Richard W. Affolter--practicing law in Burlington, VT--web site
Donald Wayne Anderson--retired newspaper circulation manager--lives now in Spring Hill, TN
Roger W. Barden--believed to be residing in Parish, NY
Betsy Barratt Parker Lutz--lives in Ormond Beach, FL--family info
Nancy Bates Jones--wed Ron Jones, ran home decorating firm, and lives in Jamesville, NY--photo 
Nancy Bayer Shablak--was a teacher and lived in Fayetteville, NY, until her death on 1-14-2006--photo--family info
Sandra Beemer Spiegel--recently retired as nurse consultant for Chubb Insurance in Chicago, IL--photo--family info
Peter Berkley--worked as a safety specialist in Hermiston, OR, at his death on 1-10-2002
Thomasine Billings Norton--worked for Beneficial Finance Co., and resided in Southwood at her death on 7-14-1978
Joseph Bogdan--retired from GE and resided in Jamesville, NY, at his death on 2-28-2008
Patricia Ann Bogdan--teacher in North Adams, MA, before her death on 12-14-1994
Stanley R. Bogdan--retired from Crucible Steel--lives in Jamesville, NY
Kathleen Braun--lives in Olympia, WA
Barbara Buivid Cady Ginibre--journalist, web site consultant, and author, living in Los Angeles--web site
Mary Lou Buckwalter Wooley--lives in Manitou Springs, CO--family info
Eunice Burden Heffernan--widowed, lives in Jamesville, NY, and works for the water department in DeWitt, NY
Peter Cartier--realtor and property manager, residing in West Palm Beach, FL
William T. Cluse--retired from IBM and lives now in Southport, NC--family info
David H. Cooper--civil engineer for NYS, resides in Manlius, NY--family info
Linda Craner Scott--has lived in Chittenango, NY, for many years
Joseph J. Cunningham--lives in Nashville, TN, where he is an education professor at Vanderbilt--family info--web site
Curtis Louis DeNucci--resided in DeWitt, NY at his death on 10-14-2010--family info
Ruth Dickey Foley--lives in Syracuse, NY--family info
William "Skip" Eberhardt--operates Sherwood Inn in Skaneateles, NY--family info--web site--photo
Susan Farranto Schalkwijk--lives now in Holland--family info
Gus G. Ganotis--MS from Stanford, works as a systems consultant, and lives in Newport Beach, CA
John Ganotis--semi retired attorney, resides in Fayetteville, NY, and Boynton Beach, FL
William A. Gessler--works for Carrier Corp. and lives in CNY--family info-photo
Christopher Giouhlameti (later known as Chris Gillam)--was an attorney in Hillsborough, CA, at his death on 8-16-2008
Robert Earl Gray--was a civilian engineer for the USAF in Dayton at his death on 4-14-2001--family info
Richard D. "Chip" Greene--retired hospital administrator, residing in Thousand Island Park, NY--family info
Elizabeth Louise "Bette Lou" Grosser Davison--lived on Long Island
Jane Carolyn Harnett--completed medical school before her death on 8-1-1975--family info
Jean Ann Harris Marriott
Irene Hayduk Jordan--a homemaker living in Syracuse, NY
Jean Hood Lynch--operated a bed and breakfast inn in Stow, MA, before her death in April, 2011--family info--photo--web site
Edward R. Hutchison--legislator and professor, now a psychotherapist in Madison, MS--family info--photo--web site
John M. Hutchison--MBA from Mississippi College, senior vice-president of a bank in Tallahassee, FL--family info 
Lynn C. Hutton--insurance agent living in Syracuse, NY, and Sarasota, FL--family info 
Paul W. Ivory--retired museum curator and director, lives in Great Barrington, MA--family info
Charles S. Jeffrey--residing in Rockville, VA
George R. Kaup--wed Dayle Marx (J-D '64) retired from ATT and living on Cape Cod--photo--family info
Robert E. Keller--retired elementary school teacher, residing in Bedford, TX--family info--photo 
Katherine "Kitty" Kerr Shelton--art therapist residing in Santa Fe, NM--family info
William "Bill" King--recently widowed, retired government worker, lives in Jamesville, NY
John Walter Kozikowski--wed Gail Hadden (JD '61), recently retired as an insurance agent and lives in Baldwinsville, NY
David E. Kuhnert--retired USAF public relations officer, and ski instructor in Wilmington, VT--photo--family info
