41 Wexford Rd. in the late 50's.  They lived previously in Syracuse.  The couple divorced and Mr. Keim married Katherine "Katie" Johnson Savage.  He is an agent for the State Farm Insurance Co. and lives now in FL and northern NY.  Anne Keim is a library worker at Jamesville-DeWitt HS.  She still lives on Wexford Rd.  Robert and Anne Keim have five children: David E. Keim, who wed Aimee L. Brown, Martha Susan Keim, who married Donald Cullen on 10-1-1983, Stephen R. Keim, who married Jody E. Donohue on 8-4-1979, Jeanne Anne Keim, who married James H. Goldthwait on 11-7-1981, and Richard J. Keim.

Claude F. King and Mary King lived at 10 Wexford Rd. by 1955.  He was an engineer at GE.  The couple are believed to be living now in Vashon, WA.  Their children: Bruce King and Lori King.

James Kirkgasser and Johanna Reed Kirkgasser lived at 25 Wexford Rd.  He was a native of Highland Park, IL, and was a graduate of Syracuse University.  He was an engineer, inventor, and business owner, who came to CNY about 1957.  Mrs. Kirkgasser's sister, Marilyn Reed Dean, also lived on Wexford Rd.  Mr. Kirkgasser died 7-11-1995, and Mrs. Kirkgasser still resides in DeWitt.   They had two children:  Peter Kirkgasser, who lives in East Syracuse, and Kim Kirkgasser Gribnau of Seneca Falls, NY.

Ronald M. Klug and Anne Minckler Klug lived at 129 Butternut Dr.  He was a graduate of Syracuse University and worked 30 years as an engineer for the General Electric Corp.  Mrs. Klug died 3-19-1960.  Mr. Klug later married Judith Ashe and lived in Owensboro, KY.  The second Mrs. Klug died there in 1987.  Mr. Klug then moved to New Port Richey, FL, where he died at age 67, on 3-20-1992.  Ronald and Anne Klug had a son, Jeffery Klug, born in 1956, who now lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

Walter F. Knasick and Joanne Elizabeth Coye Knasick lived at 26 Wexford Rd. by 1960.  They were both graduates of Georgetown High School, in Georgetown, NY.  After moving from DeWitt they resided in Delphi Falls, and Chittenango, NY, and live now in Payson, AZ.  Mr. Knasick was a Syracuse fireman and was cited for bravery on the job.  They had Scott E. Knasick, who lives in Chittenango, Patricia Ann Knasick, born in March, 1960, Carrie Knasick, and Diane Knasick.  The three daughters now reside in Phoenix, AZ.

Haig G. Koolakian and Nancy Margosian Koolakian lived at 14 Pickwick Rd.  Mr. Koolakian was born in Turkey but was of Armenian descent.  He was a partner in Koolakian’s Men’s Clothing Store at 132 E. Genesee St. in downtown Syracuse, and was a violinist who both performed and gave lessons.  On 3-23-1970, he was stricken on stage at Corcoran school, while preparing for a Syracuse Symphony Orchestra school concert, and died before reaching the hospital.  Mrs. Koolakian was born in Banderma, Armenia, and lived in CNY for 59 years prior to her death on 8-19-1988, at age 75.  She was a teaching assistant for about a decade before retiring in 1977. The couple had two sons, Charles Koolakian, who joined in the family clothing firm, and Robert Koolakian who graduated from Syracuse University and was a museum curator.  Both are now retired and split their time between central NY and Florida.

John H. Koonce and Florence Koonce lived at 125 Butternut Dr.  He worked as the manager of service operations for Carrier Corp.  Mrs. Koonce was a native of Bound Brook, NJ, and was very active in many clubs and charities. She died 11-1-1964, at age 62.  Mr. Koonce wed Miss Helen G. Curran on 12-9-1966.  She, too, was an executive with Carrier Corp.  Mr. Koonce died on 10-19-1989, at age 87.  John and Florence Koonce had two sons, John Homer  Koonce, Jr.,  who lived in Shreveport, LA,  and George Robert Koonce, who graduated from Syracuse University and lives in Liverpool, NY.

Richard M. Lake lived at 2 Wexford Rd. but sold it in 1953 to the Downing family and moved to CA.  He lived previously in Syracuse.

Eugene C. Lamb and Anna H. Lamb lived at 5 Wexford Rd. about 1949.  He was a native of Hamilton, NY, and attended Alfred University.  During WWII he served two years as an Army Air Force captain in the China-Burma-India theater.  He then farmed briefly with his father.  Later he became a farm machinery worker for the Ford Motor Co.  while living in North Syracuse.  Mr. Lamb died in Clifton Park, NY on 3-11-1998, at age 80. 

Kenneth Lannin was living at 21 Wexford Rd. by 1959.  He was an executive with the Western Electric Corp.

J. Willard Lippitt and Frances Karker Lippitt lived at 4 Pickwick Rd.  He was a paint salesman.  They lived only briefly in DeWitt Acres and were residing in Syracuse at the time of Mr. Lippitt’s death on 11-10-1964. 

Elsie S. Lyman lived at 103 Butternut Dr.  She was the widow of Frederic A. Lyman, and lived with her adult children, Janet Ruth Lyman, and Frederic Lyman, Jr., both of whom graduated from Syracuse University.  About 1955, Mrs. Lyman moved to Syracuse.  Her daughter, Janet, wed Robert D. Lindeman of DeWitt on 4-10-1954.  The couple divorced and she resides in Louisville.  He was a physician and lives now in Albuquerque.  Frederic, Jr., married Marilyn Jean Mawson in DeWitt Community Church on 12-18-1954.  He earned a doctorate in engineering from RPI, and taught mechanical engineering at Syracuse University.  Mrs. Lyman taught at Jamesville-DeWitt HS and is now an executive with the Red Cross.  They live in Syracuse.

James C. Macris and Letitia "Tosh" Costa Macris lived at 30 Wexford Rd. in the mid 1950's.  He was a native of Greece but came to Jamesville at an early age and worked in the Allied Chemical quarry for 38 years.  Mrs. Macris died 1-8-1984, and Mr. Macris died 1-11-2004.  They had a daughter, Kathleen Macris Kelly, born in April, 1955, who lives now in Syracuse, and a son, Dean J. Macris, of DeWitt.

Robert Magargee and Beverly Magargee lived on Wexford Rd. in the late 1950's.  He worked for the J. C. Penney Co.  It is believed that they live now in PA.

