The photo in the middle shows C.E. "Hutch" Hutchison and Jean King Hutchison, greeting James Mark Hutchison, after his birth in February, 2002.  Jimmy was the sixth of Hutch's 10 great grandchildren, and the fifth of Jean's eight grandchildren.  The photos on each side are of Laura and Jay Ainsworth and their four children, Jerry Lee, Vivian, Laura Jean, and John Ross.   Both show the difficulty of getting six people to look at the camera at the same time.
The center photo shows the three children of Edward and Jean Hutchison.  Laura Ainsworth is flanked by her brothers, Ed, Jr., (left) and Mark Hutchison.  Mark is holding his first child, Jimmy.  Mark is also shown in the picture on the right, while Ed and his bride, Amy Stong Hutchison, are shown in the left photo.  Ed and Amy were married in March, 2003.
The left photo shows Mark and Jimmy--with their Boston Terriers in the background.  On the right, Mark's little daughter, Anna Catherine, is being greeted by her two grandmothers, Jean Hutchison and Janice Larche.  The center photo shows Jimmy and Anna getting acquainted after Anna came home from the hospital June, 2003.
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Left to right, the homes of Eddie and Amy Hutchison, Mark and Amanda Hutchison, and Jay and Laura Ainsworth.  Below is  the home of Edward and Jean Hutchison.
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