Members of the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Department, DeWitt, NY, in 1961
The village of DeWitt is located in the eastern suburbs of Syracuse, NY.  It was a rural community until about 80 years ago when tracts of farm land were sold to real estate developers who sub-divided the land into home sites.  The Depression delayed housing development, but by 1932 the need for fire protection was apparent and led to the creation of the DeWitt Fire Department.  On April 26th of that year--at the height of what is still called The Great Depression--the DeWitt Fire Department was funded by a donation of $141 from the women of the Dewittshire section.  The membership of the DeWitt Men's Association provided the initial cadre of volunteer firemen.  A woodshed from an old school was moved behind a gas station at the southwest corner of the intersection of Thompson Rd. and Genesee St. and became the meeting place for the Department. 

In October, 1933, Everett B. Price, became the first elected Chief of the firefighters.  Mr. Price had been a fireman in Worcester, MA, and was able to provide the necessary training to his volunteer crew.  By 1939, the voters had authorized up to $10,000 for the purchase of land and the construction of a building for the Department.  The new building was completed in early 1940 and the firefighters moved to their new, permanent quarters.  DeWitt has since grown steadily, especially during the post World War II housing boom.  This growth has meant that additions to the initial facility have been required over the years, and full-time employees now augment the volunteers, but the Department has held true to its original calling to provide protection and assistance to all residents of DeWitt.

I recently came across a montage of individual photos of the 46 men who comprised the Department's  membership in 1961.  The photos were made by the Edward Vantine Studios in Hamilton, NY.  As I lived in DeWitt Acres at that time, I was a beneficiary of the service rendered by these volunteers.  As a small repayment on the debt the community owes all those who have served the Department through the years, I have prepared a brief update on the men shown in the old photos.  Anyone who can supply additional information, or suggest corrections, is encouraged to do so.   Just clicking here will send email to me.


George G. Ackerman lived at 312 Jamesville Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Ackerman was born in Boston and
lived in the Syracuse area 43 years.  He was married to S. Ruth Ackerman, a native of Rochester.  Mr. Ackerman worked as a salesman and service engineer for the Picker X-Ray Co., and retired in 1975 after 45 years with the company.  He was a captain in the DVFD.  Mr. Ackerman died on 9-10-1978.  Mrs. Ackerman died on 8-24-1995, in Homewood, AL.  They had:  James L. Ackerman, who earned a forestry degree from Syracuse University and an MBA from Harvard, and lives now in Layton, UT, and Janet Ackerman, who wed James H. Gore and lives in Verbena, AL.

Dr. Peter F. Bayer, lived with his parents at 6 Ely Dr. in Lyndon.  He was born 4-13-1939.  He married Martha Clark, a fellow Syracuse University graduate, and is an orthodontist in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

Cornell Butler "Bill" Blanding lived at 4 Paddock Dr. by 1953, and later moved to Fayetteville.  Mr. Blanding was born on 3-19-1917, and was a life resident of the Syracuse area.  Mr. Blanding received a bachelor's degree from Yale University, a master's degree from Syracuse University, and his Ph.D. from Cornell University.  He retired in 1987 as chairman of the speech and communications department at Syracuse University.   After receiving his degree from Yale and before going to SU, Mr. Blanding was an executive with the Crouse-Hinds Co.  In 1972, at the age of 55, he retired from drag racing after competing in 512 races and winning many awards.  Mr. Blanding was, with William Owren, a co-founder of the DeWitt Police Department in the 1960's, and served as one of its first volunteer officers.  He died on 5-9-1988, following a fall.  He was married to Shirley Brown Blanding.  They had:  Vaughn C. Blanding, of Fayetteville, Yvonne Blanding Green, who lived in Lenox, MA, and Denise Blanding Blomquist, who lived in Westbrook, ME.