William M. LaFlair--lived in E. Syracuse and was a computer operator for a trucking firm at his death on 4-2-1989
James W. Lannon--federal government counterintelligence executive, lives in Oak Hill, VA--family info
Henrietta "Hank" Lathrop Dobrovech--retired office clerk, and lives in Jamesville, NY
Robert S. LeFevre--retired Army officer, gemologist, and craps dealer at Bellagios in Vegas, now lives in Thailand
Christine Mackey Giddings--retired reference librarian, living now in Chestertown, MD
Michael J. Martineau--talent agent, author, film producer in Greenwich, CT--web site 
Rosemary Massa Corridori--retired art teacher, living in Poughkeepsie, NY
Anthony F. McGann--eneritus professor of business at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY--photo--web site
James J. Middleton--lives and works in San Diego, CA
Sharon Montague Thiemann--is an artist, and active in charity work, lives in Clayton, MO--family info
James P. Nibe--retired auto finance executive, living in Ocala, FL
Milner E. "Mike" Noble--lives in Essex Center, VT--hospital public relations executive--was pro auto racer--family info
Donna Norcross Schardt--in Richmond, VA since the early 80's
Sharon O'Brien Allen--received law degree and worked as a law librarian, lives in Lake of the Woods, VA--family info
Patricia Ochsner Bates--lives now in Dunedin, FL
Robert J. Ochsner--lives in Jamesville, NY
Glenn C. Ostrander--retired from IBM in 2007, lives in S. Salem, NY--family info
Delores Parks Dobrovech--lives in Jamesville, NY
Charles Jefferson "Jeff" Randall--electrical contractor, lived in Washington, DC, now in Naples, FL--photo--family info 
David W. Reals--lives in East Syracuse, NY--family info
Kenneth G. Reinhardt--retired manufacturing executive, living in Coral Springs, FL--family info
Janet S. Rice--recently retired office worker at DeWitt Community Church, lives in Syracuse, NY--family info
Pauline "Polly" Roesgen Veeder--has lived in the San Francisco Bay area since 1965--family info
Marilyn Salisbury Heebink--has been a marketing project director, lives in Belle Mead, NJ--family info--web site
Judith Salter Lewis--professor of social work at Tulane in New Orleans--web site
Lorraine Scheel Groeser--lives in Penn Valley, CA 
John Stephen "Steve" Sehnert--owns surveying firm and lives in Liverpool, NY--family info
Robert Lindsay Shuff--hospital management executive, resides in Dunlap, TN--family info
Paula Siegrist Bartkowiak--resided in Camillus, NY, at her death on 8-23-2008
Lawrence E. Siler--retired Colonel, USA, now marketing rep. for state lottery, lives in Oneida, NY
Wayne A. Sloper--real estate agent living in Glastonbury, CT--photo--family info
Joan Smith Hopkins--lived in East Syracuse, NY, for 37 years before her death on 9-12-2001
John Lawrence Smith
Mary Smith Tily--married Bill Tily (JD '58), worked in the medical field and lives in Marietta, GA--photo--family info
Walter A. Snow--IRS official, living in Jacksonville, FL--family info
John F. Soltis--retired from Anheuser Busch and lives in Syracuse, NY 
John A. Staniec--was a spray painter residing on Towpath Rd. at his death on 10-10-1976
Henry J. Staniec--owns marine service company and lives in Port St. Lucie, FL
Sheila Stirton Gillam--formerly married to Chris Giouhlameti, and lives now in Potomac, MD--family info
Madeleine Suter Huber--living in Villmergen,Switzerland, was a teacher and an official in the Girl Scouts organization
Doris Sutor Bauer--lived in Jamesville, NY, prior to her death on 2-2-2006
Mary Traynor Salmond--residing in Mt. Dora, FL, at the time of her death on 3-27-2001--family info
Sheron Vermillion Storrings--lives in Ayden, NC, works as a nurse for a group home in Winterville, NC
Stephen G. Weatherly--retired USAF engineer, lives Sarasota, FL, and Wellesley Island, NY--photo
Richard W. West--retired electronic technician, lives in East Syracuse
Daniel S. Willett--administrator at Syracuse University, and residing in Fayetteville at his death on 9-21-1989--family info