Robert R. Majewski and Elizabeth A. Lind Majewski lived at 14 Drovers Lane.  He was born 3-25-1925, and was a USN veteran of WWII.  Mr. Majewski graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in architecture.  Mrs. Majewski, too, was a graduate of the University.  The family moved to 108 Westminster Rd. in the Jonathan Craig Estates section of DeWitt, in 1965, and ten years later to Fairport, NY, where Mr. Majewski died 2-11-2005.  They had four children: Kathleen Majewski, who was born in 1955, married Paul DiMiero, and lives in Penfield, NY, Steven M. Majewski, born in 1957, who lives now in Macedon, NY, Anne Majewski, who wed Robert G. Wells, and lives in Brighton, NY, and Barbara Majewski, who married Craig Hunt, and liives in Penfield.

Henry A. Mason, Jr., and Joyce M. Mason lived at 33 Wexford Rd., and later on Morton Rd. in DeWitt.  Mr. Mason was a lifelong resident of CNY and was very active in the DeWitt volunteer fire department, having once served as chief.  He owned and operated a printing firm in Syracuse until his death on 6-9-1994.  Mrs. Mason still resides in DeWitt.  They had two sons, Richard H. Mason, of New Port Richey, FL, and Robert K. Mason, of Syracuse.

Robert T. McGurk and Naomi Showalter McGurk lived at 117 Butternut Dr. by 1942, and later lived in Manlius.  He was a native of Shurlsville, NY, and a 1925 graduate of Syracuse University with a business degree.  She was from Lincoln, NE.  Mr. McGurk was in the investment business and had an office in the State Tower Building in downtown Syracuse.  In 1948, he opened the Syracuse office of the Stone, Webster Securities Corp. and spent 21 years with the firm before retiring in 1969.  Upon retirement, the couple moved to Ormond Beach, FL, and later lived in Daytona Beach, where Mr. McGurk died on 3-11-1987.  Mrs. McGurk died in Covenant Woods, FL on 10-22-1996. They had a son, Col. Robert S. McGurk, who lived in Columbus, GA.

William Gerard McKee, Sr., and Dorothy B. McKee lived at 11 Wexford Rd. after moving from Fayetteville.  Mr. McKee, a 1913 graduate of Syracuse University, was a metallurgist with the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Co. and Republic Steel Co.  Mrs. McKee was a native of Amsterdam, NY, and a 1916 graduate of Syracuse University’s school of fine arts.  She died at home on 4-3-1962, at the age of 68.  He died 6-2-1972.  The couple had two children, W. Gerard McKee Jr., and Suzanne McKee.  Mr. McKee, Jr., was a POW in WWII but escaped.  He was awarded the Silver Star and was recognized for his gallantry by the French government.  Mr. McKee, Jr., was the president of an insurance agency and died at home in Manlius on 2-17-1992, at age 73.  Suzanne McKee lives in Minoa, NY.

Fred K. McKenzie lived at 305 Butternut Dr. by 1958.

Elizabeth A. McNeil was living at 305 Butternut Dr. by 1955.

Harry E. Medsger and Marian P. Singleton Medsger lived at 15 Pickwick Rd. They were the first owners of the home which was built by the Gates-Douglas construction firm in 1952.  Mr. Medsger was an engineer with Paul G. Spaulding and Associates, and in 1955 served as president of the DeWitt Acres homeowners association.  The couple sold their home to the Hutchison family and moved from the area about 1955.  They were residing in Zellwood, FL, at the time of his death on 3-21-1995.  They had:  Linda Medsger and Curtis R. Medsger.

Robert S. Merrill and Cora G. Merrill lived at 27 Pickwick Rd.  He was a native of Fabius, NY, and became the treasurer of the A.E. Nettleton Co.  They lived on Lincoln Park Dr. in Syracuse for many years prior to moving to DeWitt Acres.  Mrs. Merrill's step-sister, Susan L. Rice, lived with the couple on Pickwick.  Miss Rice was a secretary for the Onondaga Supply Co. prior to her retirement in 1965.  When he retired in 1959, Mr. Merrill had served the Nettleton company for 56 years.  He died 1-1-1972, at age 85.  Mrs. Merrill was born in DeWitt in 1888, a time when most people referred to the little village as Orville.  She died 11-13-1983, at age 95.  Miss Rice died at age 73 on 2-20-1974.  Mr. and Mrs. Merrill had three children: Robert Merrill, Jr., who is believed to be deceased, Clinton G. Merrill, who was a Lt. Colonel in the USA when he was killed in a plane crash in VT on 10-2-1957, and Olive Merrill Gitchell Rhonehouse, who died in November, 1972.

Mrs. Dorothy Miller lived at 117 Butternut Dr.  She was an office secretary and the widow of Dr. W. Porter Miller, a Syracuse gynecologist, who died 1-16-1947.  She died 2-8-1971, at a nursing home in Ithaca, NY.  Their son, W. Porter Miller, Jr., wed Nancy Greene, in 1956.

Edward L. Miller lived at 10 Pickwick Rd. by 1951.

William F. Minckler and Charlotte Clark Minckler lived at 105 Butternut Dr. and then at 15 Wexford Rd.  He was the head of Clarmin Construction Co. and oversaw the building of over 300 homes in the Syracuse area.  He died at age 31 on 6-18-1952, as a result of an automobile accident three days earlier.   On 9-25-1954, Mrs. Minckler wed Kaj Schonemann, a native of Denmark who worked in NYC for Swiss Airlines. They divorced and Mrs. Minckler later married F. Allan Pardee, Jr., and in 1960 moved to Cazenovia.  She died at age 56 on 12-4-1979.  Mr. Pardee is also deceased.  Mr. and Mrs. Minckler had two daughters, Charlotte Helen Minckler and Carol Corey Minckler.

William G. Mitchell and Kathleen Major Mitchell lived at 113 Butternut Dr.  He was the golf pro at the Onondaga Country Club in Lyndon for 46 years.  He died on 8-3-1973, at age 68.  The couple had three children, William Mitchell, Jr., who wed their next door neighbor, Sally Schilling, Donald Mitchell, and Mary Mitchell.

Mark E. Mooney and Helen D. Mooney lived at 125 Butternut Dr. in the mid 1940's.  He was a graduate of Notre Dame and became a refrigeration engineer with the Carrier Corp.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Mooney were avid golfers.  They lived their final years in Salinas, CA.  Mr. Mooney died on 6-30-1996, at age 91, and Mrs. Mooney died 12-17-1997, at age 94.

Frank H. Morris and Margaret Kinney Morris moved to 11 Pickwick Rd. in 1953.  They lived earlier in Syracuse.  He worked as a salesman for the J. and F. B. Garrett Paper Co. for 45 years, retiring when they moved to Clearwater, FL, in 1965.  Mr. Morris died there on 10-5-1988.  They had a daughter, Anne Morris, who wed Carl M. Pelkowski and lived at 4 Drovers Lane.