Kenneth Darrow grew up in the Fayetteville area.  He was born about 1936 and has lived in eastern Onondaga County most of his life.  In 1960, Mr. Darrow and Elizabeth Wilcox Trost divorced, and he wed Elizabeth Smith Darrow.  Mr. Darrow was trained as a paramedic and was involved in the founding of the East Area Volunteer Emergency Services (EAVES).  He became a paid firefighter for the DVFD during the 1960's.  Mr. Darrow was working for the Agway Corp. in DeWitt in 1987 when he was the victim of a major workplace explosion and fire.  He suffered burns over nearly half his body and was hospitalized for a lengthy period.  Mrs. Darrow worked for the Onondaga County Savings Bank.  Elizabeth Smith Darrow and Kenneth Darrow had:  Virginia Darrow, who was born about 1960, and lives in London, England, where she is the CEO of Rooftop Mortgages, Vicki Darrow Hayduke, who was born about 1961, and lives in Syracuse, Steven Darrow, who was born about 1966, and Susan Darrow, who was born about 1973.  Mr. Darrow had another daughter from his previous marriage:  Deborah A. Darrow, who was born about 1957, and wed Robert J. Regis, Jr., in 1981.

Charles T. Dempsey lived at 108 York Rd., having purchased the home in 1936.  He worked as office manager for the Sanford Fire Equipment Co., and retired in 1969.  Earlier he had been a real estate agent, and an employee of the Whelan Drug Co.  He was married to Helen E. Dempsey.  He served the DVFD as an instructor, and later, as deputy chief.  Mr. Dempsey, a resident of the Syracuse area for 40 years, died 9-4-1973.  Mrs. Dempsey, was born in Rochester and was a practical nurse.  She served the Red Cross in both World Wars, and died 3-15-1966.

Dr. Richard Discenza, lived at 6 Pickwick Rd. in DeWitt Acres.  He is a professor in the business school at the University of Colorado branch in Colorado Springs, CO.

James F. Donahue lived at 207 Revere Rd. by 1967.  Mr. Donahue was an engineer for the NY Telephone Co. He later lived at 5259 Jamesville Rd. and resides now in Kirkville.  He married Lucile P. Donahue, and they had:  Sharon Donahue, William Donahue, and Timothy Donahue, who also joined the DVFD. 

Marshall K. Doughty lived at 17 Wexford Rd. in DeWitt Acres.  Mr. Doughty was a toolmaker for Catranis, Inc., and was married to Paula Grassman Doughty.  Mr. Doughty was a native of Poughkeepsie, NY, and was an avid hunter and skier.  After he and Paula Doughty divorced, Mr. Doughty wed Maggie Doughty.  They divorced, and Mr. Doughty then wed Lila Doughty.  They lived in Vermont, Arizona, and Brantford, Ontario, Canada, where Mr. Doughty died of cancer on 10-5-1998, at age 68.  Lila Doughty is thought to still reside in Brantford.  Paula Doughty lived on in the original family home, until she required nursing care.  She died on 3-16-2008.  The children of Marshall and Paula Doughty:  Carole Doughty Nappi, of East Quogue, NY, Kim Doughty Gazzola, of Weston, MA, Kris Doughty Zack, who lives in Raleigh, NC, and Marshall Doughty, Jr., of Syracuse.  Marshall and Maggie Doughty had:  Martin Doughty, who probably lives in VA, and Patrick M. Doughty, who lived in Lisbon, NH.

Donald A. Engel lived at 303 Landsdowne Rd. in the Orvilton neighborhood by 1953, and later lived at 303 Windsor Dr.  Mr. Engel was born in Syracuse in 1921 and graduated from North High School.  He was an Army Air Forces veteran of World War II.  Mr. Engel was an executive salesman for the J. &  F. B. Garrett Paper Co. and retired in 1983 after 43 years of service to the firm.  He was wed to Harriet "Honey" Breinin Engel, who died on 4-14-1995. She was a life resident of the Syracuse area, and worked for the Kemper Insurance Co. She was a former president of the DeWitt Women of Rotary.  Mr. Engel subsequently wed Jacqueline Lee-Engel.  He died on 9-29-2002.  Donald and Harriet Engel had:  Karen Engel, who graduated from Syracuse University, wed Gary B. Kappesser on 7-25-1970, worked for Crouse-Irving hospital, and lives now in Blue Ridge, VA, and Thomas C. Engel, who graduated from RPI, wed Sally Phillips, was an engineer for the Niagara-Mohawk Corp., and lives now in Pompey, NY.

