Located at the intersection of Routes 5 and 92 between DeWitt and Fayetteville, NY
As a kid growing up in the late 1940's, I was lucky enough to live in Lyndon and to attend this two room school house from first grade through fourth grade.  Although it has not been used as a school for over 40 years, it still stands as a reminder to many of us of those wonderful years now long past.  In an effort to re-establish contact with my old classmates, I have searched my memory, and also called upon former schoolmates Ron Joly and Dan Sullivan, for help in compiling the following list.  I would urge the reader with infomation about any of those listed, or any we may have overlooked, to contact me via Email:  Edward Hutchison, of Madison, MS 

Important Note:  A directory of all Lyndon residents during the period from about 1940 to 1960 is now available online.  It contains updated information on the families of most Lyndon students.

John Hutchison
Mary Ann DeLong
Peyton Hills
Chuck Tuttle
Ronald Alexander
Sue Tily
Robert "Chip" Young
Roger Merriam
David Stratton
Sandra Cronk
Pamela Miller
Janet Sandness
Adolph "Butch" Falso
Nancy Bayer
Mary Traynor
Gene Seidel
Chuck McElroy
Larry Van Alstyne
Ronald Crofoot
Lynda Sheilds
Stewart DeLong
Jimmy Paul
Cynthia Greene
Veronica Hemmer
Jerry Sullivan
Richard "Chip" Greene
Richard D. Green
Robert Swartz
Ronald Huckabee
Patricia Cronk
Gary Truax
William Mader
Mike Waters
Richard Stratton
Neal Rogers
Robert Rose
William Eagan
Polly Homer
Eileen Curry
Melvin Aspholm (Holm)
Daniel Sullivan
Bill During
Susan Peets
Doug Sullivan
Nan Egan
Nancy Sullivan
Ellen Curtis
Jim Smith
Dolores Hemmer
Gary Cronk
DiDi Fonda
Kenneth Jolly
Jerry Goode
Linda Ross
Susanne Becker
Bruce Fraser
Edgar Merriam
Alice Mae Bohanan
John Hancock
George Fonda
Donna Wilbur
Stephen Sehnert
Barbara Levernoch
John Seidel
Duke Watson
Linda Vogel
Ron Joly
Dorothee McCormick
Northrup Buechner
Frances Parker
Cathy Parker
Bill Tily
Richard Voodre
Joey Estabrook
Cynthia Childs
John Hemmer
Suzanne Perry
Bill Manning
Judith Searle
Donald Boyd
Mark Farrell
Dick Rose
Sharon Kemp
Heidi Peterson
Dorothy Davoli
Cynthia Chiarulli
Jean Strickland
Gretchen Sehnert
Barbara Olssewski (Olson)
Jim McElroy
Roger Frazier
Chuck Seidel
Ann McCormick
Randy Crawford
Anita Henggeler
Sue Prescott
Steve Wander
Bill Sims
Cheryl Holt
Gene Chiarulli
Charles Bennett
Bruce Rounds
Danielle Deschambault
Ernest Truax
Sue McCormick
Marcia Stratton
Ed Shadd
Peter Searl
Tony Hemmer
Gary Ross
Russell Baker
Eddie DeLong
Phil Traynor
James McCormick
Sandra Cronk
Francine Deschambault

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