Arthur L. Mueller, Jr., and Betty Fairbank Mueller lived on Drovers Lane.  He was a district representative for a division of the Federal-Portland Cement Co.  They lived at 122 Orvilton Dr. before moving to DeWitt Acres in November, 1954, and subsequently lived in Skaneateles and Auburn.  For many years Mr. Mueller was active in various volunteer fire departments.  He died 1-14-2002.  Mrs. Mueller lives in Auburn.  They had three sons, Donald G. Mueller, of Liverpool, Robert A. Mueller, of Watertown, and Kevin R. Mueller, of Kannapolis, NC.

James H. Murphy and Joan Errengy Murphy lived at 37 Wexford Rd.  They lived before in married student’s housing while Mr. Murphy earned a degree in business from Syracuse University, and moved to DeWitt Acres in June, 1957, on the day following his graduation.  He had worked as a student intern for the Provident Mutual Insurance Co., and continued as an agent with them.  Mr. Murphy earned an MBA from SU in 1964, and they moved to Shaker Heights, OH.  In 1983, the couple divorced and Mr. Murphy later wed Patricia Haas of Kansas City. He subsequently became a business professor at Samford University in Birmingham,AL.  Mr. Murphy now splits his time between Leawood, KS, Phoenix, AZ, and teaching duties in Europe.  The former Mrs. Murphy lives now in Boca Raton, FL.  James and Joan Murphy have four children:  David Murphy, born in 1953, earned a master's degree from the University of Florida and lives with his wife in Boca Raton,  Deborah Murphy, born in 1956, graduated from Syracuse University, married Patrick U. Cauley and lives in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, Denise Murphy, born in 1960, has an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and is married and living in Malvern, PA, and Derek Murphy, born in 1968, earned an MBA from the University of Michigan, serves as a Commander in the USN air forces reserve, is married and lives in Hughsville, MD.

John L. Murphy and Martha Murphy lived at 121 Butternut Dr.  He was a manufacturers agent for the A. J. Murphy Co.  He was living in Seabrook Beach, NH, when he died on 5-12-1999.  They had seven children:  Daniel Murphy, of Port Charlotte, FL, David Murphy, of Hampstead, NH, Jack Murphy, of Syracuse, Mary Murphy Myers of N. Hampton, NH, Robert Murphy, of Silverdale, WA, Patricia Murphy of Jacksonville, AL, and Katherine Murphy Ankiewicz, of Amesbury, MA.

Ike A. Naber was living at 109 Butternut Dr. by 1958.  He was a real estate broker and lives now in Indio, CA.

Paul E. Nelson and Betty M. Nelson lived at 303 Butternut Dr. in 1954.  He was an electrical engineer for the General Electric Co.  Mr. Nelson was a native of Altoona, PA, but lived most of his life in the Syracuse area.  He was a graduate of Penn State and a USN veteran of WWII.  Mr. Nelson died in Syracuse on 11-8-1982.  The couple had a son, Scott Nelson.

Justin P. Neuhoff and Motlea Neuhoff were living at 109 Butternut Dr. by 1943.  Mr. Neuhoff was born 7-9-1915, in Freeport, LI, NY, and in 1937 was an honor graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering.  He worked for Carrier before becoming an executive with GE in 1950.  In this capacity he lived and worked in many locations.  Mr. Neuhoff was also a licensed pilot and a world traveler who visited 105 countries.  He remained active in the Sky Patrol until he was in his late 70's.  He died 9-17-2006, in Blue Bell, PA, where Mrs. Neuhoff yet resides.  The couple had four children:  Paul Neuhoff, who lives in Sullivans Island, SC, Barbara Neuhoff Lloyd, of Blue Bell, PA, Bill Neuhoff, of Glenmoore, PA, and the late Carol Neuhoff Haigh.

Harold C. Nolting and Leona Wingard Nolting lived at 3 Wexford Rd. by 1949.  He was associate manager of the local Equitable Life Assurance Society agency and served the company 42 years.  Mr. Nolting was a native of St. Paul, MN, and moved to the Syracuse area in 1935.  They were among the first to move to Wexford Rd., living there in 1948.  He died on 8-26-1952.  Mrs. Nolting sold the home in November, 1954 to the Benjamin F. Robelen family.  She died on 11-2-1985, at age 91.  The couple had three children:  Dean H. Nolting, who graduated from Syracuse University in 1941, and died in Syracuse in December, 1981, Barbara A. Nolting, who wed Henry W. Schramm and lives now in Camillus, NY, and Catherine Burdell, who married Robert Webster Greaves from Brooklyn, NY, whom she met at Syracuse University. She preferred going by her middle name, reversing her initials and being known as Burdell C. Greaves.  Mrs. Greaves was a portrait and landscape artist.  She was born on 11-10-1922, and died on 4-28-1989, at Binghamton, NY.

Mrs. Hope Violet McKenzie O’Donnell lives at 37 Wexford Rd.  She attended Albion College in Michigan before marrying Frederick C. O’Donnell on 8-6-1955.  Mr. O'Donnell enlisted in the Army Air Corps in July, 1944.  He died in December, 1961.  Mrs. O’Donnell received a degree in education from Syracuse University in 1971, and taught for the East Syracuse-Minoa school system.  She has one daughter, Susan J. O’Donnell, who has a nursing degree from Syracuse University.

John E. O'Hara and Geri O'Hara lived at 48 Wexford Rd.--having moved there in the late 1950's.  He was a packaging designer for General Electric.  The couple reside now in Scottsdale, AZ.  They have a son, John O'Hara, Jr., and two daughters, Leslie O'Hara, and Kristin O'Hara.

Paul C. Orcutt and Barbara Jeanne Watson Orcutt moved to 48 Wexford Rd. following their marriage on 7-9-1960. Mrs. Orcutt graduated from Skidmore College and Mr. Orcutt was a 1960 graduate of Syracuse University.  He worked for the Syracuse Liquor Co.  The Orcutts later moved to Seattle, WA, where he still resides.

Milian V. Ovesia and Kathleen Rapalee Ovesia lived at 4 Pickwick Rd.  He was from Salem, OH, and played football at Ohio State before earning a graduate degree from Columbia University.  He worked as a production manager and market analyst for GE, and later sold insurance.  Mrs. Ovesia was a native of Dundee, who lived in Ithaca and NYC before moving to the Syracuse area.  She was a secretary for the Niagara Mohawk power company.  He died 12-24-1973, at age 54.  She was 78 at her death on 2-16-1983. 