Jerome M. Farnsworth grew up at 219 Ambergate Rd. in the Dewittshire neighborhood.  He married Barbara Farnsworth and they lived at 203 Stonecrest Dr.  Later  they moved to Burke Lane in Lyndon where they now reside.  Mr. Farnsworth worked as an engineer for the Kenneth A. Taylor firm.  He was the chief of the DVFD from 1968 to 1974.  The couple are antique auto enthusiasts.  They had: Sybil Farnsworth.

James D. Freyer grew up at 205 Cornwall Dr. in DeWitt, and graduated from Syracuse University in 1961.  He was an executive with the Haylor, Haun, and Freyer insurance agency.  Mr. Freyer is married now to Sandra Ickes Freyer and lives in Manlius.  His son, James D. Freyer, Jr., is the third generation of this family to work for the Haylor firm.

Edward Henry Grevelding lived at 318 Haddonfield Dr., in Orvilton, by 1954.  He was born about 1928, and as a youngster he worked on the family farm off Thompson Rd, in DeWitt.  Later, Mr. Grevelding was an inspector at the General Electric Corp.--and worked for the company until he retired.  He married Sylvia M. Ray, of DeWitt, on 6-10-1950.  She is the sister of Robert A. Ray, another DVFD firefighter (see below).  Mr. and Mrs. Grevelding live now in San Jose, CA. They had:  Sheryl Ann Grevelding, who married Randy Legal, and lives in CA.

Nelson M. Hopkins was born 12-8-1900, in Lynn, MA.  He lived in Williamsville, near Buffalo, for many years, and then moved to the Syracuse area in 1959.  Mr. Hopkins was an engineer with the Grotnes Manufacturing Co. in Syracuse.  He died 2-12-1988, at age 87.  Mr. Hopkins was married to Gladys J. Hopkins. She was born in Erie, PA, on 12-6-1900.  Mrs. Hopkins was a 1923 graduate of the Hanet Hospital for Nursing, and worked as a registered nurse in Erie and Buffalo, and at a nursing home in Syracuse.  She died 11-11-1988.  They had:  Richard E. Hopkins, of Williamsville, NY, Robert N. Hopkins, who lived in Williamson, NY, Janice Hopkins Wangman, of North Brook, IL, and Barbara Hopkins Buck, who lived in DeWitt.

Gordon M. "Ro" Ingram lived on Thompson Rd.  He was born in Marcelllus, NY, about 1917, and worked for the Stanyon Products Co.  He served the DVFD as deputy chief.  Mr. Ingram lived in Silver Springs, FL, at his death on 1-16-2011, at age 93, and was married to Gloria A. Ingram.  He was married previously to Ruth Hermann Ingram, who died at age 91 on 5-19-2009.  Their son, G. Alan Ingram, graduated from the University of Buffalo, was a construction cost engineer, and lived in DeWitt at his death on 6-23-2009.

William A. Jackson lived at 109 Dunham Rd. as a child.  Later he lived at 203 Hobson Ave., having purchased the home from Carl Bjork in 1958.  Mr. Jackson was a salesman for the Syracuse Industrial Sales Co.  He was married to Lucinda Strasenburgh, who was a music teacher at Jamesville-DeWitt high school.  She is now a symphony violinist living in Loudonville, NY.

Bruce K. James lived with his parents at 26 Wexford Rd. in DeWitt Acres in 1957.   Mr. James was in the construction business most of his life and most recently was employed with Street Brothers Construction Co. in Syracuse.  He died in Old Forge, NY, on 4-27-2007.