Mary Beth Williams--was an Allstate insurance agent, now retired and living in Deland, FL--photo--family info--web site 
Ramsey L. Woodworth--retired from practicing law and residing in Falls Church, VA--family info--web site
Duane E. Wright--lives in Jamesville, NY
Susan Zelesnik Jarvis McKay--lives in Wampsville, NY


Donald B. Boyd--Ph.D. from Harvard, professor of chemistry at Purdue, lives in Greenwood, IN--photo--family info--web site
David Harp--retired from Rollway Bearing Co. and stock car racing, and lives now in Rustburg, VA
Arthur S. Schai, Jr.--residing in Lafayette, IN
Melvin E. Holm--was residing in South Fort Myers, FL, at the time of his death on 12-31-2002--family info
Kevin Henry--lives in Jamesville, NY--family info
Robert G. Nelsen--retired from the insurance business and lives in South Daytona, FL--family info
Raymond Gary Truax--retired from Carrier, lives in Phoenix, NY--family info
Paul F. Hayden--believed to be residing in South Onondaga, NY
Grete Perkins--resides in a remote area near Talkeetna, AK--web site
Geraldine Picquet Eten--living now in Orlando, FL
Pamela Miller Williams--retired as attorney with SUNY, and resides in Delmar, NY--family info
Jack Fanizzi--ret.'d executive with Unisys, wed Phyliss Maguire (JD '58) and lives in Blue Bell, PA--photo--family info
Linda Bazley Barnhurst--psychologist, residing in Santa Ana, CA--web site--family info
Jerry Cleland--director of nursing for nursing home in Canton,OH--family info
Doris Knapp--thought to be residing in Manlius, NY
Carol Fish
Shirley Heiden Allen--formerly lived in Liverpool, NY--family info
John Hancock--retired from Anheuser-Busch and living in Syracuse, NY--family info
Edward Beadel--retired administrator at SUNY Oswego, lives in Thousand Island Park, NY--family info
George Fonda--retired business consultant, recently widowed and living on Marco Island, FL--family info
Lynda Shields Scofield--owns lighting manufacturing firm and lives in Williamstown, MA--family info
James Lawsing--lives in Homer, NY,and practices orthopedics in Cortland--web site--family info 
Robert L. Bugden--was a resident intern at Roosevelt Hospital in NYC at his death on 11-13-1968--family info
Martin Belkowitz--opthalmologist, lives in Manlius, NY--web site--family info
Veronica "Ronnie" Hemmer Frontera--lives in Kingston, NY--family info
Susan Lawsing Dow--executive with family firm, lives in Longmeadow, MA--family info
William Puffet--lived in Jamesville, worked for the highway dept. and performed country music, at his death on 7-25-1993
Gene Oliver Seidel--resided in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, at his death on 2-8-1991--family info
Ronald Mashaw--probably lives in Freeport, IL
Joseph M. Nyc--was residing in DeWitt at his death on 11-8-1981
Richard Carr--lives in Watertown, NY
Francis P. Lang--married Judy Fairbank (JD '58) retired steamfitter, lives in Manlius, NY
Mary Anne DeLong--in the import-export business, lives and works in NYC--family info
Cynthia Cottet Snyder--living in Baldwinsville, NY
Barbara Tew Frierson--believed to be living in Florida
Ronald Alexander--family info
Judith Gates Crook--believed to be living in the Fulton, NY, area--family info
Ronald M. Crofoot--managed a Noah's Ark store, and lived in Lyndon until his death on 10-15-1995--family info
Bruce W. Fraser--lives in NYC and is a financial writer--family info
David Thieme--possibly residing in Dayton, OH
Wade Kline--worked as a mason and lived in Liverpool at his death on 7-25-1987
Linda Leslie--family info
Sandra Ayers
Joseph Luczyski--worked in the insurance industry and resided in Mesa, AZ, at his death on 1-17-2009--family info
James Murphy
James Dummitt--owned Arrow Pest Control Co. and lived in Liverpool, NY, at his death on 5-12-2007--family info
Charles Tuttle--lives now in Canandaigua, NY--family info
Carl Riordan--probably lives in KY
Sherri Panasuck McCormick--retired nurse, living now in Vero Beach, FL 

Class of 1959, Jamesville-DeWitt High School, DeWitt, NY
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