J. Glenn Palmer, Jr., and Betty Kathleen Bartlett Palmer lived at 31 Pickwick Rd.  They were both natives of Syracuse, although his family lived for a period on Kinne Rd. In DeWitt.  He attended Onondaga Valley Academy, and she graduated from Central high school.  Mr. Palmer was a WW II veteran, having served three years in the USN, and a graduate of Syracuse University.  At the time of their marriage, in June 1948, Mrs. Palmer worked as a florist, and Mr. Palmer was with the Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.  He died 11-3-1999, in Lafayette, CA, at age 76.

Robert G. Pease and Geraldine Mack Pease lived at 11 Drovers Lane.  They purchased the home from Norman Slotnick in 1956.  Mr. Pease was from Corning, NY, graduated from Syracuse University and was an architect with the firm of Sargent, Webster, and Folley.  Mr. and Mrs. Pease live now in Canandaigua, NY.  They have a daughter, Cynthia Ann Pease, born in January, 1954, who wed Gordon P. Hyatt of Jamesville in December, 1978, and three sons, Robert Pease, Jr., born in May, 1956, who is a dentist in Canandaigua, Greg Pease, born in November, 1958, and Christopher Pease.

Carl M. Pelkowski and Ann Morris Pelkowski lived at 4 Drovers Lane.  He was a fire lieutenant with the Syracuse Fire Department.  Mrs. Pelkowski was the daughter of Frank and Margaret Morris who lived at 11 Pickwick Rd.  The Pelkowskis live now in Ocala, FL.  They had two children:  Carol Anne Pelkowski, who was born 12-27-1956, and was a popular student at Jamesville-DeWitt when she died suddenly on 8-10-1974, and David P. Pelkowski, who was born in September, 1958, and is believed to be residing now in McKinney, TX.

Stanley W. Perkins and Mary L. Perkins lived at 5 Drovers Lane.  He is thought to have been from Massachusetts and to have worked in sales for the Goodyear Co.  He died in January, 1981, in Shapleigh ME, where Mrs. Perkins still resides.  Their son, John Perkins, was born in January, 1954, and a daughter, Merilee Perkins, is believed to have been born the following year.

Henry G. Peters and Elizabeth C. Peters lived at 18 Pickwick Rd.  He was a tinsmith, a heating engineer and a hardware salesman who spent more than 20 years with the Alexander Grant Co. He was a native of New York City, but had lived in the Syracuse area more than 40 years prior to his death on 9-6-1961, at age 85.  The couple had one son, Otto H. Peters, who lived in Fayetteville.

Earl W. Pine and Carol E. Twatchtman Pine lived at 48 Wexford Rd.  He was a native of Queens, NY, and graduated from Queens College.  After WWII service as a pilot he joined the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.  He retired in NJ in 1987 as a regional manager after 42 years with the company.  Mrs. Pine died in January, 1990, and Mr. Pine died 1-7-1999.  They had a daughter, Marilyn Pine, and a son, Dick Pine.

Richard R. Prewitt and Rose Prewitt lived at 23 Wexford Rd.  He was a member of the USA and had attained the rank of Lt. Colonel while living in DeWitt Acres.  The couple purchased the home new in May, 1952, from Clark Real Estate Co. He was transferred from the area a year later, after he earned an MBA from Syracuse University.  Col. Prewitt died in Austin, TX, on 12-9-1996.  They had two sons, Richard Prewitt, and Keith Prewitt.

Donald C. Puffet and Kathryn Ann Schemel Puffet lived at 20 Pickwick Rd.  Mrs. Puffet was a graduate of Indiana University and taught in Baldwinsville before their marriage.  Mr. Puffet was a native of Marcellus and served with the Coast Guard during WWII.  He later worked for the Internal Revenue Bureau before operating a Shell gas station in DeWitt.  The couple divorced about 1970.  She later wed William E. Harter and taught physical education for the East Syracuse-Minoa schools.  She was still residing on Pickwick Rd. at her death on 5-23-2001.  Mr. Puffet retired in 1981 as a diesel mechanic at GE, and lived in Camillus for ten years before his death on 4-3-1997.  The Puffets had a son, Donald Peter Puffet, who wed Marie-Celeste Scully on 4-13-1973.

Robert C. "Buck" Randall lived at 8 Drovers Lane in 1960.  He was a NYS trooper before becoming the first police chief in DeWitt, and he later worked as an inspector for the NYS Racing and Wagering Authority.  In 1985 he married Mary Catherine Carney.  He was living in Chittenango, NY at the time of his death on 4-7-2003.  He was 69.  By an earlier marriage he had three children:  Betsy Randall Wolfanger, of Cicero, Maggie Randall Veator, and Charles Randall, both of Manlius.

Robert Fitz Randolph and Caryl Allanson Randolph lived at 22 Wexford Rd. before moving to Manlius in October, 1958.  He graduated from Cornell in 1945, was an electrical engineer for Carrier, and later an executive for Bomac, Inc., an electrical firm.  Mr. and Mrs Randolph were divorced and he married Jacqueline Tilford Badore in 1986.  She worked in the office at DeWitt Community Church for more than 20 years before their marriage.  They lived in Chaumont, NY, and DeWitt before moving to Vero Beach, FL, where she died on 3-1-2002.   Caryl Randolph died in Rochester, NY, on 7-5-1996.  Mr. Randolph still lives in Florida and spends summers on Orrs Island, ME.  Robert and Caryl Randolph had two sons, Jeffrey F. Randolph, who lives in Cazenovia, NY, and Thomas F. Randolph, who lives in Nairobi, Kenya.

John C. Reese and Marion Moss Reese lived at 19 Wexford Rd.  He worked as an accountant for Brown-Lipe-Chapin.  They moved to Maryland in the early 1960s.  The couple had six children:  Michael Reese, born about 1952, Regina Reese, born about 1953, Lynda Reese, born about 1955, Sharon Reese, born in 1957, Donna Reese, born in January, 1958, and a son, born in June, 1965.

William "Willey" Restani and Mary Fantacone Restani were living at 301 Butternut by 1956.  Mr. Restani was born in 1929 and lived his entire life in the Syracuse area.  He worked 18 years for Syracuse Litho before forming his own company, BRAD Litho, Inc., in the 1960's.  Mr. Restani died on 5-2-1992.  The couple had three daughters:  Mary Restani English, of CA, Jean Restani of Syracuse, and Leslie Restani Power, of MA.

James A. Robb, Sr., and Dolores Rattray Robb lived at 26 Wexford Rd. in the late 1950's.  The Robbs were natives of Scotland and became naturalized US citizens on 8-21-1962.  Mr. Robb worked in sales for the Syracuse Supply Co.  Mrs. Robb died on 10-27-1972.  Mr. Robb later wed Clydine Palmer and they moved to Florida about 1979.  He died in North Port, FL, on 8-22-2000, at age 85.  James and Dolores Robb had three children:  James Robb, Jr., who wed Katherine Schultz and lives in DeWitt, Eileen S. Robb, who lives in DeWitt, and Elizabeth Ann Robb Gonyea, who lives in Syracuse.