Robert W. Johnston lived at 201 Wellington Rd. by 1943.  Mr. Johnston was a native of Syracuse and attended Clarkson College.  He was the chief photographer for the Post-Standard newspaper.  He married Carolyn Edwards Johnston, who earned a BA degree from Syracuse University in 1926.  Mr. Johnston retired in 1972, after nearly 40 years with the paper, and the couple moved to Anderson, SC.  He died there on 11-6-1980.  Mrs. Johnston died in Starkville, MS, on 9-22-1983.  The couple had a daughter, Susan Johnston Bell, who is an administrator at Mississippi State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, and lives in Starkville, MS.

Robert E. Keim and his wife, Anne Young Keim, moved from Syracuse to 41 Wexford Rd. in DeWitt Acres in the late 1950's.  The couple later divorced and Mr. Keim married Katherine "Katie" Johnson Savage.  He is an agent for the State Farm Insurance Co. and lives now in FL and northern NY.  Anne Keim is a library worker at Jamesville-DeWitt high school, and still lives on Wexford Rd.  Robert and Anne Keim have five children:  David E. Keim, who wed Aimee L. Brown, Martha Susan Keim, who married Donald Cullen on 10-1-1983, Stephen R. Keim, who married Jody E. Donohue on 8-4-1979, Jeanne Anne Keim, who married James H. Goldthwait on 11-7-1981, and Richard J. Keim.

William S. Keiser lived with his parents at 108 Downing Rd. in Orvilton, by 1953.  He graduated from Jamesville-DeWitt high school in 1961.  He recently retired as a railroad engineer, and lives in Cazenovia, NY. 

Lester H. E. Kuhnert lived at 212 Wellington Rd. in Dewittshire.  Mr. Kuhnert was a native of Kenmar, ND, but lived in DeWitt more than 40 years.  He was a general insurance agent for the New York Federated Underwriters group, and later opened his own firm, Loss Protection, Inc.  His wife, Anne Hill Kuhnert was born in Concord, NH, and lived in Boston and Providence, RI, before moving to the DeWitt area in 1940.  She graduated in 1934 from Smith College, Northampton, MA.  Mrs. Kuhnert was one of the founders of the annual antique show at the DeWitt Community Church.  Mr. Kuhnert died 1-2-1982.  Mrs. Kuhnert was living at The Nottingham in Jamesville at her death on 2-19-1997.  They had two sons:  David E. Kuhnert, who is retired from the USAF, and is a ski instructor in Wilmington, VT, and Dale W. Kuhnert, who is the editor of "Down East" magazine, and lives in Belfast, ME.

Robert Austin Kuhry lived at 109 Warwick Rd.  Mr. and Mrs. Kuhry shared their home with Mrs. Kuhry's widowed mother, Lucille E. Marrian, until her death at home on 4-8-1980.  Mr. Kuhry was born on 9-18-1925, and was an army veteran of WWII.  He was a native of Moravia, NY, but resided in the Syracuse area 55 years.  Mr. Kuhry was the parts and catalog supervisor for the Carrier Corp. for 36 years.  He was married to Nancy Marrian Kuhry, who was a life resident of DeWitt.  She graduated from Fayetteville High School in 1944 and from the Central City Business Institute.  Mr. Kuhry died on 8-2-1984, and Mrs. Kuhry later wed Kenneth R. Becker of DeWitt.  Nancy Kuhry Becker died on 12-26-1996.  The Kuhry's had two daughters: Lynda M. Kuhry, of Liverpool, and Polly Kuhry Moore, of Rochester.

