This photograph of first and second graders was taken in 1949 at the old Lyndon School, located between DeWitt and Fayetteville, NY.  Although it hasn't been used as a school for almost 50 years, the building, which was erected about 1875, still stands near the intersection of Route 5 (East Genesee St.) and Route 92 (Highbridge Rd.).  At the time this picture was made, the school was divided into two rooms, each presided over by a teacher who taught two grades.  Children attended this school from first through fourth grade, while fifth and sixth graders attended a nearby one-room frame school that stood on the present site of a Wegmans grocery store.  Until about 1953, Lyndon School graduates had been bussed to nearby Fayetteville for seventh through twelfth grade.  Following the consolidation of the Jamesville and DeWitt school districts, the Lyndon schools were closed and students from the community began attending Moses DeWitt elementary school and the new Jamesville-DeWitt high school.

Some of the teachers from this era were:  Mrs. Ruth Squire, Miss Mary Jane Hind, Miss Ronni Nelson (who became Mrs. True), Miss Phyla Conrad (who became Mrs. Schumaker), Miss Eleanor Christman, Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Midge Bayer, and Mrs. Frances C. Hungerford.  Thanks to DiDi Fonda Sawyer, Janet Sandness Krafft, Dolores Hemmer Kernan, Ann McCormick Scott, Dave Stratton, and Ron Joly for their help in putting together this site.

The students who can be identified are listed above and it would be greatly appreciated if any of them--or their friends or relatives--who happen across this site would contact me by email.  You might be interested to learn that among the scholars shown above are a future Quaker theologian, artist, banker, professor of economics, and legislator.  Can you pick them out?

Edward Hutchison
   Madison, MS

Front row, from left:  Larry Van Alstyne, Gene Seidel, Chuck Tuttle, Mike Waters, Carl Mowers, Garry Savage, Ed Hutchison, and John Hutchison.  Second (middle) row: Nancy Bayer, Sue Becker, Dorothee McCormick, Cynthia Childs, the teacher, Phyla Conrad Schumaker, Cathy Parker, Sandra Cronk, Randy Crawford, and Linda Vogel.  Third (back) row: Chuck McElroy, unknown, Duke Watson, Joe Luczyski, Richard "Chip" Greene, Lynda Sheilds, George Fonda, Northrup Buechner, unknown, and Jimmy Paul.
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Third and fourth graders 1946
Students at the old Lyndon School
Third and fourth graders 1949
Third graders 1948
Fifth and sixth graders 1950
Fifth and sixth graders 1951

Classmates at Lyndon circa 1949
Updated current information about most of the students shown in these photos can now be viewed at an online directory for early students at Jamesville-DeWitt H. S.  Families in Lyndon during this period are also now listed in a new Lyndon Registry.
First graders 1950
First and second graders 1951
Second graders 1952
Third graders 1953
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Various grades 1946 and 1947