Rev. Leon Robbins and Alice S. Robbins lived at 22 Pickwick.  They were married 5-21-1934 in Washington, DC and moved to DeWitt Acres in 1953.  He was the pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist Church on James St. in Syracuse.  He served in many locations for 43 years before retiring in 1977.  Mr. and Mrs. Robbins celebrated their 71st anniversary last year in Yucaipa, CA.  Their daughter, Dr. Joann Robbins, lives in Los Angeles.

Benjamin F. Robelen and Kathryn D. Robelen lived at 3 Wexford Rd., having purchased the home in 1954.  He was a native of Flushing, NY, and moved to CNY in 1955.  He was the owner of Suburban Liquors in Fayetteville.  The couple divorced and he married Helen Westreicher.  They lived at 106 Vollmer Rd. in Fayetteville.  After living in DeWitt for ten years, Kathryn Robelen returned to Long Island, and died 6-2-1967, in Massapequa.  Mr. Robelen died on 10-18-1975, and Helen W. Robelen is thought to be residing in Pittsford, NY.  Benjamin and Kathryn Robelen had: Benjamin Robelen, Jr., who is retired and lives in Stuart, FL, Russell J. Robelen, who lives in Coronado, CA, and Marcella Ann Robelen Rutledge, who is an interior designer, and also lives in Stuart.

John W. Robertson and Joyce C. Parker Robertson lived at 42 Wexford, having purchased the home in 1953.   He was a partner in several architectural firms including RSA Architects.  Mr. Robertson is active in various civic affairs including the Onondaga County library system and the DeWitt Community Association, having served as president of both groups.  Mrs. Robertson taught music at Manlius-Pebble Hill school and has been involved in musical theater as a pianist and music director.  Both have been very active at DeWitt Community Church.  Mr. and Mrs. Robertson live now on Ambergate Rd. in DeWitt, and have four daughters, Gina Robertson, Kay Robertson, Nancy Robertson, and Susan Robertson Rodems.  Gina who is a teacher, and Kay, who is a paralegal, both reside in San Francisco, while Nancy, a former teacher, and Susan, who wed Brian Rodems, and works as a veterinarian technician, both live in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Malik Robinson and Barbara R. Scollin Robinson lived at 4 Pickwick Rd. in the early 1950's.  He was a graduate student in the geology department at Syracuse University.  Mr. Robinson lives now in Paso Robles, CA.  The couple had a son born in August, 1951.

George Roots and Helen K. Roots lived at 29 Pickwick Rd. by 1953.  He was a salesman for the Socony Vacuum Oil Co.  They spent their final years in Florida, where  he died in June, 1974, and she died in May, 1975.

Herbert C. Rothenberg and Marjorie Klein Rothenberg lived at 10 Pickwick Rd.  He was a physicist at the General Electric Corp.  Mrs. Rothenberg is deceased but Dr. Rothenberg lives in retirement in Reston, VA.  The couple’s oldest daughter, Rebecca Rothenberg, was a songwriter in Nashville and an epidemiologist in Los Angeles.  She was writing her fourth mystery novel when she died of a brain tumor on 4-14-1998, at age 50.  The Rothenberg’s had two other daughters:  Martha E. Rothenberg, who lives in Takoma Park, MD, and Tish Rothenberg King of Arlington, VA.

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Russell, the widow of Alexander Russell, lived at 205 Butternut Dr. by 1954.

Willis N. Ryan, Jr., and Phyllis Jones Ryan lived at 5 Wexford Rd.  He was a native of Eureka, NY, and graduated from the Drexel Institute and RPI before moving to the Syracuse area in 1946.  He had worked earlier for the Leo Gray Construction Co., but was chief mechanic for Barnes and McCone at his retirement in 1986.  He was a licensed pilot and auto racing fan who attended 28 Indianapolis 500 races.  Mrs. Ryan was born in Newtown, PA, and was a graduate of Syracuse University.  She taught in the East Syracuse-Minoa school district for 23 years, and designed a program for gifted children.   Mr. Ryan died 9-19-1995, at age 77.  Mrs. Ryan died 9-10-2003. Their children:  Michael Charles Ryan, a victim of cerebral palsy, who died 3-19-1954, at age seven, Willis Ryan, III, who, with his wife Suzanne, lives in Oakhurst, CA, James Ryan, of Denver, CO, who wed Tammy DeRoche in 1988, Sarah Ellen “Sally” Ryan Dunn, of FL, Patricia Marjorie Ryan Gates, of Long Island, and Mary Ryan, who wed Dale Davis, and lives now in the old family home at 5 Wexford Rd.

Alexander E. Sabo and Edna L. Dayton Sabo lived at 31 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Sabo was a native of Coatesville, PA, born 5-22-1920, and Mrs. Sabo was born in 1924 in Limestone, TN.  He was the manager of Merit Protective Services, Inc.  In 1956 the Sabos petitioned the courts to change their surname to Shear and were known by that name thereafter.  Mr. Shear died 9-25-2004, in East Concord, NY.  They had three children, Eric D. Shear, Deborah J. Shear, and Alan J. Shear.

Seymour D. “Sandy” Sanborne and Harriett E. Crowe Sanborne lived at 211 Butternut Dr.  He worked for Syracuse Supply Co. as a safety engineer.  Mrs. Sanborne was active in the Presbyterian church.  They moved from DeWitt to Erie, PA, and lived in many other places but have lived in Colorado for over 40 years.  They live now in Aurora.  They have three children, Linda Sanborne, a former ER nurse, born in 1953, Carolyn Sandborne, born in June, 1955, and Lew Sanborne.

Marshall D. Sandine lived at 201 Butternut Dr. by 1951.  He was the machine shop manager for the Continental Can Co. plant in Syracuse from 1948 to 1953.  By 1959, Mr. Sandine was a high ranking official for the company and lived in Baltimore.  On July 2nd, of that year, he and seven other executives of the company were among 10 people killed in a plane crash near Marion, Ohio. 

Matthew R. Scalzetti and Anita L. Fischi Scalzetti lived at 5 Drovers Lane.  He was an engineer for the General Electric Co.  By 1967, the family had moved to 200 Marsh Dr. in DeWitt.  They had three sons, Ernest Scalzetti, born 4-16-1960, who is a professor of medicine at the Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, Stephen Scalzetti, and Philip C. Scalzetti, born in January, 1966, who graduated from the Syracuse University School of Engineering in 1988.