David O. Lanzendorf lived in East Syracuse, and later moved to DeWitt.  He was a native of Minnesota, and attended Syracuse University.  He retired as a senior field service representative for Black Clawson Co. in Fulton, and later moved to KY.  Mr. Lanzendorf  was a champion sky diver and a 25-year member of the U.S. Parachute Association.  He was an Army veteran.   He married Linnie Reidy on 9-12-1959.  At the time, both worked for the General Electric Co.  The couple divorced and Linnie Lanzendorf still resides in DeWitt.  Mr. Lanzendorf's second marriage was to Essie Sallee Lanzendorf.  Mr. Lanzendorf died 1-5-2001, in Lexington, KY.  David and Linnie Lanzendorf had two daughters:  Sarah Lanzendorf Sweet of Manhattan, KS, and Jennie L. Lanzendorf of Boulder, CO. 

David Angus McKay lived with his parents in DeWitt.  He was born on 10-10-1942, and graduated from Jamesville-DeWitt in 1961.  He wed Lynn Cronk--a fellow student at JD.  He resided in Schenectady, NY, prior to his death on 2-22-1983.  Lynn Cronk McKay Howard lives in Lake George, NY, and Englewood, FL.

Daniel J. McNeill grew up in DeWitt.  He was born in Syracuse, and lived in Brewster, NY, before moving to Beach Haven Park, NJ, in 1993.  He was a supervisor for AT&T for 28 years before retiring at White Plains in 1994.  Mr. McNeill died in Beach Haven Park on 10-13-1997.  He was married to Shirley Clookey McNeill.  They had:  Daniel McNeill, of Gilbertsville, PA,  Michael McNeill, of Norristown, PA., and Patricia McNeill Dachs of Duluth, GA.

Henry A. Mason, Jr., and his wife, Joyce Anderson Mason, lived at 33 Wexford Rd., and later at 8 Morton Rd. in DeWitt.  Mr. Mason was a lifelong resident of CNY and was very active in the DVFD, having once served as chief.  He owned and operated a printing firm in Syracuse until his death on 6-9-1994.  Mrs. Mason served on the history committee of the DeWitt Community Church and was an active genealogist.  She died 3-13-2007.  They had two sons, Richard H. Mason, of New Port Richey, FL, and Robert K. Mason, of Syracuse.

Henry A. Mason, Sr. lived at  402 Jamesville Road, in DeWitt, by 1942.  Born in Auburn, Mr. Mason lived in the Syracuse area most of his life.  He retired in 1973 after 22 years as owner of Mason Printing Corp. He  was a 47-year member of the DeWitt Volunteer Fire Department and served as fire commissioner for 13 years.  His wife, Almira Mason, died on 7-20-1990.  Mr. Mason died 11-3-1998, at age 94.  They had a son, Henry Mason, Jr. (see above).

James E. Minges lived at 214 Wellington Rd. in Dewittshire, by 1953.  He was a native of Rochester and was born in 1918.  He served in WWII.  Mr. Minges was the owner of the Jack Post construction company of Syracuse, and later returned to Rochester.  Mr. Minges died 6-15-2002, and his wife, Dolores Minges, died 2-11-2003.  They had five children: John Minges, Peter Minges, of Rochester, Frederick Minges, also of Rochester, Barbara Minges Shepard of PA, and Anne K. Minges, who attended Skidmore College and lives in FL.

Alfred V. Moore and his wife, Anthnet Niedzielski Moore, lived at 1 Dewey Ave. Ext. in the DeWitt Park section of Lyndon by 1954.  They lived previously in North Syracuse.  He was a salesman for the Reagan Realty Co. and, later, a contractor.  He still resides in Lyndon.  They had:  Richard Moore, Kathleen Moore, Mary Ann Moore, Melissa A. Moore, who wed James R. Moreth in 1987, and Bernard Moore.

