Ed and Jean both grew-up in the Syracuse area but have lived in Jackson and Madison, MS, since 1983.  They have three children:  Edward, Jr., (Eddie), who publishes a fax newspaper, and owns a jewelry shop, Mark, an attorney, and Laura (Mrs. J. L. Ainsworth, II).  All are graduates of Millsaps College and reside with their families in the Madison area.  They have blessed Ed and Jean with eight wonderful grandchildren.  Here is Jean with two of them.  See how special these kids are.

Jean King Hutchison is a graduate of Onondaga Valley Academy.  She grew-up in the Valley area of Syracuse, and before her marriage worked for Blue Cross of Central New York.  Jean managed Ed's two campaigns for political office and has herself been elected to various local party positions.  She has been chair of the PTA, and served on the board of  her neighborhood homeowner's  association.  After the kids were grown, Jean started working as a printing consultant and has been with Express Printing in Jackson since 1991.

Ed and Jean share an interest in stage magic and frequently attend various magic conventions around the country.  Both  have also served as officers in the local ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.  Ed has written three magic books and devised an effect called "The Future Foretold,"a card trick now performed by magicians everywhere.

Ed and Jean are both devotees of poker and can often be found visiting various poker rooms located in the state's numerous casinos.  While they play Hold-Em, and Seven Card Stud, they prefer Omaha High-Low.  Poker is the only casino game that is not played against the house--thus it is the only casino game that can be beaten.  

Like many others, Ed and Jean have an interest in genealogy.  Jean descends from at least two Mayflower families and, like millions of Americans (if they but knew it!), has royal ancestry.  She is also a not-too-distant cousin of several presidents.   Ed has written, "Yesterday," a combination social history and genealogy, which traces his descent from pioneer settlers of Attala County, MS.  Both are always eager to swap notes with their distant cousins.

Ed and Jean are also fans of old-time radio and have a large collection of "Lum and Abner," and other classics.  Once fans of the old Syracuse Blazers hockey team, they were also season ticket holders for the Jackson Bandits--a former franchise in the East Coast Hockey League.  These days they have to content themselves watching Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins on television.

Close friends will know that our family suffered a tragic loss in April, 2003, with the sudden passing of Mark's wife, Robin.   A tribute to her, Mark, and their two children can be viewed at Robin.

Former schoolmates, and old friends and neighbors, are urged to contact Ed and Jean.  Please sign the Guestbook below or you can  click here to send email.  Thanks very much for visiting our site.
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Ed has been a psychotherapist in private practice, a professor, and a writer.  He is a graduate of Jamesville-DeWitt HS, in DeWitt, NY, and holds three degrees from Syracuse University where he was a Regents Scholar.  Ed was elected to two terms in the local Legislature while living in Syracuse.  He is shown here at a convention hawking his latest book.
Family photos starting in the upper left:  Laura, Amy, and Amanda at Christmas, 2004,  Mark, with his son, Jimmy, and 91 year old grandfather, "Hutch" Hutchison,  upper right:  Laura with her daughters,  Laura Jean and Vivian.  Second row:  Eddie, Laura, and Mark at the time of Jimmy's birth in 2002,  the four littlest Hutchisons, Laura Jean, Anna Catherine, John Ross, and Jimmy, are shown in the middle photo, while Eddie and Amy are at bottom right.                           
Our home in Madison, MS, looks much like others in our neighborhood, but we have something inside that no one else in the state has.                   to see.
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NEW !!!   In a tribute to our old friends and neighbors, Ed has prepared brief biographies of thousands of people who resided in FayettevilleDeWittLyndon, and Manlius, NY, in the WWII era. Click on the links above to see the results of this research.