Ann Corey Scanlan lived at 103 Butternut Dr. by 1950.  She worked as a clerk for the Edward Joy Co.  Mrs. Scanlan was a native of Syracuse but moved West in 1967 with her nephew Donald C. Peck and his family.  She died in Paso Robles, CA, in February, 1975, at age 86.

Robert W. Scarlata and Ruth Horning Scarlata were living at 117 Butternut Dr. by 1958.  He was a native of Queens County, NY, and was born in 1927.  They moved later to Skaneateles and reside now in Wayne, PA.  The couple have three sons:  Robert Scarlata, Jr., born 7-4-1957, Richard Scarlata, and Randall Scarlata, born 12-2-1969.

Henry H. Schilling and Ruth McClenathan Schilling lived at 115 Butternut Dr.  He was an executive with the Loblaws grocery chain, serving them more than 35 years.  He was a native of Dunkirk, NY.  Mrs. Schilling, too, was born in Dunkirk, NY and had lived in Erie, PA, before moving to Syracuse in 1939. She died 7-30-1982.  Mr. Schilling died 5-1-1992 at age 84.  They had a daughter, Sally Schilling, who married the Schilling’s next door neighbor, William G. Mitchell, Jr., on 10-19-1957 and lives now in Liverpool.

William W. “Wally”  Schoonmaker and Ruth Elizabeth Helwick Schoonmaker lived at 16 Pickwick Rd.  They moved there about 1954 after living on Sutton Pl. in Syracuse.  He was a USN veteran and a native of Buffalo.  They moved briefly to FL but returned to live at 107 Butternut Dr.  Mr. Schoonmaker was a traveling salesman for The Diamond Match Co. and, later, was a life insurance agent.  Mrs. Schoonmaker worked for the Lincoln Bank in DeWitt, eventually becoming the bank’s manager.  In 1987, the Schoonmakers retired to Safety Harbor, FL.  Mr. Schoonmaker died in Florida on 5-10-1991, and Mrs. Schoonmaker still resides there. The couple had three children, Kathy Ann Schoonmaker, who wed James H. Mullaley, III, on 5-20-1972, and lives in Syracuse,  William Wallace Schoonmaker, Jr., called “Billy,” who lives in CA, and Diane Lynn Schoonmaker.

Arthur S. Seeley and Catherine A. “Kate” Riemer Seeley lived at 24 Pickwick Rd.  They purchased the home new from Clarmin Construction Co. in January, 1953.  He was born in Natick, MA, and worked as a self-employed sales representative.  Upon his retirement in November, 1985, the couple began splitting their time between Ft. Pierce, FL, and Boothbay Harbor, ME.  Mr. Seeley died 2-22-2004, in Maine.  Their son, Robert Seeley, who was born in April, 1953, just three months after the couple moved to DeWitt Acres, lives now in Ithaca, NY.

Duane F. Semon was living at 103 Butternut Dr. by 1956.

Allan Richard Sennett and Ruth Taylor Sennett lived at 45 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Sennett was born in 1923 and served in WWII.  He was from the Utica area.  Mrs. Sennett was a native of Constableville, NY, and was a graduate of Potsdam State Teachers College.  She taught for eight years in the Jamesville-DeWitt district.  Mrs. Sennett died 4-6-1967, at age 42.  Mr. Sennett lives now in Pinehurst, NC.  The couple had two daughters, Karen Linda Sennett, who wed Robert D. Young of Fayetteville, and Barbara Sennett, who is a nurse in California.

John R. Shea and Judith C. Seaver Shea lived at 30 Wexford Rd.  He was from VT, and became an architect in 1959.  They later moved to the Albany area and she taught school in Colonie, NY.  Following retirement, the Sheas split their time between Gainesville, FL, and Piseco, NY.  Mr. Shea died 11-30-1997, and Mrs. Shea, a native of NYC, died 9-8-2004, at age 76.  They had three children,  Kenneth Peter Shea, of Glenville, NY, Ellen Shea Johnson, of Houston, and Elizabeth “Betsy” Shea Bergman, of MN.

Wright J. Sherrard and Dagmar P. Sherrard lived at 2 Wexford Rd.  He was a colonel in the USAF.  They lived in DeWitt Acres for only a brief period while he earned a degree from Syracuse University, and was transferred in the summer of 1953.  He retired as a brigadier general and they live now in Tallahassee, FL.  They have two children, Deborah Sherrad, born in 1948, and Kista Sherrad.

Robert F. Sherwood and his wife lived at 41 Wexford Rd.  He moved from Port Washington, NY, to DeWitt Acres in January, 1955, but later in the year he accepted a job in Pakistan as a technical advisor to the Pakistani government and sold his home to J. H. Brown.

Byron M. Shipps and Betty Couchman Shipps lived at 119 Butternut Dr. before moving to Fayetteville.  He was born in Cleveland on 4-10-1919, and was a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan College.  The couple wed on 12-20-1941, and moved to CNY in 1948.  Mr. Shipps was an executive with the Bowen, Perry, and Fobes insurance agency and later with Marsh and McLennan.  Following retirement, the couple split their time between CNY and Naples, Florida.  Mr. Shipps died 1-7-2006.  Their children:  Jan Shipps, who wed William L. Vincent, and lives in Vestal, NY, Susan Gene Shipps, who wed Robert B. Long in 1968, and lives in Buffalo, and Lawrence M. Shipps, who married Leslie Boyle, and lives in Cazenovia.

Robert E. Shreiner was living at 23 Pickwick Rd. by 1958.  He was an executive with the Brown-Lipe-Chapin Corp.

John B. Shupe and Berta T. Valido lived at 30 Pickwick Rd.   He was born in Ohio in 1924 and lived in the Cleveland area before serving in WWII.  Later he worked in Syracuse as a banker with First Trust and Deposit Co.  Mrs. Shupe was a native of Cuba, and taught Spanish at the Jamesville-DeWitt middle school. They live now in Bethlehem, PA, and are believed to have two children, Thomas Shupe and Susan Shupe.

Cecile M. Silverman and her two children lived at 2 Wexford Rd.  She was from NYC, and attended Syracuse University, where she graduated summa cum laude in 1964 with a BS degree in accounting.  She is now an executive with Telesoft, Inc. and lives in Phoenix, AZ.

Robert L. Sims and Doris Eddy Sims were living at 21 Wexford Rd. by 1955.  He was the president of the Aims Casting Co.  They moved to Costa Mesa, CA, before 1963. Their children:  Robert Sims, born 6-21-1947, and Laura Lee Sims.