Thomas J. Muench lived at 306 Hampshire Dr. in Orvilton, having moved there from 206 Pelham Rd. by 1955.  Mr. Muench was a native of Syracuse and a graduate of Christian Brothers Academy and Syracuse University (Class of 1922).  Mr. Muench was the plant manager for the Muench-Kreuzer Candle Co.  He served the DVFD as deputy chief for 17 years.  Mr. Muench died 5-23-1970.  His wife was Frances Voelk Muench, who died on 5-8-1971.  They had:  Rev. William G. Muench, of Ticonderoga, NY, a priest, Thomas Muench, Jr., who wed Mary Lanigan of Cortland on 7-2-1960, retired from Jamesville-DeWitt school as a guidance counselor, and lives in DeWitt, and Anne Muench Owens, who wed Lawrence Owens, and lives in Marion, NY.

John Ryan Myers, Jr., lived at 2 Pebble Hill Rd. South, with his parents, and had lived earlier at 212 Wellington Rd., in Dewittshire.  He served with the DVFD, as a volunteer, from 1952 until 1963, when he became a full-time salaried firefighter.  He served DeWitt in that capacity until October, 1966, when he moved to SC.  Mr. Myers worked in the quality control department for several different companies in Clarendon and Sumter Counties, including, Sunbeam Corp., Federal Mogul Corp., Carroll Industries, Seat Crafters, and he retired as the quality control manager for Brown and Root's Shaw Air Force Base division.  Mr. Myers joined the local fire department in Summerton, SC, in 1967, and went on to help train many firemen for the Clarendon Couny Fire Department which was established during the 1970's.  He retired from both fire departments in 1984.  Mr. Myers married Carol C. Chamberlin, of DeWitt, and they still reside in Summerton, where he remains an active outdoorsman.  They have a daughter, Leslie A. Myers who married P. Keith Coker, and lives in Wedgefield, SC.

William E. Owren lived at 105 Paddock Dr.  Mr. Owren was born 6-3-1913.  He was a sales representative for the Wayne Knitting Mills Co.  Mr. Owren was, with Cornell Blanding, a co-founder of the DeWitt police department and was one of its first officers.  He died in May, 1982.  He was married to Doris Owren, who was born 1-23-1918, and lives now in CT.  They had:  Ronald E. Owren, who resides now in Canandaigua, NY, and Hope Owren Gaisser, who lives in Ridgefield, CT.

John H. Pearson is thought to be residing now in Bridgeport, NY.

Everett B. Price lived at 300 Wellington Rd., in the Dewittshire section by 1933.  Prior to coming to this area, Mr. Price was a fireman in Worchester, MA, and a policeman in Upton, MA.  In DeWitt he was a supervisor with the American Surety Co.  Mr. Price was one of the founders of the DeWitt fire department and was its first elected chief, serving from 1933 to 1967.  He was married to Muriel W. Price, who was a native of Southbridge, MA, and came to the Syracuse area in 1930.  Mr. Price died 11-28-1976.  Mrs. Price died at home in Dewittshire on 7-26-1984, at the age of 85.  They had two children:  Susan Price Lang, who still resides in Dewittshire, and Dr. Peter E. Price, of Andover, MA, who graduated from MIT, and worked as a metallurgist.

Robert C. "Buck" Randall lived at 8 Drovers Lane in 1960.  He grew up in the Edwards Tract in Lyndon.  He was a NYS trooper before becoming the first police chief in DeWitt, and he later worked as an inspector for the NYS Racing and Wagering Authority.  Mr. Randall was a lieutenant in the DVFD.  In 1985 he married Mary Catherine Carney.  He was living in Chittenango, NY at the time of his death on 4-7-2003. He was 69.  By an earlier marriage he had three children:  Betsy Randall Wolfanger, of Cicero, Maggie Randall Veator, and Charles Randall, both of Manlius.

Robert Allen Ray lived at 318 Haddonfield Rd.  He was born about 1931, and served as a lieutenant in the DVFD.  Mr. Ray was a construction worker and, later, worked for the Sanford Fire Apparatus Co--a builder of fire trucks.  He married Mary Nicholson, of the Eastwood section of Syracuse, and they live now in East Syracuse.  Mr. Ray's sister, Sylvia, married Edward H. Grevelding, another DeWitt firefighter (see above).

