Jean Hood and Skip Eberhardt
Wayne Sloper
Dave Kuhnert and Tony McGann
Nancy Bayer and Chris  Gillam (Giouhlameti)
Dave Kuhnert, Sandi Beemer,and Skip Eberhardt
Don Boyd and Bill Tily
Members of the Class of 1957
Joe Brang and his wife, Dave Freeman and his wife, Nancy Reals Freeman, and Jon Knudsen and his wife
Members of the Class of 1958:  Bill Tily, Bill Myers, Phylis Maguire Fanizzi, Ron Buckley, Barbara Bernadelli, John Hemmer, Linda Eckerson, and Julia McIntyre
Members of the Class of 1959
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Pete Titus, Tony Hemmer, and Dave Sloper
Ron Jones and his wife Nancy Bates Jones
These photos were made at the May, 2005 reunion of the early classes at Jamesville-DeWitt HS in DeWitt, NY