George Allen Sisson and Mary Alice Reed Sisson lived at 13 Wexford Rd.  He was a physician.  She was a graduate of Syracuse University and worked as a chemist before their marriage on 3-25-1944.  They moved to DeWitt from NYC, and after leaving DeWitt they lived in Lyndon, and later Wayne, IL, where Dr. Sisson taught medicine at the Northwestern University Medical School.  They live now in Oak Brook, IL.  The couple had three children, Marjorie A. Sisson, who wed Jack A. Swelsted, George Sisson, Jr., who is a surgeon in Chicago, and Kathryn Sisson.

Adam E. Skrzec and Doris Feeley Skrzec lived at 7 Wexford Rd. in the mid 1950's.  He was born in Allendale, NJ, the son of a Polish immigrant.  His family came to Syracuse when he was a child and he graduated from Central high school in 1937, and from Syracuse University four years later, with a degree in chemistry.  He worked briefly for Merck and Co. before entering the USN.  After WWII, he became a chemical engineer for Bristol Labs.  While working there he took a two year leave to earn a Ph. D. from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and became a project engineer upon his return to work at Bristol.  Mrs. Skrzec was a native of Syracuse and earned a degree in zoology from Syracuse University.  The couple wed on 3-27-1951, in Syracuse, and later moved to DeWitt Acres.  They were very active in the Association for Retarded Citizens for more than 40 years.  They moved eventually to New City, NY, where Mrs. Skrzec died on 1-27-2005.  They had three children:  Daniel J. Skrzec, born in Syracuse in May, 1953, and living now in Chestnut Ridge, NY,  Mary Ellen Skrzec Davies, of Oviedo, FL, and Ann Skrzec Damiano, of Newburgh, NY.

Ray F. Slossman and Lydia Slossman lived at 2 Pickwick Rd.  He worked for the R. C.  Neal Co., Inc.,as an industrial salesman.  They purchased their home in 1953 from Alvin Soule.  Mrs. Slossman was living in DeWitt at the time of her death in July, 1980.  He was residing in Ft. Lauderdale at his death on 10-18-2000, at age 97.  The couple had one child, Breck Slossman.

Norman Slotnick and Lorraine Fine Slotnick lived at 11 Drovers Lane.  When they married on 6-10-1948 she was a secretary for the E. J. Arnstine Co. and he was in the theater business in Rochester.  He later worked for the  E. W. Edwards department store.  They sold their home in DeWitt Acres to the Pease family in 1956.  They later lived in Syracuse and Syosset, NY.  They had a son.

Alvin A. Soule and Lucy Clark Hunt Soule lived at 2 Pickwick Rd. until 1953.  He was primarily a self-employed landscaper and horticulturist but once worked for the Butternut Creek Nursery in DeWitt.  Mrs. Soule was a native of Napanoch, NY, who taught school following her graduation from Syracuse University.  Mr. Soule was a native of Sioux Falls, SD, and also lived in Minnesota before coming to Manlius in 1916 as a teenager.  He spent the last 34 years of his life in Oneida, NY, where he died on 7-24-1991, at age 89.  Mrs. Soule died there on 5-31-2003, at age 95.  They had one daughter, Antoinette Soule Raney of Folsom, CA.

Gerald Soule and Hildegard Zillmer Soule lived at 46 Wexford Rd.  He was a foreman for Clarmin home builders and in this position he supervised the erection of many homes in DeWitt Acres.  The couple divorced and he moved to Camillus in the mid 1950's, and lives there yet.  They have three children, Patricia Soule, David Soule, born in September, 1956, and Terence M. Soule, born in 1958.

Robert C. Stump lived at 23 Wexford Rd.  He was a colonel in the USA, and attended Syracuse University, earning an MBA in 1954.  He sold his home in 1955 to the Hamlin family after being transferred to San Antonio, TX.  He lives now in DeRidder, LA.

Robert Baden Sutton and Violet Amelia Sutton lived at 9 Wexford Rd., having purchased the newly built home about 1954.  Mrs. Sutton died in Boise, ID, in 1989.  Mrs. Sutton had two children from a previous marriage:  Patricia Louise Laws Dresner, who lives in Houston, and Michael P. Laws, who lives in Seattle, WA.

Richard Warren Sutton and Alice A. LaFray Sutton lived at 10 Drovers Lane.  They wed on Valentine’s Day, 1953.  She was from the Albany area and he was from Lyndon.  He studied mechanical engineering at Syracuse University and later worked for the Atlantic Tug Co.  The couple later moved to Delmar, NY, and, by 1963, were living in Peoria, IL. where he worked for the LeTourneau-Westinghouse Corp.  Later they moved to the Baltimore, MD, area, where he still resides.  The couple had a son, Richard Sutton, Jr., born in April, 1957, and two daughters, Lisa Sutton, born in March, 1955, and Cindy Sutton.

Edwin G. Taylor and Ida Ginsburg Taylor lived at 44 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Taylor was a safety official for the Syracuse post office.  Mrs. Taylor was a native of Syracuse, and retired in 1972 after working as a secretary at Moses DeWitt school.  Mrs. Taylor's sister, Lillian Ginsburg, lived with the Taylors.  Miss Ginsburg was born in Syracuse about 1912 and worked for the Ginsburg Restaurant and for the Park Brannock shoe store before retiring in 1972.  She, and her sister and brother-in-law, all died in Margate, FL:  Miss Ginsburg on 4-30-1995, Mr. Taylor on 6-4-2000, and Mrs. Taylor on 2-27-2002.  The Taylors had a son, Harvey A. Taylor, who lives in West Nyack, NY.

Alfred C. Todd and Mardelle K. Cutler Todd lived at 205 Butternut Dr. in the mid 50's.  He was an insurance underwriter.  Later they lived in Tully, NY, and now live in McCormick, SC.  They have a son, born in August, 1955.

Charles R. Vorgang and Evelyn M. Kullman Vorgang lived at 21 Pickwick Rd. in the late 1950's.  About 1973 they moved to Fairfield, CT, where they still reside.  They had a son, Charles R., Jr., who on 3-29-1975, at age 16, following a motorcycle accident, and a daughter, Regina Vorgang, who wed Scott Miles and lives in Ventura, CA, where she designs and creates hand woven rugs.

Carl L. Walcott and Kathleen Brady Walcott were living at 33 Pickwick Rd. by 1958.  Mr. Walcott was born in 1923, and served in WWII.  He worked as a sales representative.  By 1967 the couple was living in East Syracuse.  Mrs. Walcott died on 4-16-1972. The couple had two daughters:  Karleen Walcott and Carmen Walcott.