Philip E. "Phip" Resch grew up at 111 Dunham Rd.  His family was living there by 1943.  Mr. Resch earned a master's in education from Syracuse University, and taught math in the Fayetteville-Manlius school district for 22 years.  He retired in 1987, but still works at DeWitt Sports on East Genesee St. in Lyndon.  He has worked part-time at the sporting goods store for more than 35 years.  Mr. Resch lives now at 106 Brockton Lane, in DeWitt.  He is still active in the DVFD after 57 years of membership.

Albert Edward Reville, Sr., lived at 6312 Randall Rd.  Mr. Reville was a senior engineer for the City of Syracuse, and married Betty Conner Reville, about 1955.  Mrs. Reville was a kindergarten teacher until her retirement in 1985.  About 2004, the couple moved to Madison, AL, where Mr. Reville died on 3-2-2008. They had:  Albert "Reb" Reville, Jr., who graduated from the USAF Academy, wed Kimberly Clark Reville, and works as a project manager for Boeing at the space center in Huntsville, AL, and Robert Cyrus Reville, who wed Janet Sexton Reville, was a USAF officer, and lives now in Alexandria, VA, where he is the director of the Rand Institute for Civil Justice and co-director of the Rand Center for Terrorism Risk Management Policy.

Arthur W. Sammons lived at 108 Brockton Lane and in and Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  He was a native of Syracuse, born 9-19-1907, and attended CBA.   Mr. Sammons was the president of Syracuse Steel Service, Inc., from its formation in 1952 until his retirement in 1969.  He was a member of the DVFD for 10 years, and was one of the organizers of the town's police department.  Mr. Sammons died on 4-21-1971.  His wife, Helen Stickels Sammons, died 11-27-2000, at age 89.  Their children: Joan N. Sammons of DeWitt, Carole S. Fromer of South Glastonbury, CT,  Donna H. Denison of Cazenovia, and David R. Sammons, of Santa Barbara, CA.

Eugene Saunders Slagle lived at 50 Wexford Rd. in DeWitt Acres.  He was a native of Syracuse, and earned an engineering degree from Syracuse University.  He worked in the Baltimore area before returning to CNY and becoming involved in the management of a small chain of service stations.  Later, Mr. Slagle returned to college, and received his master's in education.  He became a math teacher at Jamesville-DeWitt high school in 1962.  He wed Mary Eileen Gysel, of DeWitt, on 6-3-1972.  She was a graduate of Central City Business Institute and worked as a secretary for the Syracuse Supply Co.  They live now at 325 Wedgewood Terrace in DeWitt.  They had a son, Gary Slagle.  Mr. Slagle's brother, Walter Slagle, was also a member of the DVFD, (see below).

Walter G. Slagle, Jr., and Patricia Prucha Slagle lived at 106 Kittell Rd. by 1960.  Mr. Slagle was born in Rochester in 1925 and was the co-owner of Slagle Brothers, a chain of four gas stations.  Later he was the city manager for the Avis rental car company.  Mr. Slagle was a lieutenant in the DVFD.  The couple divorced and Mrs. Slagle resides now in Hayward, CA.  They had:  Peter Slagle, Mark Slagle, James Slagle, and Paul Slagle.

Gary Speers lived with his parents at 38 Ely Dr. in Lyndon by 1953.  Mr. Speers was a 1956 graduate of Jamesville-DeWitt high school.  He was a fire commissioner for many years.  Mr. Speers was working as a construction executive in Clearwater, FL, at his death on 12-15-2006.

Thaddeus "Ted" Staniec lived at 400 Landsdowne Rd. in Orvilton by 1943.  He was a native of Syracuse and was born on 11-7-1909.  Mr. Staniec was a salesman for Babcock and Valentine, Inc. and later he was superintendent of buildings and grounds for the Jamesville DeWitt School District for 22 years before his retirement in 1974.  He served the DVFD for 36 years and was their master mechanic.  Mr. Staniec died on 2-3-1977.  He was married to Ann Sulewski Staniec, a Syracuse native, who died on 4-12-1998.

