Photographs taken by Bill Kime at the May, 2005 reunion of the first five classes at Jamesville-DeWitt High School in DeWitt, NY
Members of the Class of 1956:  front row, from left, Joan McMurray, Elaine Buckbee, Gloria Quadrini, Gail Wasson, and Sally Tarbell.  Back row, Tony Hemmer (left) and Dave Sloper.
Elaine Buckbee, Sally Tarbell, Gail Wasson, and Joan McMurray pose in front of the old main entrance
Above and below, diners at the Glen Loch in Jamesville and picnicers at Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gessler flank Bob Keller
Camilla Titus and her brother, Pete
Tony Hemmer, Dave Sloper and his wife, and Gloria Quadrini
Jeff Randall, Chris Gillam, Jean Hutchison, Ed Hutchison, Joanne Boyd, and Don Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Knudsen
Bob Bailey, looking just as he did in 1958
Gail Wasson, Joan McMurray, Elaine Buckbee, and Sally Tarbell
Mrs. Dave Sloper and Tony Hemmer
Those present on the first day of the reunion:  left to right, front row, Mary Beth Williams, Nancy Bates, Gloria Quadrini, Peggy Hogue, Elaine Buckbee, Bill FitzPatrick, Cindy Strassenburgh, Bill Applegate, and Ed Hutchison.  Second row:  from left, Camilla Titus, Mary Smith, Phyllis Maguire, Jim Hogue, Barbara Bernadelli, Marti Buckbee, Gail Wasson, Sally Tarbell, Steve Weatherly, and Tony Hemmer.  Upper row, from left, Bill Tily, Joe Brang, Sandy Beemer, Ron Buckley, Jack Fanizzi, Jim Schad, Bob Bailey, Dave Lawrence, Joan McMurray, Bill Gessler, and Bob Keller.
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