Fremont S. Wallace and Ruth P. Wallace lived at 123 Butternut Dr. by 1942.  He was the vice-president of Syracuse Supply Co., and retired in 1957 after 35 years of service to the firm.  Mr. Wallace was a native of Chaumont, NY, but had been in the Syracuse area for 45 years at his death on 3-22-1971.  He was 69.  Mrs. Wallace, a native of Laraysville, NY, died 9-20-1994, at age 90.  At her death she had been a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Syracuse for 62 years.  The couple had a  daughter, Marget Wallace, who wed Lauren T. Barnett, a graduate of St. Lawrence University, and lives in Amsterdam, NY, and a son, Lyle S. Wallace, who was born 6-4-1924, graduated from Syracuse University in 1952, was a prisoner of war in WWII, worked as an insurance adjustor, and lived in DeWitt until his death on 11-17-1984.

David C. Waters and Martha Burden Waters lived at 26 Pickwick Rd.  Mr. Waters was a native of Fabius.  He had a building and contracting business in the DeWitt area and in his later years he farmed.  Mrs. Waters was a 1921 graduate of Syracuse University.  The couple subsequently lived on Jamesville Rd. in DeWitt, in Homer, NY, and in Gettysburg, PA.  Mr. Waters’ brother, Moses M. Waters, of Lyndon, was a former DeWitt town official who became a real estate salesman for Clark Real Estate Co. and sold many homes in DeWitt Acres.  David Waters died 5-14-1972, in Gettysburg, and Mrs. Waters is believed to have died in Pennsylvania in July, 1985.  The couple had a daughter, Emily Ann Waters, who studied nursing at Pembroke College in RI.  She wed Donald Fortnum and they have lived in Gettysburg since 1965.

Charles R. Watson and Mabel A. Watson were living at 41 Wexford Rd. by 1958.

John J. Welch and Elvy DiBiase Welch lived at 201 Ethridge Rd.  They lived in Brookline, MA and NYC before moving to the Syracuse area in 1956.  Mr. Welch was self-employed and Mrs. Welch worked at a local nursing home.  She died 7-4-1995, at age 80, and he died 8-1-1996.  They had three children, Janice Ann Welch, who wed Fayette W. Severance of Gloucester, MA, on 12-19-1967, Robert M. Welch, and John Welch, Jr., who died 10-7-1977, at age 21.

George J. White and Doris M. Cornaire White lived at 1 Wexford Rd.  He worked as a salesman.  They had a son born in January, 1954.

Garrett C. Wilcox and Beatrice Hatch Wilcox lived at 8 Wexford Rd.  The couple wed in 1946 and lived in New Jersey before moving to DeWitt in 1950.  He was a sales rep for the William E. Wright and Sons, Co.  She was a native of Ripley, NY, and was a cafeteria cook at Moses-DeWitt school for five years before teaching nursery school for 18 years.  Mr. Wilcox died 10-24-1986, and Mrs. Wilcox died 3-3-2004.  They had two children, Susan Angela Wilcox, who wed Francis A. Frigon on 4-12-1969, and lives now in Fayetteville, and Paul Wilcox, who lives in NYC.

Edward J. Willett and Ruth Shea Willett lived at 107 Butternut Dr. by 1948.  He was the vice-president of the Dietrich Supply Co. and was a lay leader of the Willett Memorial Church--a Wesleyan Methodist church in Eastwood named for his father, Rev. John S. Willett, who had been the church's pastor for many years.  Mr. Willett was active in many evangelical causes and charities, including the Rescue Mission, and, in 1953, he headed the committee which arranged and sponsored the Rev. Billy Graham's crusade at the War Memorial in Syracuse.  Mrs. Willett was a 1941 summa cum laude graduate of Houghton College--a religious school near Rochester.  She was the daughter of Rev. Adam J. Shea, and the sister of world-famous gospel singer, George Beverly Shea.  After leaving DeWitt Acres, the Willetts lived on Randall Rd. in DeWitt, Houghton, Syracuse, and Gainsville, GA, where Mr. Willett died on 3-10-2004.  The couple had four children:  Daniel S. Willett, who was an executive at Syracuse University at his death on 9-21-1989, Dr. Thomas Willett, who lives in Tucson, Christine Willett Greenwald, who lives in Findley Lake, NY, and Holly Willett Gillette, who was a graduate of Houghton College and the wife of Rev. John Gillette.  She died 6-1-1997, at the age of 41.

Wilbur C. "Bud" Williams and Loveda Williams lived at 26 Pickwick Rd.  He was born 1-21-1908, in Richmond, IN, and worked as a wholesale appliance salesman.  Mrs. Williams was born in Seymour, IN, in 1917.  Mr. Williams died in July, 1972, in St. Petersburg, FL.  They had three children:  Jeffrey “Chips” Williams, who is involved in radio advertising sales and lives in Hacienda Hts., CA, Mary Beth Williams, a former insurance agent, now living in Orlando, and Ronald Williams, who lives in Phoenix, AZ.

George N. Wilson and Marjorie Burroughs Wilson lived at 36 Pickwick Rd.  He was a native of Battleboro, VT, and previously lived in Skaneateles, NY, and Syracuse.  He was a driver and instructor for the Greyhound Bus Corp.  Mrs. Wilson is a graduate of the Baypath Institute in MA, and was a secretary at Agway, Inc.  Mr. Wilson died 1-24-1983, and Mrs. Wilson still lives in DeWitt.  Their son, George Wilson, Jr., known as "Charlie," wed Patricia Jean Byrne of Auburn in 1976.  He lives in Minoa, and has been a criminology instructor at Onondaga Community College.

Theo F. Wolfe lived at 4 Drovers Lane by 1956.  She is believed to have been an x-ray technician at Syracuse Memorial Hospital.

Fred E. Woods and Doris E. Woods lived at 50 Wexford Rd.  He was a native of Watertown, NY, and was a real estate broker.  They moved to Fayetteville in 1958, and Mr. Woods later served on the village board of trustees.  He died on 7-13-2004.  They had two children, Patricia Ann Woods, who wed Robert S. Morris, of Philadelphia, and Michael Woods.

Charles Wesley Worden and Patricia Dougall Worden lived at 39 Wexford Rd.  Mr. Worden was a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area and very active in educational and civic affairs.  He worked as the sales manager for the Trimax Co.  The couple was living on Maple Dr. in Lyndon at Mr. Worden’s death on 10-1-1987.  Mrs. Worden later married Carleton F. Masten and they still live in Fayetteville.  The Wordens had three sons,  David C. Worden, Mark S. Worden, and Andrew D. Worden.  David wed Kathy Whitney and they live in Pompey.  He works for Carrier Corp. and she is an emergency room nurse.  Mark married Mary Byrnes, and they live in Ashburn, VA, where he works as a program manager for Lockheed Martin.  Andrew married Donna Quick and lives in DeWitt, where he is the town's deputy code enforcement officer.



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