Charles R. Stanton, lived at 10 Pebble Hill Rd., North.  He was a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area and worked at Stanton Foundry his whole life.  He was a member of the DVFD for 33 years.  His wife was Frances Stanton.  Mr. Stanton died on 8-16-2005.

Curtis G. Stiles lived with his parents at 7 Pebble Hill Rd., North.  He graduated from Jamesville-DeWitt high school in 1961, the same year the photo was made.  Mr. Stiles is now a trucking company manager and trains Tennessee walking horses.  He lives in Pompey, NY, and is married to Patricia L. Stiles.  They had:  Curtis Stiles, Jr., who wed Jennifer Thayer, and lives in Syracuse.

Lyle S. Wallace lived at 301 Revere Rd.  Mr. Wallace was born 6-4-1924, and was a lifelong resident
of Syracuse.  He-served for 10 years as an investigator in the legal section of the Onondaga County Department of Social Services.- He worked earlier as an insurance adjustor.   Mr. Wallace was a recipient of the Purple Heart medal.  He was a bombardier in the Army Air Corps, and was a prisoner of war in WWII.  Mr. Wallace was a 25-year member of the DVFD, serving as a lieutenant.  He graduated from Syracuse University in 1952 and lived in DeWitt until his death on 11-17-1984.

George N. Wilson, and  his wife, Marjorie Burroughs Wilson lived at 36 Pickwick Rd. in DeWitt Acres.  He was a native of Battleboro, VT, and previously lived in Skaneateles, NY, and Syracuse.  Mr. Wilson was a driver and instructor for the Greyhound Bus Corp.  Mrs. Wilson is a graduate of the Baypath Institute in MA, and was a secretary at Agway, Inc.  Mr. Wilson died 1-24-1983, and Mrs. Wilson still lives in DeWitt.  Their son, George Wilson, Jr., known as "Charlie," wed Patricia Jean Byrne of Auburn in 1976.  He lives in Minoa, and has been a criminology instructor at Onondaga Community College.

Click here for a circa WWII photograph of some members of the Department (courtesy of Bob Blunden)

Click here for a photograph of the newly opened DVFD headquarters (courtesy of Tom Muench)

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TOP ROW, left to right:  Capt. L. H. E. Kuhnert, Capt. D. A. Engel, Capt. G. G. Ackerman, Dep. Chief G. M. Ingram, Chief E. B. Price, Dep. Chief T. J. Muench, Capt. H. A. Mason, Sr., Capt. H. A. Mason, Jr., Capt. R. A. Kuhry, Lt. R. A. Ray.  SECOND ROW, left to right:  Master Mechanic T. Staniec, Lt.  A. W. Sammons, Lt. R. Randall, Lt. L. S. Wallace, Lt. W. G. Slagle, Instructor C. T. Dempsey.  MIDDLE ROW, left to right:  A. V. Moore, R. Discenza, W. S. Keiser, J. R. Myers, Jr., J. H. Pearson, P. E. Resch, W. A. Jackson, C. G. Stiles.  FOURTH ROW, left to right:  R. W. Johnston, G. A. Speers, G. N. Wilson, E. H. Grevelding, C. B. Blanding, N. M. Hopkins, M. K. Doughty, W. E. Owren, A. E. Reville, R. E. Keim, D. A. McKay.  BOTTOM ROW, left to right:  C. Stanton, P. F. Bayer, D. O. Lanzendorf, J. M. Farnsworth, K. Darrow, E. Slagle, B. James, J. D. Freyer, J. E. Minges, J. F. Donahue, and D. J. McNeill.  Their full names and other information will be found below.
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Photograph of the DeWitt Fire Department, 1955, from the Willard B. Williams collection.  Other DeWitt photos are available online.